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Originally Posted by tennisrox
This post may sound insane, but I promise that every word I have typed is the gospel truth. I am not exaggerating in any way. Everyone on the planet has a Federer, or a Ronaldinho inside their heads.
You are losing it a little bit in recent months. Pls take control of yourself.

Maybe meditation does have its plusses with amazing levels of concentration and i can certainly buy that. But to talk about that seperating the genius from the mortal i am certain is an hyperbole of unbelievable proportions.

Another thing is though i am totally nonmedical in expertise, i am aware in my few readings that research on brain has a LONG WAY to go. Your assertions regarding 90 percent and 10 % sounds rather outlandish and suspect considering the above situation. Can you give one expert reference reg the same?

The best thing is go on court and beat federer. Maybe i will believe you. I don't think its going to happen for the next millenium.

As for focussing on one thing, i can certainly say that passion and interest in the subject(apart from affinity/aptitude for the subject) plays a vital role.
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