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Uh, not exactly politically correct.
Yeah, I guess that could be construed as racist,
w/o much effort.

I'm sure they won't miss his presence at this group.

But, this story will never make as many national
headlines as what Allen said recently. Like the
Biden remarks, it will disappear quickly.

Andrew Young will get a good solid pass on this from
the media, just like Jesse Jackson and Sharpton and
Biden and Byrd and others have gotten time after

He's a decent guy, his record should speak for
itself. He misspoke, or spoke out of haste.

Honestly, don't shop at Walmart if you don't like it.
It is not the cause of all evils, it creates jobs, creates
chances, and when someone beats the prices, they'll
beat Walmart.

Personally, I prefer Target, our Walmart is just too
crowded for my tastes most of the time. But, nice to
know it is there.

Give people choices in stores, serve them well, make it
clean and friendly, and easy to get in and out of, and
they'll beat Walmart.

Memo, you are not supposed to work at Walmart forever or
fulltime in most cases. It is an extra job, entry back into
the workforce job, a first job, or a job for a senior or high
school person. Few will make a career there, nor should
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