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Serena Williams-As mentioned already assured
Chanda Rubin -Same as SW
USTA National 18's winner -Assured
College Winner- I thought assured...maybe not any more???
Ahsha Rolle- Big game, younger
Angela Haynes- has done well at US Open B4- good player, well known
Alexa Glatch- Up and comer- almost a certainty
Car Cullickson- i'm a big fan- maybe this is hhope as she will ne running out of chances

Other possibilities:
Mattek- I think certainty & will bump one of the above if no one wd's from MD
Alexandra S- Certainly an attention seeker and will get attention but has she (or her mum) burnt the bridges. A fun choice- I enjoy her!
Jessica Kirkland- Maybe unlucky and miss out
Mashona W- I really like her but her Fed Cup inclusion is the only thing keeping her in the race- & only just

I don't think so:
Osterlich-again i like her but she has had a few in her day
Dabek- Had little support from USTA in tregards to WC's- don't think it will start now
Rao- a bad relationship witht he USTA

Qualy Wildcards: I don't think any have a MD chance

Cargill (after this week in Hammond especially but not enogh for MD)
Spears (mini resurgence in last couple of months, def not MD though)
N Uberio

Maybe Sndyer- came back ok in late 1/2 of 2005- little this year though
Maybe Nelson
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