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Originally Posted by Rollo
Trivfun- have you read The Goddess and the American Girl- by Larry Engelmann? -it can often be had cheaply on Ebay and was a great book.

Helen was married twice and connected with a number of men. She usually met personal press questions with a "no comment" type attitude. It doesn't sound like someone who was asexual to me. If she had been that cold she hardly would have posed as a model for Diego Rivera's mural (see the 30s thread).

Engelmann's book throws out the theory that Helen was what you call "homophobic"-a possible reason for her "feud" with "Little Helen". Surely though most people at that time were-witness Don Budge and his disgust when Bill Tilden took him to a Berlin Caberet with all it's "oogly-googly boys".

Another theory runs that Wills disliked Jacobs middle-class background. As Ted Tinling put it, Wills father was a doctor, while Jacobs father was "in trade".

IMO it all boils down to a natural antipathy towards the next in line. Wills scanned the horizon and saw only one other American who refused to accept second place-and that woman was Jacobs.

The "why" may always remain a mystery. Helen's husband Freddy admitted she couldn't stand Jacobs, but he couldn't say exactly why.

Again, in the end Helen somehow managed to be a very private public figure.
It's that Mona Lisa type quality that intrigues me.

I love Mona Lisa but I don't think she is but whom am I to judge. I do wonder by looking at the pictures if she was hiding her ancestry of sorts like Ted Williams. I know her mom is from Iowa and her father is a "California" but no details.
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