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Post Top players 1984-91

There are so many good Russian players right now so let's see how they did in the past.

Players from Russia and other former Soviet republics could not compete on the international tour from mid-1977 until 1982. But it was only in 1984 that players such as Larisa Savchenko and Svetlana Cherneva started to compete in enough events to earn a ranking (six tournaments were needed at that time). They became the first Soviet players with a world ranking since Natasha Chmyreva and Olga Morozova in 1977.

Interestingly enough, the best USSR players in the 1980s, apart from Cherneva-Parkhomenko were not Russians:

Medvedeva (UKR)<br />Meskhi (GEO)<br />Savchenko (LAT)<br />Zvereva (BLR)

<br />USSR TOP 5 – YEAR END<br />(Player, Year-end WTA rank, WTA titles)

1991<br />1 Leila Meskhi 15 (Wellington)<br />2 Natalia Zvereva 21<br />3 Larisa Savchenko 48 (St. Petersburg)<br />4 Natalia Medvedeva 82<br />5 Elena Brioukhovets 98

1990<br />1 Natalia Zvereva 12 (Brisbane, Sydney)<br />2 Leila Meskhi 19 (Auckland, Moscow)<br />3 Natalia Medvedeva 56 (VS of Nashville)<br />4 Elena Brioukhovets 73<br />5 Larisa Savchenko 87

1989<br />1 Larisa Savchenko 20<br />2 Natalia Zvereva 27<br />3 Leila Meskhi 30 (VS of Nashville)<br />4 Natalia Medvedeva 66<br />5 Elena Brioukhovets 175

1988<br />1 Natalia Zvereva 7<br />2 Larisa Savchenko 16<br />3 Leila Meskhi 46<br />4 Svetlana Parkhomenko 76<br />5 Natalia Bykova 81

1987<br />1 Natalia Zvereva 19<br />2 Larisa Savchenko 24<br />3 Leila Meskhi 44<br />4 Natalia Bykova 92<br />5 Svetlana Parkhomenko 112

1986<br />1 Larisa Savchenko 35<br />2 Svetlana Parkhomenko 90<br />3 Natalia Zvereva 92<br />4 Viktoria Milvidskaia 217<br />5 Natalia Bykova 220

1985<br />1 Larisa Savchenko 55<br />2 Svetlana Parkhomenko 74<br />3 Elena Eliseenko 151<br />4 Natalia Reva 300+

1984<br />1 Natalia Reva 110<br />2 Svetlana Cherneva 122<br />3 Larisa Savchenko 138<br />4 Elena Eliseenko 158
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