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Sam asked about Gussie Moran: here's a good link and long article on her>

Her "knickers" caused the Wimbledon officials to get their own knickers in a bunch in 1949. It was Ted Tingling who designed
them. He talks about them at length in his books "White Ladies and "Love and Faults".

Gussie was good enough to make the semis of the US nationals in 1948, but after her panties became famous her sex-pot image overshadowed everything else. She gave tons of photographers, boys, and dirty men bad backs, as they often could be seen lying on their stomachs at ground level looking up to get a peek at her panties.

By 1950 she decided to strike while she could and turned pro, almost unheard of for women in those days. Her opponent was 46 Wimbledon winner Pauline Betz. When they opened the pro tour in Madison Square Garden Pauline upstaged Gussie by coming out in hot leopard shorts! The tour only lasted one year(Betz killed Moran), and because she had turned pro Moran couldn't return to amateur tennis.

She dated lots of movie stars and almost married an Indian maharajah.

Oh-and she advertised luggage in tennis magazines as late as the 1960s. Guess the memory of her lasted!
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