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Estonia flag (blue/black/white), wtaworld & me lived happy all three together.
One day, grey wta came and told us Estonia flag & me that Blue wta left The Internet with red wta for a trip in Mexico.

"How the hell?", i said.
"How the hell?", said Estonia flag.

We never thought that wta blue would cheat on us. Especially with this bitchy fajitas addicted named wta red.
He realized how she was too much, too red, too overwhelming & tried to came back to us.

I said "boy, not happening. you didn't find me in a garbage dancing with rotten canned foods. get out of my house, i'm fine with grey. he's lightly depressing, but honest, class & smart."

Estonia Flag has not been as strong as i managed to be & told me some days ago that he was missing wta blue blowjobs.

Go Figure.

to new beginnings.
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