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Post PAW Wimbledon Preview (2005)

PAW Wimbledon seed report

Seeds: 1-16

1-andrew_uk (GBR)

Strengths: Gets the ball rolling pretty early with his PAW totals. Has experience –reigning semi-finalist.
Weaknesses: Weighty expectations from the public/fellow players.

2-mypapa_je (INA)

Strengths: Has the ability to play top notch PAWing without much recent from – see Miami.
Weaknesses: Not really a Gram Slam junkie, embarrassing results in both Paris and Melbourne.


Strengths: One of the most in form players entering SW19, not only Roland Garros but played well in s’Hertogenbosch.
Weakness: May be unaccustomed to his number 3 seeding.

4-Pintaled (AUS)

Strengths: Top 6 at both Slams this year and won lead-up event in Eastbourne. So form is rock solid.
Weaknesses: Peaked too early? Has the tendency to play it safe when upsets are bound to occur.

5-ghosts (BUL)

Strengths: Experience, his 4th Wimbledon, also solid top 5 finish in Eastbourne.
Weaknesses: Choking, had 2 match pts to win the US Open last year but crumbled under pressure.

6-SpikeyAidanm (AUS)

Strengths: Motivation, seems motivated than ever this year after no longer being the hunted, now the hunter.
Weaknesses: When his game is bad, it’s real ugly, can have flashy brilliant PAW’s followed by a streak of non-repairable damage.

7-WTA Handicapper (GBR)

Strengths: Knows his PAW opponents tactical play better than anyone. Last year came a solid 12th.
Weaknesses: Abnormal tactics. At the French it was PAWing all 26 matches before the fourth round, last year it was PAWing less than 5 matches in round one.

8-sandg (INA)

Strengths: Conservative picking. Will PAW some big pointers but leave others, saving of picks could see a climbing during the second week.
Weaknesses: Hasn’t had a top 8 Grand Slam finish for a long time now.

9-efss (INA)

Strengths: Aggressive when the moment counts, doesn’t hold back.
Weaknesses: Not yet a Grand Slam rookie.

10-Conchi Party (CAN)

Strengths: PAW’s with no fear as shown, a testament to his top 10 rank after only turning professional just over one year ago.
Weaknesses: Maybe pressured for ranking points as loads come off in the summer.

11-bbypk (ESP)

Strengths: Has made the top 4 of three of the four slams, last year made the final after some gutsy picking – “Frazier over Myskina.”
Weaknesses: The Anna Kournikova / Nadia Petrova of PAW. You get me.

12-lukehingis (SIN)

Strengths: Confidence on a high, nothing to lose, everything to gain.
Weaknesses: See AGUSTIN, may feel vulnerable with his sudden high seeding.

13-rrfnpump (GER)

Strengths: Solid results all year, due for a Grand Slam breakthrough.
Weaknesses: Just graduated from high school, so mind may not be entirely focused on this tournament.

14-kimclijsters4ever (BEL)

Strengths: As defending champ, plays on centre court 2pm on the Tuesday, avoiding the graveyard court 2.
Weaknesses: Hasn’t really done much since winning Wimbledon last year.

15-thekimfan (BEL)

Strengths: Fan-PAWing paid dividends in his Indian Wells win, can Clijsters do it at Wimbledon?
Weaknesses: Internet access.

16-tRaB (BEL)

Strengths: Within the elite top 5 players in the world this year.
Weaknesses: Quoted he doesn’t like grass, uh-oh.

Seeds: 17-32

17-broncosven (AUS)

Grew up on grass but cancels the wrong PAW’s frequently.

18-raquel (GBR)

Missed opportunity at Roland Garros means she is hungrier than ever but like compatriot andrew_uk, has the publicity to endure… front cover newspaper articles about her private life may be a distraction.

19-bionic71 (AUS)

Doesn’t just go for the big points but picks with his head – even if it may be 7 pointers in round one.

20-silverwhite (SIN)

We expected more of a breakthrough this time last year, should be encouraged to PAW more in the earlier rounds.

21-geegables (AUS)

Great form this year, but PAWing Vento-Kabchi in every of her matches may not be the wisest of decisions.

22-saab95 (RUS)

Had a bit of a collapse after an awesome Roland Garros start, should learn from that though.

23-AlexSydney (AUS)

Hasn’t really lived up to his ability in a Grand Slam yet.

24-Shi Hyun Ahn Fan (USA)

Top 10 in both Slams this year. Says that Grand Slams suit his PAWing style.

25-nitsansh (ISR)

One of the surprises this year and has kept up top form since winning Sydney. Sometimes does PAW the odd one though – “Weingartner over Zvonareva.”

26-kfh_9118 (INA)

Knows what it takes to be successful at Slams, after last year’s US Open.

27-kafelek (POL)

May be absent.

28-Sanazakaya (PAR)

Has pressure of defending a 7th spot, whilst live watching of PAW’s may be an asset, computer access is an issue.

29-V-lix (INA)

Is he still here?

30-Lee-Waters’ Boy (USA)

Always misses the early rounds for some reason. Nevertheless should do well.


Could have won the French Open had he not missed “Cornet over Jidkova.”

32-Zhao (SIN)

A bit quiet as of late but not the top Singaporean, so not all attention is on her.

Others to watch out for.

piomil (POL) – Acclaimed cocky by his peers but who said self confidence was a liability?

dab2035 (USA) – US young gun is talented.

wateva (SIN) – Always does well on grass.

LUXXXAS (POL) – Birmingham winner, perhaps the best Pole out of them all.

jrm (SLO) – Will be motivated to get that rank back up.

-RoddicksGame-(USA) - The name says it all, powerful play usually works.

Silas (NED) – Lead-up form is good, but we thought that too prior to Roland Garros.

LefandePatty (SUI) – The best player you have never heard of.

Pszczelny (POL) – Let’s hope the umpires can pronounce it right.

j_dementieva27 (USA) – A real darkhorse. Top 2 finish in his comeback tournament after being idle for one year. Dangerous floater.



13-rrfnpump (GER) def. 1-andrew_uk (GBR)
LUXXXAS (POL) def. 4-Pintaled (AUS)


13-rrfnpump (GER) def. LUXXXAS (POL)


Next week: Mid term grades

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Brilliant as Always Mate


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Thank you Aidys

But if you think I'm losing another semi-final you better be warned

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Originally Posted by SpikeyAidanm
Weaknesses: Choking, had 2 match pts to win the US Open last year but crumbled under pressure.
Blame Hantuchova and Schnyder
was not my weakness

My #1 in tennis
>> Tsvetana Pironkova <<

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Originally Posted by ghosts
Blame Hantuchova and Schnyder, not me
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Originally Posted by SpikeyAidanm
Originally Posted by SpikeyAidanm
23-AlexSydney (AUS)

Hasn’t really lived up to his ability in a Grand Slam yet.

Sad but that's true!

Inspiration is for amateurs

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Thanks for your confidence in me
But I dont like grass!
I wont Paw any brits, but all will probably win so I will be ranked like 70th after first round
Hope to be on clay again soon

But you are right, Spikey. I wont have much time this week cause I have to do lots of preparation stuff for the leaving-school-party on Friday (Abitur-Entlassungsfeier). So I wont be focused enough to win this thing. My goal is a 4th Round

Great work!

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Your a real treasure, you are.
you should be commentating instead of the silly bimbos on eurosport

if you have nothing important to say, please do so in non-tennis forum. if you have something you think is important, but is actually rubbish regarding anything other than tennis - please do so in the non-tennis forum. if you have something tennis related to say, but it's actually "OMG, X player is so h0t!1" or "who has the biggest boobs on the wtatour" please do so in menstennisforum, under "wta forum". if you have something important, tennis-related and interesting to say please do so. No one in the world can understand how much tennis means to someone, except another fan.
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Simply brilliant

Betting on Tennis is Fun
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Originally Posted by WTA Handicapper
Simply brilliant
Can't wait for your preview too
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I got my first ever PAW mention in ANYTHING!

Really true though... my lead up to Paris was good, but I sucked at Roland Garros.
My lead up to Wimbledon was good as well... I hope history does not repeat itself!

Good luck to everybody!
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whoo-hooo i am a dangerous darkhorse and floater! lol thanks spikey

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thanks a lot spikey for mentioning me!!! i was thinking that i'm like the tamarine of paw!

Kim Clijsters always in my heart

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Somehow i never have faith in the rankings especially with all those Brits in the draw and we all know suprises will happen. Too many WTA players are playing too unpredictable at the moment - the one with the biggest 'cajones' and luck will take the tite in PAWl!

Good luck to everyone!

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OMG I am under pressure right now

Fan of Lindsay Davenport

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