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Arrow 2005: The PAW Weekbook


The 2005 PAW class is underway, and it seems like that month and half break is over in a flash. And old habits never die... now with 4 titles within the span of 5 months, perhaps Mr_Molik is the real deal, period. Or maybe a tad of luck was involved, 2 titles, both Zurich and the Gold Coast, the Tasmanian relied heavily on PAWing his favourite player (Molik, and this week Stosur). Nevertheless, check out the Aussie’s latest streak of extraordinary results:

Forest Hills... 1st
US Open........ 9th
Bali........... 55th
Beijing........ 1st
Guangzhou...... 20th
Filderstadt.... 19th
Tashkent....... 7th
Zurich......... 1st
Luxembourg..... 6th
Philadelphia... 15th
Gold Coast..... 1st



F: Mr_Molik [7] bt. glcacic 143 pts - 132 pts
SF: Ranadalara (3rd) & piomil (4th)


F: speedster_ [7] bt. JohnnyWeirFan 125 pts – 121 pts
SF: CooCooCachoo & PointBlank (3rd)


F: Great Britain [1] bt. Singapore [4] 155 pts – 121 pts
SF: Australia [2] (3rd) & Canada (4th)



In an era where it is so hard to dominate in PAW, the just turned 16 year old Australian has got the repertoire to become the best player Australia has ever produced. Picked solidly all week – despite missing Day 1... was able to pick the necessary big pointers (Stosur & Karatantcheva) and avoid some others (Li over Petrova).

RISERS: andrew_uk & jrm

Both had terrific 2004 seasons, both debuted in Canberra 12 months ago, both are friends and both impressed on Week 1. Jrm came 7th in the Gold Coast despite picking “Barna over Pin” and was able to save picks with faith in Schnyder. Whilst Andrew_uk shined in the Hopman Cup alongside raquel.

SURPRISE: Buitenzorg

After a miserable 2004 finish, Buitenzorg who is known for being the pace maker in PAW, who usually attains a high position early on before dropping... picked more considerably and impressed with a 6th place showing in the Gold Coast.

VETERAN: speedster_

Anyone with around 2 years experience in PAW is classified a veteran and now with 5 titles, Indonesia’s speedster_ didn’t hold back when it counted with “Srebotnik over Asagoe” being a decisive winning pick in Auckland.

NEWCOMERS: piomil & JohnnyWeirFan

After 6 tournaments, JohnnyWeirFan now sits at #122 on the rankings after placing 2nd in Auckland, here is some much needed raw American talent. Poland too is attracting a legend of newcomers and piomil’s 4th place on debut shows us kafelek potential.

FALLERS: SpikeyAidanm & bionic71

Both were expected to perform well but looked a bit worn out despite the long off-season. SpikeyAidanm finished a miserable 35th in the Gold Coast and 5th seed bionic71 disappointed with a 19th showing in Auckland. It’s not easy being the same player with so much more talent around.

==Best PAW's of the week==

1. andrew_uk: Krajicek/Wessels over Shaughnessy/Blake [50]

Krajicek and Wessels have little experience in doubles but why not grab 50 points when there’s a shot, a defining pick for Team Great Britain.

2. Mr_Molik: Stosur over Sprem [17]

Not necessarily an obvious pick this one, sure Stosur was 2-0 against her but it’s not easy to repeat a victory a year later at the same venue. Not a really popular pick this one either – so these 17 points were gold.

3. speedster_: Srebotnik over Asagoe [14]

Only 8 people end up PAWing the final, and only 3 of them go for the 14 and Srebotnik. Risky decision but speedster_ obviously went with the flow that Srebotnik is usually either hot or cold and was hot this week, despite the Auckland rain!

4. Mr_Molik: Golovin over Safina [8] & Golovin over Pennetta [8]

These two 8-pointers are more important than you think, when you consider their signficance after the league table is shuffled each day, both went to 3 sets but smart picking here by Mr_Molik by going for Golovin on both occasions.

5. JohnnyWeirFan: Santangelo over Daniilidou [15]

Only 6 people picked this one, Mara had a horrendous end to 2004 but did beat Daniilidou at the Aussie Open. But it would be a tough task to knock a 2 time defending champ off here, but a smart pick, 15 points that gave the American momentum to reach the final.


Originally Posted by Wojtek
“Where is paellapan?”
Originally Posted by jrm
My PAW reminds me of skiing - always good at intermediate splits but fading towards the finish.
Originally Posted by AlexSydney
What's up with those predictions with Mr Molik? He's hype!
Originally Posted by andrew_uk
thank you Harry Hopman.
Originally Posted by ~Kirilenko#1fan~
It's amazing how a single day you can't come to the PC can crack your aspirations, isn't it?
==Week #1 Take Away==

Have a favourite? PAW her all the way... it has obviously worked twice for Mr_Molik.

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Arrow Week #2 : Take A Risk, Take A Chance, Make A Change And Break Away


T he whole concept of PAW is kinda mind boggling because it's abbreviation pick-a-winner doesn't really equate to how the game is played. In reality, PAW actually doesn't award the best “Pick A Winner” player because... then the Sydney title would have gone to S-T-E-V-E who was flawless with a 12-0 W/L finish. But the catch is... forget neat and tiny correct predictions, it’s all about how many points (yes "juiciness" is a requirement) you accumulate… so despite S-T-E-VE showing better prediction skills, nitsansh gets the 195 rankings points for first place in Sydney – for.. well.. uh ... predicting a few upsets, but big ones nonetheless.

Anyway we all know the importance of one freak pick, take crazillo’s Garbin shocker which virtually won him Roland Garros. Here are some more of what I like to call “Breakaway PAW’s” – those that hardly anyone picks because the chances of them actually happening are well...negligible.

Silva over Schruff – bgbgbg (Estoril)
Schaul over Davenport – Lee-Waters’ Boy (Strasbourg)
Garbin over Henin-Hardenne – crazillo (Roland Garros)
Peng over Myskina – nitsansh (Sydney)



F: nitsansh bt. geegables 124 pts – 117 pts
SF: DaNieLa_RoCkZ & Nathan27 (3rd)


F: AlexSydney [4] bt. jrm [1] 107 pts – 98 pts
SF: Guritna (3rd) & rrfnpump [5] (4th)


F: vma def. dab2035 127 pts – 117 pts
SF: CooCooCachoo (3rd) & marcobarella/The NextSabatini (4th)



Always PAWed behind the shadow of compatriots Nir and oren987. Maybe 2005 will be his breakout year. Also becomes the oldest champion since WTA Handicapper's US Open fairytale. You don’t need speed to be a good PAWer, it’s all in the braincells.

RISERS: dab2035 & DaNieLa_RoCkZ

US Fed Cup 2005 squad looking very promising now, both Americans playing in their 1st and 3rd tournament respectively and end up high on the table. Dab2035 coming 2nd in Hobart and DaNieLa_RoCkZ – 4th in Sydney. Add in JohnnyWeirFan who had another solid week, and it looks like the defected PAW players born in the US (Rtael) won’t be needed at all.

SURPRISE: Nathan27

Where was he on week 1? Doesn’t matter... with pressure of a final to defend, Nathan27 used up his picks early – including a Peng over Petrova bonus. Last week it was Ranadalara defending a 2nd with a 3rd, and now Nathan27 follows suit in Sydney.

VETERAN: marcobarella

Commitments are glued to lower tiers, but that’s not a bad thing when you're consistent week in a week out. Another tournament, another semi-final in Hobart for the experienced Italian-Portuguese-Israeli-Thai.


Another Pole to watch out for. Two tournaments and a title already, and then there’s bbypk who’s played for 3 years and is still searching.

FALLERS: SpikeyAidanm & korben

Miserable showing from the Australian in Sydney, whilst korben who played all 4 slams last year (where he finished top 20 in each) and practically played nothing else apart from a title in Casablanca, ruined his reputation of being the player that never has a bad tournament – when he finished 18th in Hobart.

==Best PAW's of the week==

1. nitsansh: Peng over Myskina [30]

Only two others PAWed it, but both (sesilfan & Elisse) didn’t seize the importance of such a pick. Nitsansh’s follow-up of Peng over Petrova was the writing on the wall.

2. dab2035: Dellacqua over Jidkova [27]

Not a popular pick but good thinking here from dab2035. Dellacqua obviously has been match toughened via the intensive Australian summer training champ and Jidkova albeit already warming up in Auckland obviously was still a bit vulnerable. Nearly a Breakaway PAW, this one.

3. geegables: Peng over Petrova [23]

Not really one many took a gamble on, some up high even did Petrova over Peng. Seemed that a lot assumed Myskina tanked her 2r match and usually once a player beats a big seed, they collapse afterwards (eg Chakvetadze over Myskina at the US Open – then loses to Daniilidou). Well smart tactics here from geegables, whose late 2004 momentum continues to build into bigger and better things.

4. AlexSydney: Czink over Randriantefy [14]

Czink was a wreck in 2004, obviously AlexSydney gave her a shot after her promising previous week in the Gold Coast qualies, smart pick that won, also a thriller with Melinda saving 3 match points.

5. vma: Zheng over Koukalova [13]

Koukalova has made 5 WTA finals but has yet to win one, seemed like vma was able to forecast Hobart wouldn’t be her maiden one. Smart picking as it could have been tempting to go for Koukalova for the 8.


Originally Posted by saab95
Singapore paw players are so well in 2004 as Russian tennis girls!
Originally Posted by 416_Man
Fact of PAW: The day you choose to play it safe, all the seeded players bow out.
Originally Posted by jrm
FACT of PAW: how come the retired player is always the one i picked in PAW?
Originally Posted by WTA Handicapper
it’s difficult to combine playing with running the Tour.
Originally Posted by vma
Don't worry dab, we're in the same boat... let's just enjoy the play.


Title Winners by Rank:

#21 ... Mr_Molik (Gold Coast)
#27 ... speedster_ (Auckland)
#34 ... AlexSydney (Canberra)
#62 ... nitsansh (Sydney)
#189 .. vma (Hobart)

Runner-ups by Rank:

#20 ... jrm (Canberra)
#36 ... geegables (Sydney)
#142 .. JohnnyWeirFan (Auckland)
#171 .. –RoddicksGame- (Gold Coast)
NR..... dab2035 (Hobart)

Average Rank of Champions: #67
Average Rank of Runner-ups: #123

Current World #67: butch
Current World #123: nave 2

2005 Finalists by Country:

3.. Australia (2 wins)
3.. United States (0 wins)
1.. Indonesia (1 win)
1.. Israel (1 win)
1.. Poland (1 win)
1.. Slovenia (0 wins)

Match Points saved en route to title

3... AlexSydney

**Did you Know**

The AlexSydney – jrm Canberra final is only the 4th all seeded final since seeds were introduced late 2003. For the record the 4th seed has won on three occasions (petosp in Dubai, mypapa_je in YEC and now AlexSydney in Canberra.)

==Week #2 Take Away==

Don’t expect a tournament where the favourite always wins, there has to be an upset, even if it’s only one.

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Arrow Week 3 : From Britain With Love



F: andrew_uk [15] bt. broncosven 267 pts – 263 pts
SF: Pintaled [10] (3rd) & V-lix (4th)

T he all too familiar phrase “Third Time Lucky” no longer became a destiny at the People’s Slam – the Australian Open. Fate had been against andrew_uk, at the past two Grand Slams, where he played somewhat hesitantly albeit a good fortnight. Urged on by the lowering of his odds, sometimes proving someone wrong can be a satisfying emotion, let’s check out andrew_uk’s daily odds and compare them to runner-up broncosven.


Pre-Tourn........66-1..................No Odds...
Day 1...........*12-1..................14-1......
Day 2............16-1..................12-1......
Day 3............*9-1..................10-1......
Day 4............10-1..................*8-1......
Day 5............12-1..................*7-1......
Day 6............No Odds...............*2-1......
Day 7............No Odds...............*1-2......
Day 8............3-1....................5-1......
Day 9............*1-2...................5-1......
Day 10...........*4-7...................4-1......

*-indicates events favourite

And that was the story of the 'andrew_uk – broncosven confrontation' in a nut shell, solid starts from both, with broncosven looking extremely sharp mid week with his “Sprem over Likhovtseva” and “Mirza over Mandula” double, but after two days without odds... andrew_uk gives himself a chance by risking two big pointers, with both winning and giving him 32 points from 2 picks. The tournament was virtually his after that day.



Gave himself sheer high expectations in the goals thread, but this Brit knows how to walk the walk. After a 3rd, and a 7th in the last 2 Grand Slams, andrew_uk sure knows how to gruel it out with 26 picks.

RISER: broncosven

The Olympic silver medalist has always been labeled the guy that is talented but is too lazy to succeed. Let those labelers hide their faces, with broncosven becoming the first ever Australian to reach an Aussie Open final.

SURPRISES: thekimfan & Nir

Both were injured during last year’s indoor stretch, but didn’t waste any time in kicking off their 2005 seasons... finishing 7th and 8th respectively. Moreover for Nir, an important event to recapture confidence, after his rank fell from a career high #8 to a rock bottom #40.

VETERAN: Pintaled

Grand slam mastermind notches career best result – has she got the game to best the best female PAWer ever?

NEWCOMERS: Dan23 & JohnnyWeirFan

Dan23 got a last minute wildcard and didn’t show any signs of inexperience, although his last pick of “Davenport over Dechy” could have been saved for a more fruitful final total. Still, an excellent week from the Man from Perth. JohnnyWeirFan looked to emulate WTA Handicapper feat of being the one that uses up all their picks early on but still hangs on ... it seemed to work with a total of 87 points from 7 PAW’s on day 3. As great as this seemed, using up picks is always a dangerous tactic... but one which earned him 5th spot.

DOWN: Hantuchov & bbypk

A culmination of stress and more important life priorities has taken Hantuchov’s mind off PAW and it showed with a disappointing 96th finish, even more eye catching was defending semi-finalist bbypk’s 110th finish – we wonder what was on his mind when he picked “Frazier over Linetskaya.”

==Best PAW’s of the week==

1&2. andrew_uk: Dechy over Myskina [18] & Schnyder over Dementieva [14]

Both were risks with both Myskina and Dementieva winning their last head-to-head matchup, but account for the unpredictability of both Russians alongside the swithering heat in Melbourne, and there lies a potential upset. Wow, but to see someone so high up in the league table take such an extreme risk ... deserves more than credit.

3. andrew_uk: Baltacha over Srebotnik [17]

It’s not easy to PAW against a player who has a winning streak. Srebotnik on a high after Auckland, though idle last week, whilst Baltacha mounted her little winning streak of her own in qualifying. Patriotism helped this PAW, Baltacha was one of the least picked Qualifier to win round 1, this pick basically defined andrew_uk’s victory, no guts, no glory...

4. broncosven: Mirza over Mandula [15]

Hmm we thought the more obvious upsets on day 3, lay with “Li over Asagoe” and “Linetskaya over Sucha” – this one wasn’t really an obvious one for PAWers. Mirza had struggled versus Watson but did run away with the last 10 games, so that equates a more easy win, looks like broncosven was paying attention in that 1r match.

5. Pintaled: Dechy over Schnyder [12]

Originally picking the reverse but then replacing it proved a rewarding decision. Schnyder sure was the favourite in this match, but 2 SF’s in Melbourne in a row... it’s harder to do that than you think.


Originally Posted by WTA Handicapper
a lesson to all Paw Tour members how to play a Tournament once in the Red Zone...not going to bed these last few nights!
Originally Posted by andrew_uk
We will be the Russia of PAW
Originally Posted by JohnnyWeirFan
it's very mathematical and very calculated (on PAW)
Originally Posted by broncosven
There is no such thing as a safe bet
== LISTS ==

Rankings of last 8 Slam Champs:

#15...... andrew_uk (Aus 05)
#20...... sandg (RG 03)
#30...... WTA Handicapper (US 04)
#88...... kimclijsters4ever (Wim 04)
#118..... crazillo (RG 04)
#128..... yucky (US 03)
#144..... aussie_stars (Wim 03)
#165..... Geoffry (Aus 04)

All-time Grand Slam Champs by Country:

2... Great Britain
2... Belgium
1... United States
1... Australia
1... Germany
1... Indonesia
1... Japan
1... Poland
1... Singapore
1... Unknown

One Slam wonders [Active players whose lone title is a Slam]
  • andrew_uk
  • aussie_stars
  • crazillo
  • yucky

Match Points saved en route to title

7... andrew_uk (Australian Open 05)
3... AlexSydney (Canberra 05)

**Did You know**

Not a single PAW player holds two Slams, after 12 Grand Slams have been completed.

==Week #3 Take Away==

Don’t presume if a player beats a player the previous tournament, they will repeat the next week – players usually recompose themselves after a loss especially if it’s a Slam. Classic example at the Aussie with Douchevina and Garbin planting revenge over Groenefeld and Weingartner respectively.
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Arrow Week 4 : The Tale Of Three Females

The gender of one is so irrelevant these days that we tend to forget the significance of being a male or a female. Particularly with the anonymity of the Internet, most posters are unable to make judgments about the appearance of their fellow PAWers. Always in the shadow of the more dominant male PAW brigade, the women shined this week, completing a very neat clean sweep of 1-2-3.

2004/2005 Female PAWers in a final

WON... beauty_is_pink (Tokyo TPP 05)
LOST.. jrm (Canberra 05)
LOST.. Lady (Antwerp 04)
LOST.. mandy7 (Tokyo TPP 05]
LOST.. New (Tashkent 04)
WON... Pintaled (Seoul 04)
WON... Nicky2002 (Doha 04)
LOST.. raquel (Berlin 04)
WON... Zhao (Los Angeles 04)



F: beauty_is_pink bt. mandy7 93 pts – 90 pts
SF: Pojana (3rd) & Milanissimo (4th)


F: marcobarella drew with mypapa_je [1] 113 pts
SF: CooCooCachoo (3rd) & 416_Man/vma (4th)


PLAYER OF THE WEEK: beauty_is_pink

Who said you need to use up the maximum PAW’s to win a title? Easier said than done but boy – some very impressive PAW’s made by the Canadian this week.

RISERS: CooCooCachoo & vma

Both excelled in Hobart but found the competition too fierce at the massive Aussie Open field... but rebounded well in Pattaya. CooCooCachoo now has three 3rd place finishes this year from 4 tournaments, quite a feat in itself, whilst vma is proving his Hobart title was no fluke.

SURPRISE: mandy7

Had rather mediocre tournaments to date, but suddenly immersed with an out of the blue runner-up finish in a Tier 1. Will need to prove she is no one tournament wonder however.

VETERAN: mypapa_je

What’s the World #2 doing a Tier IV? Well if you have the experience, coming 1st can still add to your best 17 ranking total. Mypapa_je’s 3rd title – and an important one after a dismal Aussie Open.


The American is doing well in big tiers after also scoring high in Sydney. Now ranked inside the top 100 from 5 tournaments – another newbie to watch out for.

DOWN: Mr_Molik

Skipping the Australian Open wasn’t exactly the best decision - intentional or not, finding his competitors more match fit – Mr_Molik struggled to live up to his 3rd seed in Pattaya and finished 39th.

==Best PAW’s of the week==

1. beauty_is_pink: Asagoe over Dementieva [21]

The tournament was plagued with a lack of upsets. So, many were reluctant to go for this one even though Asagoe had home ground advantage and a previous win over Dementieva. Interestingly more PAWers went with Dementieva for the 5 than for Asagoe, which emphasizes the significance of this pick.

2. mypapa_je: Serna over Bartoli [16]

Serna has been on a rollercoaster downfall ever since being seeded 16th at the Aussie Open last year, she’s shrunk below the 100’s. Big gamble this one, but Bartoli can be topsy-turvey.

3. mandy7: Benesova over Jankovic [11]

Not exactly an easy decision this one. Jankovic hasn’t really lost her late 2004 form and Benesova hasn’t done anything spectacular recently. Less than 10 people PAWed Benesova, which gives mandy7 extra bravery recognition for making this PAW.

4. marcobarella: Martinez over Groenefeld [9]

Only three players had faith in the veteran Martinez, marcobarella could have given himself a shot of holding the title alone instead of sharing but used his conscience to pick Martinez. A fine pick to end off a fine week.

5. beauty_is_pink: Craybas over Panova [9]

Taking advantage of a player who is underrated is often a good decision in PAW.


Originally Posted by crazillo
Tokyo is too predictable which actually is the problem
Originally Posted by beauty_is_pink
Me and Mandy proved that you don’t need to have 13 paw to finish in the top 2
Originally Posted by =>QuIcKsNiCk<=
I won Philadelphia with just 11 picks

== LISTS ==

Most top 10 finishes in 2005

4... JohnnyWeirFan
3... CooCooCachoo
3... marcobarella
3... speedster_
2... andrew_uk
2... broncosven
2... DaNieLa_RoCkZ
2... Edman
2... geegables
2... jrm
2... Nir
2... saab95
2... vma

Oldest PAW Champions

1. Sydney 2005 - nitsansh: 41 years, 5 months, 12 days
2. Pattaya 2005 - marcobarella: 27 Years, 7 months, 22 days

Youngest PAW Champions

1. Gold Coast 2005 - Mr_Molik: 16 years, 1 month, 16 days
2. Tokyo 2005 - beauty_is_pink: 17 years, 5 months, 8 days

Singles Winner by Seed

.........#1- (1)mypapa_je (Pattaya)
.........#4- (1)AlexSydney (Canberra)
.........#7- (2)Mr_Molik (Gold Coast), speedster_ (Auckland)
........#15– (1)andrew_uk (Australian Open)
...Unseeded- (4)nitsansh (Sydney), vma (Hobart), beauty_is_pink (Tokyo TPP), marcobarella (Pattaya)
..Wildcards- (0)

2005 Titles by Country

2... Australia
2... Indonesia
1... Canada
1... Great Britain
1... Israel
1... Poland
1... Thailand

First Time singles winner

nitsansh........ Sydney
vma............. Hobart
andrew_uk....... Australian Open
beauty_is_pink.. Tokyo TPP

==Week #4 Take Away==

Don't understand the power of PAW's worth less than 8 points.
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Arrow Week 5 : Perfection Personified


After compiling an impeccable 11-0 win-loss record alongside 108 points, it looked as if it would be another French fairytale for crazillo. But renowned for unpredictable and mysterious things, the city of Paris turned out to be a nightmare finish for the German despite a near flawless week. First came his unavailability to finish with 13 PAW’s, then came his only incorrect pick – that turned his once memorable tournament into one to forget. Safina’s win over Mauresmo absolutely sent a cyclone muddling up the final league table. As a testament to the damage done, HotSpot was 2nd after the semis but fell all the way to 10th in the space of one PAW.

And so it was canuckfan, a Canadian hero who survived the disaster and ended up being one of the most convincing PAW title winners so far this season.



F: canuckfan bt. DaNieLa RoCkZ 150 pts – 136 pts
SF: Grice & mooSHORT (3rd)


F: efss [5] bt. nitsansh [7] 110 pts – 107 pts
SF: CooCooCachoo (3rd) & ~CANUCK~ [8] (4th)



And now it’s safe to say canuckfan is the best Canadian PAWer ever. And it seems the Paris fans see him as one of their own.


The American completed his 3rd top 5 finish this year (only CooCooCachoo has more), by reaching his premiere first tour final. Whilst mooSHORT is another promising young Canadian looking to follow the footsteps of canuckfan, finishing 3rd.


All of nitsansh’s competitors had already assumed he had won Hyderabad after his QF picks, out of no where efss comes and overtakes the Sydney winner at the last possible moment.


Is no longer the #1 Singaporean, but still uses that experience to bring out high podium finishes. Finished joint 3rd in Paris.


Both players finished 5th in their respective tournaments, two names to watch out for in 2005.

DOWN: mypapa_je & speedster_

The Indonesian duo have already tasted tournament success this year, but crashed and burnt this week. Mypapa_je, fresh from a Pattaya title looked out of sorts by finishing 88th in Paris, whilst speedster_ shocked all with his 32nd finish in Hyderabad.

==Best PAW’s of the week==

1. canuckfan: Bartoli over Dechy [15]

A tournament winning pick, this one, not an obvious choice with Dechy being on a roll after Melbourne. Thumbs up for making such a move at boiling point.

2. efss: Mirza over Kirilenko [12]

Mirza is yet to be a familiar name amongst PAWers due to her inexperience in WTA tournaments, so this one was a risk, especially after Kirilenko looked like a rejuvenated player by beating Li. Make or break pick proved make.

3. DaNieLa RoCkZ: Golovin over Farina Elia [11]

The score line in the end may have looked like a white wash but Farina Elia was the bookies favourite. Nice comeback after his incorrect “Pierce over Mauresmo” 2r pick.

4. efss: Mirza over Zheng [15]

Most thought it was too soon for Mirza to be racking up big wins already, efss thought differently.

5. nitsansh: Kirilenko over Li [13]

Kirilenko was coming off a 7-6 in the 3rd cliffhanger win over Santangelo whilst Li had looked brutal in both early rounds. With the majority PAWing Li for a safe 8 points, nitsansh stood out from the rest of the pack with this pick.


Originally Posted by efss
he made one mistake for the last minute (on nitsansh)
Originally Posted by canuckfan
I'm still surprised that only a few players picked Bartoli, because it was clear that Dechy struggled against Kostanic who couldn’t win a match to save her life these days.
Originally Posted by canuckfan
The dumb idiot I am didn't realize that I had it won and I was in fact going to paw Mauresmo
== LISTS ==

2005 all-Seeded Finals:

Canberra.... AlexSydney [4] bt. jrm [1]
Hyderabad... efss [5] bt. nitsansh [7]

Most convincing 2005 PAW tournament wins

14 pts.... canuckfan def. DaNieLa RoCkZ (Paris OGF)
11 pts.... 7-Mr_Molik def. –RoddicksGame- (Gold Coast)
10 pts.... vma def. dab2035 (Hobart)
9 pts..... 4-AlexSydney def. 1-jrm (Canberra)
7 pts..... nitsansh def. geegables (Sydney)

2005 Titles by Country

3... Indonesia
2... Australia
2... Canada
1... Great Britain
1... Israel
1... Poland
1... Thailand

2005 Finals by Country

4... Australia
4... United States
3... Indonesia
2... Canada
2... Israel
1... Great Britain
1... Netherlands
1... Poland
1... Slovenia
1... Thailand

USA’s dismal record in 2005 finals

-RoddicksGame- lost to Mr_Molik in the... Gold Coast
JohnnyWeirFan lost to speedster_ in...... Auckland
dab2035 lost to vma in................... Hobart
DaNieLa RoCkZ lost to canuckfan in....... Paris OGF

Most top 10 finishes in 2005

4... JohnnyWeirFan
4... CooCooCachoo
3... marcobarella
3... andrew_uk
3... DaNieLa_RoCkZ
3... speedster_

**Did You know**

All nitsansh had to do was to copy efss' final pick and the Hyderabad title would be his...hmmm... we presume he had to go offline before the final...

==Week #5 Take Away==

Players that usually come on the brink of losing a match, experience a second life and usually capitalise on their luck in the next round... (Kirilenko & Safina winning after nearly looking down and out against Santangelo and Golovin respectively).
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Originally Posted by SpikeyAidanm
All nitsansh had to do was to copy efss' final pick and the Hyderabad title would be his...hmmm... we presume he had to go offline before the final...
No... I was actually online during the final, rooting for Alyona...
I wanted to have a challenge, and call the lost shot myself... that was fun, even though it failed, so I don't regret it... and I won in Marseille (ATP) so it was a very good week for me...

PAW Record
Career high ranking: 6 (16/10/2005)
Current Ranking: 40, 789 pts, 35 tournaments
2007 race to the championship: 26, 293 pts, 8 tournaments
Year-end Ranking: 2006 - 46, 2005 - 8, 2004 - 63, 2003 - 146

Career Highlights:
Winner: 2006 - Beijing, 2005 - Sydney, Budapest, Hasselt
Runner-up: 2006 - Prague, 2005 - Hyderabad, Forest Hills, Los Angeles YEC
Semifinal: 2006 - Paris, Bogota, 2004 - Sopot
Quarterfinal: 2005 - Prague, Modena, 2004 - Indian Wells, Stockholm, Seoul, Filderstadt
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Nice commentary Spikey.. its nice to see my name up there a few times lol..

Daniela Hantuchova : WaKe uP FrOm thiS NiGhTmArE!!!!
Serena Williams : Finally BaCk to HeR DoMiNaTiNg SeLF!! WhEn ShE's PLaYiNg!

Jelena Dokic : ShOw uS WhAt yOu CaN dO!

AlSo GoOd LuCk To - OlGa PoUtcHkOvA || MaThiLDe JoHaNsSoN || aBiGaIL SpEaRs || KLaRa ZaKoPaLoVa || IVeTA BeNeSoVa
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Awesome . . . . Brillant . . . . Fantasic !!!!


Alicia Molik~Nicole Pratt~Samantha Stosur~Christina Wheeler

Nicole Kriz~Monique Adamczak~Isabella Holland~Jessica Moore

Emily Hewson~Trudi Musgrave~Sophie Ferguson~Casey Dellacqua
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Originally Posted by broncosven
Awesome . . . . Brillant . . . . Fantasic !!!!

I second that


Smile... When you do, it may change someone's day

=Good luck to my favourite players: Mirjana Lucic, Elena Dementieva, Li Na, Maria Kirilenko, Daniela Hantuchova, Vera Zvonareva, Zheng Jie, Venus Williams =
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Best thread in PAW (after PAW-Canada)
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Genious post.
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Team WTAworld
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From next week onwards the weekbook will also feature predictions.
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Love it. Thanks Spikey
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woww... great review from Spikey !!!!!

Two thumbs up for you!!!!!!
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Wow, this is awesome! And I am so flattered to be on it! Although I really think I am just lucky

Tennis Tipping Doubles with FaceyFacem
Champion: Cincinnati (2011), Luxembourg (2010), Bayamon (2010), Pozoblanco (2010), Strasbourg (2009)
Finals: Edgbaston (2013), Stanford (2011), Roland Garros (2011), Budapest (2011), Kuala Lumpur (2011), Rome Tiro A Volo (2010), Khanty-Mansiysk (2010), Dothan (2009), Boston (2009), Komoro (2009
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