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Cool ~* Exclusive PAW Player Profiles and Interviews *~

~ Exclusive PAW Player Profiles and Interviews ~

Hello guys.

This ought to be a fantastic new feature that I am introducing , I am going to try and interview all of you either via MSN or PM. I think this will make the tour way more interesting and should be a great laugh too.

If you don't have me on MSN, please add me - arma87@hotmail.com

I will keep on adding interviews as they are completed



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Thumbs up Getting to Know andrew_uk

Getting to Know andrew_uk

Awesome Andrew Reveals All

Country: Great Britain
Current Rank: 104
Current Race Rank: 26

Andrew_uk couldn't have asked for a happier New Year than the one he enjoyed in Australia. Arriving down under without a PAW ranking, the 20-year-old Englishman returned home with a ranking of 178, and several thousands of dollars richer. Playing as a late entry Wildcard in Canberra, Andrew_uk demonstrated his fearless approach to the tour, finishing 7th from 12 picks.

Just a month later, Andrew_uk is the top Brit in the PAW Race to the Championships, ahead of long time veterans Elisse and WTA Handicapper. Andrew_uk is a feisty competitor who never gives up, he is willing to take risks and adapt different techniques depeding on the situation. His best results to date was finishing 7th in Tokyo, a Tier 1 with over 100 players participating, Andrew_uk also finished 12th in Antwerp.

Already, Andrew_uk has taken up a PAW Staff role, managing the Dubai league table with great success. He lists PAW as being a game that he is become addicted to for all the right reasons. Andrew has even pondered the idea of creating a more advanced website, in which players who are not members from WTAWorld can instantly add in their picks by similar filling out the boxes: “Player 1” over “Player 2”, and “Submit.”

The creativity of his mind also represents the blossoming future, this youngster holds.

Q. We don't know much about your background, can you tell us a bit about your upbringing as a PAW player?

andrew_uk: well, first of all, i was so lucky to enter when I did because days later the rules and regulations changed, I enetered just before the rule that I would of had to have been a member for 3 months was implemented … i joined in January this year, and when I signed up to wtaworld I had to wait 3 or 4 days for the validation email to come through, so for those days I could view but not post messages.

I was able to get a wildcard for Canberra which was my 1st tournament and came 7th when I didn't even use all 13 picks (because I was a late entrant), so I was really chuffed with that being my debut tournament.

Q. What are your thoughts on PAW, it's a growing game?

andrew_uk: You know, I’ve only been playing for just over a month and it's turning into an addiction. Especially this week as I've been helping out with the Dubai Rankings I've become really hooked on it.

I do have strategies and I like to swap around and choose my picks differently in each round, for example some matches I'll choose the safe route and go with the favourite; others I'll be more wild and go for the big points, like with Dubai, if I chose Shaughnessy I would have been 2nd going into the final! But yeah, PAW is fantastic and I'm really enjoying it

Q. You have been cited as one of the upcoming risers on the PAW Tour, who are your rivals and do you ever feel the pressure?

andrew_uk: (Smiles and blushes) ... I tend to remember certain names that stick out in each tournament, the ones close to me in the rankings for example. Like in Tokyo I felt j_dementieva27 was a huge rival.There's a few names who I could pick as rivals, j-dementieva27 I feel is a definite rival.

There is also National rivalry. I feel competitive against my compatriots and I'm glad to see them doing well. WTA Handicapper is another rival of mine, probably the biggest rival to me out of all the Brits. I'm really enthusiastic about Britain's success in PAW though we don't have lots of players and each week I update the British rankings and race to the championships.

I am so enthusiastic about Britain's success in PAW that I want every single player from Britain in the year end championships. I am taking a ruthless approach, I even told Philip on MSN that he had no excuse to waste his 13 PAWS in Dubai (laughs), no matter how busy he is lol it takes just 5 mins to post ur picks. That's how serious I take PAW!

Q. How would you describe yourself?

andrew_uk: Myself... As in myself in PAW or as in general?

Q. Both?

andrew_uk: Well, In general I feel that I'm a very down to earth guy and very honest. I'm always up for a laugh and I'm really enjoying university life at the moment. I mean, I graduate in July so I'm very conscious at the moment about my future.

As for PAW, I'd say that I am very ambitious and aiming very high. Coming 6th in Tokyo was a fantastic breakthrough for me but I want to be consistently successful.

Some of my goals in PAW at the moment are to win a Grand Slam and to be the world no 1, so I am starving for success and with goals like these after only competing in PAW for just over a month, reflect the overwhelming enthusiasm I have for PAW

Q. Do you have any other sports interests?

andrew_uk: Well tennis is my main favourite sport. I've played badminton and volleyball in the past which I've really loved. I've also loved table tennis. I don't really care much for soccer, but I watched lots of the Rugby World Cup and got really in to it. It's by far much more entertaining then soccer. I also go to the gym a lot and I'm really enjoying a weight training programme which I've been working hard on. My fitness is very important to me because there are so many benefits of being fit.

Q. Who are your role-models?

andrew_uk: You'll laugh but my role models are two fictional characters from children's books, 1st is Alice In Wonderland, now you're probably thinking how the hell can she be a role model. Well it's very simple. She has drink me bottles and eat me pills which change her height and size.

I would love to just pick something up and eat it or drink it and be the perfect size that I want to be. I would also love to have 364 “unbirthday”s a year! And meet Humpty Dumpty! Not too sure about a baby turning into a pig though! My 2nd role model is Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Ever since I saw Julie Dawn Cole's performance as Veruca boy did I become a huge fan. I could ask my dad for anything I want and I would get it! How cool is that! I suppose another reason is that I would like to be a lot more confident I guess.

In PAW my role models are SpikeyAidanm and Sandg. Aidan is a role model because not only is he such a great player and the current world no1 (at the time of this interview), he has such wonderful enthusiasm for PAW and to him PAW is eternal. He is also one of the most friendliest people I have met on the board, in fact probably 'the' friendliest.

Sandg is another role model because he is so consistent and successful. You are almost always guaranteed he will finish in the top 20 of every tournament (at least I'm sure he has done since I've joined PAW). And he gives so much input to PAW, with managing tournaments and the doing the ranking system which must take ages! So yeah definitely Sandg.

Q. What are your goals for this year?

andrew_uk: To win a grand slam, to win at least 5 tournaments, to qualify for the end of year championships and to be the world no 1. I am not defending a single point this year so I have nothing to lose.

Q. What are some of your Hobbies?

andrew_uk: My hobbies include PAW (of course), playing tennis, going to the gym, going to the pub, socialising and watching TV.

9. Who are your best friends on tour?

andrew_uk: Aidan is without doubt my best friend on tour. I call him Aidys as a nickname (laughs) . He's just so nice, so friendly and I can talk to him about anything to do with PAW. He's my bestest buddy on tour. other friends I have made on tour include The Monarch Butterfly, azza, and more recently new.

In the last week I've also made good friends with my compatriot Phil who is great to have around. We have so much in common, we are in a similar age group and are both students in our final year at university. Azza really gets me in hysterics. He is such a laugh, he comes out with the most random things on MSN, he's great. I also like Hantuchov. (Pause) ... I like your suit interviewer.

End of Interview.

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Thumbs up Getting to Know Rtael Ozomogovic

Getting to know Rtael Ozomogovic

Rattling Rtael relinquishes repertoire

Country: Croatia
Current Rank: 6
Current Race Rank: 4

After a strong start to 2004, Rtael has kept his rivals watching for his rise. Now ranked at a highly six, Rtael broke through for his first title in Tokyo earlier this month. It was a relief to get the monkey off his back as one of the Croatian’s goals was to win a title and “maybe more.”

The bitchy Ozmogovic adds spice to the tour, his arrogance and humour often delight his audiences, and although he doesn’t have the best relationship with his peers, he remains intent on improving his already polished and impressive game style.

Rtael’s Roland Garros final defence is just a few months away, so what better way to prepare to keep on appearing the high positions of the table each week.

The PAW Committee caught up with Rtael, on a tanning bed “resting” his groin injury on the beach of Dubai.

Q. Good morning Rtael Oz….?

Rtael: Ozomogovic

Q. How did you become involved in PAW?

Rtael: Well I first got involved in PAW when it was still under the old management of Simon....you know I don't like to spread the rumors, but I initially joined because I was told he was giving sexual favors to everyone who would play a PAW tournament, well the rumor actually turned out to be false....but I was addicted after my first tournament and kept playing!

Q. You are now world number 6 and you are only on your second year on tour, what has been the key to your success?

Rtael: Well hard training for one, when I first came on tour I was a bit of a blimp (ala Myriam Casanova without the health problems) and I just said enough and got my self into shape, and built up my strength and that helped my confidence some..... and besides that there is also my attitude. I want to win no matter what, and I'll do anything to win. Except have sex with Azza. I'd never do that.

Q. You were runner up at Roland Garros last year in ur first PAW Grand Slam, seems like you play with no fear..?

Rtael: Yes, I believe the game is just not worth playing if you don't take risks! Besides that, clay is my best surface, because even though I'm neither the fastest runner, nor the in the best shape of all the players (though I do try) I can run all day without getting tired, which is more advantageous on clay than on any other surface. Also I have learned to slide into my shots very well, like my idol, Justine Henin!

Q. Speaking of idols, do you have any other PAW role models?

Rtael: No. They are my competition and I can only see them as opponents and nothing else.

Q. You are the only Croatian in the top 50, do you think you can make a good Fed Cup team?

Rtael: Hell, I'll be the entire team myself if I have to! And if that won't work, well I'll just get out my whip (and no, you make not know why I have a whip) and start training those young-croats until our team is strong enough to win the title! Fed Cup isn't the most important event to me, but it's still competition and that gets me motivated.

Q. There was a rumour that you were not going to play the Olympics this year due to scheduling, is this correct or not?

Rtael: Perhaps, perhaps not. I've still not heard any concrete rules or any official announcements from the PAW council, so I will hold off on that decision until more is known about the situation!

Q. What sort of off-court stuff do you do, to prepare yourself for the rigorous demands on the tour?

Rtael: Well, I have my own personal trainer (besides my coach) to go through strength training and conditioning and that sort of thing, and than also besides the physical aspect I think it's important to clear your mind and be mentally fit before you go out on the court. At the beginning of my PAW career I was in a lot of emotional turmoil, and my game dramatically improved once I dealt with the situation.

Q. Do you enjoy the traveling?

Rtael: Well, it is fun going to new and different places and experiencing new things, but really I prefer the comforts of home. Also, the plane rides can be very long, tiring, and uncomfortable.

Q. Before the Championships last year, you declared you were going to win the title, this was not the case, do you think your optimistic, bubbly personality, makes u unique on tour?

Rtael: Well, I don't think I'd call myself bubbly, but oh well. Of course I'm unique, you don't think there could ever be two of me out there, do you? I didn't win the title last year, I know, but this year is a new year and I have a new determination and I won't let anyone beat me in the big tournaments anymore.

Q. Do you have a rival on tour?

Rtael: No, not really. I'd say my only rivals are those ranked ahead of me as of now. They will soon go down in flames. Tonya Harding style, if need be..... Just kidding....of course... *cough*

Q. How many years do you see yourself playing PAW, before you retire?

Rtael: As long as my body can stand it, and so far I've not had any major injuries, so I think it will be many years to come. In fact my only injury since starting on the PAW tour was a groin injury this past week in Dubai, and that's already healed.

Q. Was the groin injury in Dubai by repetitive play?

Rtael: The groin injury didn't happen on court. That's all I'll say about the matter.

Q. Can you give me a sentence on the following players, SpikeyAidanm?

Rtael: SpikeyAidanm, well I can't say anything bad about him… Though only because he's the one interviewing me right now.

Q. sandg?

Rtael: sandg, I don't know much about except that he's a very good player and has performed well recently. He is not quite up to my calibre.

Q. butch?

Rtael: Butch, I really don't know at all. Sounds like a dyke to me.

Q. K&J fan?

Rtael: You keep asking me about all these people I don't really know...(laughs)....I'd like to know what the K & J stand for though!

Q. marcobarella?

Rtael: marcobarella. A cheat. not worth wasting any breath talking about him.

Q. Finally, give us five words to describe yourself?

Rtael: Competitive. Fierce. Willfull. Bitchy. Spirited. Winning at any cost. Never giving up. Speaking my mind.

Q. Thank you Rtael, that was appreciated, good luck for the rest of the year.

Rtael: Thank you.

End of Interview
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Thumbs up Getting to Know Nir

Getting to Know Nir

A Diamond in the rough

Country: Israel
Current PAW Rank: 20
Current PAW Race Rank: 22

When it comes to spectacular debuts, Nir is up there with the best of them. No one ever has made such a consistent impact within their first few tournaments than the now ranked number 20 Israeli. Nir debuted with four consecutive top 4 finishes, finishing 3rd in Helsinki, equal 4th in Toronto, winning New Haven and then finishing a remarkable 4th at the US Open. All adding to this amazing feat is the fact that Nir remains a youthful 14 years old.

The amiable Ramat-Gan native is currently making the transition from a newcomer to an elite PAW player. Having ended 2003 with a rank of 29, Nir is already up to 20 and hopes to break into the top 10 as soon as possible. Nir’s best result this year was finishing 5th at Sydney, he also was 9th at Antwerp and reached the second round of the Australian Open.

Already the top ranked Israeli, we caught up with Nir after practice on another scorching day at Dubai.

Q. How did you get involved with PAW (Pick-A-Winner)?

Nir: Well I had a forum in Israel and some of the members there were also members in wtaworld so I got in as well and then I found paw...

Q. Do you enjoy playing this game?

Nir: Of course, playing paw is a fantastic way to follow the WTA tour more closely and its nice to compete with other people

Q. Who are your friends on tour? Do you travel with them?

Nir: my friends are my fellow country players like Oren987, nitsansh, camoya, nave2 and others yes we go to the same tournaments and hang out

Q. Last year you finished in the top 4 in the first four tournaments, it has been harder since, is it because others now know your game style?

Nir: Well. That is a part of it but also the fact that a lot of young and talented players came to the tour and made it much more hard to win

Q. What sort of things do you have to do behind the scenes in order to perform well at PAW?

Nir: Well, I follow the results of the players and what surface is there best and also the current form of the player and then I can pick. when we come to the end of a tourney its more tactics: who picked what and so on.

Q. You are beginning to join other games like GTL, will you continue to play PAW?

Nir: Oh yeah for sure PAW remains my number 1 game and there is no way that I am leaving it

Q. You are currently ranked 20, what are your goals this year?

Nir: I want to get in the top 10 by the end of this year and win two tourneys (I won’t resist to a GS) and also to get in the championships which is very important to me

Q. You are one of the younger players on tour, are you surprised by your success at such a young age?

Nir: No I am not surprised I think that age doesn’t make the difference if you know a lot about tennis and tennis players you can do well

Q. What is your favourite tournament to play?

Nir: Well, if there was a tournament is Israel it will be it but since there isn't one I will have to say the GS where all the good players are in and the excitement is big (also big points)

Q. Can you give me a sentence to describe the following players... SpikeyAidanm?

Nir: Great player and a wonderful manager great to work with him

Q. sandg?

Nir: In top form like always and a great contributor for the game

Q. speedster?

Nir: A little tournaments specialist has done great in this year

Q. butch?

Nir: He showed what he can do in the masters and now in Dubai the victory is coming, impressive

Q. bbypk?

Nir: I can't believe that he didn't won a tourney I’m sure he will win soon. one of the stable players in the game

Q. Rtael?

Nir: Oh another great player from the front row ,showed it in Tokyo could be at the top 3 by the end of the year and maybe more.


Nir: I still don't understand why he retired he was a great player probably the best ever in paw

Q. petosp?

Nir: Has done well in 2003 and I think that in Dubai he will have a first good tourney for 2004 he could cause fear for the first place...

Q. K&J fan?

Nir: A member of the great Belgian group (they are taking over like Henin and Clijsters) a great player who had done well to be in the top 10 he can even do more for my money.

Q. Buitenzorg?

Nir: One of the veteran players I think that him managing to be Australian #2 out of all the Aussies says he is greatly consistent

Q. Pintaled?

Nir: I think that she is a great player, made it to the masters she needs to improve a bit to be a part of the big group (top 5)

Q. aussie_stars?

Nir: If I’m not wrong he won Wimbledon with an amazing record that makes him part of the elite for winning a GS can perform a bit better in the regular tourneys.

Q. danielrosario?

Nir: Was a great player last year but something happened this year and he has not done very well maybe he will find his form back soon

Q. Je_ne_sais_quoi?

Nir: A fresh GS finalist but I that with a little practice he can do even better and from then the sky is the limit...

Q. Jakub?

Nir: Well another great player but hasn’t found his form in 2004 yet a top 10 and maybe more is his place.

Q. Grice?

Nir: Well last year he was great in winning two tourneys almost back to back that got him up the rankings but he is not adjusting this year but when he will its risky for the top.

Q. yucky?

Nir: I remember him winning the US OPEN I was very close to him but not close enough hasn’t done very well since then though

Q. marcobarella?

Nir: He is a great player but its a shame that his fanatics to the game makes him cheat and not play the game like it should be, I hope that he got over it by now

Q. And how would you describe your own game style?

Nir: It's hard to describe I am great mentally but the question for me is can I get to the top and I’m not seeing it happen now but I will keep my cool and will play the same way like before hoping that it will bring me to achieving my goals

Q. Do you think addiction to PAW is due to the desire to win?

Nir: Yes it's a great part of it you want to win and it control you and even it makes you pick against your favourites players if it happens to any of the players then they are addicted.

Q. How many years do you see yourself playing until you retire?

Nir: A lot, I’m hoping to play a lot of years from now but I’m not sure where will I be in this time so who knows...

Q. Do you think this game will grow more and more?

Nir: Oh I’m sure the game is in good hands and there are a lot of ideas to expend this game I’m hoping that it will happen soon

Q. Finally how would you describe your style of play?

Nir: I play calm, not affected by other players picks although I’m aware to them and I’m

Q. Thank you for your time, Nir, we appreciate it.

Nir: You’re Welcome.

End of Interview.
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Thumbs up Getting to Know azza

Getting to know azza

A piece of fruit, becoming more and more ripe

Country: Australia
Current Rank: 61
Current Race Rank: 80

One of the most patriotic players on tour, azza hails from Australia’s largest city Sydney, but also has family connections in Malta. The flamboyant Aussie, renowned for his down to earth attitude has made a steady improvement on the PAW Tour ever since playing his first event at Wimbledon. Last year, the member of Australia’s Fed Cup team was a finalist in Bali, a Tier 3 with over 60 players participating. So far this year, azza’s best result was a semi-final finish (4th) at Hyderabad. He remains titleless, however.

But that looks set to change. Azza along with his personal trainer have put an emphasis on off-court fitness and the results are set to pay dividends as the year rolls on.

So far people seem to familiarize azza as a source of controversy, however the cheeky Aussie hopes that his PAW success will make him a household name in the not to distant future.

We caught up with azza in the local Dubai gym, as he was preparing for last few rounds.

Q. Welcome to the interview azza

Azza: Hi … I want questions right this instant.

Q. How did you get involved in PAW?

Azza: I was looking at a tourney and saw this Paw title thing and I read it all and played and tis was fun.

Q. Your best result to date as a runner-up in Bali, last week you came 4th in Hyderabad, what were your feelings when achieving such promising results?

Azza: I was very overjoyed and proud of my efforts its such a honour to know all my training has paid off

Q. Who are your idols, both PAW wise and worldwide?

Azza: SpikeyAidanM and Koje, all Aussie fighters.

Q. Does your family travel with you during tournaments?

Azza: Nope just my dog named Scruffy he is a very cute doggy I Love him a lot.

Q. What are some of your PAW goals for this year, being the Olympics year as well?

Azza: I want to win a titles and become a valued member of paw.

Q. How would you describe your style of play?

Azza: Aggressive player affective serve, backhand most powerful shot, can ace players to start pulling there hair out, has a tendencies to flirt with umpires

Q. You seem to get along with all the PAW players on the tour, do you have any friends that you like to travel with most?

Azza: Yes

Q. You seem to get along with all the PAW players on the tour, do you have any friends that you like to travel with most? Can you answer the question, Mr Azza.

Azza: Oh My bad, I travel with most Aussie players with the exception of cooldudedeanzela and Skye

Q. Last year, you were a member of the Aussie Fed Cup team that finished 2nd, is one of your goals this year to win the Fed Cup?

Azza: Hell yeah, I love Australia and will do everything in my power to win for my country

Q. You have a tactic of always predicting your favourites to win, this is unique, is it a good one?

Azza: Errr.. sometimes I’m a Fabrice Santoro of the tour i play my own way and tis unique

Q. Is there any downfall of playing PAW, the traveling perhaps?

Azza: No there’s not, I love traveling

Q. What is your favourite PAW tournament each year?

Azza: Sydney … Adidas International

Q. You had limited success there this year, was it due to pressure?

Azza: No I was sick with a virus that week so I could only hit so hard. My serves were very tentative and I was feeling it after every point, I was very sick

Q. You are one of the youngest players on tour at 14, do you ever fear burn out?

Azza: No I train 5-6 days a week 5-6 hours a day so I’m very fit

Q. There was a rumour last year that you had some troubles with the manager in Pattaya, has that been resolved now?

Azza: No, he is still an arrogant bastard and I really hate him with vengeance

Q. That was not too nice?

Azza: Ok.

Q. How long do you see yourself playing PAW until you retire?

Azza: Till I don’t like it anymore

Q. Azza, may I ask for your height and weight?

Azza: yes. you may

Q. What is your height?

Azza: i height 6’3

Q. In cm, please, be honest?

Azza: 121

Q. Unless my eyes are disproportionate, you are joking..? (Pause) … Stand up please?

Azza: no? … what’s wrong with your eye balls?

(Azza stands up)

Azza: see

Q. You look at good 150cm or above, mate?

Azza: My bad … (Pause) … more questions this instant!

Q. Azza, please cooperate or we will remove you from this interview room

How tall are you, I ask?

Azza: I am about 175cm

Q. And your weight, Sir?

Azza: listen dude I’ve never checked my height so I’m guessing

Q. We need it for PAW records...

Azza: Brb, gunna check

Q. I hope you can measure yourself soon, Sir.

Cheers, there should be a measuring tape in the toilets..

Azza: 58kg

Q. ok thanks.

Thank you for your time today, Azza, we appreciate it.

Azza: You may now leave my presence

End of Interview.
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Thumbs up

Getting to know matija-seles

Perfection Power from Poland

Country: Poland
Current Rank: 46
Current Race Rank: 15

To PAW tennis fans who know their geography, the first two names that springs to mind when the tiny European nation of Poland is mentioned is undoubtedly Wojtek and Jakub, both are former World No 1 and 3, respectively. But as Wojtek has retired and Jakub is now outside the top 10, 16 year old matija-seles has quietly broken into the top 50 after just a few months of PAW.

Matija-Seles won the title in Sydney this year, carefully picking his way to a comprehensive victory, however he followed up with a disappointing performance at the Australian Open, the next week. In this interview, matija revealed that he would be retiring within the next 2-3 years, but remains a loyal supporter of the game PAW.

PAW Manager SpikeyAidanm chatted with matija-seles at a coffeehouse in Dubai.

Q. Hello matija, how are you?

Matija-Seles: I am fine. Thanks. How are you?

Q. Good. How did you get involved in PAW?

Matija-Seles: I just saw that many members of board are playing. That is how it started!

Q. How would you describe the game to a newcomer?

Matija-Seles: It is hard to a newcomer but when you get into the rhythm it is getting easier.

Q. You won in Sydney this year, is that your most successful result so far?

Matija-Seles: Yes it is. I was very close in Philly last year but that gave me TOP 50 rank and some nice chances for YEC.

Q. What do you like the best about PAW?

Matija-Seles: That we are like a big group of people that loves tennis and gets involved in it.

Q. You are the second highest Polish player behind Jakub, are you good friends with him?

Matija-Seles: Yes we chat a lot. I like him very much. Poland is where I live but it is not my nationality. I am Serbian, btw.

Q.Do you have any role models on tour?

Matija-Seles: Of the PAW or WTA?


Matija-Seles: Maybe Wojtek. He was no 1 and retired at the end of last year. He was nice as a person and player. I try to concentrate on myself. I am retiring in next 2-3 years.

Q. Why are you retiring so early?

Matija-Seles: There is life outside the tour. I would like to get more relaxed. It gets you under the pressure when you play all these tournaments get points. I also got caught on cheating. I don’t know. I am disappointed with myself, especially that I was leading that tournament.

Q. What are your other hobbies?

Matija-Seles: I am a very good student I like school. I am very interested in chemistry and my all time hobby is to cheer for Monica Seles who is my inspiration in many ways.

Q. Yes, Monica Seles is a true heroin.

Do you enjoy visiting new places when traveling?

Matija-Seles: Yes very much. It is one thing that I truly love to do.

Q. Have a nice day matija-seles and good luck for the rest of the year, thank you.

Matija-Seles: Thank you. Good luck in PAW! (smiles)

End of Interview.
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Thumbs up Getting to Know "The Monarch Butterfly"

Getting to know “The Monarch Butterfly”

Flying amongst the Clouds

Country: Italy
Current Ranking: 166
Current Race Rank: 96

Formerly known as Reflection, The Monarch Butterfly currently holds the longest player name on Tour, his creative name taking up some 19 characters. Currently the 3rd best Italian, behind ULTIMA PALLINA, dario88 and ahead of dubro, “Simone,” as he is called is a player to watch out for in the future.

PAW Manager SpikeyAidanm found The Monarch Butterfly visiting a local zoo in Dubai, they had a drink together and a brief chat.

Q. Hello, the Monarch Butterfly. How did you begin the game of PAW?

The Monarch Butterfly: Well I begin it this year, lot of fun!

Q. What do you like best about the game?

The Monarch Butterfly: I think its fun and well-administrating, that’s why I like it.

Q. You are from Italy, are you friends with the Italian players like dario88?

The Monarch Butterfly: yes, Dario is one of my best friend in wtaworld.

Q. What has been your best performance on Tour, so far?

The Monarch Butterfly: Well.you know I’m playing Paw since 2-3 weeks so my best results has to come!

Q. Do you have any specific goals for this year?

The Monarch Butterfly: yes surely … I wanna catch Rome and Roland Garros, but it will be difficult

Q. What is the best part of playing PAW?

The Monarch Butterfly: The tension to take a match is so nice and give me a chill… always

Q. Good luck Simone, it's a pleasure to have you, on tour.

The Monarch Butterfly: It’s a pleasure to have u as Guide! (smiles)

End of Interview.
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Thumbs up Getting to know petosp

Getting to know petosp

Penetrating and smoking his opponents into submission

Country: Venezuela
Current Rank: 8
Current Race Rank: 61

There aren't many active players on Tour with more experience than Venezuelan petosp. In fact the former World No 3, participated in PAW’s inaugural tournament in Tokyo 2002. Part of an eight player field, petosp finished 4th, he would go on to win Scottsdale 3 tournaments after.

A fan’s favourite and moreover popular among his peers, 6 time title winner petosp was nominated “PAW Comeback Player of the Year” in 2003. Petosp has had a series of memorable triumphs, but in this interview with the PAW Tour this week in Dubai (his best tournament to date this year), he admitted that it was Filderstadt that was the trophy that he most treasured, a tournament petosp started playing 4 days late.

Q. How did you get involved in PAW?

Petosp: well I first saw the game back in 2002 if I remember well and I won a event in like second or third event, and I kept finishing in the top 5 for a like 2 months, i was called Mr Consistency i remember (laughs)

Q. What has been your most satisfying result, you have won 6 titles, which was the most memorable?

Petosp: well i think lots of them have been very especial, probably the most unexpected one was Filderstadt, i almost forgot playing the event, and i made most of my picks in the round of 16 and got all of them, making the top of the table that day and eventually winning it all.

Q. You have been the longest playing PAW player, and you’ve witnessed a series of changes to the game, do you think it has grown into a successful game, and what do you vision to be the future of PAW?

Petosp: Well i think the game has been great, i think there have been some changes, couple of cheating accusations at some point on another former runner, but its going really well now, really well organized, i mean this game takes a lot of time and PAW Staff has done and i know they‘ll continue the great work.

Q. You have been a former number #3, you are down to 8, there are a lot of newcomers rising up fast, what do u think u need to do to remain a top PAW player?

Petosp: Well i think i have to become a lot more consistent, its tough because i love to pick upsets, and most of them have not been happening lately, but really this week i started to pick, you know a little more smarter than before.

You have to check head 2 heads, recent performances of players, in order to pick correctly and you know I’m ready to do it now, i like my chances from now on and i hope to move up in the rankings with this week’s performance and you know try to maintain the strategy in the main events, grand slams, tier I events, which are the most important events. It wont be easy because there are many great PAW players Sandg, Spikey, Wojtek among many many others, but it‘s a challenge.

Q. What is your favourite tournament to play, each year, petosp?

Petosp: Well many would say the slam events should be the most important ones, but i usually do bad on them, basically because of the many upsets i love to pick, but i hope that would change now, the event i love the most right probably would be Filderstat and Scottsdale..

Q. You are the lone Venezuelan player on the tour, does this give you extra motivation to do well at the Olympics this year, the inaugural PAW Olympics?

Petosp: Yes i would love to come up with that title for my country, i think yes its an extra motivation, for sure i would love to have more people from my country, so i hope that can change as well.

Q. Last year you were voted PAW comeback player of the year, you do have a good relationship with fellow players, who are your closest friends on tour?

Petosp: Well I was surprised with the award, but i think i have won some title over the years so i think kind of deserved that recognition. And with the players from PAW, i really get along well with everybody, personally i have a good relationship with Alek, Wojtek, Spikey ,Buitenzorg among others, i have a good relationship with most people of the board.

Q.You are in a good position in Dubai this week, which will be ur best result of this year, what are you 2004 goals?

Petosp: Yes im, i think i have a good chance i really took a good decision of changing my 12th PAW watching that butch picked on Svetlana so i knew i had to take the risk, otherwise would not have had any chance. As for 2004 i want to win the most titles and especially the bigger ones, so i hope to pick better on them and hopefully the results are going to come.

Q. Would you be able to give a few wordsto describe the following players ... SpikeyAidanm?

Petosp: The Best Paw Player

Q. sandg?

Petosp: did sandg won a slam?

Q. yep

Petosp: the best newcomer

Q.WTA Handicapper?

Petosp: Struggling now, but a sure bet for success.. a former winner of 3 titles, deserves credit

Q. Buitenzorg?

Petosp: The most persistent player, he should do better soon.

Q. There are lots of newcomers on the rise... cooldudeanzela, jrm, andrew_uk Geofry, j_dementieva27, azza, Nir, zorgzamesnip, who has the game to be a really top player?

Petosp: Well i think Cooldudeanzela, Nir, Azza and Zorgzameship have done well i think its very open now anyone could do well.

Q. Finally, can you give us 5 words to describe PAW?

Petosp: It‘s the best game on board…The best game on board

Q. Thank you for your time, we appreciate it petosp.

Petosp: tku

End of Interview.
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Thumbs up Getting to know 21 Watts

Getting to know 21 Watts

Thriving at lower Tiers

Country: Australia
Current Rank: 82
Current Race Rank: 57

Ended 2003 at 99 after obtaining the highest average tournament finish from any PAW players that had played six or more tournaments that year. This has been the story of 21 Watts’s career, continued success in a short period of time. Last week in Memphis, 21 Watts was seconds away from claiming his first PAW title, as Raymond held 3 match points against Zvonareva in the final. Heartbreaking circumstances which saw Zvonareva fight all the way back from 5-2 down in the 3rd, denied the Australian of his first tournament; however he sees the memorable experience as an important one for his career.

Formerly known as “AlexSydney,” the 18 year old is friendly and an extremely competitive player. Just moments after his fourth place finish in Memphis, SpikeyAidanm caught up with the current world number 82.

Q. How did you get involved in PAW?

21 Watts: Well, I just try it and see if I like it or not during Sarasota 2002 and I don’t played after that until Japan Open last September and I joined the game because of SpikeyAidanm.

Q. You came 4th in Memphis 2004, probably your best result to date, nearly won the title there, is that experience going to help you?

21 Watts: Not really, it’s all about “lucky” because you can’t see the future, aren’t you? But after Memphis, I played Dubai this week and I realised that I’m better at Tier III or lower because many of my favourite players are outside Top 50.

Q. How would you describe your personality?

21 Watts: In real-life, I’m a really nice guy like other people but more like a shy personality. When they want to getting know me more and I’m doing OK.

Q. So far you have had your best results at lower Tiers, why is that?

21 Watts: Yeah, because I’ve seen lots of lower players during attended Sydney Olympics, Fed Cup and of course, Adidas International. So, I familiar with these games, that’s how.

Q. What is your favourite PAW tournament, each year?

21 Watts: I just played the game for like six months now but I really enjoyed all Asian and Oceania events.

Q. Finally, can u give us a sentence to describe PAW?

21 Watts: “The most fun and entertaining game ever on the board”

Q. Thank you for your time, 21 Watts

21 Watts: Your welcome, luv…

End of Interview
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Thumbs up Getting to Know Alek

Getting to know Alek

Lion heart knocking on the door

Country: Mexico
PAW Rank: 88
PAW Race Rank: 13

For a professional athlete, there is nothing better than seeing your hard work paying off. And that happened last week, after some draining weeks on tour, Alek’s persistence was awarded as he edged out ghosts for his first title after only five tournaments. Currently at 13 on the PAW Race to the Championships, Alek has his sights on claiming bigger tournaments and to continue moving up the ranks, he is one of the many risers already in contention for the PAW Newcomer of the Year award.

One of the most approachable players on tour, the exotic Mexican with "the guy next door looks" is currently the lone WTAWorld moderator who participates in the game. The PAW team caught up with Alek at Bogota airport, to have a quick chat before his flight to Acapulco departed.

Q. How did you get involved in the game PAW?

Alek: mmm, I think it was coincidence. I simply one day decided to see and when I played the first time I got addicted.

Q. You won Memphis last week, that elevated you into the top 100, what were ur feelings after that victory?

Alek: Oh I was very happy specially after having some bad weeks in Tokyo and Paris. Hope I can repeat this success soon again

Q.You have only played 7 event so far but you look to have the game of a top player, do you think you finish the year within the top 20?

Alek: me, hope I can, I’ll do my best.

Q. You are currently the only Mexican on Tour, however there are 2 tournaments - Acapulco and Tijuana in your home country, are they the tournaments you look forward to, the most?

Alek: Yes, and I really want to do very well in them, in my home. Too sad that I’m the only Mexican though.

Q. Who are your best friends on Tour?

Alek: I don’t have friends, maybe SpikeyAidanM but he’s a real bitch you know.

Q. What is the best part of playing PAW?

Alek: when u see the updated table (laughs out loud)

Q. In Sydney, you did not want jinx your favourite - Asa Svensson by picking her over Shaughnessy in the first round, however you seem to have a tactic with going for your favourites, is this your game style?

Alek: yes, i did an error there. Now I will pick my faves forever, and that will be my style, to risk for my players . So don’t be surprised to see in Acapulco a “PAW 1 Jessica Fernandez over Some seed”. Go Jessica!

Q. You are the runner of FWTT, you play a variety of game on the board, what do you like about PAW?

Alek: The PAW is the only game of it’s kind, there are no copies or anything.

Q. Thank you for your time Alek, and good luck in Acapulco.

Alek: thank you SpikeyAidanM, good luck in Doha

End of Interview.
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Hey guys, I have interviewed others but haven't put them up yet, I will tomorrow though, I need a break now.

Tomorrow I will put up:

~ PointBlank
~ ozfan44
~ KoOlMaNsTeVeN
~ Rossana Fan

After that I will plan to do the rest of the players I have on MSN, and then for those that don't, I will PM you with a set of questions and you can answer them and reply back to me, if you wish
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country flag Nir
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You are doing a fantastic work with this game keep up the good work and this special ideas

Good luck to Anna Smashnova Pistolesi

my wtaworld friends:

SpikeyAidanm Paellapan Sascha Luis Valentina Andy Jordan

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Great job, Aidan!!

Inspiration is for amateurs

Faves: Mona Barthel / Samantha Stosur / Roberta Vinci
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Good job Mr. Spike.

However you should all bow down to your future #1.

"You Worry About Your Jump Rope and Yourself!" -Coral on Battle of the Sexes 2
(1/20/17) Just discovered this gem in my private messages from 2006:
Who is Rtael?
This guy Rtael ,brainless and ignorant, is one of the most obnoxious, arrogant and coward guys whos has been a pest in this forum for years now.Given the new anti-bully policy he'll probably be expelled soon. Observe how he tries to rally and gang others against you. Mean people like him shouldn't be allowed here. And all because he "doesn't like your attitude"!!
**Everyone should consider themselves warned!**
Rtael is online now  
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Thumbs up Getting to Know PointBlank

Getting to know PointBlank

A mirage in the desert

Country: Israel
Current Rank: 160
Current Race Rank: 90

Only a tender 13 years old, PointBlank appeared with the leaders in Gold Coast and Dubai in the early days of those tournaments but was unable to sustain his position. However he admits it is the experience that he is currently lacking, but once the Ukrainian Born Israeli who lives in Memphis continues to play tournament after tournament, he may be in for a sparkling series of results.

PointBlank best result so far this year was in his debut tournament in Gold Coast, where he claimed 25th place.

Q. Good evening PointBlank. Welcome to the interview.

PointBlank: Hello

Q. You began PAW this year, how did you get started?

PointBlank: Well I started to talk to the owner. He was telling me about the many people who play, and its history. I played one tournament and it was fun, and I haven't looked back.

Q. You firstly began playing hoping to score points on the board, you picked Henin-Hardenne over Lukasewicz in the Australian Open for 1 point, however recently you have been playing with more tactics like going for the upsets, are you improving now?

PointBlank: Well in some ways yes, and others no. It is really a luck game. I am not one of the players that love to go for obvious wins. I go for spontaneous. One of my most was recently in Dubai I picked Sfar over Henin-Hardenne and I got lucky when I picked Barna over Maleeva. It is a hard game. You need to pick the unexpected. So yes I am improving in ways and no.

Q. You are currently part of a large group of Israelis on the rise, are they your main friends that you travel with on tour?

PointBlank: No. We don’t talk much. We talk time to time you know. We keep to ourselves mostly try to stay alone. I travel with some Aussies and some Americans mostly.

Q. What is the PAW tournament you are looking forward most to this year?

PointBlank: Memphis, but it already passed. But ones coming up it would have to be Miami.

Q. What are you goals for this year, PointBlank?

PointBlank: I hope to be at least top 100. My rank has slipped 10 spots the last 3 weeks. Hopefully soon I will be up there with the best.

Q. You were an early joint leader in Dubai, but slipped a bit, do you need more experience to get in the final stages of the tournament?

PointBlank: For sure. I have held the #1 and #2 positions in 3 tournaments and let them all slip. Experience is what I need and what I am lacking.

Q. Do you have any role models?

PointBlank: Yes

Q. Who are they?

PointBlank: The top Israelis , like Nir and Oren987.

Q. How long do you see yourself playing PAW?

PointBlank: For a while. When my ranking slips I tend to retire, but this is a fun game.

Q. Finally, can you give us a sentence to describe PAW?

PointBlank: Fun and out going, something everyone should try.

Q. Thank you for your time, PointBlank.

PointBlank: You’re Welcome, thank you Aidan.

End of Interview.
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