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Originally Posted by solid3k
"Jurm karna Guna nahi hai, Pakde jana Guna hai..."

"Hum Indians ko Insaano se zyaada Jaanwaron ki kadar hai..."
I cant believe what you are saying..Of course law is law and none is above law..Insaanon ko jaanwaron ki jaroorat hai..Else how the hell will we have ecosystem in control..Can you believe agar you killed all the animals and only humans on the earth??Of course its a big offence..I think as human can kill like every species of animals doesnt give us right to actually kill them..In fact its a big responsibility on our shoulder to protect a lot of them..WE DO NEED balance in ecosystem..Agar koi saadha aadmi pakda jaata to bhi use aisi hi sajaa hoti then why salman should be spared??I agree ki doosron ko bhi sajaa honi chahiye but you cant say that he dint deserve it..Even chota baccha bhi jaanta hai ki shikaar karna jurm hai..Why couldnt they not do it?? For gods sake pehele hi we have done enough to damage ecosystem, verryyy few jungles left,soo many variety of birds and animals are extinct..Do you get it..THEY R EXTINCT..Its totally our responsibility to maintain that balance and thats why law has strong punishments for poaching like this..Then why wqould the law leave Salman just coz hes famous??Doesnt make sense to me.


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