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Originally Posted by Mightymirza
this is a news to me..When was salman convicted of charges???I thought the case was going on forever..But I dont think its wrong if hes been punished for what hes done but its wrong if others are guilty ass well and not punished properly...Anyways yeah tooo much corruption nowadays in india..Lekin sabse bada problem will always be the population... the situation is soooo scary isnt it..aapun log jald hi china ko overtake kar dega apparantly...Where does all this stop??
I am not saying that he is innocent but the fact of the matter is transparency should be there. As solid3k pointed out, all the other stars ve been acquitted and they are not even mentioned anywhere and dont u think that 5year prison sentence is little too much for killing a buck.

As i mentioned before in my post, what makes this sentence difficult to digest is that after Jessica Lal murder case, where the criminal was acquitted eventho there was strong evidence against him, Salman has been convicted for much-less crime.

Also just now saw Mumbai commisioners interview, he was saying that since Salman has been convicted in two cases so far, he will get much stricter sentence in the hit-and-run case and that he wont be given bail since he has so many cases against him.
Originally Posted by gaurav1
Ek sense meni accha hi hai.....jahan jao wahan indians mil jaate hain..
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