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Arrow The Championships, Wimbledon : Draws + Results

The Championships, Wimbledon


[1]Larisa Ferrer vs. Elizabeth Hawkins
Mirjana Huubere vs. [29]Ana-Maria Herrera
[21]Bryanne Applegate vs. Qualifier #1
Marta-Maria Conde-Martinez vs. [15]Gisele Noventz

[11]Anabel Conde-Martinez vs. Qualifier #2
Natalya Dlhopolcova vs. [24]Carmen Prado
[28]Paula Masterton vs. Liezel Coetzer
Jennifer Selles vs. [5]Selima Valentine

[8]Ruflina Taliamanosoko vs. wc Sophie Gambill
Mia-Ling Keller vs. [27]Candela Sanchez-Connelly
[23]Riana-Shamira Zubir vs. Qualifier #8
Qualifier #3 vs. [10]Adriana Gonzalez

[14]Anna Kroulikova vs. Sandy Vicario
Rosie Ribbons vs. [18]Caroline Whitten
Zerene Fernandez vs. [32]Tami Sugarn
Doryssia Morkovina vs. [3]Anjelica de la Courtiere

[4]Brenda Van Haak vs. Juliana Lapentti
Caroline Mutola vs. [30]Joanna Seles
[22]Sabine Graf vs. Fleriancediore Hingisafrilia
Syria Gonzalez vs. [13]Tiffani Eggert

[9]Lindsay-Anne Sarile vs. Catherine Pierce
wc Lyndsay Paterson vs. [17]Monica Gambill
[25]Caroline Menard vs. Qualifier #4
Marta Bajul vs. [7]Jane Wong

[6]Eva Sorrenta vs. Katarina Krivencheva-Molik
Qualifier #7 vs. [26]Mazuelena Majlana
[19]Lucia Kurkova vs. wc Larissa Liashenko
Qualifier #6 vs. [12]Gianna-Adrianna Dulko

[16]Karla Herrera vs. Rachel-Anne Fleischmann
Qualifier #5 vs. [20]Madonika-Diva Jahfson
[31]Rachel Spears vs. Yadira Mendivil
wc Samantha Soren vs. [2]Marteena Huubere


[1]Diana Mahler vs. Angeles Rosario
Fridorzally Hingisafrilia vs. [15]Meghann Adeva

[2]Jacquelyn Whitten vs. Hanna Ryderstedt
Katarina Shawfink vs. [13]Anastasia Lobacheva

[3]Anne-Laure Vandelion vs. wc-Bianka Harlow
Joanna Chan vs. [9]Amanda Kolbovic

[4]Samantha Kraston vs. Lourdes Rosario
Tatjana Vukasinovic vs. [11]Amanda Poirot

[5]Nina Strycovsson vs. Fabiola Perez-Carmino
Venus Tulyaganova vs. [16]Elena Dokic

[6]Carolina Spencer vs. Slutina Bendenova
Berta Calpena vs. [12]Nika Beckham

[7]Emilie Joubert vs. Madzia Grzybowska
Sabine Eggert vs. [10]Elke Vandecaetsbeek

[8]Aranxta Danese vs. Mary Pierce
Hedviga Svetikova vs. [14]Nadia Banaszek


[1]de la Courtiere/Sorrenta vs. Ribbons/S. Gambill
Fr. Hingisafrilia/Vandelion vs. Applegate/Valentine
Eggert/Sugarn vs. Jahfson/Liashenko
Mi. Huubere/J. Lapentti vs. [8]Kroulikova/Noventz

[5]Coetzer/Van Haak vs. Pierce/Mutola
Keller/Mahler vs. A. Conde-Martinez/Prado
Fernandez/Vandecaetsbeek vs. Calpena/Sanchez-Connelly
Fl. Hingisafrilia/Soren vs. [3]Taliamanosoko/Wong

[4]Selles/Whitten vs. Lobacheva/Morkovina
A. Gonzalez/K. Herrera vs. wc S. Eggert/Paterson
Dulko/Gambill vs. Majlana/Masterton
Qualifiers #1 vs. [7]Huubere/Sarile

[6]Graf/Zubir vs. Qualifiers #2
Dlhopolcova/Krivencheva-Molik vs. A. Herrera/Ryderstedt
Beckham/M. Conde-Martinez vs. Banaszek/Seles
Strycovsson/S. Gonzalez vs. [2]Ferrer/Kurkova


[1]Bajul/Spencer vs. Bye
Danese/Perez-Carmino vs. [3]Joubert/Poirot

wc [2]Fleischmann/Hawkins vs. Bye
Vukasinovic/J. Whitten vs. [4]Adeva/Chan


[1]de la Courtiere/Ferrero vs. bye
S. Gonzalez/Ribas vs. Mendivil/Tavares
Sugarn/Osgood vs. Napalaphong/Osgood
Spencer/Spencer vs. [15]M. Huubere/Bjorkman

[12]A. Conde-Martinez/B. Conde-Martinez vs. Krivencheva-Molik/Roddick
Gambill/Owen Rhun vs. Lobacheva/Duchesnikiev
M. Conde-Martinez/M. Conde-Martinez vs. Mutola/Kimjumba
bye vs. [5]Kurkova/Mirnyi

[7]Dulko/Dombrowski vs. bye
Fr. Hingisafrilia/Le Frandt vs. Ribbons/Bones
Jahfson/Dean vs. Strycovsson/Beckham
Ryderstedt/Soderling vs. [11]Kroulikova/Kirov

[16]A. Gonzalez/Vidal vs. Paterson/Mackin
Fl. Hingisafrilia/Le Frandt vs. Bajul/Petrenko
Seles/Seles vs. Harlow/Lynninger
bye vs. [3]Taliamanosoko/Applegate

[4]Wong/Lee vs. bye
K. Herrera/de Armas vs. Danese/Danese
Liashenko/Liashenko vs. Morkovina/Nadal
Spears/Spears vs. [13]Applegate/Almasy

[10]Sarile/Sanchez vs. S. Eggert/Thiessen
Joubert/Zamoyski vs. Chan/Andersen
Sanchez-Connelly/Vazquez vs. Beckham/Beckham
bye vs. [6]Van Haak/O. Rochus

[8]Graf/McEnroe vs. Dlhopolcova/Hrbaty
Mi. Huubere/Woodbridge vs. J. Lapentti/G. Lapentti
Perez-Carmano/Morena vs. A. Herrera/Gambill
Adeva/Flores vs. [9]Masterton/Rusedski

[14]Zubir/Enqvist vs. Soren/Roddick
Fernandez/Armando vs. Vandelion/Grinda
Mahler/Kiffer vs. Pierce/Seagill
bye vs. [2]Sorrenta/Nestor

Points are due to FRIDAY 8AM Mexico City Time.
You can send by PM or by email

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why ask so much for a thread if no bitch posts
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Thanks for adding Slutina into singles qualies!
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Pfffff at the draw!

[1]de la Courtiere/Ferrero vs. bye
S. Gonzalez/Ribas vs. Mendivil/Tavares
Sugarn/Osgood vs. Napalaphong/Osgood
Spencer/Spencer vs. [15]M. Huubere/Bjorkman

Battle of Thais, Brothers in 1R of Mixed Doubles:

Tami Sugarn of Thailand and her mixed doubles partner with Jeffrey Osgood will battle Thai junior upstart Chattida Thassa Napalaphong and younger brother Timonthy Osgood in the 1R of the Wimbledon mixed doubles tournament.

"It's hard to beleive this is a mixed doubles match at Wimbledon! All four of us hang out and play mixed together, when we have free time. So, it's going to be like another practice session."

Rumors have been ciruclating that Tami Sugarn has a relationship with one of the Osgood brothers. The question has been, which one? With Tami choosing to play with older brother Jeff to play in this tournament (Jeff is 24 years old) and dumping eighteen year old Tim Osgood (they played the French Open together) who is now playing with Chattida Thassa Napalaphong, it leads to many questions.

When asked about this Sugarn said, "A lady does not kiss and tell! Naughty reporter. The Osgood brothers are good friends of mine, and they are very close. A lady would never get in their way. It's just tennis!"

Rumors speculate seeing Sugarn and Jeff Osgood together late in the night at Birmingham AND Eastbourne, it only leads to more questions. With the sudden mixed partner change, it leads to more speculation.

Yet, Sugarn still claims she's single and loving it. "I would love to be dating one of these guys. They are gorgeous, altho Timmie is a little young. They are very sweet, and very good to me. Right now, there's no time in my life for it. They just happen to be with me on tour, and playing mixed with me!"

A sudden blush came to her face, as she left the interview.

Tami Sugarn and Jeffrey Osgood

Chattida Thassa Napalaphong and Timonthy Osgood
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1 Larisa Ferrer: She is the best and there is no doubt, anyways she didnt had a very successfull grass season. She has a tough draw but she will probably make the quarterfinals at least.

2 Marteena Huubere: Horrible season for Huubere, it seemed that she could come here with much more confidence specialy as she started the year... making quarters will be a big success.

3 Anjelica de la Courtiere: A couple of firs tround losses after Roland Garros, tough draw with Morkovina, Sugarn and Morkovina. Don't expect much from the Roland Garros champion here.

4 Brenda Van Haak: Making no noise as always, could be easy road to the third round... but a real good test with either Graf or Eggert.

5 Selima Valentine: We always expect a lot from Selima, this is the only slam missing in her list. She got tricky Masterton in her second round. Selima could go far here and as always a candidate to the title.

6 Eva Sorrenta: Well after the Australian Open she has done anything, never won a match here. Tough draw with Kurkova in the third round, but if she makes third round I'm sure she will be okay with that.

7 Jane Wong: She hasnt played on grass this year and has not an easy draw, Bajul could cause an upset here. If Jane passes her r1 she might make quarterfinals unless Gambill wants to get some revenge from that bad Roland Garros.

8 Ruflina Taliamanosoko: We never know with Ruflina, she can either lose in the first round to Sophie Gambill or could go straight to the final. A serious candidate to the title.

9 Lindsay-Anne Sarile: She likes hardcourts, she has a tough draw since the first round... I expect an early exit.

10 Adriana Gonzalez: She is Spanish, her best surface is obviously not grass... anyways she won a challenger on grass. Draw is not that bad until the third round. Why not Adriana has the talent to make the third round and maybe further.

11 Anabel Conde-Martinez: She did quarterfinals at Roland Garros when no one expected it, but here her draw is quite tough, specially her second and third round.

12 Gianna-Adrianna Dulko: She seems to have runned out of gass. Round 2.

13 Tiffani Eggert: She won Eastbourne like last year, and she has the talent... but she usually does bad on grand slams.

14 Anna Kroulikova: Sandy Vicario in her first round... could be a first round exit... but if she overcomes that she could make Qf.

15 Gisele Noventz: Her form is too irregular. Second round loss to Applegate

16 Karla Herrera: Rachel Anne Fleischmann is no joke and with Herrera's usual irregularity she might get out in the first round.

Dangerous floaters (other seeds])

22 Sabine Graf: Former champion, even if she is in bad form we know that she can wake up in any moment. She has a tough draw but is able to overcome it.

19 Lucia Kurkova: Won 's-Hertogenbosch, very talented. She has beaten the top players. Why not, she can get the title.

21 Bryanne Applegate: She loves grass.. but I have my doubts.

24 Carmen Prado: As jr was runner up in 2001. She has had a very good season.

29 Ana Maria Herrera: Birmingham champion... she has to be dangerous. Wimbledon jr winner in 2001 and runner-up in 2002.

32 Tami Sugarn: She is good on this surface, she has experience. She is having a bad season but she is Tami, she can do it.
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Originally Posted by Alek

Dangerous floaters (other seeds])

22 Sabine Graf: Former champion, even if she is in bad form we know that she can wake up in any moment. She has a tough draw but is able to overcome it.
thanks for the draws and thanks very much for this analysis - I hope it will come true
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thanks for the draw and no thanks for the analisys Karla just reached Easbourne final and plans to do the same here

Gabriela Sabatini 2006 HOF
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Sabatini vs Martinez ?
Seasons in the top ten: Sabatini 10 Conchita 9
Straight Seasons in the top ten: Sabatini 10 Conchita 6
Seasons in the top 5: Sabatini 6 Conchita 5
Straight seasons in the top 5: Sabatini 6 Conchita 4
Tier II and above titles
Sabatini 24 Martinez 17
Record at the Masters
Sabatini has 2 titles 2 Runner up and 3 SF
Martinez has 0 titles, 0 RU, and 0 Sf
Record against the best players
Sabatini 40% Martinez 21%
Head to Head
Sabatini leads 9-6 over Martinez
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Why there is no Bajul in doubles draw ??
She should be with Caroline ( petosp player )


Good Luck to:
Marta Domachowska, Joanna Sakowicz, Olga Brzda, Natalia Kołat, Karolina Kosińska, Magdalena Kiszczyńska, Klaudia Jans, Alicja Rosolska and the other polish girls

Monica Seles, Elena Dementieva, Kveta Hrdlickova, Karolina Woźniacki, Aiko Nakamura, Silvija Talaja , Darina Sedenkova
, Liga Dekmeijere, Margit Ruutel

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Handicapping the Field

[1]Larisa Ferrer- 3-1: For no other reason than she is the greatest player to play the game. She could win anytime and any day. A good bet to win her second Wimbledon on any day.

[2]Marteena Huubere- 5-1: Not having the year she would like, however at number 2 in the world she is still an intimidating opponent. Probably won't win, but due for a good performance.

[3]Anjelica de la Courtiere 5-1: The newest Grand Slam Champion will not make it two in a row. She is a clay court specialist. Can do well but won't pass the QF at best.

[4]Brenda Van Haak 3-1: Very quietly this consistent player made her way up to #4. She may very quietly steal this title as their is no clear favorite.

[5]Selima Valentine- 6-1: Still without proper match play, she may just not be ready to reclaim her position at the top. Look for her to make a run for the US Open.

[6]Eva Sorrenta- 10-1: Always one of the best. However, she is very looking forward to returning to the hard courts next month and may not be completely focused on winning here.

[7]Jane Wong- 15-1: Playing good tennis this year may help her win a few rounds, but her clay court preference will prevent her from the title.

[8]Ruflina Taliamanosoko- 4-1: With no clear favorite look for Ruflina to rise to the challenge. She is one of the players to beat.

[9]Lindsay-Anne Sarile- 20-1: Great player, but hasn't learned how to win match after match just yet.

[10]Adriana Gonzalez- 10-1: This little known player won a challenger on grass earlier this month with a win over grass court expert, Tiffani Eggert. Obviously knows how to play on grass and can win a big match. We may be learning more about this girl real fast.

[11]Anabel Conde-Martinez- 25-1: Another seed, another upset.

[12]Gianna-Adrianna Dulko- 25-1: Out of Top 10, out of contention.

[13]Tiffani Eggert- 6-1: If she ever wants to add a grand slam to her resume, it will be this one this year. With only 1 QF in the last 3 years, look for her to make another quick and disappointing exit during the first week.

[14]Anna Kroulikova- 15-1: Talented young player, but needs a few more years to mature.

[15]Gisele Noventz- 12-1: Playing good tennis right now. Has to get past Ferrer if she wants a shot. Not enough confidence in herself to win. She is her own toughest opponent.

[16]Karla Herrera- 8-1: A good player and can play on grass. She should have a good tournament.

The Field- 3-1
With so many dangerous floaters in the draw and no real favorite, it is almost a guarantee that there will be at least one unseeded finalist and quite possibly a champion.

Sabine & Mary Joe!

FWTT- Tiffani Eggert

Highest Singles Rank- 3
Singles Titles(7): 2004- AUS OPEN; 2003- Eastbourne; 2002- San Diego, Eastbourne, Miami; 2001- Berlin; 2000- Los Angeles

Doubles Titles(16): 2004- IW, Dubai; 2003- New Haven; 2002- Hawaii, Montreal, Los Angeles, Brussels, Scottsdale; 2001- Eastbourne, Birmingham, Antwerp,
IW, Scottsdale, Dubai; 2000- Zurich, Knokke-Heist

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pff caroline just got done kicking ana-maria's ass all over the court.

Go Lindsay Lee-Waters!

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Craybas, Harkleroad, Schlukebir, Cochran, Seles, Mall, Reeves

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I Miss Zvereva, Cacic, Kelesi, Cristea, Ghirardi,
Reinach, Kandarr, Rottier, A Miller, Asa, Testud

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Jane Wong has no expectations

Jane Wong signing autographs in autograph island

Jane Wong who has a good year, reaching no. 7 in the world is happy with her form. However she has no expectations in Wimbledon.

'I come to play in Wimbledon becuase of the prestige, that is why I play here. I will try my best, But grass never suit me.'

'I just want to have fun in Wimbledon, the next few months will be tough, with american hardcourt and fall season, chasing for a place in race to the chase.'

'But me and ruflina are having fun in London, we went shopping with Tobias and John my mixed doubles partner together yesterday, and we were enjoying outselves.'

'Marta is a good player, I will try my best, but I think she will sense her chance, but hopefully I can pull through.'

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visit this thread for more detail
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Thanks for the draws, etc.

I won't be here tomorrow at all but I will try to post more articles when I come back Friday.

Le Poussin! Faithfully ignoring the haters since 1995.

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Elke, I'm sending points for the pros and you can for the juniors, if that's okay.

Le Poussin! Faithfully ignoring the haters since 1995.

Le Poulailler de Poussin! (Simontarded.)

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Pre-Wimbledon Interview with Anjelica de la Courtiere

Q. Anjelica, how do you think you'll fare here, coming off your Roland Garros win?
DLC: Well, obviously they are two very different surfaces. I played one match on grass coming into Wimbledon, and I didn't do very well at all. I never expect much on this surface, but my net game is decent and I'm going to try my best. This is a great event with a lot of history, and it's important to me to do well here and go as far as I can. I made the quarterfinals last year, so I know that I have the ability to go deep into the draw, even on grass.

Q. Have you and Eva Sorrenta been practicing your doubles much lately?
DLC: Yes, we have. After Roland Garros we had a big discussion about whether to give up on doubles or to reinvest our interest in it. We decided that we have a lot of fun with doubles, and even more fun when we play well and win. We'd like to win the other three grand slams that we haven't won. So, obviously we've been training hard to be ready for this event. We'd like very much to do well here.

Q. Mixed doubles with Juan Carlos Ferrero, that's a bit of a change from your normal set of partners.
DLC: Yes, it is. Two clay courters seeded #1 in the mixed doubles draw, it's pretty interesting. We saw each other at the big after-Roland Garros party and had a nice long conversation. Juan Carlos is a really friendly and nice guy... he through out the idea that perhaps since neither of us do well in singles on grass, that we could try our luck at mixed doubles. I accepted and am thrilled to be playing with a player of his talent. It's going to be fun to have the two Roland Garros champions pooling their talents on the doubles court.

Q. Thanks Anjelica!
DLC: Thank you.

Le Poussin! Faithfully ignoring the haters since 1995.

Le Poulailler de Poussin! (Simontarded.)

Ron Paul for President 2012!
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Rosie Ribbons ready for wimbledon
Rosie Ribbons announced that she's ready for the tough road ahead in Wimbledon. Ribbons, a semi finalist last year open's her campaign against the 18th seed Caroline Whitten.
'It's going to be a very tough match for me. I turned pro in the French Open, and I've had pretty good results on Grass this year. I dont expect to win here, but hopefully I'll be able to win a round or two'
She's also playing doubles with one of her close friends, Sophie Gambill. Ribbons reached the final of the French Open last month and will be looking for similar form against the number one seed's, who she beat in the French Open.
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