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Come on ys! After my heartfelt reply, I was astonished to read that you think the Miracle On Ice game might have been fixed. Preposterous! Slava Fetisov says that loss still bothers him 22 years later! The USSR coach pulled the great Tretiak in that game. And that upset thr Soviet team a great deal. The coach panicked and the team lost to a very opprtune American team. That's how I will always look at it.

Who caoched that game for the USSR? Do you remember ys? Because I'm not sure if it was Tikhinov or not.

And if that game was fixed, why wasn't the gold medal game against Finland fixed? The Finns led by a goal going into the third period. The U.S. Team was fortunate not to have a letdown and let the gold medal slipaway. It almost happened!

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