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Thanks, the cat..

My all time favorite spots memeory is the Miracle On Ice at the 1980 Winter Olympics when the underdog American Hockey team pulled off a monumental upset to beat the great Soviet hockey team!
Recently I had a flight to Rockies on the wonderful New-York airline named Jetblue. And during the flight one of the channels available onboard replayed that match. You know, it was surprising to see it again. And it left me absolutely sure that the match was actually fixed. The difference in class in this match was so vast, you could see that it is a superclass team skating against a very mediocre team. USSR could score at every attack they made, they were so fast, they were circling around Americans, toying with them. Yet they lost, conceding a goal almost each time Amercans crossed the centre line. There could be a lot of reasons to fix that match and I am pretty convinced that it could well be the case.

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