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Hey, Rollo! When I said her "biography" I mean her tennis life, pieces that I´d read from books, encyclopedias, internet... There isn´t any Maria Esther Bueno´s biography book in Brazil. It´s a shame. If she has importance to female international tennis, to brazilian tennis she would be a godness. You know, but brazilian people doesn´t give her real value. If you ask to anyone between 15-30 years old who is Maria Esther Bueno they´ll say: Who???

Guga has more prestige than Estherzinha in Brazil. Although she won Wimbledon and Guga stopped in Quarters. I think to myself, if she plays in our epoch, would she has all the prestige she deserves?

In 1976, she lost to Sue Barker in R16. Since then, any brazilian female got the same. I feel that english people give her more prestige then anyone.

Althea Gibson: She said she had the honor of played with her because Althea was the Wimbledon´s champion. They played in Caribe and Althea liked Bueno´s game. She thought Estherzinha was a good partner to her. She invited her to play Wimbledon doubles.

Nancy Richey: She played singles very well. But she was a clay player. She never goes to the net. She don´t know volley. When we made a team in Wimbledon (66) she stays in baseline and I at the net. We won it. I guess it was the greater emotion of her life.

Billie Jean: It was hard to play against her because her personality.

Margaret Court: She had power in her shots, and had a excellent fitness. She hits very hard. She didn´t give up so easy. It was a challenge by all games. Every match was a battle for every point.

I always had one doubt: If she played more in Open Era, would she helped Billie Jean? Or would she be like Margaret?

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