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Hi, Santorofan! Iīm the boy from Orkut. You disappeared from there? Iīm new here and I donīt know use all tools here as a wish. Iīm learning.

Hey, Rollo. Thank you. As Santorofan mentioned, yes, brazilian people call her Esterzinha because she left Brazil too young, as a teenager, and also our big affection for her. Itīs really funny read the way you call her: MARIA BUENO.

Hi, TennisVideo! Her interview was made to a magazine. There is another one in video. Itīs in portuguese. I saw in the net months ago.
About the interview she said:

"There is some players Iīve like to watch: Federer, cause heīs an artist. Nowadays the games are the same: baseline, two-hands, hitting, hitting, hitting... The first plan is hit the ball in a strong way. If it doesnīt work you have the second plan: hit more harder then before. And if doesnīt work you must hit more harder then it was....And thatīs all. In Wimbledon final (Sharapova against Serena) you saw a lob and one volley...I mean...Itīs unbelievable. I know itīs really difficult stay hitting and hitting harder until the other make a mistake. They spent hours in this way. You must be in fine shape and must have a strong mind. But this isnīt an interesting game to watch."

"I prefer those ones who play an artistic way. Federer is one step up from the others ( Hey santorofan, help me to translate this: Ele está um passo acima dos outros). With him there is no drama. Heīs good in baseline, have a good net game, create things...Safin plays good too. But for the women itīs all the same. You see one, you see all of them. Except Henin-Hardenne: she has a pretty backhand, she volley, goes to the net, she changes the game. Itīs more interesting watch a game like that. You see a Davenportīs or Serenaīs pratice, itīs amazing the speed of the ball. They hit a ball and you think: Well, that doesnīt come back. But it happens and comes back more harder then before. And so all that russians. The fitness is better then before."

There is more of interview, but translate this to english itīs really difficult to me

Hey, Santorofan. If I put pieces of interview in portuguese, could you translate that?

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