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Originally Posted by selesfan1
They show Seinfeld rereuns late a night here and I caught the end of one over the weekend which I found a bit inappropriate just from what I was able to see.

Elaine, Jerry and George went to the 1993 U.S. Open (it said so on the stadium)and the episode was from then. Kramer was a ballperson and Monica Seles had made it to the finals. In the final scene Elaine says "Can you believe Monca Seles is in the final after her comeback?" Jerry and George agree it's quite amazing and then the Monica stand in rushes to the net and kramer rushes out because her is the net ballperson and goes out to get the ball and "Monica" trips over him and lands face flat and everyone rushes out to help her. Very reminiscient of the stabbing pictures and afterwards they are like there is the man who reinjured Monica Seles.

If what I perceived was correct this was very inappropriate almost joking about Seles' injury. However, I also understand many people didn't know the seriousness of this injury because Monica didn't talk about it and I also know that Seles did attend the 1993 U.S. Open and even gave a press conference. Can anyone fill me in?
Never watched that show ........glad I haven't now

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