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In spite of a change of owners, Suicide Tennis stays the same. Remember, every choice, whether good or bad, can be deadly...

Suicide US Open!

1. Each day of play, you must pick 1 winner playing a WTA main draw singles match. Of course, the player that you choose, is playing one match scheduled to be played that day (as seen on the order of play).

2. Once you pick someone, you cannot choose them again for the rest of the tournament. So, you don't want to waste a pick on Clijsters or Sharapova to win in early round matches.

3. You must choose one player to win each day. If you forget, are sick, or are unable to reach a computer, it will be treated as a wrong pick, and you will be out of the tournament. As well, your pick must be chosen before the pick's match has commenced, otherwise it will be considered a wrong pick, and thus you will again, be out of the tournament.

4. Only in the case of a walkover, or a withdrawal, each player is allowed to have a back-up pick, selected at the same time as their initial pick. That back-up pick will only be used in the occurence of a walkover or withdrawal, as stated above. Retirements do count as completed matches.

Replacement picks must be identitified like this:

BACK-UP PICK - Daniela Hantuchova

If it is not clearly identitified, then both picks will be declared invalid.

5. If you wish to participate, just write the word IN in this thread. New players are ALWAYS welcome!

6. Once the order of play with be released, it will be added IN THIS THREAD to facilitate your choices. Each day, this post will be updated with its respective order of play.

7. This tournament is MANDATORY, make it count!

Ranking Points for Suicide US Open (GS)

Day 01 - 02
Day 02 - 45
Day 03 - 65
Day 04 - 95
Day 05 - 200
Day 06 - 290
Day 07 - 360 
Day 08 - 425
Day 09 - 510
Day 09 - 590 (WITH Pick)
Day 10 - 660
Day 10 - 740 (WITH Pick) 
Winner - 800

In the event that there are atleast 12 people and no one reaches DAY 12,

2nd Place - 456
1st Place - 650

Tournament Homepage


Further Information

Time in Flushing Meadows Use this

Suicide Tennis Introduction and Rules - Please click this

Suicide Tennis Rankings - Please click this


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Suicide US Open Entry List

The Competitors

01. (01) Zauber.......... (CAN) (Dementieva, Safina, Vaidisova, Davenport, Mauresmo, Sharapova, Jankovic, Golovin)
02. (02) SloKid.......... (SLO) (Srebotnik, Medina Garrigues)
03. (03) DomenicDemaria.. (AUS) (Zheng, Medina Garrigues)
04. (04) SpikeyAidanM.... (AUS) (Zvonareva, Shaughnessy, Peer, Kuznetsova, Razzano, Safina, Henin-Hardenne, Mauresmo, Sharapova, ---)

05. (05) Davenselesport.. (USA) (Stosur)
06. (06) Ceze............ (FRA) (Zheng, Loit, Srebotnik, Davenport, Safina, Golovin, Dementieva)
07. (07) timray.......... (BEL) (Dementieva, Safina, Vaidisova, Kuznetsova, Sharapova, Davenport, Henin-Hardenne, Mauresmo, Jankovic)

08. (08) Drake1980....... (CAN) (Davenport, Safina, Zheng)
09. (09) mapaliey........ (INA) (Zvonareva, Safina, Jankovic, Schnyder, Petrova)
10. (10) Capriati_Rules.. (USA) (Srebotnik, Shaughnessy, Zheng)
11. (11) Chris 84........ (CRO) (Srebotnik, Ivanovic, Safina, Kuznetsova, Razzano, Dementieva, Jankovic, Mauresmo, Sharapova, Henin-Hardenne)
12. (12) MH0861.......... (USA) (Srebotnik, S. Williams, Pierce, Davenport, Mauresmo, Safina, Dementieva)
13. (13) wateva.......... (SIN) (Zvonareva, Li, Srebotnik, Schnyder, Pierce)
14. (14) Chevina......... (AUS) (Zheng, Pin)
15. (15) LUXXXAS......... (POL) (Zheng, Shaughnessy, Peer, Kuznetsova, Safina, Dementieva, Jankovic, Sharapova, Mauresmo)
16. (16) amirhendel...... (ISR) (Srebotnik, Safina, Peer, Davenport, Sharapova, Kuznetsova)
17. (18) champion88...... (GBR) (Sugiyama, A. Bondarenko, Safina, Kirilenko)
18. (19) silverwhite..... (SIN) (Savchuk)
19. (20) Mommiej......... (NED) (Bartoli, Li, Srebotnik, Schnyder, Safina, Dementieva, Jankovic, Mauresmo, Sharapova, Henin-Hardenne)
20. (21) meelis13........ (EST) (Zheng, Medina Garrigues)
21. (22) NyCPsU.......... (USA) (Zheng, Safina, Sugiyama, Schnyder, Razzano, Dementieva, Henin-Hardenne, Sharapova, Mauresmo)
22. (23) ¤CharlDa¤....... (CAN) (Sugiyama, Medina Garrigues)
23. (24) Gavnich77....... (GBR) (Sugiyama, Pratt, Chakvetadze, Kirilenko)

24. (25) Randriantastic!. (AUS) (Srebotnik, A. Bondarenko, Ivanovic, Rezai, Mauresmo, Safina, Dementieva)
25. (26) Nicjac.......... (SUI) (Srebotnik, Safina, Peer, Kuznetsova, Mauresmo, Dementieva, Henin-Hardenne, Sharapova, Jankovic)
26. (27) mat87to......... (ITA) (Kuznetsova, S. Williams, Safina, Davenport, Razzano, Dementieva, Jankovic, Sharapova, Henin-Hardenne, ---)

27. (28) Bus............. (CHN) (---)
28. (29) adachi.......... (CHN) (Zheng, Safina, Vaidisova, Kuznetsova, Mauresmo, Dementieva, Henin-Hardenne, Sharapova, Jankovic)
29. (30) nitsansh........ (ISR) (Peer, Li, Zheng)
30. (31) Stingray........ (GBR) (Srebotnik, Safina, Ivanovic, Davenport, Mauresmo, Dementieva, Henin-Hardenne, Sharapova, Jankovic)

31. (33) smokovec........ (ITA) (Arvidsson, Mauresmo, Srebotnik, Kuznetsova, Chakvetadze, Safina, Jankovic, Sharapova, Henin-Hardenne, ---)
32. (35) Tennace......... (CZE) (Zvonareva, Ivanovic, Pierce, Kuznetsova, Safina, Golovin, Henin-Hardenne, Sharapova, Mauresmo)

33. (36) 416_Man......... (CAN) (Srebotnik, A. Bondarenko, Zvonareva, Davenport, Safina, ---)
34. (37) ~~CANUCK~~...... (CAN) (Sugiyama, Medina Garrigues)
35. (38) DoctorG......... (ITA) (Arvidsson, Li, Schnyder, Kuznetsova, Razzano, Dementieva, Henin-Hardenne, Sharapova, Mauresmo)

36. (39) vianzfzf........ (CHN) (Groenefeld)
37. (40) east_players.... (HUN) (Srebotnik, Shaughnessy, Safina, Davenport, Pierce)
38. (39) Nir............. (ISR) (Bartoli, Hantuchova, Zvonareva, Schnyder, Safina, Dementieva, Jankovic, Sharapova, Mauresmo)

39. (42) vamos israel.... (ISR) (Schiavone, Hantuchova, Jankovic, Kuznetsova, Safina, Dementieva, Henin-Hardenne, Sharapova, Mauresmo)
40. (43) Buitenzorg...... (AUS) (Bartoli, Li, Likhovtseva, Schnyder, Safina, Davenport, Dementieva)
41. (44) Freakan......... (POL) (Srebotnik, Hantuchova, Peer, Kuznetsova, Safina, Dementieva, Henin-Hardenne, Sharapova, Mauresmo)
42. (44) selyoink........ (USA) (Zheng, Li, Vaidisova, Davenport, Chakvetadze, Safina, Henin-Hardenne, Mauresmo, Sharapova, ---)

43. (46) andrew_uk....... (GBR) (Zvonareva, Li, Schnyder, Davenport, Sharapova, Kuznetsova)
44. (47) dAnFan.......... (USA) (Bartoli, Shaughnessy, Peer, Schnyder, Razzano, Davenport, Dementieva)
45. (48) QuicKyMonSter... (ESP) (---)
46. (49) cypher_88....... (ROM) (Zvonareva, S. Williams, Ivanovic, Kuznetsova, Safina, Dementieva)
47. (51) ~~*Elena.D*~~... (GER) (Sugiyama, Shaughnessy, Jankovic, Davenport, Razzano, Golovin, Henin-Hardenne, Sharapova, Mauresmo)

48. (53) KimC&MariaSNo1's (AUS) (Arvidsson, A. Bondarenko, Peer, Schnyder, Safina, ---)
49. (54) Dexter.......... (POL) (Zheng, Medina Garrigues)
50. (59) jtammer......... (NED) (Bartoli, Medina Garrigues)
51. (60) gumoll.......... (POL) (Zheng, Shaughnessy, Peer, Schnyder, Safina, Dementieva, Henin-Hardenne, Sharapova, Mauresmo)

52. (61) Benjiboy........ (AUS) (Zheng, Medina Garrigues)
53. (62) TdF_DBLL........ (NED) (Jankovic, Li, Safina, Schnyder, S. Williams, Davenport, Henin-Hardenne, Mauresmo, Sharapova, ---)

54. (64) cometz9......... (USA) (Sugiyama, Frazier)
55. (68) tuna............ (THA) (Zheng, S. Williams, Peer, Vaidisova)
56. (67) denijs.......... (POL) (Srebotnik, Medina Garrigues)
56. (83) watchdogfish.... (GBR) (Stosur)
57. (85) Germanstar...... (GER)
58. (87) Cp6uja.......... (SCG) (Savchuk)
59. (88) Nygel........... (ARG) (Schiavone, ---)
60. (89) Rabbiej......... (NED) (Sugiyama, Shaughnessy, Golovin, Davenport, Safina, Kuznetsova)
61. (91) wubenzhimu...... (CHN) (Henin-Hardenne, Mauresmo, Jankovic, Kuznetsova, Sharapova, Safina, Dementieva)
62. (93) yarden7......... (ISR) (Zheng, Voskoboeva)
63. (95) Jonas_84........ (MEX) (Bartoli, Li, Ivanovic, Davenport, Mauresmo, Safina, Dementieva)
64. (100) ..ikke......... (NED) (Groenefeld)
65. (110) mrserenawilliams(USA) (Bartoli, Medina Garrigues)

66. (115)MaretBellyButton (USA) (---)
67. (119) darkchild...... (MAD) (Sugiyama, Ivanovic, Zvonareva, Kuznetsova, Chakvetadze, Davenport, Henin-Hardenne, ---)
68. (131)The Jabberwock.. (ISR) (Bartoli, Shaughnessy, Peer, Kirilenko)
69. (139) gogo123........ (SMR) (Peer, Hantuchova, Jackson)
70. (139) Springer78..... (GER) (Molik)
71. (144) ASP0315........ (IND) (Mirza, S. Williams, Sugiyama, Schnyder, Safina, Davenport, Dementieva)
72. (144) njtennis11..... (USA) (Zheng, Safina, Schnyder, Kirilenko)
73. (NR) bg017........... (AUS) (Bartoli, Li, Zheng)
74. (NR) ChabChab........ (GER) (Kuznetsova, Hantuchova, Jankovic, Vaidisova)
75. (NR) chuCKnorris..... (POL) (Zheng, Shaughnessy, Srebotnik, Davenport, Razzano, Safina, Henin-Hardenne, Mauresmo, Sharapova, ---)

76. (NR) gocanadago...... (CAN) (Savchuk)
77. (NR) Karim A......... (GER) (Jankovic, Safina, Ivanovic, Davenport, Pierce)
78. (NR) p@wcio.......... (POL) (Bartoli, Shaughnessy, Zvonareva, Kirilenko)
79. (NR) Kim's_fan_4ever. (POL) (Bartoli, Medina Garrigues)
80. (NR) maxomax......... (CAN) (Sugiyama, Medina Garrigues)

81. (NR) raddronald...... (ABD) (---)
82. (NR) Rekordmeister... (GER) (Savchuk)
83. (NR) star............ (CAN) (Schnyder, Safina, Hingis)
84. (NR) wukenaihe....... (CHN) (Zheng, Ivanovic, Vaidisova, Kuznetsova, Safina, Dementieva, Henin-Hardenne, Mauresmo, ---)

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DAY 10 Match:

Maria Sharapova (RUS)[3] vs. Justine Henin-Hardenne (BEL)[2]

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Tournament Preview

Seeds 1-8

1. Zauber (CAN)
2006 Titles 1 (Warsaw)
Outlook: Our newly ranked #1 player is out to prove that he's the real deal at this US Open. Zauber has been a bit eratic this summer - deep runs in Cincinnati and San Diego, but very early exits in Stanford, LA, Montreal and New Haven leave a lot of question marks lingering. Slam wise, it's the same story - a brilliant French Open followed by a demoralizaing Day 02 loss at Wimbledon. The question is - which Zauber will show up in Flushing Meadows?
Likely Death: We're thinking a Day 12 exit via a tennis racket to the head.

2. SloKid (SLO)
2006 Titles 2 (Berlin, Eastbourne)
Outlook: Umm, to say the outlook isn't good would be the understatement of the century. After a pretty strong Cincinnati, Milan has not made it past Day 03 in any of his events this summer. With the Mariah Carey-esque breakdown out of the way, we think his inner Petrova will be eliminated and he'll make an "Emancipation of Mimi" style comeback to the top of the Suicide charts.
Likely Death: Our pick for the title. Or may choke on his food in the player lounge on Day 05. Stay away from the pies! Stay away from the pies!

3. DomenicDemaria (AUS)
2006 Titles 1 (Roland Garros)
Outlook: A Grand Slam champ is always one to watch at the Open. We think DomenicDemaria has been one of the most consistent players on tour, and a career high ranking of #3 shows it. Star this pony, because we're predicting a deep run as usual. But don't blame me if something goes terribly, terribly, wrong.
Likely Death: We're thinking a Day 11-er. Then, we're thinking an unfortunate taxi cab accident outside the tennis grounds. I'd pack your walking shoes if I were you...

4. SpikeyAidanM (AUS)
2006 Titles 0
Outlook: Aidan is settling into his role as #2 Aussie, and let me tell you - he's not happy about it. Reportedly growing more and more frustrated by the label "Best player yet to win a title", Aidan has to prove he can win a Garden Variety event first before challenging for a slam -- we're not sure he has the stamina to last 12 days.
Likely Death: As well all know, Aidan is extremely patriotic. After taking a day off from terrorizing poor DomenicDemaria, he's going to run into Nicole Pratt in the locker rooms and get into it about who's a better tennis player. Pratty will knock out poor Aidan with a well placed left hook, scream "HOW'S THAT TOP FIFTY FOR YA", snicker, and crush Aidan's dreams.

5. Davenselesport (USA)
2006 Titles 0
Outlook: A solid summer and slam record bodes well for the top ranked American. Davenselesport is a student of the game, and generally makes great use of thoughtful planning and strategy. Due for a breakthrough, and one of the top contenders.
Likely Death: Probably one of the most heartbreaking moments of the tournament. We're thinking a James Blake-esque accident involving tennis practice, the net post, and a devastating injury around Day 10. There's just no justice in this world.

6. Ceze (FRA)
2006 Titles 0
Outlook: What we love: The user name, french food, your rankings. What we don't love: your bleak slam record (Two Day 02 exits). Prime for an upset, but we'd love to be proven wrong.
Likely Death: We're going to go out on a limb and say.. DAY 03! Atleast it's an improvement! You are totally dying by an unexpected tumble down the stairs at the facility.

7. timray (BEL)
2006 Titles 0
Outlook: A Top 10 stalwart, much like his Belgian idols Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin-Hardenne. With a strong serve and keen court sense, we like his chances to prove that he belongs at the Top of the suicide heap.
Likely Death: Oh crystal ball, crystal ball... it's saying Miss Scarlet in the Conservatory with the Candlestick on Day 09.

8. Drake1980 (CAN)
2006 Titles 1 (Birmingham)
Outlook: A great player who can hang with the best of them tournament in and tournament out. As long as Drake can avoid following the crowd (See: Schiavone, Francesca, at Wimbledon) and use his intuition, we like his chances to go deep at Flushing Meadows.
Likely Death: A Day 12-er with pick is in the cards we believe. After going toe to toe to the bitter end, a heartbreaking tiebreak will do Drake in.

Seeds 9-16:

9. mapaliey (INA)
2006 Titles 0
Outlook: It's another slam, but the outlook is still the same: Love your speed, love your court sense, and love those groundstrokes -- but you are not going to last two weeks with that suspect serve.
Likely Death: Sania Mirza on Day 03. Or ***** I should say. Need I say more?

10. Capriati_Rules (USA)
2006 Titles 0
Outlook: Word on the street is that the #2 American is ready for a big tournament to make their namesake proud. If we can't have Jennifer Capriati out there competing, certainly having this Top 10 standby in the mix more than makes up for it. If Capriati_Rules swings freely and keeps that head on straight, we think a deep run is certainly in the works.
Likely Death: Will have a near-death experience on Day 06, but will survive with a series of controversial line calls that works in their favor. But we think a disgruntled player and former friend (how good of a friend are you with NyCPsU, really? ) will go all Tonya Harding on you and club you to death on Day 10. THE TRAGEDY!

11. Chris 84 (CRO)
2006 Titles 0
Outlook: Chris has been quite consistant this summer, and is knocking on the Top 10's door and scaring the crap out of Capriati Rules. Still, we think Chris may be worn out from playing so much this summer and might not have much left in the tank - his stamina has always been his downfall in tight, long matches.
Likely Death: Dude, you may be getting a Dell, but check the battery. Laptop Fires on Day 07 = BLEAKOCITY.

12. MH0861 (USA)
2006 Titles 3 (Indian Wells, Budapest, San Diego)
Outlook: The best looking player in the field, and really, the man to beat. While he has two Tier I titles, it's pretty telling that he hasn't made the Top 10 yet - it's his inconsistancy and lack of strong slam play. Though his Indian Wells title proved he could hang with the very best over 2 weeks, we fear his crazy allegience to three-time slam and Olympic Gold Medalist Lindsay Davenport may end up clouding his judgment.
Likely Death: After Lindsay Davenport loses around the middle weekend (Say Day 08), MH0861 is going to throw himself off a building top.

13. wateva (SIN)
2006 Titles 0
Outlook: A quick glance at Wateva's results at the mandatory events this year is a quick glance indeed... there isn't much to like there. An insider tells us, "Wateva is totally frustrated by his performance in the big time events, and feels like he deserves a Top 5 spot. He's ready to breakthrough at the US Open, and doesn't think the competition is too impressive." What say I to that? WHATEVER!
Likely Death: Romina Oprandi is going to sit on him by accident in the player's lounge and completely crush his skeleton on Day 01. And then eat a donut after.

14. Chevina (AUS)
2006 Titles 0
Outlook: A top 10 player for most of his career, Chevina has fallen out of the upper echelon of players and snuggled into the role of B-list player. These falls from grace get me every time, it's really so, so sad. What's the cause of this poor play? Too little practice? Too much partying? One annoymous Top 10 player quipped, "Too much sucking?" CHEVINA WILL PROVE THOSE HATERS WRONG! Don't let them bring you down Chevina! There will always people who try to tear you down but don't let them succeed in hanging clouds over you!
Likely Death: Chevina is going to make like Thomas Johansson and take a fatal tennis ball in the face during practice on Day 11.

2006 Titles 1 (Amelia Island)
Outlook: We don't know much, but this much we do: If you're a Lindsay fan, you're doing something right and due for a strong tournament. A solid, but not amazing US Open Series was highlighted (or lowlighted) by an ankle injury that has fully recovered - the rest of the field better watch out!
Likely Death: We always hate Toaster related deaths, but another one is going to occur on Day 10.

16. amirhendel (ISR)
2006 Titles 2 (Tokyo PPO, Bogata)
Outlook: The winner of the very first Suicide Tournament ever, but is he ready to pounce at the final slam of the year. Still, there are a series of question marks lingering because Amirhendel has not played much all summer with an undisclosed injury. What kind of form will amirhendel return with? Will he be ready to compete? Will he even compete? Let me tell you, we hope that amirhendel is just playing possom and is ready to win - Suicide Tennis loses much class and dignity when amirhendel isn't around.
Likely Death: We're thinking a pre-tournament death involving a cell phone, a pencil, a broken red-orange crayon and a sock. I can't even get into the rest it's so gruesome.

Best of 17-32:

18. champion88 (GBR)
2006 Titles 1 (New Haven)
Outlook: champion88 finally lived up to his moniker of "champion" last week in New Haven where he blitzed the competition for his first career title. That was no small feat, folks - yes, all 50 of you who were hit by the Schnyder, Myskina and Chakvetadze landmines know exactly what I'm talking about. We're interested to see if he can keep the momentum going.
Likely Death: After a stunning week one performance, champion88 will be attacked by a swarm of killer bees on Day 07. That stings.

20. Mommiej (NED)
2006 Titles 4 (Acapulco, 's Hertogenbosch, Palermo, Stockholm)
Outlook: Anna Smash, err, we mean Mommiej, leads the tour with 4 tour titles this year - but none above the Tier III level. He's dominated the weak events; can he bring this killer instinct to the big stage?
Likely Death: After a terrific match on Day 09, Mommiej is going to be going through his Kolkata and Portoroz fliers (Lord knows he isn't going to Beijing) and get a killer paper cut and bleed to death.

22. NyCPsU (USA)
2006 Titles 0
Outlook: CJ burst onto the scene at Indian Wells with a deep run to the final days of the tournament. Since then, he stagnated a bit, but he's come alive this summer, and let me tell you: the competition has noticed. Marching up to #22 in the rankings and climbing, this guy is poised to cause a few shake ups and upsets.
Likely Death: Or should we call this Predict the Death? Day 10: Suicide Tennis def. NyCPsU 6-3 4-6 2-5 ret. (NyCPsU: Heart attack on court.)

25. Randriantastic! (AUS)
2006 Titles 0
Outlook: This flan-tastic competitor and tournament director alike really turned heads with an inspiring run to the Wimbledon finals. He followed that up with SF appearences at Budapest and Cincinnati, so he's the real thing. Proven to be extremely popular with fans and fellow players alike, Randriantastic! is like a pint of fine Mayan Chocolate in a sea of bleak, cheap frozen ice cream sandwiches.
Likely Death: There's a killer beaver on the loose in Flushing Meadows, and it's going to take poor Randriantastic! out on Day 11.


33. Smokovec (ITA)
2006 Titles 1 (Miami)
Outlook: We all love Italy, we all love you, and we all love the tournaments you direct. After an explosive Miami, he's cooled off a bit but he's likely to give it his all in the final slam of the year. He really should have been seeded, but such is life - like Zvonareva (okay, she ended up being seeded, but you know what I mean), you're capable of doing quite a bit of damage. But please don't cry when you read about your death.
Likely Death: It's all fun and games until someone goes to the Bronx Zoo on an off Day (Say, Day 09) and is viciously mauled by a Madagascan Tiger.

36. 416_Man (CAN)
2006 Titles 0
Outlook: We should all take this opportunity to thank Jesse - if it wasn't for him, we probably wouldn't be playing this game. As such, he certainly has to be one to watch these next two weeks - who knows what type of tricks this crazy kid has up his sleeve.
Likely Death: Well if you know Jesse, you know he gets around. Yes, in that way. Unfortunately, Canada Boy, you're out of your league in New York. Be careful who you hit on... I'm thinking a well placed spray of mace in the face and a right hook from some disgruntled woman will do you in on Day 09. But tell your mom she was good last night.

41. Nir (ISR)
2006 Titles 1 (Wimbledon)
Outlook: A relative newcomer to the game, Nir showed everybody up when he claimed the Wimbledon trophy back in July. You can never count a slam champion out, and we're ready to see if he can dominate the last two slam events of the year.
Likely Death: We know you love the grass, but unfortunately a lawnmower-related accident will get the best of you on Day 03. So sorry.

NR. chuCKnorris (POL)
2006 Titles
Outlook: This wouldn't be a true Darkhose expose without featuring an unranked entry into the field. There's something about you we like - and it may just be your username. The buzz on the street is that you're capable of big things, so we'll see if you live up to the hype.
Likely Death: What would Chuck Norris do? Probably get abducted by a crazy ninja on Day 06. Chuck Norris would survive, but chuCKnorris won't get out alive.

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I sign up

Hopefully my good run at the last couple of tournaments will continue here- had a crappy French Open and Wimbledon- overdue a good GS!
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Originally Posted by MH0861
Tournament Preview - COMING SOON!
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"That's not my wonder! It's just a smelly sock!"

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I suck at grand slams: French Open- Day 4, Wimbledon- Day 2


Dokic - Hantuchova - Zakopalova - Minella - Szavay - Bammer - Safarova
Stanciute - Panova - Gubacsi - Cibulkova - Cirstea - Hofmanova - Cetkovska

Official Limo Driver of Don't Knock the Dok
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My first Grand Slam
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VenuS SerenA JennifeR LindsaY
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This is my fancy user title
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Flavia Pennetta
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