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win·ner (wĭn'er)


One that wins, especially a victor in sports or a notably successful person.

winnaar Sieger νικητής gagnant רעיון מבטיח vincitore победитель vinnare الظافر succé лауреат εχέγγυο επιτυχίας Erfolg


1. Each day of play, you must pick 1 winner playing a WTA main draw singles match. Of course, the player that you choose, is playing one match scheduled to be played that day (as seen on the order of play).

2. This is where the twist comes in. Once you pick someone, you cannot choose them again for the rest of the tournament. So, you don't want to waste a pick on Clijsters or Sharapova to win in early round matches.

3. You must choose one player to win each day. If you forget, are sick, or are unable to reach a computer, it will be treated as a wrong pick, and you will be out of the tournament. As well, your pick must be chosen before the first match has commenced, otherwise it will be considered a wrong pick, and thus you will again, be out of the tournament.

For Example:

On DAY 02 daniela86 chooses Paola Suarez. From that point on, daniela86 (assuming he qualifies) is unable to choose Paola Suarez again. It is especially significant when on the semifinal day, you are choosing who you believe will win in the semifinals, but also lose in the final.

4. Only in the case of a walkover, or a withdrawal, each player is allowed to have a back-up pick, selected at the same time as their initial pick. That back-up pick will only be used in the occurence of a walkover or withdrawal, as stated above. Retirements do count as completed matches.

Replacement picks must be identitified like this:

BACK-UP PICK - Daniela Hantuchova

If it is not clearly identitified, then both picks will be declared invalid.

For Example:

Hobart - 2006 - Day 1 Matches:

Severine Bremond vs [WC] Christina Wheeler
[Q] Anne Kremer vs [2] Klara Koukalova
[Q] Olga Poutchkova vs Mara Santangelo
[1] Katarina Srebotnik vs [WC] Casey Dellacqua
Michaella Krajicek vs Maret Ani
[Q] Arantxa Parra Santonja vs Kristina Brandi
[3] Anna Smashnova vs Laura Granville
Mashona Washington vs Emilie Loit
Evgenia Linetskaya vs Alona Bondarenko
Martina Sucha vs Jelena Kostanic

andrew_uk chooses Jelena Kostanic and "Back-Up Pick - Klara Koukalova"
Chevina chooses Katarina Srebotnik and "Back-up Pick - Laura Granville"
pirlo chooses Anna Smashnova and "Back-up Pick - Michaella Krajicek"

Day 1 Match Results:

[Q] Anne Kremer def. [2] Klara Koukalova
Jelena Kostanic def. Martina Sucha
[WC] Casey Dellacqua def. [LL] Aleksandra Wozniak (Wozniak replaces Srebotnik in the main draw, due to her withdrawal)
Laura Granville def. [3] Anna Smashnova
Michaella Krajicek def. Maret Ani

andrew_uk's pick of Kostanic is correct, he has qualified for Day 2.
Chevina's pick of Srebotnik is invalid, due to her withdrawal. However, because his back-up pick is correct, he has qualified for Day 2.
pirlo's pick of Smashnova is incorrect, therefore he has not qualified for Day 2.

Despite andrew_uk and Chevina qualifying for Day 2, they are not allowed to choose their picks from Day 1 for the remainder of the tournament (for andrew_uk that would be Kostanic, and for Chevina that would be Granville).

5. As you get deeper into the draws, you have to start picking based on not only who you think will win, but who is likely to lose down the road. And remember, if you are still alive come semi-final time, you are not only picking who you think would win a semi, but also who would lose the final, since you could not pick the same player again.

Remember, every choice, whether good or bad, can be deadly...

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