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I guess it is more usefull to write in English on htis inetrnational board, although a German thread and theme:

I regret having started to comment this thread, as I generally do not want to mention negative things about people, especially not about players, but I feel I must explain my comments now.

It all started in Linz/Austria, many years ago, when Marlene played vs. one of my favorites, I think it was Catalina Cristea. The match was played in the practice hall, hence Marlene’s parents and a handful of Cristea fans were watching.

Marlene’s mother was clapping for Catalina’s errors, which we felt is not the finest way of supporting your daughter. As she did not react on our comments, my friends (I was taking pictures, did not cheer) started to clap for one, repeat: ONE of Marlene’s faults.

She was claiming from court: “where are we here? Are you Germans? And you support this Romanian?” (I understand she must have considered herself as a German).

When I happened to run into her father the following day, he commented like “that was not fine, what your friends did yesterday”. I said: “I did not do anything.” And he replied: “I know, but your friends did.”

Since then, none of the family ever said hello to me, when encountering.

Some months later, in Luxemburg, Marlene was trying a new coach: Emil Negoita, who just had split with Ruxandra Dragomir. I asked him, if I could take a portrait photo for my files. He was happy about it, but Mr. Weingaertner said:”As long as Emil works for me, you will not have any session with him.”

From a friend, I heard that Mr. Weingaertner had talked to Luxemburg’s tournament director, trying to convince him to cancel my accreditation.

At a Bundesliga club match in Schweinfurt, Cristina Torrens (for Schweinfurt) playing Marlene (for Berlin), I was sitting on the ground, in front of the first row, taking pics of cheering Spaniards in the audience. Some guy sitting in the first row, was holding his foot in front of my camera. I wanted to ask him to lean back, so I could see the Spaniards better, but realized it was Mr. Weingaertner. I gave up, as I knew I had no chance to get his co-operation.

Regarding Marlene’s intelligence, I cannot prove by a particular quote. I happened to hear some conversation, when she was discussing with one of her several coaches, (not about tennis, but some general things), and she just did not understand what he was trying to explain to her.

I saw a feature on T.V. about a painting exhibition in a bank in Luxemburg. You certainly cannot discuss about art, every one has a different taste, but Marlene’s paintings just reminded me on a report in “stern” magazine some years ago, when they tried to play tricks with some art experts, when they asked them for comments on some paintings, not telling g them that they were made by monkeys.

This is a very personal comment and my very personal opinion. Who ever had better experiences with Marlene, might tell you she is a nice and pretty girl.
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