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Qualifying Day 3 report

Azarenka def Wozniak

Both players were hitting really hard, especially Azarenka, who had great groundies off both sides. Both were pretty aggressive and tried to hit winners on the return of serve a lot. There were a lot of UE's at the start, but as the match went on Vika got better, hit some great shots, and got angry whenever she missed a shot. Wozniak has good groundstrokes too, her BH was more solid and hit harder than her FH. Vika was tall and thin, Aleks was shorter and more solidly built. There were a lot of breaks in the first set.

Harkleroad def King

Ashley played solidly, and scrambled well and retrieved most of Vania's shots. Vania was more aggressive and went for the lines more, but made too many UE's. Vania was also pretty fast and got to a lot of balls, but Ashley as too solid for her.

Savchuk def Fuda

Both players played well until about 4-3 in the 1st set, when Ryoko was serving there was a really long game where both players fought well and hit a lot of good shots, but Olga won the game, and then served out the set easily. Ryoko played badly in the 2nd set, she missed a lot of shots and Olga played really well, hitting her groundies hard and consistently.

Tanasugarn def Hsieh

Tammy played awesome, she hit all her groundstrokes hard and moved Su Wei from side to side. Only thing was she seemed to need a lot of bps before she finally got breaks, because every time she had chances she'd make UEs and lose them, but then managed to get the breaks in the end. Hsieh didnt play as well as yesterday. She hit a lot of great BH's, and I think she hit more winners than Tammy, but she sprayed the ball a lot. Tammy was really happy with the win and said that Hsieh is really tough to play when she is on, but obviously she wasnt today. Tammy and Danai Udomchoke both won their matches at around the same time, and stood on the grass near each other, signing autographs and takings pics with everyone. It looked like they were huge celebrities, as so many ppl wanted their auto or pic, and they were there for ages with the fans.

Yuan def Mattek

Meng played well, she was so solid and didn't miss anything. Mattek hit pretty hard and was aggressive in the points, but made many UE's, and Meng was too solid for her. Mattek was dressed in a pink outfit and pumped her fist at her opponent a lot. Meng was really excited to be in the main draw when she won, she screamed 'come on' a couple of times, and pumped her fists at her sponsors who'd been watching every match this week.
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