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Originally Posted by navyseals98
You never know, Maria could come out ready to play, while Davenport thinking it to be an easy match and just doesn't focus. Maria could pull the upset.
Yes, I am sure if all goes to form and it is Makiri and Lindsay that most certainly Makiri will come to play. Need to enjoy the first two rounds prior to that however. But a peek ahead - Makiri has never played Lindsay, Lindsay is a huge and powerful player and 7 inches taller and 50 pounds heavier than Makiri. She plays bash ball, and it is not news that all other things being equal Makiri would prefer not to play a top tier power player. While Lindsay has had trouble winning a Grand Slam, over the past 5 years she has been extremely consistent in going very deep in the draw - she has advanced to the 4th round at every Grand Slam over the past 5 years. And except for a 1st round loss at the French in 2000, this 4th round or better streak goes on for several additional years. It does not seem Lindsay gets caught by surprise in the first three rounds at Grand Slams. But, I will hope and hope that if they play Makiri will come in confident and motivated, with a great game plan... how great would it be for her to beat Davenport, eh!
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