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Originally Posted by FlushingMeadows
Not unexpected because this happens a little too often. Do you think that it's concentration/focus? Confidence? Coaching? Klara may never be a Top-5 player but she has the talent to be Top-20. I really think that this is the year to do it.

P.S. Who called Klara a B --ch? Can you direct me to the thread?
Well Flushing as my Czech friend told me, Klara sometimes has difficulties to believe in herself she can actually win a match ag. a lower ranked player which is all mental inside her head, she can play quite good ag. higher ranked players as well ag. lower ranked once, but the prob is just that she has a weak mentality with as major problem the lack of any self-confidence and self-believe in herself in matches Klara is supposed to win or can win easily, it's also gotta due with some pressure of being a seed and needing to perform well....

Well the guy who said Klara was a **** (dun wanna use that word here) was Selesbooz, he called Klara a sorry assplayer, referring on that she was one of the sorryass players who would play Hingis, he also called her a ****

Anyway here's the link to his single post about calling Klara a ****, so you can see urself what to think of it

will post his post before he said that as well maybe that helps to clearify:

Hope i helped u out a little

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