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Originally Posted by Purple_Llama
Why is it cold? And Federers not playing the HC next year is he? He's only played 2 times to my knowledge & Patty hasn't played once. My guess was she likes it up in QLD a lot since her results are always very good there.

Patty and Roger would have been an obvious pairing to play the Hopman any of the last few seasons, as Roger has played it previously and Patty normally prefers to play higher profile events, so that fact that they have not taken even one of these opportunities to play together is quite telling. I think there are several reasons for the bad relations between the two camps, first of all Miroslava Vavrinec and Patty have never been the best of friends, also as JR noted the Federer family knows the Schnyder family so Roger probably has gotten a bit more info than most about whatever dirty tricks Rainer Hofmann has pulled over the years, and thirdly because i think Hofmann and Patty are very jealous of Roger's good-guy image and all the positive attention he is constantly receiving. Patty's outburst against her home fans last month in Zurich was, to me, a clear sign of that frustration.
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