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Re: ~Ana's articles~

I see the girls are working hard on team unity. Czechs beware...
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Re: ~Ana's articles~

Muscle & Fitness Hers Magazine September/October 2012

For you, personally, what's the hardest part of being a professional tennis player?
I love tennis and I love travelling, so really this is the perfect job for me! But no job is perfect, not even tennis, and sometimes the travelling can get a little tiring: you miss home and you miss your family. But overall I don’t complain. I really love to compete.

With training, how many hours do you a spend a day in the gym and on the court?
It really varies, depending how close to a tournament I am. The off-season, in November and December, is the most intense training period, and in many ways it sets you up for the year ahead. During this time I will have three sessions per day: at the beginning, two fitness sessions and one tennis, then later on it will be two tennis and one fitness.

During the season, but away from a tournament, it can be similar, but the emphasis is still on tennis, as my coach and I work on some improvements. Still, there will be a few weeks where I do more fitness than tennis.

For the gym work I always find it important to keep things varied, so often I am not in the gym at all: maybe we are cycling through some parks, swimming, running or evening surfing. I love the outdoors.

What does a typical workout for you?

There is no “typical” workout really because we are working on so many different areas, on and off the court. In the gym we will work on strength, endurance, speed and flexibility – sometimes just one of these elements, and sometimes we combine them.

One gym session may look like this: 5-10 minutes warm-up on the treadmill, then we’ll do some high intensity cardio, 20 seconds of running at high speeds and getting the heart rate up, then ‘resting’ for up to a 30-60 seconds at jogging pace. After completing a few sets of that we may work on some postural and stabilising exercises for the back, shoulders and core, using Swiss and medicine balls. We’ll also do some lunges and squats.

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Re: ~Ana's articles~

so conference in prague on wednesday omgg I so want to meet her like in city =D =D
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Re: ~Ana's articles~


Serbian tennis players gather in Prague, the finals of the Fed Cup closer

Ahead of the Fed Cup final against the Czech national team, which will be third and 4 November play in Prague's O2 Arena, the women's tennis team Serbia began to gather in Prague.

Other six days to the most important Fed Cup match in the history of Serbia, and our best players will be fighting in his first final.

In a year when the Tennis Association of Serbia celebrates 90 years of establishment and existence, but the tension and optimism is slowly increasing. Team Serbia on Monday will be completed in Prague, with the first workout scheduled for 16 hours, while Ana Ivanovic of Milan sitcom about 17 hours

Jelena Jankovic Bojana Jovanovski and coach Dejan Vranes from Belgrade, early morning flight via Munich started at this time just like the rest of the team (sparring partners, the medical team) and Prague have landed in 13 hours. The youngest member of the national team of Serbia Aleksandar Krunic arrived in Prague from Bratislava where her base for two years.

"The mood in the Serbian team is on a high, positive levels. All are aware of the size and difficulty of the task before us, and that this is the biggest challenge in our current careers. Everyone on the team wants to triumph, and all our thoughts and aspirations, just go in that direction. For years we have built a path that took us to the finals, we were always aware that we can not just up to the finals, but both titles. It is our dream, and our goal is not to deviate from it. There were times when we were written off, underestimated, and we have shown and proved to be worth the greatest achievements. Rasterećno'll play and we believe that we will fulfill our dream big. We have plenty of time to get ready, and I believe in us, in the victory, "said coach Vranes on arrival in Prague.

The Serbian team will train on Tuesday at the O2 Arena from 9 to 12 and from 15 to 17 hours. On Wednesday, starting at 11 am scheduled press conference selection Serbia, while a draw will be held Friday at 12 am in the Town Hall in Prague.

Serbian national team in Prague welcomed the cold weather, with the remnants of snow that fell two days ago in the capital of the Czech Republic. On Monday, the O2 Arena will be training, but the work will be done at the club Sparta, for the place where they will be held spectacle currently busy due egzibicionog match between Maria Sharapova and Petra Kvitova.
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Re: ~Ana's articles~

Tournament of Champions interview


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Re: ~Ana's articles~

Yes, it's a shame Ana cannot be playing in Sofia. Fed Cup really put the spanner in the works for that tournament.
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Re: ~Ana's articles~

She got a WC last year, this year she didn't even bother to play Internationals. If she didn't play FC final, she would get that WC, but I feel it was really fair to give it to Kirilenko who played a Pattaya final.

Originally Posted by Ana'sProcess View Post
I'm ok with Ana dating Bastian, women, Jelena Jankovic, Trump, Montgomery Burns from Simpsons...
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Re: ~Ana's articles~

Ana Ivanovic: impreciso porvenir

0 COMENTARIOS30/10/2012WTA por Pedro Gutiérrez

Ana Ivanovic en la Caja Mágica jugando sobre tierra batida azul

Ana Ivanovic ya se dirige al que será el partido más importante del 2012 para ella, lo disputará en el O2 de Praga, ante el equipo de la República Checa, hablamos de la final de Fed Cup que disputará como líder del equipo serbio; han sido muchos los casos de tenistas a los que una final de Copa Federación o Copa Davis ha dado el empujón definitivo en sus carreras, y quizás Ivanovic afronte esta eliminatoria como una definitiva y ansiada lanzadera para volver a la cima de la WTA.

Era 9 de junio de 2008 y Ana Ivanovic, reciente campeona de Roland Garros, ascendía a lo más alto de los rankings. Tenía 20 ańos y enganchaba al público, recogía el título apenas 11 días después de que Justine Henin, la venerada reina del circuito femenino, anunciará su retirada -finalmente provisional- del tenis, y dejara su título en Roland Garros 2007 sin defensora. En aquél momento hubo incertidumbre y mucha curiosidad, el surgimiento de la joven estrella serbia, despertó el interés de todos y llegó en el momento exacto, cuando más sed de nuevas figuras femeninas había.

El día de aquella final era el 8 de junio de 2008, e Ivanovic venía de hacer también final en el Open de Australia. ˇ207 semanas después!, nada más inciarse septiembre de 2012, Ana volvía a meterse entre las 8 mejores de un Grand Slam -US Open 2012-. Durante toda esa larga travesía tras conquistar su primer Grand Slam, no había conseguido pasar de octavos de final. Era en una época de grandes decepciones con la que era la nueva generación de estrellas pero, sin duda, Ivanovic fue la mayor de todas. Y decepción prolongada, de la que aún no hemos salido. Lo curioso es que en todo este tiempo, Ivanovic no faltó a una sóla de las 17 ediciones de Grand Slam que se disputaron. A la par que sus resultados en los grandes, también se diluyó como un azucarillo en un café su ranking: poco le duró el #1 que perdió tras el US Open 2008, y de ahí bajó hasta el #5 de final de ańo, en 2009 acabó en el #22, en 2010 en el #17 y en el 2011 de nuevo en el #22.

żY en 2012? Cerrará la temporada como #12, su mejor temporada -con diferencia- desde su gran 2008. Estudiando el granero de puntos de Ana este ańo algo queda claro: no estamos ante una tenista que haya sido regular, ni ha brillado en plazas concretas -ni grandes ni pequeńas, no hemos de olvidar en este sentido que acabará la temporada sin título alguno -salvo que conquiste la Copa Federación, lo cual no obstante no es reflejado en los rankings- y se encuentra al borde del top10 sencillamente porque ha cumplido -sin tampoco brillar- en 6 de los 8 torneos que más puntos reparten: 4ŞR Open de Australia, SF Indian Wells, 4ŞR Miami, 3ŞR Roland Garros, 4ŞR Wimbledon y QF US Open.

El histórico 2011 de Novak Djokovic se inició en la final ganada de Copa Davis un ańo antes, el ascenso definitivo de Murray encuentra su razón de ser en el oro olímpico, la explosión de Fernando Verdasco tras la final de Mar del Plata o el rejuvenecimiento de David Ferrer tras la final de 2009, sin olvidar el impulso del tenis femenino italiano tras conquistar las Copas Federación de 2006, 2009 y 2012. La historia en este 2012 se podría repetir con Ana Ivanovic, necesitada de una lanzadera para reincorporarse a un top10 que se le está resistiendo.

Su línea de resultados es ascendente, y todo indica -si se sigue en esa misma dinámica- que Anita vuelve a ser esa gran tenista del 2008. Mejorando su regularidad y sus prestaciones en los torneos WTA Premier podría optar al top8 sin problemas, pues de los 11 que ha disputado (dejando fuera los ya informados torneos de Indian Wells y Miami, que superan en fama y repercusión a los WTA Premier cotidianos), ha alcanzado semifinales solamente una vez: hace unos días en Moscú (superando un 'bye' en primera ronda y a tenistas #216 y #160 para acabar cayendo ante Stosur) y unos solitarios cuartos de final en Dubai. Estos resultadon son pobrísimos. Recuerdan a la eterna discusión de si es mejor ganar la Liga o la Champions League, indiscutiblemente la segunda tiene más caché pero la que te da de comer y la que disfrutar cada semana es la primera; algo así le ocurre a Ana, que ha sabido llegar lejos en la Champions, sin tampoco, ganarla pero se ha quedado en los últimos puestos de la Liga. La ventaja: al tener los puntos así ganados, tiene un buen 2013 por delante en el que no defenderá gran cantidad de ellos en ningún momento del ańo y difícilmente no sumará más en algunos WTA Premier la próxima temporada. Por tanto, analizando no es un buen ańo en el circuito WTA pero sí un escenario propicio para crecer -y mucho- en el 2013.

Que Ana Ivanovic tiene tenis para estar en el top10 e incluso disputar el top5 es indiscutible. Su juego con gran derecha y sólido revés, apoyado en un muy buen servicio y gran capacidad para restar ganadores, así lo muestra. El problema de Ana no está en su tenis, sino -para variar- en su cabeza. Tras tropecientos cambios de entrenador, poco a poco ha ido ajustándose y encontrando la estabilidad que precisa. Lo cierto es que nos hemos perdido ya 4 buenos ańos de Ivanovic, y va siendo hora de que esta situación llegue a su fin. Es una gran tenista, además de muy carismática y popular, que puede -y debe- subir.

"Llegar a la final de Fed Cup es algo enorme para nuestro país. Los chicos lo han hecho de maravilla en la Davis, y causaron mucha alegría y admiración en Serbia. Ahora nosotras esperamos hacer lo mismo. Ahora el tenis es muy popular en Serbia y ganando la Copa Federación inspiraríamos aún a más nińos a jugar al tenis. Estoy deseando que llegue el momento para demostrar que estoy preparada", decía Ivanovic hace unas horas. Probablemente haya llegado su momento, por el que lleva cuatro largos ańos calentando.

La subida en su ranking este ańo ha sido interesante, ha pasado de ser una mera irregular top20 a una sólida top15 cercana al top10, sólo precisa de un empujón más para volver a colocarse en el primer tren. Se echa en falta un perfil como el suyo en las últimas rondas o en torneos como el WTA Championships. Paso a paso, va recuperando terreno perdido y atención que puede ser el siguiente caso de impuslo nacional tras un gran resultado defendiendo los colores nacionales.

"Si hay un ideal de perfección en tenis por apariencia, talento y personalidad, probablemente sea Ana Ivanovic", dijo Eleanor Preston, periodista del diario The Financial Times. Ojalá se sume a la guerra de 2013 que se está preparando entre Serena, Azarenka, Sharapova y Radwanska; poder, puede. Y para la WTA, como la vuelta de Sharapova, sería una grandísima noticia. No hemos de olvidar que estamos hablando, diga el ranking lo que quiera, de la tercera tenista más conocida del momento tras Serena Williams y Maria Sharapova. żLo hará?

Mental Strength is an underrated ability, it sets champions apart

Making mistakes is human, repeating them is dumb.

What I write is my opinion, and my opinion only.
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Re: ~Ana's articles~

Ana and Jelena: We will do our best to make happy people and win the Fed Cup PHOTO

Tanjug / Beta | 30th 10th 2012th - 13:54 pm 15:24 am | Comments: 18

The best Serbian tennis player Ana Ivanovic said she was very happy that the Fed Cup team back together and will give players the best in the final against the Czech Republic win the trophy.

"I am happy I was part of the team, this is a huge success for us and hope for the best. Well I feel after the first day of training, the base is good, true, still bothers me a little injury, but, there is my staff to help me recover . has another couple of days to get ready by the weekend, "Ivanovic told reporters in Prague.

She added that the duel with a Czech woman, defended the Fed Cup title, will be very difficult.

"The finale is never easy, especially as the Fed Cup is quite different from the individual tournaments. Chances are 50:50, but we will give our best and I am sure that together we can we make it that far," she noted.

Ivanovic has expressed satisfaction with the Serbian Fed Cup team in Prague has the support from the stands.

"It is good that a great number of our supporters in Belgrade, the support is always welcome, especially when we guest and I hope it will be a great atmosphere," concluded the Serbian tennis player.

Her representative colleague, Jelena Jankovic, also stated that he will do his best to win the Czech fans are processed in the country.

"Czech women have a very strong team, but I believe in our team. We have quality players and I believe in our team and our victory," Jankovic said after the first practice.

"I had my first training session. Substrate I really like it. There's still a few days and we can not wait all this duel. Everyone is feeling good, the atmosphere in the team is good. Remains to us a few days to adapt and interplay, and hope for the best, and It is a title. We will do our best, and more than that he tills his people, "said Jankovic.

Currently the second-ranking Serbian tennis player has said that Serbia's Fed Cup team deserves a trophy finals.

"I fight to the end. Goal is a title. Finals and deserve to win the Fed Cup because I think that we are the best. Presses are a big way. This is a historic moment for us. Stayed us another step, and that is the title. If we healthy, with the support of the fans we can make happy people and bring the title in Serbia, "said Jankovic.

Fed Cup final between the Czech Republic and Serbia played third and 4 November.

Mental Strength is an underrated ability, it sets champions apart

Making mistakes is human, repeating them is dumb.

What I write is my opinion, and my opinion only.
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Re: ~Ana's articles~

Ana: The chances against the Czech Republic 50:50
Ana Ivanovic said she was very happy that the Fed Cup team back together and the players to give their best in the final against the Czech Republic win the trophy.

"I am happy that I am part of a team, this is a great achievement for us and hope for the best."

"I feel good after the first practice, the base is good, true, it bothers me a little injury, but there is my staff to help me recover. Has another couple of days to get ready by the weekend," said Ivanovic told reporters in Prague .

She added that the duel with Czech women, defending the title in Fed Cup, will be very difficult. "Finale is never easy, especially as the Fed Cup is quite different from the individual tournaments. Chances are 50:50, but we will do our best and safe 'm sure together we can reach far " , she noted. Ivanovic expressed satisfaction with the Serbian Fed Cup team in Prague and have support from the stands. "It's nice that a great number of our supporters in Belgrade, support is always welcome, especially When visiting, and I hope it will be a great atmosphere " , concluded the Serbian player. Finale Fed Cup between the Czech Republic and Serbia played third and 4 November.

Mental Strength is an underrated ability, it sets champions apart

Making mistakes is human, repeating them is dumb.

What I write is my opinion, and my opinion only.
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Re: ~Ana's articles~

ANA, JJ, BOJANA AND ALEX you can win at FED cup final freely because Mayan says there wouldn't be any end of the world

P.S. I hope that's valid if you win
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Re: ~Ana's articles~

Srbská kráska Ivanovičová: Bez Kvitové to bude jednodušší

Ve Fed Cupu se pyšní lepší bilancí její parťačka Jelena Jankovičová, přesto bude hráčkou, na kterou Srbsko nejvíc spoléhá. Ana Ivanovičová, vytáhlá pohledná brunetka, se v Praze chystá zaútočit na triumf ve Fed Cupu. „Bylo by to něco úžasného,“ říká někdejší světová jednička.

24letá tenistka zakončí sezonu nejlepším umístěním od roku 2008, momentálně jí v žebříčku patří 12. místo. Ve spojení s druhou singlistou Jelenou Jankovičovou představuje nebezpečné duo, které může českým hráčkám ve finále Fed Cupu pořádně zatopit.

Zvlášť, když se nedá dohromady domácí jednička Petra Kvitová. „Zranění a nemoci jsou nepříjemné, doufám, že nastoupí,“ tvrdí Ivanovičová. Přesto je evidentní, že by při případné absenci wimbledonské vítězky měly Srbky větší šanci.

Je lepší hrát Fed Cup doma, nebo venku?
„Nezáleží na tom, kde hrajete. Ve Fed Cupu existuje tlak doma i venku, jde o jiné zápasy než na normálních turnajích. Fanoušci mohou domácímu týmu pomoct, ale pod tlakem budeme i my.“

Jak jste spokojená s letošní sezonou?

„V letošním roce jsem se v žebříčku dostala na nejvyšší umístění za poslední dobu. Jsem šťastná, na turnajích jsem se často dostávala do čtvrtfinále. Vím, že je ještě hodně věcí, které mohu zlepšovat. Ale cítím, že jsem na správné cestě. Musím jen dál tvrdě pokračovat a věřím, že se v další sezoně ještě zlepším.“

Cítíte na konci náročného roku únavu?
„Určitě. Tahle sezona byla hodně vyčerpávající, hodně jsme cestovali. V posledním týdnu jsem odpočívala, abych byla čerstvá na tento víkend a mohla podat co nejlepší výkon. Ale je jasné, že během roku jsem měla období, kdy jsem měla tenisu opravdu dost.“

Poslední léta hrajete Fed Cup v podobné sestavě. Je v týmu dobrá atmosféra?

„Myslím, že jsme se daly opravdu dohromady. Tento týden je velice příjemný, užily jsme si spousty legrace. Když to v týmu funguje, dává vám to hodně energie.“

V individuální kariéře jste dosáhla na celou řadu úspěchů. Co by pro vás znamenalo případné vítězství ve Fed Cupu?

„Bylo by skvělé Fed Cup vyhrát. Je to velmi rozdílné od individuálních turnajů. Jde o největší trofej, kterou můžete jako tým získat. Pro nás je to velká výzva, byly bychom opravdu šťastné.“

Sledujete zdravotní stav Petry Kvitové?

„Samozřejmě jsem Turnaj mistryň v Istanbulu, kde Petra odstoupila, sledovala. Doufám, že se dá do pořádku, nikomu zranění ani nemoc nepřeju. Sezona byla opravdu dlouhá, šly jsme z turaje do turnaje. Snadno se stane, že se někdo zraní, nebo onemocní. Ale přeji Petře, aby nastoupila.“

Ale pokud by Kvitová nemohla hrát, měly byste na vítězství větší šanci…
„Když se dostanete až do finále, moc chcete vyhrát. Samozřejmě doufáte v co nejjednodušší cestu. Ale opakuji, přeji Petře, aby se stihla dát dohromady.“

Je to pro vás těžká soupeřka?
„Hala jí sedí. Má výborný servis, tvrdé údery, velké sebevědomí. Není lehké proti ní hrát, porazit jí je velká výzva.“
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Re: ~Ana's articles~

Video interview

More pressure and more fun. Ivanović in the Fed Cup delights

Prague – four years ago, Ana Ivanović was sunbathing on top of the Racquet. It was a world leader, celebrated her triumph at the French Open. But then came the injuries, loss of self-esteem and fall. She is now 12. stop bar and waits for her Fed Cup finals. Srbkám is right on the first attempt succeeded in world group to get to the finals. At the peak of the season, Ivanović, in Prague, she likes him. Said team spirit and the ability to fight for the title for his country considers it an honor.

"I really like it. My brother and father played basketball and I went to look at them. I liked the team spirit. I was missing a little bit in tennis, because it is a very individualistic. But this week is different, "said the Serb, who nadělit in Prague may gain title to their present Tuesday's 25. birthday card. "There's a lot more pressure, but it's also much more fun. It's a great honor for us to be here and have a chance to play for the title, "she said.

According to Ivanovičové, it will be a big tennis weekend. Of course considered mild Sultana, even because of the surface. He plays on the background Ultracushion Novacrylic System. Of course I know him. This year, it won the semifinals with Italkami in Ostrava, but now wanted it a bit slower and with higher bounce. Therefore, when mixing the mixture add more sand.

"On this surface I like. It is not as fast as I thought. The ball is sliding a little bit when it is low and fast. Much will depend, as it grows, who. Home-they have odtrénováno about something more, but we have a few more days to prepare. It will be good, "said Ivanović.

Ana Ivanović wants to be the best:

"I'm trying to get back. Sometimes it's better, sometimes worse, but I'm on the right track. Tennis talk begins with me again, and I want to go back to the top. "

Both the domestic tennis players are left, but it's not particularly Ivanovičovou no ghosts. "Against the levorukým tenistkám so often, playing the songs. The experience is not so much with them, but here we have levorukou sparingpartnerku, so we can kind of get used to the levácké concept of the game. "

Of course they will be dangerous, and it doesn't matter who will

Serbian tennis player has a worse record, Šafářovou, beat her twice, losing three times, most recently this year in Sydney. "With the two others in the past, I played hard games. With Luckou I played in Sydney this year and it was a really tough game. Will be dangerous, no matter who will follow, "she said.

Kvitové against her in the past, did better, three left the Court as a winner, just once as a loser. He wishes to make, and of course played Kvitová in the strongest report. "I hope that for the finals will be fine, because you want to beat the best to win," said Ivanović. Historical statistics. "Now it's a little different. It's been a long time since we played together. Now we're both in a different form. I think it will be a tough game. Peter also has a tough administration and hard beats and on the Court, as it is here, it's a benefit for her, "she added.

Kvitové will tell a lot about the possibilities of today's be put to the test. If the weekend goes, it's not clear in what form at the O2 Arena shows. "I've spoken personally with her, with her coach and Professor Paul Kolářem. Peter has a great desire to play, but the status is not optimal, "said sports Manager Miroslav black women. "At last year's high-quality performance of Petra in the end of the year it's victory (in the finals against Russia) had had enough. This year's finals, according to the draw looked quite hopeful, but the health problems that accompany me Peter light, "added concern about black women.

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Re: ~Ana's articles~

NIN magazine interview

Next weekend, you and your teammates are playing Serbia’s first Fed cup final. The Czech Republic is the defending champion. Are you afraid, or you can’t wait for the match to begin? What are our strengths and weaknesses? What about the Czechs?
I can’t wait. I definitely don’t have any fear. It’s normal to be nervous before such a big occasion as this, and I’m sure I will be on the morning of my first match on Saturday, but that’s a good thing – it’s positive nerves, and shows how much I care.

I think it’s a great achievement by the team, to reach the final, and I am very excited to take part and hopefully help Serbia to victory. I want to enjoy the occasion, and fight for the trophy for Serbia.

Our strength is our experience. Jelena and I played big matches on big stages many times in our careers. Also, we have both had good results at indoor tournaments on similar surfaces.

The Czech team doesn’t really have any weaknesses, they’re the defending champions and they play at home. So it’s an extremely tough tie.

Winning the Fed cup would be the equivalent of winning the World cup in football. As one of my friends said: “If we were to play World cup final in football, everything in Serbia would stop for at least a week”. Yet, there is not too much media hype about Fed cup final. Why is that? The popularity of tennis is certainly not the issue – you, Novak and Jelena made tennis the new national sport of Serbia. Is it true, however, that women’s tennis still cannot compete with the popularity of men’s?
That’s a fair comment, and it perhaps shows that although tennis has become extremely popular in Serbia, we’re still not at the same level as football. But we are doing well: we broke the Fed Cup attendance world record at our very first match! And I notice that the newspapers sometimes put us on the front page – that doesn’t happen in many countries. I know that the International Tennis Federation is very impressed by Serbia’s organization of Fed Cup ties, and the support that our fans give us.

At the same time, it’s probably true that we don’t receive the same media attention as the men, and I think that’s a question that you should probably ask journalists, because they choose how much reporting they do…

It’s been more than four years since you gave women’s tennis in Serbia its greatest achievement – a Roland Garros victory. You were only 21, and you had a Grand Slam trophy in your hands. It seemed that the world is yours. And yet, your game and results went into a steep decline almost immediately, and it lasted for years. This year, however, definitely sees you in an upward trajectory once more. So, you can maybe see more clearly now: what happened after that Roland Garros? What was the greatest problem during the previous four years? And how did you solve it, to become dangerous again?
It was a combination of factors. Maybe the whole success came too soon and I was not quite ready for it. Also I had many small injuries and they really affected my confidence. And then it just seemed like I went from one disappointment to another. Looking back, maybe I should have taken a short break and started again. I tried so many different methods to find my old form. I over-trained, and I put so much pressure on myself, which caused stress.

Now I have been able to rise in the rankings again by enjoying myself more and being a bit more relaxed about my play. I have always been a very excitable person, and impatient, and I was getting too far ahead of myself. I have learnt to enjoy the process, and take steps back to the top. For example, reaching my first Grand Slam quarter-final in four years at the US Open was a big breakthrough, and an important step for next year, when I hope to build on that and go even further at major tournaments.

You are still only 24, with enough time for a major comeback. Do you hope for another Grand Slam trophy? And which one would you like best this time?

For sure. I have been playing tennis for such a long time, but I am still young, as you said. I still have the goal of winning all the Grand Slams. Wimbledon would be extremely special, but I would probably choose the Australian Open if I could, because of my love of Australia, and the family I have in Melbourne. It’s always a very special tournament to play.

Before you, before Novak and Jelena, Serbia didn’t seem to be a tennis country at all. Then, all of a sudden, the three of you burst onto scene, almost simultaneously, and leave the tennis world amazed. Was that an ‘accident’ with no logical explanation, or are there some reasons behind it? Serbia certainly cannot claim that it helped the three of you too much…
It’s amazing to think that we all reached the top at around the same time, after so many years without highly-ranked Serbian players. It is difficult to give a good explanation for it, but I can say that we have some similarities that helped us all: we are all extremely determined people. We’re strong-willed and focused, and we would not allow anything to stop us from reaching our goals. I can’t talk too much for Jelena and Novak, but I think it’s true that, like me, they are very close to their family, and enjoyed their support. That’s something that we perhaps have as an advantage in Serbia: we are very close to our families and have a big network of support.

Whether it was an accident, or not, generations of excellent players, such as yours, don’t come up often. But what can we do to improve the chances of getting a new Ana Ivanovic?
The explosion of interest in tennis in Serbia will definitely help. I see so many kids carrying rackets around Belgrade, even when I am the city centre. The more children we have playing, the more chance we have of finding future champions, because it means that there will be greater competition, which brings greater quality: your rivals push you to become better.

We do have better training facilities than when I was a kid, but it would be great if we could have more courts and maybe even a national training centre for the very best kids.

Every tennis player’s way to the top was a torturous one, but few can say that they got to the top by the way of an abandoned swimming pool, where you had to train. Looking back, did it help you? Made you tougher? For example, during that Roland Garros final against Dinara Safina, did you think about all those trainings in the swimming pool?
I didn’t think about it during the match, but when I won and our anthem played, I had tears in my eyes and I thought about all the hard work I had put in, the many hours of practice as a kid, and how I’d dreamed about it, and shared those dreams with my family all those years ago.

I am asked about the swimming pool at the April 11 Center a lot, and to be honest, at the time I knew no different. Now, it seems crazy that I practiced in an empty swimming pool when in other countries they have so many spare courts, but when I was a kid that’s all I knew, and I simply loved it. Playing on those courts was a privilege to me. It was a lot of fun, and I have the same love for tennis as I did back then.

It was only some years later, when I started travelling to tournaments around the world that I realized how hard it was for us, compared to other nations, but we never complained: we just got on with it, enjoyed our tennis and gave it our best.

When you were 15, you once spent four hours crying after a defeat. How do you cope with defeats today? What about victories? Do you have to forget them as soon as the match is over, and concentrate on your next opponent, or you give them some afterthought?
I still sometimes cry, but not for four hours! It’s because I put so much emotion into it, so it can be quite affecting after a tough defeat. But over the years I’ve discovered that you can usually learn more from defeats than victories, and you should try to take something positive from every match, whether you win or lose. Maybe it is something tactical, like you learnt that you are more successful at the net against players with certain styles; or maybe it’s something concerning preparation, for example the time that you choose to warm-up.

Most tournaments on the tour are just one week long and towards the end of a tournament you are playing every day, so there isn’t much time to reflect on past matches. Of course, in the immediate few hours after a match it is still on your mind and you talk about it, and maybe in practice the next morning I will talk to it some more with my coach, as well as looking forward to my next match.

And I can say that some defeats, and victories too, stay with you longer than others. It’s always nice to be reminded of some of my best matches, and to think back and remember some exciting times. It gives me extra motivation to train hard and ensure that I have similar experiences in the future.

As every other popular sport, tennis is now a serious business. Of course, managers take care of that side of tennis, but do you sometimes feel that money puts pressure on you? Even we, the journalists, while writing about some tennis tournament, usually mention money in the first sentence (such as: "Madrid WTA tournament starts tomorrow, and the prize money is 4 million euros..."). Prize money, sponsorships... Do you and your fellow players sometimes feel that money distracts you from thinking about the actual game?
There’s no question that as a professional tennis player I am very lucky to be able to be paid well to do something that I love. It is my love of tennis that has allowed me to get to the top: I never thought about money. I was lucky to receive some financial assistance when I was younger, and by the time I was 17 I was self-sufficient from a financial perspective. As players, we do sometimes think about ranking points, but I almost never think about prize money. After the Tournament, the next day someone will tell me how much I won and it’s a nice surprise, but it’s the last thing I’m thinking about. Of course, one of the reasons for this is because I am fortunate to have strong sponsors, and I’ve already earned quite a lot in prize money. For the lower-ranked players it is not so easy.

Your work as an UNICEF goodwill ambassador is well known. What will you do next in that role?

It's a great honour for me to work with UNICEF. I always love to spend time with kids, and we often organize events in Belgrade when I am there. We are planning another event before the end of the year, to raise awareness about the School Without Violence programme. This initiative has been very successful, thanks largely to the help of businesses and private donors: it's clear that we are able to reduce the amount of bullying and aggression in schools, by getting more schools into the programme. We still have a long way to go, but we are making good progress.
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Re: ~Ana's articles~

Ivanovic aims to strike Czech blow
Ana Ivanovic will look to strike an early blow for Serbia when the Fed Cup Final starts in Prague.
Ivanovic is first on court for her country against holders the Czech Republic, meeting Lucie Safarova in the opening singles match.
The world number 12 carries fond memories of the Serbian men's team's victory in the Davis Cup two years ago, with the image of Novak Djokovic tearing his shirt off in celebration still fresh in the mind.
The 24-year-old will take that on court with her tomorrow [Saturday], hoping for a similar outcome on Sunday night.
"I remember a couple of years ago I was there when the men were winning and it was epic," she told the Fed Cup website.
"We will try our best and to match what the guys did would be amazing."
After the opening game, Jelena Jankovic will take on home favourite and world number eight Petra Kvitova.
"For me, personally, the inspiration is the Serbian people," said Jankovic. "I always feel an obligation to give more than 100 per cent."
Czech captain Petr Pala has opted for the experienced doubles duo of Lucie Hradecka and Andrea Hlavackova to team up in the fifth and final game on Sunday, with every chance the outcome could decide who lifts the trophy.
It remains to be seen, though, if opposite number Dejan Vranes will stick with his pair of Bojana Jovanovski and Aleksandra Krunic, especially if a first-ever title is on the line.
Pala fully expects that the overall outcome could go down to the last game, stressing how tight he believes the affair will be.
"We can expect every match to be a close one and decided by only a few points," he said.
"I hope the crowd and surface will help us get three points, but Serbia have two former world number-one players.
"They can play big matches and they are used to playing big matches. I think in this tie, anyone can beat anyone."

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