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Re: ~Ana's articles~

Ana winning Awards left right and center, on court and off court

Player of the year, Sportsmanship, Best Looking and now Best Body.

She's got it all
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Re: ~Ana's articles~

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Re: ~Ana's articles~

From anaivanovic.com forum, it seems she confirmed the relationship with Fernando:

Have you truly love or are just "good friends"?
It is true that I am in love relationship with Fernando! We became close still on summer grend Slam tournament in New York and then everything started. We are discovering each other, he is a nice guy and I am very happy with him!

The most beautiful world teniss player Ana Ivanovic exclusively for the Press recognized that in conjunction with Spanish counterpart Fernando Verdaskom! Beautiful Srpkinja, whom romance last day rumored all the world media, to settle only for our list and resolve the mystery of the on the first (known public) love!

Ana, in addition to the truth about the connection with Verdaskom, discovered and intends to spend the holiday in Spain, and her goal in 2009. year took another grend Slam tournament.
Worldwide story about your connection with colleague Fernando Verdaskom, that you bodrila the tournament in Doha.

Serbian version

It's not over till is over
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Re: ~Ana's articles~

Ana launches charity gift campaign
November 24, 2008 /

Ana is the figurehead of UNICEF’s Christmas gift campaign in Serbia. Together with basketball legend Sasha Djordevic, Ana is appearing in print advertising to promote the items, which are sold on a 100 per cent charitable basis.

“When I was a kid I used to receive UNICEF cards,” said Ana. “Now, I am sending them. It is a special pleasure to know that each UNICEF card and product, apart from making a person who receives it happy, directly helps at least one child.”

Items for sale in Serbia include teddy bears, greeting cards and toys such as the “Brio Ant”. Visitors in Serbia can buy the items by visiting the UNICEF Shop.

Funds raised through the gift campaign are used within Serbia to fund UNICEF’s priority programmes, which are aimed at promoting a rights-based approach to the survival, development and inclusion of all children from conception through adolescence.

There is a particular focus on the rights of those children who are excluded due to ethnic background, disability, poverty, violence, abuse or exploitation. Ana fronts the “School Without Violence” programme and she visited a Belgrade school earlier this month.

Source: http://www.anaivanovic.com/?path=sta...etailpage=1366

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Re: ~Ana's articles~

http://www.blic.rs/sport.php?id=68200 Serbian.

Shortly, Ana is about to organize a wta even in Belgrade instead of Linz tournament, her manager said

Ain't nobody got time fo dat.
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Re: ~Ana's articles~

Originally Posted by JustDoIt View Post
http://www.blic.rs/sport.php?id=68200 Serbian.

Shortly, Ana is about to organize a wta even in Belgrade instead of Linz tournament, her manager said
Oh no, not instead of Linz! It's always such a great tournament it would be sad if they wouldn't play it anymore
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Re: ~Ana's articles~

Ana will be spending her Christmas in Brisbane...training for the tournament

Here's the link to the article:
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Re: ~Ana's articles~

Sport & Style by L'equipe interview.(9th dec,2008)
It took me two hours non stop to translate it. So if you want to post it elsewhere, please just say it was translated from French by lilimi.
I hope you'll understand my poor english, if you have problems, tell me. Sorry for the mistakes. I put (!) where i wasn't sure of translation...

Ana - Glam Slam

Born in a Yougoslavia in the middle of the war, Ana Ivanovic, 21, reached the first ranks of tennis. A gifted player, who won Roland Garros, it is another facet of this rough diamond that «*sport and style*» reveals : the one of a new ultra glamourous star we exclusively met in Moscow.

1m85, 67 kilos, a perfect ovale face. A peaches and cream complexion, a gracious silhouette, a devastating smile, sparkling eyes and a spontaneous kindness…Yet, it was a near thing for her(!). The most beautiful roses often grow at the most improbable places: it is the case for Ana.

Born in Belgrade in 1987 in an ordinary family, raised in ex-Yougoslavia, in the middle of the war, Ana’s life is like a novel. A novel about a young girl from the people, tennis player since the diapers’ age, and who one day becomes n°1. A novel about one of the most beautiful women we have ever seen on courts. A kind of Peau d’Ane meets Cinderella. Nevertheless, the beautiful brunette talks about herself with a mix of distance and ingenousness, and with a submachine gun flow that hardly matches her status of borning star.
One thing puzzles you when you first meet this pretty girl. Why tennis? Why this obsession? And why so young? «Yes, I was really young!(Laughs) 5 years old is so young! And maybe i began earlier, actually! When I was a child, i think i’ve never played with dolls, my hands were always busy with tennis balls or rackets. I have videos in which i must be 3 or 4 years old, and I am dancing…but with a racket! I obviously use it as a guitar! (Laughs)».
At that time, in the Balkans, Monica Seles was a big star who aroused many vocations. Ana remembers : «*I forced my friends to sign at the tennis school. I had memorized the phone number so that my mum could call them. As a result, my father saw i was addicted and he bought me a racket for my size. That’s how i ended up in this school*». The journey of a spoilt child, but who is highly motivated. In the middle of the war, at the end of the 90’s, she wakes up at first light, braves the danger and practices like a professionnal since 7 AM in … an empty olympic swimming pool. Not simple, when you’re 11 y.o. It reinforces the character, and the forehand.
So not everything was rosy in Ana’s life? You can harldy believe it today. «It’s true, it was complicated and difficult at that time. My parents didn’t have money, it was difficult to find a financing in order to set up a Professional career. In 1999, in Serbia, it was the war, there were explosions! I was telling myself that I had no chance to become Professional.*»

A mix of ambition and humility

Yet, the tennis gods, who are never far in Ana’s story, were watching over her. She admits : «* I was Lucky to sign a contract with my manager, in Switzerland. I immediately had the opportunity to travel, to participate in more international tournements, and thus, to face other players. I became aware of the fact that I could possible become a good Professional player. I liked this period!*». Her agent, Gavin Versi, confrims: «*Our boss, Dan Holzmann, was immediately seduced by the mix of ambition and humility thatemanated from Ana when they met. He read the determination in her eyes, and immediately offer to finance her career. He didn’t make a mistake*». In fact, Holzmann, who wasn’t a sport agent at all - but an orange juice Tycoon - created DH Manegement just for Ana. According to Versi, he (Holzmann) considers himself more as Ana’s friend than as her manager. After RG, he offered her Cartier earings!*». The die is cast(!). Ana has her Lucky star, and will have the right to make her place in tennis and, ultimately, a place under the sun.
From the hard years, Ana has kept a good nature. She easily laughs and has mischevious eyes. She knows how lucky she was, and the way she has travelled since the grey Belgrade of thge 90’s :*«*It’s a huge gap! I am more and more aware of this each day, and particularly since i had the opportunity to discover other countries, other places, other cities. Today I have the feeling that I just need to snap my fingers to have everything, like magic. It’s an unbelievable chance.*»
But Ivanovic is not the kind of person who forgets where she comes from. «*When I’m back home, I’m obviously aware of the difference. But things change there too, the situation evolves. Over the last years, Serbia has developped a lot. There are more and more positive initiatives, good things to hel people. It is changing, it’s different from the years of war and after-war. I feel good when I see that things are improving, that my country is better. Well, of course, we still can’t compare New York and Belgrade…*»

Happiness and success

Officially, Ana is a happy girl. Anyway, it would be difficult for her to make us believe the contrary, since she has everything : beauty, talent, succes, future. Nevertheless, now that she is famous, some often search for louses in her head(!!), and this irritates her : «* It’s a pity that the media mix all kind of things about me. When I see that I’m immédiately compared to Kournikova because I lost many matches in a row, or that people write that I don’t want to fight…It irritates me. Really! Because it’s not true! But I know I can’t do much against that. You must have your consciousness, and follow the path which is traced for you; to not let exterior things affect your work. Exterior pression is the worst.*» The answer? Ana is convinced that sometimes you have to get out of tennis to play better : «* You can be at 100% on court and go to a fashion runway. Where is the problem? It’s not a runway or glamourous photos that will distract you from your goal!*»
Funny lucidity and determination for a 21-year-old Young girl. From the begining, Ana’s strength is her family: «*they made things easier for me, it’s certain. Of course my parents, but also my brother. He’s four years younger than me, and he’s here, by my side, on court, since he’s a baby! At around 15, when I started to travel, my mother came with me. It was a big sacrifice for my brother who stayed alone for long weeks with my father! And year after year, their support never weaken : my father often looses his voice for having yelled too much for me during my matches!*»

To live Under the sun

Today she admits being more and more interested to the world of fashion and luxury: «*To be honest, one year ago, I didn’t pay much attention. But I’m a girl, and I have the right to like thes kind of things!(Laugh) I love to dress, especially since I spend a lot of time in sport outfits!*» A huge fan of Eva Mendes and Jessica Alba, Ana has a sober style concerning clothes : «*Honestly, I mostly search for clothes that correspond to me and that suit me. In the end, I prefer being confortable than being trendy but unconfortable! I read magazines, and spot clothes, shoes and bags like every girl!(Laughs)*»
Does Ana still have dreams? «*Sure!*» One is Professional: «*being n°1 again! And win the Grand Slam, that’s something I really want to achieve.*» Other dreams are personal: «*I’d love to have a house with sea sight! And also a boat, because i love sailing. Yes, that’s what i want: sea, sun, sand and to always live in summer!*» wher for instance? «*Sydney, why not? I love Australia. I have family there, and i like going back there. Maybe one day, i’ll buy a house there!*» A place where we don’t play tennis in swimming pools…

This place is too small to put all the players i like here.

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Re: ~Ana's articles~

Originally Posted by lilimi View Post
Sport & Style by L'equipe interview.(9th dec,2008)
It took me two hours non stop to translate it. So if you want to post it elsewhere, please just say it was translated from French by lilimi.
I hope you'll understand my poor english, if you have problems, tell me. Sorry for the mistakes. I put (!) where i wasn't sure of translation...
Lilimi,you made a very strong effort with your translation

Hang your heads in shame, Brits, for being a nation of cowards who won't even protect their own children. UKP=United Kingdom of Pedophiles

Propaganda Director for the Olympic Slam Queen aboard SS Dementieva

Ste. Kim, we didn't have you for long enough, but we appreciate what you gave us
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Re: ~Ana's articles~

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
Lilimi,you made a very strong effort with your translation
thank you, it's been two years since i haven't done such an exercise! i tried to keep the spirit of the article (to sum up: Ana is love! )but i'm afraid some parts must be weird as i use the dictionnary...

This place is too small to put all the players i like here.
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Re: ~Ana's articles~

lilimi! I have no words to thank you for the translation! So I'll keep it simple and efective: Thank you so much!

Mental Strength is an underrated ability, it sets champions apart

Making mistakes is human, repeating them is dumb.

What I write is my opinion, and my opinion only.
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Re: ~Ana's articles~

Thank you, I had no problem understanding your `poor` english
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Re: ~Ana's articles~

AUSSIE ANAmania (part 2009) is Continue

Aussie love affair with Ana Ivanovic returns
Article from: The Daily Telegraph (link)

By Nick Walshaw
December 19, 2008 12:00am

SHE'S the tennis phenomenon who started out in a disused swimming pool. The fighter with the risque sports calendar. A university student with Rolex and adidas sponsorships.

The most clicked sportswoman on the planet.

Serbian glamour girl Ana Ivanovic arrived on the Queensland Sunshine Coast yesterday all smiles, suntan and adventure stories from walking the Great Wall of China. And thank goodness for that. Because if ever Australian tennis fans needed someone to cheer for, it's now.

As Lleyton Hewitt sits at No. 67 in the world and Sam Stosur at 52. As our yellow ball brigade struggles so badly, some bloke named John Tomic is stealing all the headlines.

Which is why Brisbane International director Steve Ayles chased Ivanovic harder than a lovesick schoolboy with his poster. Convincing the world No. 5 to play his tournament from January 4-11 before contesting the Australian Open.

"Oh, Ana was the signature we wanted, definitely" Ayles tells The Daily Telegraph. "Not only is she among the world's most exciting players, she's also among the most marketable. When we spoke about Ana coming down here, she was really genuine. Asking questions about the stadium and so on.

"So while she might not be Australian, no overseas player has more chance of getting the Australian public behind them than Ana."

And little wonder. Because when it comes to complete sporting packages, there is none better than this smiling assassin who now lives in Switzerland.

This pin-up girl who speaks three languages, studies finance and, in June, enjoyed a brief stint at No. 1.

Ivanovic has the desire and grit of an Eastern European boxer. The confidence to play Andre Agassi.

And a body fronting magazine covers, TV commercials and the bedroom walls of almost any teenage boy capable of spelling "tennis".

Sure, she has her own 2009 calendar. Her personal website receiving more hits than any other sportswoman. But Anna Kournikova she isn't. Hasn't been since receiving her first tennis racquet at age five.

Or at 11, training in the bottom of a disused swimming pool while bombs fell in the sky around her.

Back then, NATO was trying to oust dictator Slobodan Milosevic while the little girl with that infectious smile practised. And now when Australian tennis needs her most, she's back.

and I'm not even fan of Ana Ivanovic... just an objective observer who realize how perfect she is

AMAZING BELGRADE MIRACLE: In just three years (2008-2011) 5 different players born in same city reach world #1 in rankings and several GS titles and finals (WTA singles: Ana Ivanovic and Jelena Jankovic, ATP singles: Novak Djokovic, ATP doubles: Nenad Zimonjic and Daniel Nestor... with notable performances of Bojana Jovanovski, Janko Tipsarevic and Viktor Troicki which is also all three born in Belgrade)
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Re: ~Ana's articles~

Ana's here

By Peter Gardiner

It would be fair to say the Coast hopes Ana Ivanovic finds her stay on the Sunshine Coast to her liking.

The head-turning face of tennis, who will certainly will be the darling of the Brisbane International crowd packing into the new Rafter Arena from January 4, quietly set up camp on Thursday at the home of good tennis friends Josh Eagle and Barbara Schett in the lead up to the world number five’s latest assault on the Australian Open.

Ana, the reigning French Open champion and former world number one whose website has aced all her tennis rivals, will be staying not far from local tennis hero Pat Rafter.

Whether Pat, who the Queensland Tennis Centre main court in Brisbane is named after, will be one of Ana’s hitting partners during her stay, is not known.

But yesterday Josh, who is best mates with Pat and is his former doubles partner, confirmed he and Barbara have opened their doors to last year’s Aussie Open finalist.

“I got to know Ana while on the tour circuit and she is a good friend of my wife (Austrian star Schett once was ranked world number seven in singles),” the local tennis coach and television commentator said.

He and Barbara have had to leave Ana to her own devices as they are in Western Australia for a wedding. Then they head off to Austria for Christmas before Josh returns to commentary duties.

Ana has already been spotted running through Noosa National Park and is by all reports entranced with the local beauty.

The feelings are mutual for all those Aussie fans who have cheered her on since her heroics of last summer, where the Serbina turned giant killer to down Venus Williams in the Open semi-final 7-6 6-4.

It announced the start of a stellar year for a new dark-haired Venus with the killer forehand.
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Re: ~Ana's articles~

Stunner enjoys racket on, off court
Margie McDonald | December 27, 2008

ANA Ivanovic made half of her earnings to date in just one year, 2008, and she will take some valuable lessons learned from last season into the New Year, along with her healthy bank account.

Ivanovic is also bringing a new racquet and new boyfriend to the Brisbane International, starting tomorrow week.

The Serbian only turned 21 last month and what a coming of age it was. She played in two Grand Slam finals this year, losing to Maria Sharapova in Melbourne but winning at Roland Garros, and moved to world No1 in the first week of June.

She won two other titles (Indian Wells and Linz) in 2008, to give her just over $US3.1million, with a career total of $US6.2m.

Ivanovic is world ranked No5 and is top women's seed in Brisbane, making it a Serbian double-act as Novak Djokovic is the men's top seed.

Add to that the fact Jelena Jankovic is sitting on top of the WTA's computer list and it's a pretty powerful Serbian outfit returning to Australia this summer.

The trio has pushed tennis above basketball and soccer as the most popular sport watched or played at home.

"Now when I go back to Belgrade, I always see kids carrying racquets in the street," Ivanovic said from Sunshine Beach yesterday.

"But there are not enough coaches for all the players there. Still, it's a great feeling knowing I've made a small impact.

"And all of us (Djokovic, 21, and Jankovic, 23) are still very young and we can have a lot more success and hopefully inspire even more kids to play tennis."

Ivanovic's runner-up finish at the Australian Open and semi-finals at the Sydney International mean she is already under pressure to repeat the success of last year.

"No one has bigger expectations than myself," she said. "I try not to put too much pressure on myself but I know I am capable of doing very well.

"In this case, though, it is very important not to get carried away and think about winning tournaments or defending ranking points."

But her consecutive top-five finishes in 2007 and 2008 make her a constant target for players trying to get to where she sits in the rankings.

"I think it's definitely harder to stay at the top," Ivanovic said. "Simply, there is more motivation for your opponents to beat you.

"When you are near No1 everyone has extra motivation to beat you so that's something to deal with in every match.

"Also, to be near the top you obviously have played quite some matches so the other girls know your game better than when you started coming up."

That has been one of the key lessons learned by Ivanovic over the past year. Keep the competition guessing just a little bit.

She changed racquets from Wilson to Yonex and her trainer for the past two years, Sydneysider Scott Byrnes, constantly revamps her routines to keep her fresh and motivated.

"I think my backhand has improved a lot, especially since I changed racquets this year," said Ivanovic, who is credited with having a stinging forehand.

"The Yonex gives me a lot more spin, which helps with my backhand. I can hit through it (ball) more freely and control it better.

"Aside from that, I think my net play has improved a lot and also my movement."

Winning her first Grand Slam at her third attempt (she was the first Serbian male or female to make a Grand Slam final, losing to Justine Henin at the 2007 French Open), also taught her to use the morale boost it provides.

"I have more confidence on court now," she said. "Because I achieved two of my biggest goals (Grand Slam and No1). I am now in a better position to deal with the next time I am in that situation."

She also had her greatest disappointment as thumb and then groin injuries in the second half of the season made for a frustrating time.

"I was unlucky with injury so I wasn't able to progress the way I wanted to," she said.

"I also learnt a lot about dealing with disappointment. Having to withdraw from the Olympics (thumb) was probably the toughest moment of my career so far."

Ivanovic is in for a tough time off the court after confirming her relationship with Spain's Davis Cup player Fernando Verdasco. The Spaniard will also play in Brisbane.

"It's something that comes with success," she said, on intrusions into her personal life.

"It's obviously not one of the better things about being a professional tennis player, but there is no point complaining or trying to avoid it."

She often confronts the public fascination head-on by doing glossy magazine photo and fashion house shoots.

"At the same time, I hope that people are more interested in my tennis than anything that is happening off the court," she said.

Ivanovic has recently bought a E4million ($8.2m) house on the Spanish island of Majorca, to use as a training base away from her home in Basel, Switzerland.

Ana will play her first round match at the Brisbane International on Monday 5 January during the night session, organisers have announced
Can't wait for her return
Anybody know where I can watch it? Not sure if ES is covering the early rounds or the tournament at all?
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