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Duiz, Sharky was supposed to start this thread but you beat her to it. And I wonder if it's just too soon for Dasha to be promoted and marketed.

Dasha like Maria and Yevgenvy Kafelnikov got her start at the same Sochi tennis club Maria and Yevgeny got started at. And Daria's been coached by Yuri Jutkin who also coached Maria and Yevgeny when they were small.

Dasha at 10 reminds me of Anna Kournikova at 10. And hopefully Dasha will not feel the pressure to be the new Maria Sharapova when it's time for her to try to make the WTA Tour.

Maria also has another young cousin Anya who plays tennis at the Sochi tennis club. But I guess she's not the prospect Dasha is thus we hear very little about her. But it must be hard for her to understand that between her and Dasha that Dasha is the chosen one. But who knows maybe Anya will end up the better tennis player down the road. Only time will tell. Good luck to both of them. I just hope their parents don't put too much pressure on them to be top tennis players. Reality says the odds are against them.

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