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1923 (results complete)

Entered 21 tournaments in total.

Won 16 of 16 events entered.
66-0 match record.

Won 14 of 15 events entered. 9 events won with Elizabeth Ryan as partner.
51-1 match record.

Won 15 of 17 events entered. Elizabeth Ryan and Randolph Lycett were her foes in both defeats.
69-2 match record.

This was Suzanne's busiest tennis year by far. She played in 10 Riviera events in all-Won all 5 singles tournaments entered, 8 doubles with Elizabeth Ryan, and 6 mixed titles.


January 1-7, Beau Site First Meeting, Cannes, France (Clay)
Venue: Beau Site Hotel

1R: bye
2R: d Vera Howett 6-0 6-1
QF: d Mme A. Floresco 6-0 6-0
SF: d Madeline O'Neill 6-0 6-0
FI: d. Phyllis Satterthwaite 6-4 6-2

Mixed Doubles with Frank Fischer

1R: bye
2R: d Mlle de Mainville/Prince Radziwill 6-0 6-0
QF: d M Hunnewell/Charles Aeschliman 6-0 6-2
SF: d Madeline O'Neill/DL Morgan 6-0 6-1
FI: d. Phyllis Satterthwaite/Jack Hillyard 6-1 6-0

Elizabeth Ryan withdrew with a blistered hand. The final was surprisingly tough, as Satterwaite led 4-2 in the first and Suzanne looked down. From 4-4 both games went to deuce, but Lenglen captured both.
From 2-all in the second Lenglen swept the last 4 games to take the match.


January 7-14, Carlton Club First Meeting, Cannes, France (Clay)
Venue: Carlton Club

Doubles with Elizabeth Ryan

FI: d. Madeline O'Neill/M Tripp 6-3 6-1

Mixed Doubles with Frank Fischer

1R: AL Eno/JH Van Alen 6-1 6-0
2R: d Miss Meakin/J Crewe Wood 6-2 6-1
QF: d M Tripp/Charles Aeschliman 8-6 6-0
SF: d Madeline O'Neill/Alfred Hunter 6-2 6-2
FI: d. Phyllis Satterthwaite/Jack Hillyard 6-0 6-1

Suzanne Lenglen did not play in the singles event at this tournament. In doubles the final was the only match she and Ryan played. Was this a challenge round or was the draw that small? Lenglen and Fisher had to win 5 matches to take the mixed doubles.

*Note that Mark gives AC Hunter 's name as Francis T Hunter.


February 5-11, Nice First Meeting, Nice, France (Clay)
Venue: The Parc Imperial

1R: d Miss M. Brock 6-0 6-0
2R: d Ermyntrude Harvey 6-0 6-0
QF: d Doris Craddock 6-2 6-1
SF: d Lesley Cadle 6-0 6-0
FI: d. Elizabeth Ryan default

Doubles with Elizabeth Ryqan

1R: d. Mrs Muir/Miss E Stephenson 6-0 6-1
QF: d M Brock/Leslie Cadle 6-2 6-1
SF: d Doris Craddock/Lady Domini Crosfield 6-0 6-2
FI: d. Madeline O'Neill/M Tripp 6-2 6-1

Mixed Doubles with Henry Mayes

1R: RK Forst/Lord Chalres Hope 6-0 6-1
2R: d Mme R Neveu/W David 6-0 6-0
QF: BW Donaldson/Eliot Crawshay Williams 6-2 6-0
SF: d Doris Craddock/Ambrose Dudley 6-1 6-1
FI: d. Elizabeth Ryan/Lord George Rocksavage 6-2 6-2

Ryan defaults the singles final due to a cold.

Lord Rocksavage (1883-1968) was entitled to his rank as member of Britain's House of Lords. His full name was George Cholmondeley, 5th Marquess of Cholmondeley.

February 12-18, Carlton Club Second Meeting, Cannes, France (Clay)
Venue: Carlton Club

1R: Bye
2R: Lenglen d Mrs RA Boyd 6-0 6-0
3R: d Didi Vlasto 6-0 6-0
QF: d Margrethe Kaehler 6-0 6-0
SF: d Doris Craddock 6-1 6-1
FI: d. Elizabeth Ryan (US) 6-3 6-1

Doubles with Elizabeth Ryan

1R: d. Mrs Alison/Miss Gibbs 6-0 6-0
2R: d Mrs Howard/Miss Kavanagh 6-0 6-2
QF: d Doris Craddock/Lady Sophie Wavertree default
SF: d Madeline O'Neill/M Tripp default
FI: d. Dorothea Lambert Chambers (GB)/Kitty McKane (GB) 6-0 6-1

Mixed Doubles with Umberto de Morpurgo

1R: bye
2R: Mrs Wray/JT Philipson 6-0 6-0
3R: d Lady Doreen Linlithgow/Alfred Hunter 6-2 6-0
QF: d Lesley Cadle/HP Guiness 6-3 6-2
SF: d Gerladine Beamish/Ambrose Dudley 6-1 6-3
FI: d. Elizabeth Ryan/Lord George Rocksavage 7-5 6-4

From the New York Times, using the Associated Press:

During this event Molla Mallory grabs headlines by landing in Paris on March 17 and heading straight for chic dres shops. Molla declares she is merely here on vacation with her husband. Nontheless she is entered in several Riviera events. Molla stated , "I am not coming here with a chip on my shoulder,looking for trouble. I like to play tennis to while away the time on the long sunny afternoons on the Riviera. I am challenging no one and expect to receive no challenges, but will play all comers."


February 20-26, Beaulieu, France (Clay)
Venue: The Bristol Hotel

Doubles With Elizabeth Ryan

1R: d. Doris Craddock/Madeline O'Neill 6-1 6-0
FI: d. Geraldine Beamish/Phyllis Satterthwaite 6-2 7-5

An invitation doubles event with a small draw of 4.


February 26-March 3, Monte Carlo Championships, Monte Carlo, Monaco (Clay)
Venue: La Festa Club

Doubles with Elizabeth Ryan

1R: 1R: d Miss May Green/Mrs Paul Young 6-0 6-0
2R: d Mrs Warburg/Lady Sophie Wavertree default
QF: d Vera Howett/Molla Mallory 6-0 6-1
SF: d Geraldine Beamish /Phyllis Satterwaite 6-3 6-4
FI: d. Dorothea Lambert Chambers/Kitty McKane 6-1 3-6 6-4

The arrival of Molla Mallory has caused a beehive of activity on the Riviera. Few believe Molla's repeated pronouncements that she is here merely for a vacation. Fans are disspointed when Suzanne Lenglen withdraws from the singles-fueling speculation that she fears Mallory despite convincingly beating her last year at Wimbledon. Many speculate that Suzanne opts out of the singles to evaluate how Kitty Mckane and Molla Mallory are on clay, a tactic she will repeat in 1926 when Helen Wills invades the Riviera.

In contrast Molla draws compliments for appearing for her first round match in spite of just arriving from the States after an exhaustinf sea voyage. She remarks after a tough struggle that, "I am at a loss to understand why people at home take such an interest in these matches here. ... I do not attach to these games one fifth the importance that I would to Wimbledon or the American championships. If I did I certainly would have prepared for them, and would not have entered in my present playing form."

In an interview the next day after her withdrawal Lenglen responds to a question about being "afraid" of Mallory by terminating the interview, heatedly replying, "I am not afraid of any woman tennis player in the world." Officials were reported to be upset with the French diva, as new stands were erected and sold out in anticipation of a Lenglen-Mallory clash. When La Lenglen gets a cold reception from spectators at the start of her first doubles match she declares she was never entered in the event, protresting that the tournament director M. Simon only announced her entry to boost ticket sales. "Gate receipts first, and let the spectators dissapointment spend itself on Suzanne." She is only entered in the doubles so her partner Liz Ryan "would not lose." Lenglen's father declares he will lodge a demand for an investigation to clear his daughter. Luckily for Suzanne her devoted fans cannot stay angry at her for long; she got an ovation from the crowd at the end of her first match. By the end of the week the club issues a statement: "The committee of La Festa Club of Monte Calro declares it never announced that Mlle Lenglen would play in the singles of the tournament beginning Saturday, Feb 24, knowing that she was ailing and was coming to Monte Carlo only through courtesy."

Meanwhile Molla gets better, though she declares that she hears it takes 3 weeks to get used to the clay courts, noting she hasn't played "on dirt" since the World Hard Court event in 1921. Molla has been seen practicing 4 or 5 hours daily with Phyllis Satterwaite. The steady Satterwaite has won all of their practice sets.

A couple of days later Molla crashes out in both sinhles and doubles. Her famed forehand lacks its usual punch, and in both singles and doubles she repeatedly errs off her backhand. The largest crowd in Monte Carlo history comes to see the doubles match QF vs Lenglen.

Doubles final only the second time Lenglen/Ryan ever lost a set a a pair-the other, the 1919 Wimbledon final, also featured Mrs Chambers with Ethel Larcombe. Ryan was the weak link-with pundits decalring that she looked overtennised. Suzanne and Elizabeth recover from 3-4 in the third to preserve their perfect record.

March 5-12, Riviera Championships, Menton, France (Clay)

1R: bye
2R: d Miss P Woodhouse 6-0 6-0
3R: d Miss E Stephenson 6-0 6-0
QF: d Lesley Cadle 6-0 6-1
SF: d. Phyllis Satterthwaite 6-0 6-0
FI: d. Kitty McKane 6-2 7-5

Doubles with Elizabeth Ryan

1R: bye
2R: d Mrs Harrison/Mrs CP Michell 6-0 6-0
3R: d Miss Chinnery/Miss Gordon default
QF: d Lesley Cadle/Ermyntrude Harvey 6-0 6-2
SF: d Kitty McKane/Mrs EBW Warburg (GB) 6-2 6-2
FI: d. Geraldine Beamish/Phyllis Saterthwaite 6-2 6-1

The whole event is sold out in anticipation of a Lenglen-Mallory that fails to materialize. Be it poor form or a weak ankle Molla is upset in her first match here as some 2-3,000 look on in shock. The previous week as some cynics asserted that Lenglen withdrew out of fear of facing Mallory. Now it is Molla's turn, with some whispering she tanked on purpose to avoid a crushing defeat by Suzanne. Apparently unperturbed, Molla announces she will play on. Her only negative comment was about the officiating, with 3 or 4 close calls going against her.

The final score of 6-2 7-5 would normally indicate a close and exciting final, as few are able to even stretch Lenglen in singles. Instead play was lackluster, neither woman coming to net all all. Even the baseline play was devoid of interest as Kitty and Suzanne each waited for the other to make an error. The wet courts may have been a factor, dampening both the bounce of the ball and the spirit. Suzanne was lucky as a net cord helped her win the 9th game.

Afterwards Kitty said, "I suppose I shall be thirty before I can win a set from her." Suzanne had her own challenges, being upset with fans who "even applaud when I make a double fault."


March 12-19, South of France Championships, Nice, France (Clay)
Venue: The Parc Imperial

1R: d Miss M Tobin default
2R: d Ermyntrude Harvey 6-0 6-3
QF: d Didi Vlasto 6-1 6-1
SF: d Molla Mallory 6-0 6-0
FI: d Elizabeth Ryan 6-1 6-0

Doubles with Elizabeth Ryan

1R: d M Tobin/Miss Welch 6-0 6-0 (the losers won only 5 points in the whole match)
QF: d Miss M. Brock/Miss E Stevenson 6-1 6-0
SF: d Lili de Alvarez/Didi Vlasto 6-3 6-0
FI: d Dorothea Lambert Chambers/Kitty McKane 6-4 6-2

Mixed Doubles with Count Mikhail Soumarokoff

1R: d Mme M Ellissen/R Dunkelry 6-0 6-2
2R: d Lilie de Alvarez/Umberto de Morpurgo 6-0 6-1
QF: d Lady Ward/Lord Chalres Hope 6-0 6-0
SF: lost ot Elizabeth Ryan/Randolph Lycett 3-6 5-7

Molla and Lenglen met at last in singles.

The day before their match:
Suzanne Lenglen: "I will beat her tomorrow, never fear."
Molla Malory: "Well, we get a crack at the champion tomorrow"

Betting odds were at 5 to 1 in favor of Lenglen, with even money that Molla would not get 5 games.

* From "Ayres' Almanack" (1924): "The meeting of Mlle Lenglen and Mrs Mallory in the semi-final attracted considerable interest, although, in view of the relative form shown by the two players on the Riviera, little doubt was entertained about the result.

"At this, the fourth of their engagements, the champion had the satisfaction of winning two love sets, scoring 50 points to the 18 of Mrs Mallory. The tie lasted twenty-five minutes, and if it be said that the American champion hit with more confidence and with better length than in any of her previous singles matches in the South of France, the conclusive character of Mlle Lenglen's victory can be gauged. She did not overwhelm Mrs Mallory, nor can it be denied that many chances of scoring were unaccepted by the American champion because of faulty timing; nevertheless, the French girl demonstrated that her equipment of strokes is much superior to that of Mrs Mallory, while her strategic sense, trained by a wider experience, is more highly developed.

"Mrs Mallory's service was so innocuous that the champion could take the defensive in her drive each time. She only came to the net once, it being evident that good length and accurate placing from the back of the court were sufficient to win virtually all the rallies. Naturally she directed her strokes to Mrs Mallory's weaker backhand, and though the strain on this wing was borne with more security than previous matches had suggested, a wide fast return was usually successful."

Lenglen's win is so decisive that only 2 games went to deuce. Molla never even had a game point. She only won 8 points in the first set and 11 in the second. suzanne scored 7 winners to 2 for Molla. Molla made 19 errors in the net and 26 out to only 7 net errors and 10 out for Suzanne.

The scorecard was framed and put on display at the Nice Club, where it may still be seen to this day.

Overlooked in all of the ballyhoo was the coming out of young Lili de Alvarez of Spain, who was unlucky to draw veteran Elizabeth Ryan early in the event.

Lenglen's loss in the semis of the mixed doubles was her first in any match since she retired to Molla Mallory in the second round of the 1921 US Championships. She is gracious in defeat, throwing her arms around Ryan and declaring, "You played magnificently. One must lose sometime, and I prefer losing to you rather than anyone in the world."


March 19-25, Cote d'Azur Championships, Cannes, France (Clay)
Venue: Cannes Club


1R: bye
2R: d Mrs CH Fenwick/Miss E. Jones 6-0 6-0
3R: d Mrs MM Bostock/Mrs P. Harrison 6-1 6-1
QF: d Margery Maquay/Maud Maquay 6-0 6-0
SF: d Mlle N Descleres/Doris Wolfson 6-2 6-1
FI: d Dorothea Lambert Chambers/Kitty McKane 6-3 6-3

Mixed Doubles with Umberto de Morpurgo

1R: bye
2R: d Miss Spooner/Captain Gunning 6-0 6-0
3R: d Mrs EBW Warburg/Colonel WH Hamilton 6-1 6-1
QF: d Dorothea Lambert Chambers/Charles Aeschliman 6-3 6-2
SF: d Phyllis Satterwaite/Jack Hillyard 6-3 6-4
FI: d. Elizabeth Ryan/Henry Mayes 6-3 6-3


March 26-April 1, Cannes Championships, Cannes, France (Clay)
Venue: The Beau Site Hotel

Mixed Doubles with Charles Aeschlimann

1R: bye
2R: d Mrs Sanderson/WF Martin 6-1 6-3
3R: d M Samiles/Colonel WH Hamilton 6-0 6-0
QF: d Geraldine Beamish/R de Graffenried 6-3 6-1
SF: d Lady Domini Crosfield/Henry Mayes 6-1 6-0
FI: d. Phyllis Satterthwaite/Jack Hillyard 6-0 6-3

???? Exhibition at Algiers, Algiers, Algieria (Clay)

d. Mlle Damin 6-0 6-0, d. Madame Giroud 6-0 6-0.


May 19-27 World Hard Court Championships, Paris, France (Clay)
Venue: Saint Cloud

1R: bye
2R: d. Erna Redlich (Ast) default
3R: d. Guilia Perelli 6-0 6-0
QF: d. Marie Conquet 6-1 6-1
SF: d. Gerladine Beamish 6-1 6-1
FI: d. Kitty McKane 6-3 6-3

Women's doubles with Germaine Golding

1R: d. Kea Bouman/Leonie L'Hoest 6-1 6-1
QF: d Nanette Le Besnerais/Didi Vlasto 6-2 6-2
SF: d Leslie Bancroft/Eleanor Goss 6-3 6-1
FI: lost to Geraldine Beamish/Kitty McKane 2-6 3-6

Mixed Doubles with Henri Cochet

1R: d Leslie Bancroft (US)/Clifton Herd 6-1 6-3
2R: Jeanne Vaussard/Umberto de Morpurgo 6-4 6-0
QF: Kea Bouman/Christiaan van Lennep 6-1 6-2
SF: Didi Vlasto/Roger Danet 6-1 6-1
FI: d. Kitty Mckane (GB)/John Gilbert (GB) 6-2 10-8

Suzanne wins her 3rd consecutive World Hard Court title before 6,000.

Lenglen caused a stir by fainting. She won her singles first, though both she and Mckane performed below par, the English star often made errors off the backhand and Suzanne made a high number of errors herself. She collapsed after the singles, but went on to win the mixed. By the time she went on court for her last final (the ladies doubles) Lenglen "seemed resigned to defeat from the start."

As Beamish's last shot flew by her Suzanne declared "I simply can't do it." She later declared it was "a silly stunt" to attempt 3 finals in one day, and vowed never to repeat it.


June 9-17, French Closed Championships, Paris, France (Clay)
Venue: Racing Club de France,

1R: bye
QF: d. Helene Contostavlos 6-2 6-0
SF: d. Jeanne Vaussard 6-0 6-0
FI: d Germaine Golding 6-1 6-4

Doubles with Didi Vlasto

1R: d. Nanette Le Besnerais/Germaine Le Conte 6-2 6-0
FI: d. Helene Contostavlos/Daisy Speranza Wyns 6-1 6-0

Mixed Doubles with Toto Brugnon

1R: d Daisy Speranza Wyns/E Micard default
QF: d Didi Vlasto/J Samazeuilh 6-1 6-2
SF: d Mme M Cousin/M Couisin 6-0 6-2
FI: d Yvonne Bourgeois/Henri Cochet 6-1 7-5

Lenglen is in tears at the end of her final because the crowd was clapping for her Golding more than her after a disputed line-call. Golding actually had the spectators in shock because she had an unheard of 4-0 lead in set two! The diva was so distraught she asked her father if she should continue. He told her to play on. Lenglen recovered to win six games runnign and the match. Afterwards Papa suggested she might boycott Paris in the future.


June 25-July 7 The Championships, Wimbledon, London, England, UK (Grass)
Venue: The All-England Lawn tennis and Croquet Club, Church Road.

1R: bye
2R: d Peggy Ingram 6-0 6-0
3R: d phyllis Covell 6-0 6-3
4R: d Didi Vlasto 6-1 6-0
QF: d Marie Hazel 6-2 6-1
SF: d Geraldine Beamish 6-0 6-0
FI: d Kitty McKane 6-2 6-2

Doubles with Elizabeth Ryan

1R: bye
2R: d Mrs JB Perrett/C Rimington 6-0 6-0
3R: d Phyllis Radcliffe/Nancy Radcliffe-Platt 6-0 6-1
QF: d Geraldine Beamish/Winifred McNair 6-1 6-2
SF: d Dorothea Lambert Chambers/Kitty McKane 6-1 6-2
FI: d Joan Austin/Eveltn Colyer 6-3 6-1

Mixed Doubles with Jean Washer

1R: d Aurea Edgington/AW Asthalter 6-3 6-1
2R: d JM Coote/Harold Price 6-4 6-4
3R: d Eleanor Goss/John Gilbert 6-2 6-2
QF: d Elisabeth Macready/Toto Brugnon 6-3 6-2
SF: lost to Elizabeth Ryan/Randolph Lycett 5-7 3-6

Brilliant in all aspects, she cuts down Beamish and McKane with ease, dropping only 4 games. Both women had stretched her in events earlier in the year. Her only setback is in the mixed, where Elizabeth Ryan and Randolph Lycett beat her for the second time in 1923.


July 30-August 5, Deauville, Deauville, France (Clay)
Venue: The Sporting Club

1R: bye
2R: d Mme de Andrea 6-0 6-0
QF: d Mlle Y. Huchez 6-0 6-0
SF: d Mlle G. Cousin 6-0 6-0
FI: d. Sylvia Lafaurie 6-1 6-0

Mixed Doubles with Roger Danet

1R: d Mme Reith/Mr Pan 6-0 6-0
2R: d L Huchez/Le Blant 6-0 6-1
SF: d Sylvia Lafaurie/M Laufaurie 6-1 6-0
FI: d. Marie Danet/Jean Borotra 6-1 6-0

Suzanne dropped just one game in her four singles matches. The mixed had a related pair,as Marie Danet was the mother of Roger Danet.


August 11-13, Pourville, Pourville, France (Clay)

1R: d Mlle Bovet 6-0 6-0
QF: d Mme Caron 6-0 6-0
SF: d Mme Canivet 6-0 6-0
FI: d. Nanette Le Besnerais 6-0 6-0

Mixed Doubles with Jean Borotra

1R: bye
2R: d Mme Evans/Mr Evans 6-2 6-0
QF: d Mme JM Barbas/de Rauch 6-0 6-2
SF: d Mme Canivet/P Canivet 6-3 6-0
FI: d. Nanette Le Besnerais/R Barbas 6-0 6-4

Suzanne won her four singles matches without losing a game.

August 13-18, Cabourg, Cabourg, France (Clay)
Venue: Garden Tennis Club

1R: bye
2R: d Mlle Berthier 6-0 6-0
3R: d Mlle Colombi 6-0 6-2
QF: d Miss K. Arnfield 6-0 6-0
SF: d Mlle Rumeau 6-1 6-1
FI: d. Daisy Speranza-Wyns default

Doubles with Daisy Speranza-Wyns

1R: bye
2R: d Miss K. Arnfield/Mlle Hofman 6-0 6-0
QF: d Mlle Faul/Mlle Lefebure-Dibon 6-0 6-0
SF: d Mlle Fender/Mlle Rottenbourg 6-0 6-0
FI: d. H Huchez/L Huchez 6-2 6-0

Mixed Doubles with Paul Feret

1R: d Mlle Brayer/Mr Morizot 6-0 6-0
2R: d Mlle Lafoy/J Prioux 6-1 6-0
QF: d Mme Faul/Mr Chain 6-0 6-4
SF: d Mlle Huchez/Mr Vanson 6-3 6-2
FI: d. Daisy Speranza-Wyns/PH Lefebure 6-1 7-5

Suzanne wins all 3 events for a hat trick.


August 27-September 2, Chateau d'Ardennes, Belgium (Clay)

1R: d Mme Prion 6-0 6-0
2R: d Mlle Goetbloets 6-0 6-0
QF: d Helene Van der Kindere 6-0 6-0
SF: d Mlle P Mechelynch 6-0 6-0
FI: d. Marthe Dupont 6-1 6-0

Doubles with Anne de Borman

1R: d Mlle S Hubert/Francine Isaac ????
SF: d Mme P. Mechelynck/Marie Storms 6-1 6-3
FI: d. Marthe Dupont/Leonie L'hoest 6-3 6-1

Mixed Doubles with Jean Washer

1R: d partner/E Regnout default
2R: d Leonie L'hoest/A Laloux 6-2 6-0
QF: d Helene Van der Kindere/J Relecom 6-0 6-0
SF: d Marthe Dupont/R Laloux 6-1 6-3
FI: d. Marie Storms/Georges Watson 6-1 6-1


September 3-10, International Championships of Spain, San Sebastian, Spain (Clay)
Venue: Recreation Club

1R: bye
2R: d Mlle E. Raoul-Duval 6-1 6-0
QF: d M. Satrustegui 6-0 6-0
SF: d J de Gomar 6-1 6-0
FI: d. Nanette Le Besnerais 6-0 6-1

CR: d. Germaine Le Conte (Frn) (holder) 6-1 6-0

Doubles with Nanette Le Besnerais

1R: d. M. Muguiro/C. Satrusegui 6-0 6-0
QF: d Mrs Barcenas/Dugesa de Santona default
SF: d Mlle Beague/Mlle E Raoul-Duval 6-0 6-0
FI: d. I. de Fleichner/J de Gomar 6-1 6-1

Mixed Doubles with Eduardo Flaquer

1R: M Mamguiro/JC Giiell 6-0 6-0
2R: d Miss Amat/JG Elorrio 6-0 6-0
QF: d Mlle E Raoul-Duval/E Borotra 6-1 6-0
SF: d Nanette Le Besnerais/JR Le Besnerais 6-2 6-1

FI: d. Germaine Le Conte/Count Manuel de Gomar 6-0 7-5

The finals were played in front of the Spanish King and Queen.

September 10-17, Biarritz, Biarritz, France (Clay)
Venue: Park des Sports d'Aquilea

1R: d Mlle Beague 6-0 6-0
QF: d Mlle E Raoul-Duval 6-0 6-0
SF: d Nanette Les Besnerais 6-0 6-0
FI: d. Germaine Le Conte default

Mixed with Eduardo Flaquer

1R: bye
2R: d Mlle de Amezago/Mr de Luze 6-0 6-0
QF: d Mme da las Barcenas/Mr Hunt 6-0 6-0
SF: d Mlle Beague/R Beague 6-1 6-0
FI: d. Nanette Le Besnerais/Pierre Blanchy default

Won 6 matches (3 in singles and 3 in mixed) without dropping a single game.


September 24-October 1, Portuguese International Championships, Cascais, Portugal (Clay)
Venue: Club de Cascais

1R: d Mrs Ryder 6-0 6-0
SF: d Angelica Plantier 6-0 6-0
FI: d. M Graham 6-0 6-0

Mixed Doubles with Eduardo Flaquer

1R: d Mrs Ryder/H Ryder 6-0 6-1
FI: d. Angelica Plantier/J Verda 6-3 6-0

Again wins the singles without dropping a game.


October 6-14 International Championships of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain (Clay)
Venue: Club de Toro

1R: d Miss Tarruella 6-0 6-0
SF: d Rosa Torras 6-1 6-0
FI: d Maria Luisa Marnet 6-0 6-0

Mixed Doubles with Eduardo Flaquer

1R: bye
QF: d C Luria/JM Tarruella 6-1 6-3
SF: d Rosa Torras/M Cousin 6-3 6-4
FI: d Maria Luisa Marnet/Count Manuel de Gomar 6-1 6-2

Suzanne finally drops a game in singles to Rosa Torras in the semis. The diva had won 7 matches by 6-0 6-0 scores.

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