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1919 (results complete)

Entered 10 events in total.

Won 9 of 10 tournaments entered
29-0 record, and 1 default

Won 4 of 4 events entered
8-0 match record.

Mixed Doubles
Won 8 of 10 events entered
21-1 match record, with 1 probable default at Cabourg


February 24-March 2 Cannes Carlton Tournament , Cannes, France (Clay)
Venue: Carlton Club


1R: d G Nativelle 6-1 6-1
FI: d Doris Wolfson 6-1 6-1

Mixed with Max Decugis

SF: d A Visart de Bocarme/M Fremaux 6-1 6-0
FI: d Doris Wolfson/Nicolae Mishu 6-2 6-3


March 3-9 La Festa Tournament, Monte Carlo, Monaco (Clay)

1R: bye
QF: d A Doublet 6-0 6-0
SF: d Mme Vassal 6-0 6-1
FI: d Doris Wolfson 6-0 6-0

Doubles with G Nativelle (Draw=4)

1R: d Mrs Gallene/Miss Jones 6-0 6-1
FI: d Mme Vassal/Doris Wolfson 6-1 6-1

Mixed Doubles with Max Decugis

1R: bye
QF: d Mrs Hugessen/Major Hugessen ????
SF: d Mme Vassal/JC Devereau ????
FI: d G Nativelle/Pierre Albarran 6-4 6-2


March 10-16, Riviera Championships, Menton, France (Clay)


FI: d A Doublet 6-0 6-1

Mixed Doubles with Max Decugis

1R: d Mrs Dollfuss/FR Deverreux 6-0 6-0
SF: d D Wilson/Captain B Bradford 6-0 6-1
FI: d Mme Vassal/M Fremaux 6-2 6-1

The final was the only match of the event in singles for the women. Why there wern't more entries is a mystery, as the mixed doubles event had 3 rounds.


March 17-25 South of France Championships, Nice, France (Clay)
Venue: Place Mozart


1R: d D Wilson 6-0 6-0
2R: d Mme Gerbault 6-0 6-0
QF: d Mrs FA Jackson default
SF: d Mme Vassal 6-0 6-0
FI: d Doris Wolfson 6-0 6-0

Mixed Doubles with Max Decugis

1R: d Miss Street/Dechartre 6-0 6-0
QF: d Mme G Deshayes/G Deshayes 6-1 6-0
SF: d S Voet/JC Devereux 6-0 6-1
FI: Doris Wolfson/Nicolae Mishu 6-2 6-2

Suzanne sweeps this event without dropping a game in her 4 singles matches. Rain delayed the event. The Place Mozart only consitss of two courts. Suzanne's father is honarary chairman of the club


March 25-30 Cannes Championships, Cannes, France (Clay)
Venue: Beau Site Hotel

1R: bye
QF: d Mrs Philbrick 6-0 6-0
SF: Mlle Lecaron 6-0 6-1
FI: d Elizabeth D'Ayen 6-0 6-0

Mixed Doubles with Pierre Albarran

1R: bye
QF: d Miss Edwards/Captain Barton 6-0 6-0
SF: d G Nativelle/Max Decugis 6-0 6-4
FI: Elizabeth D'Ayen/Andre Gobert 6-2 8-6


May 18-25 Paris Tournament, Paris, France (Clay)
Venue: Racing Club de Paris

1R: d Suzanne Deve 6-1 6-2
SF: d M Carbonnal 6-0 6-0
FI: d Jeanne Vaussard 6-0 6-1

Doubles with Jeanne Vaussard

FI: d Marie Conquet/M Danet 6-0 6-2

Mixed with Max Decugis

1R: bye
QF: d partner/Bonnal default
SF: d Germaine Pigueron/F Restrepo 6-0 6-2
FI: d Jeanne Vaussard/P Guillemaut 6-1 6-1

This event was held as a sort of replacement for the French Nationals and World Hard Court Chmps, both events not being held this year as the French Federation decided to wait until all French forces were demobilized.


June 23-July 5 The Championships, Wimbledon, London, England, UK (Grass)
Venue: The All-England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club

1R: d Annis Cobb 6-0 6-1
2R: d Ethel Larcombe 6-2 6-1
3R: d Doris Craddock 6-0 6-1
QF: d Kitty McKane 6-0 6-1
SF: d Elizabeth Ryan 6-4 7-5
FI: d Phyllis Satterwiate 6-1 6-1
CR: d Dorothea Lambert Chambers 10-8 4-6 9-7

Doubles with Elizabeth Ryan

1R: bye
2R: d Mrs FH Leisk/Mrs ARK Tuckey default
QF: d Annis Cobb/Kitty McKane 6-2 6-1
SF: d Winifred McNair/Mrs MB Parton 6-2 6-1
FI: d Dorothea Lambert Chambers/Ethel Larcombe 4-6 7-5 6-3

Mixed Doubles with William Laurentz

1R: bye
2R: d Miss Bristowe/CA McConchie 6-0 6-1
3R: d Mrs ARK Tuckey/OGN Turnbull 7-5 4-6 6-1
QF: lost to Elizabeth Ryan/R Lycett 6-2 4-6 2-6


August 11-17 Cabourg Tournament, Cabourg, France (Clay)
Venue: Garden Tennis Club

1R: Bye
QF: d Mme Donnaud default
SF: d Mlle Breton 6-0 6-0
FI: lost to Blanche Amblard default

Mixed with Max Decugis

???? (probable default)

Lenglen withdrew due to a blistered hand. Little's results indicate this was in the semifinals; yet his book notes it was in "the semifinal stage" (p 21). Which is correct?


August 25-30 Deauville Tournament, Deauville, France (Clay)

FI: Marguerite Billout 6-1 6-3

Doubles with Doris Wolfson

FI: d M Sichel/Daisy Speranza 6-0 6-1

Mixed Doubles with Max Decugis

FI: d M Sichel/Pierre Albarran 6-1 6-3


September 8-13 Le Touquet Tournament, Le Touquet, France (Clay)

1R: d Mme Mallet Stevens 6-0 6-0
QF: d Miss Burke 6-0 6-0
SF: d J Marion 6-0 6-0
FI: d Madeline O'Neill 6-0 6-1

Mixed Doubles with CEL Lyle

SF: d Mrs Seacombe/Captain LF Davin default
FI: d Madeline O'Neill/AE Beamish 6-1 6-0

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