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5th & Final Installment

Confidence is the difference in a deciding set. I had not lost a match since February........ by contrast Mary Ann had not won atournament all season, had lost to Kerry Melville in 3 sets at Wimbledon and to Rosie Casals in the US Pro Championships. With crowd in my corner, sometimes cheering her faults, Mary Ann managed only one more game in the last set.

'Ive never played in front of a crowd like that' she told newsmen afterwards.

I left the court to rousing ovation, but the women's lockerroom in the Tudor-style clubhouse might as well have been a morgue. Rosie Casals then no. 2 gave me a dirty look. Other players tried to console Mary Ann. Valerie Ziegenfuss walked past my locker and said 'good match' but she was the only player that congratulated me. It was afamilar chill. At several earlier tournaments in Florida, I had lost to Nancy Richey Gunter and Denise Carter and the other players sat together and cheered for Nancy and Denise as if I was the enemy.

Kids were excpetion rather than the rule in 1971. I hadn't spent enough time on the circuit for them to understand me and was too shy to reach out. As an amateur ineligible for prize money, I was a threat to their livelihood. I played only a handful of women's tournaments and most were only clay, which was another source of annoyance to them. 'Wait till we get her on grass or hard court' they would whisper among themselves.

There's more to life than just being happy.
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Thanks louloubelle for posting these excerpts. Isn't it such a familiar story for a new comer to be shunned when they threaten the establishment....we've seen it happen to all the champions subsequent to Chris. Just as an aside, i had to have a chuckle when i read chris's editorial in Tennis magazine this month. The theme of the piece was the skting at the olympic games, and how there is only one chance. I had to chuckle about how she managed to squeeze this victory againt Mary Ann into the piece....very funny.......
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Hi All..

just signed up today and thought id join in on this thread, i love Chris!

I have a web site for her, not the greatest, but it was fun to build, lots of photos and results.

Have a great day!

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Great site Tennisfan-welcome to the board How did you become an Evert fan?

I might be able to help with a few old results if you like.
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thanks rollo!

I think she was the first player i ever saw on tv.. i started watching tennis back in 88 or 89 so I really only caught the end of her carrear, but i was hooked

i have some results that havent been updated (building the site was fun.. mainting it is another story.. LOL) but anything you can contribute is appriciated.

thanks again!

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Hey Tennisfan- Welcome on board!
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Great story LouLoubelle! Isn't it hard to believe that Rosie and Frankie could cream Martina/Chris 6-0! I don't know how they got away with it! Amazing.
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Hands down the open era double-bagel queen is


Just a quick check of Tennis corner came up with these 6-0 6-0s

in slams

74 Aussie Szeman
76 Wimby Coe
76 US Coles
77 US Whytcross
79 US Riedel
80 Paris Fyanch
80 US Sands
81 Wimby Pasquale
82 Paris Forood
86 US Marsikova

That's 10 Double-bagels in grand slams

Evert had a bagel every year she played after 1976 except for 1983 and her last year on tour, 1989-and she came darn close to one then. She probably had bagels in all her years before 76 too, but tenniscorner records for then are poor.

Number of double bagles by year.

By year

81-6 (She was hungry in 81 )

That's AT LEAST 32 6-0 6-0 matches. It takes consistency to win 6-0 6-0, and Chrissie had it in spades. Bow down to the Queen of the double bagel!

P.S. Before I forget-Chrissie may be the ONLY open era #1 to double bagel TWO other women who reached #1 . Evert got martina love and love at Amelia in 81 and Austin 6-0 6-0 at the Toyota master in 82.
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Great factys Rollo. Its amazing how many records Chris has a hand in. Its annoying she always get shunted to the side by younger posters........
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Hi there BCP
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I think a big reason that Chris wasn't a huge proponent of Fed Cup was because for a long time she was loyal member of the U.S. Whitman Cup Team (Remember that event?), which when she was first coming up had more prestige (had been est. in 1924 as opposed to Fed Cup which was est. in 1963). I know that her father was a big supporter of the "establishment" and I'm sure that Chris felt more of an obligation to that event. Actually, until maybe twenty years ago, Fed Cup was often dismissed by top American players as the "B" team event. Once the early eighties rolled around and there was a dearth of top British women, the event became kind of a joke and then the top American's (Evert included) were much more likely to play Fed Cup. But when Chris started 1971, it was definitely more prestigious to play Whitman Cup.

That's what she said!!!
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Hey Rollo. Keep up the good work!
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Arrow a C/P from Palm Beach Post - Nov.2001

Chris Evert on motherhood, marriage and the ups and downs of middle age.

Alex and Nick won't budge. And that's the first clue that Chris Evert isn't just paying lip service to motherhood when she says her boys come first.
Alex, 10, and Nick, 7, hover near her at the Evert Tennis Academy in Boca Raton. They twirl rackets and pace. They're urged to go out on the courts and hit a few balls together, or to go play with one of the coaches. But, no, they'd rather wait for mom.
And, well, if your mom holds 157 pro tennis singles titles, including seven French Opens and three Wimbledons, who else would you want to practice with, anyway?
''They're my life, they're the most important thing,'' says Evert of Alex, Nick and 5-year-old Colton. ''I'm busy, but I'm 100 percent a mom first.''

Saturday, the busy mom welcomes a host of celebrities and professional tennis players to the 12th Annual Chris Evert/Raymond James Pro-Celebrity Tennis Classic in Delray Beach, an event that raises as much as $1 million each year for children's charities.

On the day before Thanksgiving, Evert, 46, settles into a sofa at the tennis academy to talk about her life and her three big loves: family, tennis and charity. It's been 12 years since she played her last professional match, but the All-all-American blond athlete who blistered the courts of major tournaments still looks the part. She's tanned and fit and seems ready to smash a few in a black tank top and white tennis skirt.
But instead of a serious match, she'll stand across the net from Alex and Nick later this afternoon, a cart full of tennis balls at her side as she lobs a few over to her sons. They gamely work on forehands and backhands with encouragements from mom: ''I love it! I love it! Awesome!''
This is how Evert spends most of her days now. No more world travel on tour, living out of a suitcase. Instead, she makes breakfasts and lunches, takes her boys to school, picks them up in the afternoons and heads to the academy to hit balls with them, or takes them to Ramp 48, a West Palm Beach skateboard and in-line skating park, where, for the most part, she blends in with the other parents.
Now that Colton, her youngest, is in kindergarten, Evert also gets more ''me'' time. ''The last 10 years I've always had a child home with me in the morning,'' she says. ''This is my first year I have all of them at school until 3 o'clock, so I'm rewarding myself.''
After dropping them off, she usually heads over to the academy, a facility she was part owner of until three years ago, when she bought out her partners. For a few hours, she plays tennis with academy students, or coaches and mentors them, talking with them about the pressures of world-class competitive tennis.
''We have about 35 boarders from all over the world, and after school, we have about 50 local kids who come,'' Evert says of the academy. ''It takes a few years to get the right program, the right coaches, and now, I think, this has really been a breakthrough year for us ... I'd say we have about 12 kids from the academy who go off to the national championships each summer. ''But we welcome anybody who just wants to work and have fun.''
Evert does both herself. Besides playing tennis three mornings a week, she does weight training twice a week with one of the academy's trainers, and she tries to do yoga twice a week, too.
''I kinda have a great life,'' she says with a broad smile. ''I'm having a good time.''
The timing of this stage in her life - when she can focus more on herself - couldn't be better, Evert says. Now that she's in her 40s, she finds keeping fit a challenge, and a necessity. Earlier this year, she began taking medication for high blood pressure, a hereditary condition.
''I'm very aware of the changes I'm going to have in the next five years,'' she says. ''That's something that isn't addressed really, because it's sort of taboo to talk about it, like menopause, but it's definitely a reality I'll have to deal with. And this year, with the high blood pressure, I've been feeling it mentally. I've been having some anxieties about the health changes that might trigger emotional or mental changes. That's why exercise is so important. If I don't exercise, I'm sluggish in my mind and in my body.''
This seems a fitting truth for a woman who has worked hard physically since she was a little girl. Christine Marie Evert was born in Fort Lauderdale on Dec. 21, 1954, one of five kids who all were trained to excel in tennis by their teaching pro father, Jimmy Evert. Of the five, Chris was the star. She made her first waves in an insignificant tournament at age 15, defeating No. 1 the world's top-ranked player, Margaret Court, 7-6, 7-6. She would go on to play for 20 years, racking up such accolades as the highest winning average in pro history and 21 major titles winning 18 Grand Slam titles and being ranked No. 1 for eight years. She was married for eight years to English player John Lloyd, and has been married to former Olympic skier Andy Mill for the last 13 years.
''I told Alex this year that I was married before and he goes, 'I hate him!' And I said, 'Actually, you'd like him a lot,' Evert says of her ex.
These days, with her hectic and vagabond tennis career fading into the past, it's now her ''extreme'' sports-loving boys and their equally active dad who keep her on her toes.
''Andy's the greatest dad in the whole world,'' Evert says of Mill. ''He bought the boys motorcycles, and he taught them how to snowboard, and how to ski and how to Rollerblade. He was the kind that, the first day, he got right in there with the diapers. He's just a fearless and adventurous person, and that's what I love about him, because I tend to be more cautious.''
Mill, now the host of the Sportsman's Journal fishing show on the Outdoor Life Network, travels as much as 10 days a month to shoot episodes. Last month, he took Nick with him to the Bahamas for bonefishing. When Mill travels, the nurse who helped deliver all three of Evert's children stays with her and the boys in the evenings to help with meals, homework and to provide a sense of security. Otherwise, Evert cares for her children on her own, and never had live-in help. ''I don't like being alone at night for 10 days in a row,'' says Evert. (The nurse is) my one luxury that I have. I call it a luxury because not a lot of people can have that.''
Evert says she's thought even more about safety and security since Sept. 11 - but not for herself.
''My first concern was my children, and their lifetime,'' she says. ''It wasn't my lifetime. I've lived a charmed life, so from here on in it's icing on the cake for me. But do they have to deal with this forever? Do they have to deal with the fear of flying on an airplane ... will they have to fear these networks of people for the rest of their lives? It brings you to your knees and makes you wonder.''
Evert says she and Mill have tried to help their children understand the tragedy using the simplest terms.
''My first instinct was to protect them from this, but at the same time, you know they're going to talk about this at school, so (we) just tell them simply, 'We're at war with some bad people,' Evert says. ''They don't understand the impact of it - they're in their own little world right now, thank goodness. I don't think they need to know the repercussions right now.''
Evert also worried the celebrities and tennis stars slated to play in her tournament this weekend would change their minds about coming. But then she had a reassuring phone call with former President George Bush three weeks ago.
''I said, 'Are you still coming?' And he said, 'Absolutely, I wouldn't miss it,' says Evert. ''He said, 'You know, what we have to do is continue living, we can't just stop living because of these people.'
Advice that the retired tennis star seems to be taking to heart herself. She is happy being a full-time mom and picky about the work she takes. She travels only twice a year, to the French Open and Wimbledon, to commentate for NBC. She likes being involved with the students at the academy that bears her name, but leaves the day-to-day management to her brother John. ''I don't want another career,'' she says.
And as for tennis, well, it's not so easy to walk away from the one thing you ate, breathed and slept for 20 years. But these days, it's a whole different ball game.
''I love it,'' Evert says. ''I like it because it's my choice now. I still like to feel like I'm able to run around and cover a court. Because one day, I won't be able to do it. And I like hitting a nice ball - right in the middle of the strings - it's still a great feeling.''

Chris Evert was a tennis champion for 20 years, but now she has settled into a new life of caring for her three sons and lending her expertise to the Boca Raton tennis academy that bears her name. "I'm pretty normal," says the retired star. We asked Evert to share a few thoughts with us on parenting, good food and why she has no idea where most of her trophies went.

On parenting: "I just go all by instinct. I'm probably wrong half the time, but if they're fighting, separate them. And I'm a firm believer in talking to them about things. I think communication is really important. If they do something wrong, instead of screaming or spanking, I sit them down and talk to them about being good people, about being nice. You learn new things every day about parenting."

On being different from her own parents: "I really appreciate my parents. Money was tight, my dad was working 12-hour days, my mom had no help. I know now why I was brought up in a very strict, black-and-white environment. It had to be that way ... I probably should be stricter than I am. It worked for (my parents), but I've gone the other way a little bit."

On raising tennis stars: "The boys won't be tennis players. They do so many sports. I think they'll just be all-around good athletes and use their minds for their careers. I could have gone the route my dad did, but I didn't want to 'create' tennis champions."

On fame: "I don't have the kind of fame I had when I was on the tour. Now I live very normally. It's great. I never really liked the other part of it. I didn't revel in it."

Her favorite food: "I love chicken, any kind of chicken. But you know what, I like McDonald's french fries, too. I have high blood pressure and I'm addicted to salt! I'm fine with chocolate stuff and fat stuff, but salty stuff I like."

Her favorite movie: Remember the Titans. "I love the story, about how sports brought them together. In the last year, when I've had a moment, I like to watch that movie, but it's a tear-jerker, too."

Her favorite book: "I don't have time to read books right now. I'm really a magazine freak. I'll buy every magazine, from Time to Good Housekeeping. But I am reading the Marianne Williamson book, A Return to love. After September 11, I kind of got in a spiritual mood, just to try to figure out the meaning of it all. The 40s, for me, is not only delving into my kids' lives, but it's also a halfway point for me, so it's figuring out what it's all about, where it's all going to lead. It's about fear and love. I have fears. I've always had a fear of flying, and a fear of going into a room of 500 people and talking. (The book is) all about how you can turn it around and not have fear in your life."

Her favorite indulgence: "Every two years I go to Canyon Ranch in Tucson, and I take my two sisters and my mother, and it's for five days, and I haven't been in two years, so I'm waiting for the OK from Alex," she says, winking at her oldest son. "Any indulgence for me would be a spa treatment."

Her favorite cosmetic product: Sunscreen. "Religiously, every day, I'm putting on sunscreen with a lot of SPF protection."

What possession can you not live without? "I'm a gypsy at heart. I was so good traveling all over the world for 20 years and feeling that that hotel room was my home for the week. I have nothing material, possession-wise, that I have to have. You can take stuff away from me. I collect my kids' papers and report cards, but I don't collect anything from me. I don't even have one U.S. Open trophy. I don't know where they are. I know, it's sad. My mother might have them; I have no idea. I have my Wimbledon and my French, but I don't have all my French. I won seven times and I think I have three trophies."

What would people be surprised to know about you? "I cuss. I have a locker-room mouth I developed on the tour, and still, a word will slip out with my kids, and they'll start saying it and I'll say, 'Who taught you that?' And they'll say, 'You, mom!' And I'm a good dirty joke teller."

Palm Beach Post - November 30, 2001 - Heather Graulich
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Thanks Tryphon LOL@ her potty-mouth. I don't believe her for a second when she says she didn't enjoy the fame though.

If you go to this link-then "Tennis Fashion" a link with Evert pics is at top. It has 8 pics of Evert
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Thanks Tryphon. Great articles. How could she have lost all those trophies?
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