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She's most beautiful player on a court. She has taught me how tennis is wonderful !!


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Her volley skills were just amazing, when Jana was on it was nearly impossible to pass her.

She not only had an amazing net coverage, she could do whatever volley is in the book. She used to do something that players that want to play at the net should learn, she didn't just stand near the net, she would walk to the ball to get sharper angles and make the volleys unreachable.

Also, she had the perfect serve and perfect approach, a kick serve and forced the opponent to return a high ball and that slice backhand that nearly didn't rebound
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Jana was one of the most gifted players to ever play. There was nothing she couldn't do. In addition to her net game, she could rally from the backcourt, and had great speed.

Jana presented an interesting statistical anomaly in a recent scientific study of tennis strokes. Some "tennis scientists" (for lack of a better term) were studying various players and their strokes at the US Open. One of the things they discovered was that when a player hits a slice shot on a hard court (as opposed to grass), the friction of the court grabs the ball when it bounces, and reverses the spin from underspin to overspin. All except one. Jana's slice backhand was so heavily-rotated (more RPMs than any other stroke measured), that it kept the underspin even after the bounce. That's some heavy slice!
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Jana was one of the most gifted players to ever play. There was nothing she couldn't do. In addition to her net game, she could rally from the backcourt, and had great speed.
very interetsting article! her slice ball is so heavy. you can tell from the bounce of the ball and the flying track of the ball. other players use slice to defend, but jana use it as an aggressive weapon on court. i think she has the most beautiful and efficient backhand ever! does anyone remember in 1998 wimbledon. vs hingis. jana's slice ball didn't let hingis hit the ball back efficently. hingis must ride down the knees to return the slice ball back. and one scene is that hingis use one hand backhand to save a deep low slice ball. one hand backhand!!! so heavy slice!
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is it better then steffi's slice then???

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Just to keep this thread alive.

I finish watching Jana against Martina Nav. in 1993 wimbledon. and it was a great match, both player get to the net every time, and it is great to see those volley trades. I miss that a lot, any more memory from Jana?
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I miss Jana also!!!!!!!!!
I still can remember the shot that she made of her final in 1998 Wimbledon!!!!!!
That's really amazing!!!!
Jana...All of us miss you!
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Hi; I just recently joined wtaworld, and this is my first post. I love Jana Novotna, she is my favorite player. Maybe the smartest person ever to play world-class tennis, articulate, a thinker, funny, and a real sweetiepie, as anyone who ever read her messages on the Yahoo Club site knows. Appears outwardly to be a tough kind of a person, but soon enough shows herself sensitive and warm. Volatile; honest; dedicated to the goal.
A great doubles player who made her partners great. Winning countless Slams and other big tournaments with Sukova, Neiland, Sanchez-Vicario: who among them has been great with anyone else? She also made Hingis great, and after stabbing Novotna in the back, Hingis began her long, slow decline which continues. These were all great partnerships, but, Novotna being Novotna, they all eventually EXPLODED.
About her great last shot at Wimbledon, I remember that moment when Tauziat hit it, then Novotna hit it down the line, and there was this fabulous moment, frozen in time, where you could see from the camera angle and Novotna saw from her perspective, that the shot was good, not out, and that Tauziat was not going to get to it, and it hadn't happened yet, but, she won--it did happen. Then, "Game, Set and Match...." and the thrilling celebration. Good for her.
She has not been answering messages at her Yahoo club lately, which may or may not mean anything. Something may be going on in her life. Oh well, that just means all us little Novotnaites will have to wait. Yahoo has also been destroying itself, and may completely; I have been getting totally disenchanted with it. I hope if Yahoo collapses, she will transfer the club and message board elsewhere, maybe even a site connected with her agent, Octagon. Maybe the people who ran the great Jana Novotna Online could do something--whoever they were.
By the way, I read Novotna was once the "mystery guest" on a BBC quiz show, "A Question of Sport"? What was this show, when was it? Is it on video, or was there a picture of it, like in ACE Magazine or something?
Anyway, she will soon be at Eastbourne and Wimbledon again, for all the lucky people who will be there.
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Jana always impressed me by being the best female I've ever seen who could come over and under the ball(topspin and underspin) off both sides.
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Question of Sport is a weekly quiz show, made up of 2 teams of 3 sport stars. You get all sorts on there. But is hosted by Sue Barker.

Maybe have a look at www.bbc.co.uk and follow the links through to it...
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Thank you for that information. I wrote down some contact addresses from the BBC site, but I would still like to know if anybody remembers it. Also, Novotna apparently was very funny and carefree on court when she was very young and just starting, until she decided to get serious and win. There have been comments on this on the "Ladies of the Court" thread, but does anybody have any other memories of her then (1980s), or pictures?
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I did read her messgae board in yahoo. but I have not recently, maybe Jana is busy with something, she was saying she is moving house or something right?
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I can't scan pics but I can tell you early Jana was overweight with spiky hair and looked like a cute porcupine when she had that bug eyed look! IMO she owes a lot to Hana Mandlikova's guidance. To Jana's credit, she was always quick to give Hana praise
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First, about Jana not answering Yahoo messages: Yes, that could be it, and I thought of that too. Late last year and early this year, she was moving and still getting boxes of things from the old house in Florida to unpack and put away. Maybe she decided to knock off for a while and just complete that, if it already isn't. Also, she mentioned she sometimes still visits her family in the Czech Republc, and I wondered if it might have been that. Anyway, during Feb., she dropped this casual comment, "That is enough about me for now," which makes it seem like she'll be gone for a week, and BAM!, she dropped off the face of the Earth. Oh well, we'll wait. (Hope it isn't anything bad.)

Also, I have seen a few early pictures of Novotna (which I printed up from the old Jana Novotna Online website--who ran that site, by the way?), and she IS a very cute porcupine! Novotna, of course, was the master of the bug-eyed look. The creme de la creme of bug-eyed shots (and I don't know how to scan, etc. either), was a small picture on page 47 of the August 1998 ACE Magazine; it was Novotna at her most Novotna. She also had a very cute squinty look that she would let out with every now and then, that looked partly like she needed glasses, and partly like she didn't know where the hell she was. What kinds of funny things would Novotna do on the court then? Also, she did always give credit to Mandlikova, and apart from that, Novotna worked very hard and long to achieve the great goal of winning Wimbledon and other championships, and deserves a lot of credit for that, and for playing highly intelligent, aware tennis.
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The young spikey Jana I thought tended to hug the baseline a bit more than the older Jana. I remember a match against Pam Shriver at Queensland Open on grass where she pummelled Pam's approach shots with huge forehands. She only sliced the backhand and tried to run around it often. I can remember commentators saying that she would've won the match (67 67) if she ventured forward more often.

How things changed. She developed a topspin backhand and used the slice as an attacking weapon. The net became her prime target because it uitlised her athleticism. The forehand became her dodgy shot and seemed to lack potency.

Her first GrandSlam title was the mixed doubles at Aust Open 1987, the first year at Flinders Park. She and Jim Pugh beat Martina and Tim/Tom? Gullickson where the killer forehand was on show. An article of the match, if I remember, credited her play as the deciding factor in a match that went 64 in the 3rd. Her bubbly personality came forth when the stadium laughed as she insisted that she, not Pugh, give the winners speech.

There's more to life than just being happy.
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