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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

HAARMANN, Annemarie (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

HAAS, Janet (United States) [28 June 1953- ] [Married to Steven Harris Fermaglich, from 9 May 1987] [Active 1970s.]

HABSUDOVA, Karina (Czechoslovakia/Slovakia) [2 Aug 1973- ] [Married to Milan Cilek, from 24 Oct 2003] [Active 1989-2003]

Hack, Mrs. L. W. (from 16 March 1916) [SEE HILL, Adela Gwendoline ”Gwen”]

Hack, Mrs. S. C. [SEE WEISEL, Dorothy Alice]

HACK, Sabine (Germany) [12 July 1969- ] [1983-1997]

Hackett, Mrs. T. N. (from 28 June 1941) [SEE WELCH, Kathryn "Kay" Kuester]

Hackett, Mrs. H. H. (from 26 April 1916) [SEE DEMAREST, Maude Adams]

HACKMAN, Marianne (Finland) [Active 1910s.]

HACKS, Ameli (Germany) [Frau Ring, from c. 1969/70] [Active 1960s.]

Haepp, (Frau) Margot (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Hagan, Mrs. J. [SEE DEFINA, Stephanie]

Hagelin, (Frau) Gertrud (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s-30s.] [SEE ???]

HAGEMEYER, Lottie (United States) [Active 1920s.]

HAGENAUER, Emmy (Austria/Czechoslovakia) [Frau Weidenhoffer] [Active 1920s-40s.]

HAGER, Edith (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Hager, (Frau) Lilo (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

HAGER, Ruth (United States) [Active 1920s.]

HAGERMAN, Betty Sue (United States) [5 Jan 1948- ] [Married to David A. Welch, from 3 April 1993] [Active in the late 1960s.]

HAGEY, Susan Hoyt (United States) [3 Feb 1958- ] [Married to John J. Wall, from 2 Oct 1985] [Active 1970s.]

Hague, Mrs. A. (from 1930) [SEE FREUDENSTEIN, Edith Mary]

HAGUE, Minnie (Canada) [c. 1877-Nov 1939] [Active 1900s.]

HAHS, Edith Bushong (United States) [28 Jan 1909-12 March 1992] [Mrs. Ellwood Irwin Beatty Jr., from 25 April 1936] [Active 1930s.]

HAINES, Lynn (United States) [17 March 1944- ] [Active 1960s.]

Haitsma Mulier, Mrs. J. E. (by 1905) [SEE VAN LENNEP, Madzy]

HAJI, Khanum (India) [Mrs. Singh] [Active 1940s-50s.]

HALARD, Julie (France) [10 Sept 1970- ] [Married to Arnaud Decugis, from 22 Sept 1995] [Active 1980s-2000s.]

Halard-Decugis, Julie (from 22 Sept 1995) [SEE HALARD, Julie]

HALDEMAN, Maud (United States) [22 June 1874-21 Nov 1931] [Active 1900s.]

Hale, Mrs. J. F. (by July 1948) [SEE STEWARD, Dorothea "Thea"]

Hales, Mrs. R. (from 28 Nov 1959) [SEE WARD, Patricia “Pat”]

Halff, Mme [SEE NEUFELD, Arlette]

Halford, Mrs. W. C. J. (from 26 July 1940) [SEE WHITMARSH, Mary Eileen]

HÄLING, Inna (Soviet Union) [31 Jan 1941- ] [Married to Loit, from 1968] [Active ???]

HALL, Barbara (Australia) [Active 1950s.]

HALL, Eleanor Mary "Nell" (Australia) [19 March 1909-10 Jan 1968] [Mrs. Henry Christian "Harry" Hopman, from 19 March 1934] [1920s-60s.]

HALL, Jessie (Australia) [Mrs. Rupert Pelly] [Active ???]

Hall, Mrs. W. M. (11 April 1925-12 Aug 1940) [SEE CAPE, Mary Story "Vandy"]

HALL, Miriam (United States) [17 Nov 1877-18 June 1954] [Active c. 1896-1910]

Hall, (Mrs) Susie (South Africa) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

Hall, (Mrs.) Tessa (United Kingdom) [Mrs. ES Hall; maiden name unknown] [Active 1910s.] [SEE ???]

Hall, Mrs. C. W., Jr. (28 Aug 1964-April 1971) [SEE STONE, Wendy M.]

HALL, Wendy V. (United Kingdom) [Active 1960s.]

HALLARD, Micheline (France) [Active 1930s.]

HALLEY, Ellen Annie "Nellie" (Australia) [1897-1958] [Mrs. Frank Lascelles, from 1922] [Active 1920s.]

Halliday, Mrs. A. S. (from 2 March 1940) [SEE THIEMAYER(Thiemeyer?), Yutha Maud Mary]

HALLORAN, Norma (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

HALLQUIST, Barbara (United States) [1 May 1957- ] [Married to John DeGroot] [Active 1970s-1983]

Halphen, (Mme) Jacqueline (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

HALS, Anne Cathrine (Sweden) [21 Dec 1917-2 Nov 2001] [Mrs. J. Lindholm] [Active ???]

HALS, Benedicte "Lilleba" (Sweden) [26 March 1919-18 Oct 2004] [Mrs. A. Klofsten, after 1943] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Hals, Mrs. H. A. (from 1917) [SEE BJURSTEDT, Valborg]

Hamann, Frau (from c. 1940-41) [SEE ENGER, P. Gisela]

Hamann-Enger, Gisela (from c. 1940-41) [SEE ENGER, P. Gisela]

HAMEL, Thilde (Germany) [13 Oct 1915-early March 1996] [Frau Theo Dietz, from c. 1939] [Active 1930s-40s.]

HAMELIN, Monique (France) [c. 1918-9 Sept 2014] [Mme Laisné, before 1937-before 1946; Mme Coste before 1952-before 13 May 1963; Mme Bensusan by 1967] [Active c. 1937-1963]

Hamilton, Mrs. S. G. I. (from c. July/Sept 1964) [SEE YATES-BELL, Caroline]

HAMILTON, Christine (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Hamilton, Mrs. J. P. de C. (from 31 July 1936) [SEE OLDFIELD, Elizabeth “Betty” Millicent]

HAMILTON, Elsie M. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. H. R. Phillips, from April/June 1940] [Active 1930s-50s.]

HAMILTON, Ellen "Nellie" (Australia) [Mrs. P. Raymond Begg] [Active ???]

Hamilton, Mrs. I. (from 1942) [SEE CHRYSTAL, Ethyl]

Hamilton, Mrs. E. R. (from 23 August 1941) [SEE BROWN, Nina Borein]

HAMM, Mary K. (United States) [7 Sept 1954- ] [Married to Paul Ridings, from 17 March 1986] [Active 1970s.]

Hammel, Mrs. L. S. (from 27 Dec 1946) [SEE BRADLEY, Ruby Patricia]

HAMMER, Inger Marie (Denmark) [28(22?) July 1884-22(27?) July 1967] [Mrs. Aage Immanuel Tang Barfod, from 15 Sept 1915] [Active 1910s.]

HAMMER, Klara (Germany) [13 June 1908-????] [Frau Beuthner/Beutter?, from c. 1936] [Active 1930s.]

Hammersley, Mrs. S. H. (from 28 July 1938) [SEE JAMES, Winifred Alice "Freda"]

HAMMILL, Merrill (South Africa/Australia) [1 March 1938- ] [Mrs. Robert "Bob" Mark, from early 1961] [Active 1950s-60s.]

HAMMOND, Anne (Australia) [Mrs. Barry J. Phillips-Moore] [Active 1960s.]

Hammond, Mrs. (after 1958) [SEE MCEVANS, Gwendolyn "Gwen"]

HAMMOND, Louise (United States) [Mrs. Edward Raymond, by 1916] [Active 1900s-20s.]

Hampton, Mrs. G. C. (from 9 Jan 1914) [SEE ALLEN, Kathleen Margaret]

Hancock, Mrs. P. F. (from 15 Sept 1897) [SEE MEYLER, Jessie Violet]

Hancock, Mrs. C. L. (from 1894) [SEE SWEET-ESCOTT, Louisa Dunn]

Handsombody, Mrs. F. T. (by April 1901) [SEE PAULIN, Nellie Kynaston]

HANDY, Edith B. (United States) [Active 1900s-10s.]

Hane, Diane (before 1982- before 1987) [SEE GILRUTH, Diane]

HANIKA, Sylvia (Germany) [30 Nov 1959- ] [Married to Harold Holder, from 1989; didn’t play under married name] [Active 1970s.-1990]

HANKS, Carol E. (United States) [2 April 1943- ] [Mrs. Donald C. Aucamp, from c. 1964] [Active 1960s.]

HANNADOUCHE, ??? (France) [Active 1940s.]

Hannam, Mrs. F. J. (from 5 May 1909) [SEE BOUCHER, Edith Margaret]

HANSELL, Ellen Forde "Nellie" (United States) [18 Sept 1869-11 May 1937] [Mrs. Taylor Allerdice] [Active 1890s.]

Hansen, Mrs. F. (29/30 April 1918-1928 or 1936) [SEE SCHEEL, (Countess) Amory Ide Agnes]

Hansen, Mrs. G. (1970-before 1974) [SEE GRUBB, Elizabeth "Betty" Ann]

HANSEN, Gail (United States) [21 April 1951- ] [Mrs. Mark B. Elliott, by June 1973] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Hanson, Mrs. (from c. 1941) [SEE KILLER, Ivy Sarah]

HANTZE, Karen Janice (United States) [11 Dec 1942- ] [Mrs. James Rodney Susman, from 12 Sept 1961] [Active 1950s-70s.]

HAPPONEN, Anne (Finland) [2 Nov 1962- ] [Active 1980s.]

HARAN, Hélčne (France) [Active 1930s.]

Harbula, Mrs. W. (from 1954) [SEE PURDY, Eleanor]

HARD, Darlene Ruth (United States) [6 Jan 1936- ] [Mrs. Richard Harold Waggoner, from 20 Aug 1977] [1950s-70s.]

HARDCASTLE, Margaret May [May] (Australia) [6 May 1913-2 Aug 2002] [Active 1930s-40s.]

HARDIE, Marie Christabel "Cristobel" (United Kingdom) [16 Sept 1903-15 Nov 1971] [Mrs. Irving Horace Wheatcroft, from c. July/Aug 1930] [Active 1920s-30s.]

HARDIN, Elizabeth (United States) [Active 1940s.]

Harding, Mrs. R. W. F. (23 Feb 1913-????) [SEE ALLEN, (Agnes) Dorothy]

HARDING, Inez (United States) [11 Jan 1914-30 Jan 2011] [Mrs. Lander] [Active c. 1932-40]

HARDING, Jessie (United States) [Active 1880s.]

Harding, Mrs. H. (from 17 June 1922) [SEE MASON, Mary Shallcross]

Hardingham, Mrs. R. (by Nov 1950) [SEE KENT, Dawn]

HARDWICK, (Ruth) Mary (United Kingdom) [8 Sept 1913-12 Dec 2001] [Mrs. Charles Edgar Hare, from 30 Jan 1943] [Active 1931-1941]

Hardy, Mrs. W. (from 19 Nov 1902) [SEE SYMINGTON, Caroline "Carrie"]

Hardy, Mrs. R. J. (from 1948) [SEE BARRACLOUGH, Sheila]

HARE, Esther Mae (United States) [7 Dec 1901-25 March 1978] [Mrs. Gerald "Jerry" Bartosh, before July 1929-before 1940] [Active 1920s-40s.]

Hare, Mrs. C. E. (from 30 Jan 1943) [SEE HARDWICK, (Ruth) Mary]

HARFORD, Tanya Jane (South Africa) [28 Nov 1958- ] [Married to David Gemmell, from 4 Feb 1989] [Active 1970s-80s.]

HARGREAVES, Aline (France) [Active 1930s.]

HARGREAVES, Manon G. “Molly” (United Kingdom) [Mrs. James] [Active 1930s-40s.]

HARKLEROAD, Ashley (United States) [2 May 1985- ] [Married to: Alex Bogomolov, Jr., Dec 2004-Oct 2006; Chuck Adams, from 19 Sept 2009; didn’t play under married names?] [Active 1999-2008, 2010]

HARLIN, Maire (Finland) [1920- ] [Married to Kaarle Paavo Armas Arni, from 1948/49] [Active 1940s-50s.]

HARMAN, Dora Prendersgast (New Zealand) [1875-1961] [Active c. 1893-98]

HARMAN, Eveleen Jane (New Zealand) [1866-1940] [Mrs. (Reverend) Frank Mayne, from 11 Feb 1896] [Active 1888-1896]

HARMAN, Josephine (United Kingdom / Ireland) [3 Oct 1914- ] [Mrs. Peters] [Active late 1930s-1940s]

Harmer, Mrs. R. (from 12 June 1937) [SEE WARD, Betty J.]

HARPELL, Winnifred "Winnie" (Canada) [Oct 1929- ] [Mrs. Richard Bocking, from 1953 [Active 1940s.]

Harper, Mrs. (Australia) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

Harper, Mrs. L. A. (from 7 July 1925) [SEE MCCUNE, Anna Virginia]

Harper, Mrs. P. A. (from 1938) [SEE EDWARDS, Cornelia Esther]

Harper, Peanut (from 3 May 1986) [SEE LOUIE, Mareen "Peanut"]

Harper, Mrs. R. R. (from 28 May 1924) [SEE LANCE, Sylvia]

Harper, Mrs Frank W. (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Harrigan, Mrs. F. E. (from 12 Aug 1907) [SEE BILL, Frances Myrtle]

Harriman, Rewa [SEE HUDSON, Rewa]

Harris, Mrs. J. C. (after Sept 1937-Dec 1968) [SEE KESTING, Elizabeth Coriine]

Harris, Mrs. A. H. (from c. 1876) [SEE DAY, Helen Marie]

HARRIS, Kerry (Australia) [19 Sept 1949- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Harris, Mrs. J. W. [SEE GREEF, Mary]

HARRIS, Muriel I. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. René C. Boucher, from c. Aug 1942] [Active 1930s-40s.]

HARRIS, Robin M. (United States) [13 April 1956- ] [Married to David Stewart, from 13 Jan 1979] [Active 1970s.]

HARRISON, Alison R. (United States) [Active 1930s.]

HARRISON, Anne (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Harrison, Mrs. A. J. C. (19 June 1950-before 19 Sept 1973) [SEE CLEMENTS, Elizabeth "Betty" Evelyn]

HARRISON, Leanne (Australia) [10 April 1958- ] [Married to John Austin, ????-????] [Active c. 1976-1980]

Harrison, Mrs. A. E. (from 12 April 1899) [SEE SNOOK, Mabel Louise]

HARRISON, Mary Patricia "Pat" (United Kingdom) [c. 1925- ] [Mrs. James Hugh Brown, from 1955] [Active 1940s-50s.]

HARRY, Edna (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

HARRY, Gethyn Wareham (United Kingdom) [15 Dec 1908-April 1996] [Mrs. Brown] [Active 1920s.]

HARRY, Janice Floyd (United Kingdom) [4 Oct 1907-1978] [Mrs. David Alexander Kayll, from 26 Aug 1933] [Active ???]

HARSHAW, Jean Chute (United States) [Mrs. Lesko] [Active 1930s-40s.]

HARSHAW, Madge "Bunny" (United States) [15 Aug 1919-24 Oct 1999] [Mrs. Francis A. C. Vosters, from 1941] [Active 1930s-60s.]

HART, Doris Jane (United States) [20 June 1925-29 May 2015] [Active 1930s-1955]

Hart, Mrs. W. P. (from 1894) [SEE KINDERSLEY, Katherine Mary]

HART, Margaret (United States) [Active 1930s.]

HART, Mary Melinda (United Kingdom) [10 Sept 1901-????] [Mrs. Clinton Gilbert McIlquham, from 5 April 1923] [Active 1920s.]

HART-COX, Elizabeth "Betty" Kathleen (United Kingdom) [20 March 1914-2005] [Active 1930s.]

Harte, Mrs. R. (from 27 June 1945) [SEE SEYBURN, Isabel Dorothy]

HARTELT, Inge (Germany) [c. 1921/22-26 Jan 2005] [Married to Pohmann, from between 1943 and 1947] [Active 1940s-50s.]

HARTER, Kathleen Marie "Kathy" (United States) [27 Oct 1946- ] [Married to: Michael Phillips Marcus, 27 June 1980-????; Steven Allen Shubin, from 19 June 1995] [Active 1960s-1978]

HARTGILL, ??? (New Zealand) [first name unknown; Mrs. Green, by 1922] [Active ???]

HARTIGAN, Gwen (Australia) [Active ???]

HARTIGAN, Joan Marcia (Australia) [6 June 1912-31 Aug 2000] [Mrs. Hugh Moxon Bathurst, from 13 April 1947] [Active 1930s-40s.]

HARTLEY, Cecily Mary Brindley (United Kingdom) [1894-1972] [Mrs. George A. Marriott, from 1916] [Active ???]

Hartley Graham, Mrs. (from 23 June 1906) [SEE RIMINGTON, Alice Margaret Emma]

Hartman, Mrs. (from c. 1965) [SEE CHRISTER, Alice]

HARTMAN, Joy Viola (United States) [Mrs. Loyal Melvin Liken, from between Sept 1941 and April 1942] [Active 1930s-50s.]

Hartwig, Mrs. R. (from 19 April 1952) [SEE EXELBY, Madge Irene]

Harvey, Mrs. E. (from 29 April 1903) [SEE GOSLING, Bessie]

Harvey, Mrs. (by 1936) [SEE ROGERS, Dolly]

HARVEY, Ermyntrude Hilda (United Kingdom) [1896-1973] [Active 1920s.-1939]

Harvey, Mrs. G. A. (from 4 Sept 1900) [SEE BROWN, Flora Headley]

HARVEY-WILD, Linda (United States) [11 Feb 1971- ] [Married to Brian Secord] [Active 1987-1997, 1999-2000]

Harvie, Mrs. K. D. (from 12/13? Dec 1931) [SEE PATERSON, Grace C.]

Hasler, Holly (from 22 June 2002) [SEE PARKINSON, Holly]

Hasluck, Mrs. R. (from 22 April 1899) [SEE SMYTHE, Helen Pulteney Dumville]

HASSMANN, Monika (Austria) [Active 1960s.]

HATANAKA, Kimiyo (Japan) [16 April 1944- ] [Mrs. Yagahara] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Hatch, Mrs. H. (from 12 Oct 1893) [SEE MCKINLAY, Adeline Maud]

Hatchard, Mrs. D. P. (from 6 June 1916) [SEE BAWDEN, Amy Eva Terdrey]

Hatherley, Mrs. (from c. 1939/40) [SEE POOLE, Irene]

HATT, Ethel Mary (Canada) [13 July 1876-20 Aug 1969] [Mrs. Harold R. Babbitt, by 1905] [Active 1908-1927]

HATTERSLEY, Alison C. (Australia) [1909- ] [Active 1920s-50s.]

HATTERSLEY-SMITH, Dorothy Mary (United Kingdom) [1878-1961] [Active c. 1906-1925]

HATTERSLEY-SMITH, Marjory Pell (United Kingdom) [1886-28 May 1965] [Active c. 1906-1925]

Haude, Mrs. R. H. (after Nov 1961) [SEE MARTIN, Ruth]

Hauducoeur, (Mme) Marie-Magdeleine (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

HAUGHTON, Margaret Wilhelmina (Ireland) [19 Sept 1893-12 Dec 1968] [Active 1920s.]

Haukenes, Mrs. (by 1950) [SEE GREGERTSEN (or GREGGERSON?), Ruth]

Hausburg, Mrs. L. L. R. (17 April 1895-21 Nov 1921) [SEE RISELEY, Phoebe Beatrice "Trissie"]

HAUSELT, Edna C. (United States) [25 May 1898-22 March 1987] [Mrs. Frederick V. Roeser, from Jan/Feb 1924] [Active 1920s.]

HAVERSTICK, Mary (United States) [Active 1980s.]

HAWCROFT, Barbara (Australia) [13 Oct 1950- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Hawk, Mrs. P. B. (from c. 1923) [SEE TAYLOR, Gladys]

HAWKER. E. B. (United Kingdom) [Active 1900s.]

Hawker, Mrs. R. (from 1910) [SEE PUTNAM, Lois]

HAWTHORN, Dorothy (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

Hawton, Mrs. K. E. (from 16 Oct 1948) [SEE BEVIS, Mary Renetta]

HAXBY, Marion Isobel (United Kingdom) [1904-????] [Mrs. William Brown, from 1929] [Active 1920s.]

HAY, Ebba (Sweden) [11 Dec 1866-4 June 1979] [Active ???]

Hay, Mrs. A. S. (from 23 Aug 1909) [SEE LYSAGHT, Mary Louisa]

HAYDON, Adrianne Shirley "Ann" (United Kingdom) [17 Oct 1938- ] [Mrs. Philip Francis "Pip" Jones, from 30 Aug 1962] [Active 1950s-70s.]

HAYDON, Dorothy Maude (United Kingdom) [1900-????] [Mrs. Leslie Pittock Crouch, 1928-before 1945] [Active 1920s-30s.]

HAYES, Kathleen "Kath" (Australia) [Mrs. Roderick McLennan] [Active 1930s.]

Haygarth, Mrs. P. (29 May 1964-before 1977) [SEE SCHUURMAN, Renée]

Haylock, Mrs. R. E. (from 14 April 1924) [SEE MCALPIN, Elsa Maude]

HAYMEN, Emily Dawson (Australia) [6 Oct 1895-after 1980] [Mrs. Arthur Stanley Roe, from 22 Jan 1917] [Active c. 1915-25]

HAYMEN, Margaret (Australia) [1894-????] [Mrs. Charles Clark, from 12 Dec 1928] [Active c. 1920-28]

HAYMEN, Nell Catherine Granville (Australia) [11 June 1912-2005] [Mrs. Timothy Patrick Honnor, from 11 July 1937] [Active 1920s-30s.]

HAYNIE, Janie (or Jaynie) Rice (United States) [c. 1938- ] [Mrs. James Paget Hentz, from summer 1960] [Active 1950s.]

Hayward, Mrs. D. A. (4 Oct 1958-May 1975) [SEE SAMPSON, Julia Ann "Julie"]

HEAD, (Alice) Dorothy "Dottie" (United States) [4 July 1925- ] [Mrs. Donald P. Knode, from 16 Oct 1952] [Active 1940s-70s.]

HEAD, Enid Muriel (United Kingdom) [12 April 1893-1974] [Mrs. Harold G. Broadbridge, from 20 Aug 1925] [Active ???]

Heagerty, Mrs. J. S. (from c. June 1926) [SEE ANDERSON, Mary E.M.]

HEARD, Patsy (United States) [24 Oct 1933- ] [Active 1950s.]

Heath, Mrs. C. R. W. (from 1900) [SEE KING-CHURCH, Frances Annie]

Heathcote, Mrs. L. H. M. (from 2 March 1912) [SEE LATHAM, Edith Hilda]

Heatley, Mrs. H. T. (from 7 Feb 1884) [SEE LUNT, Elizabeth]

Heaton, Mrs. F. [SEE PERREN, Edna]

HECKMAN, Kathleen (United States) [1964- ] [Married to Jon R. Winegardner, from 27 Jan 1989] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Hector, Mrs. D. (from 1945) [SEE GRASSICK, Hazel Joan]

HEDBERG, Lucy Jane (United States) [4 July 1912-26 Sept 1996] [Active c. 1925-30]

HEDLUND, Louise (United States) [10 Feb 1917-9 March 2002] [Mrs. Charles S. Mercer] [Active 1930s.]

HEELEY, Gertrude Mary [Mary] (United Kingdom) [30 March 1911-14 Aug 2002] [Mrs. David Frederick Cartwright, 3 Dec 1938-????; Mrs. Claude Richard Bosomworth, from 9(19?) April 1969] [Active 1930s.]

Heher, Mrs. E. (from 1935) [SEE THEW, Gwen]

HEIDENREICH, Marie (Norway) [Active 1930s.]

Heidensleben, Mrs. P. F. (from c. 1933) [SEE MEYER, Ebba Alexandrine]

HEIDTMANN, Ursula "Ushi" (Germany) [24 June 1917- ] [Active 1930s-50s.]

HEIMANN, Anita (Germany) [Frau Lent] [Active 1920s.]

HEIMANN, Paula (Germany) [17 Oct 1895-12 Oct 1976] [Frau von Reznicek, c. 1925/26-???; Frau Hans Stuck, 1932-1948] [Active 1920s-30s.]

HEINE, Esther Annie Laurie "Bobbie" (South Africa) [5 Dec 1909- ] [Mrs. James Henry Knipe Miller, 6 April 1931-???; Mrs. William Ritchie Davie, from 19 Sept 1948] [Active 1920s-1940s.]

Heinicke, Mrs. (from c. 1963) [SEE PALMER, Victoria "Vicky"]

Heitler, Mrs. E. (from 21 Feb 1932) [SEE SHWAYDER, Dorothy "Dot"]

HEITSHU, Amy Lunt (United States) [25 Nov 1880-19 Jan 1972] [Mrs. (Dr) Edward Cecil Sewall, from 27 Jan 1910] [Active c. 1900-09]

HEITZMANN, Lydia Cecilia (United Kingdom) [1873-27 Jan 1958] [Married to (Major) George Hubert Cary Wilkins, from 1901] [Active early 1890s.]

HEITZMANN, Sophia Marie (United Kingdom) [15 Aug 1871-21 Sept 1932] [Mrs. Kenneth Ramsden Marley, from 1896] [Active early 1890s.]

HELDMAN, Carrie (United States) [5 Aug 1944- ] [Active 1960s.]

Heldman, Mrs. J. (from 1942) [SEE MEDALIE, Gladys]

HELDMAN, Julie (United States) [8 Dec 1945- ] [Married to Bernard L. Weiss, from 30 May 1981] [Active 1960s-1975]

HELGESON, Ginger (United States) [14 Sept 1968- ] [Married to Todd Nielsen, from Sept 1994] [Active 1984-1998]

Helgeson-Nielsen, Ginger (from Sept 1994) [SEE HELGESON, Ginger]

HELLER, Elselore (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

HELLSTRÖM, Marianne (Finland) [Active 1940s.]

HELLWEG, Ruth (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

HELLWIG, Helena "Helen" Rebecca (United States) [4 March 1874-26 Nov 1960] [Mrs. William "Billy" H. Pouch, from 8 Nov 1897] [Active 1890s-1910s.]

HELLYER, Margaret Batten (Australia) [19(29?) July 1937- ] [Mrs. Kenneth J Burston, from 17 May 1963] [Active 1950s-60s.]

HELMER, Helga (Austria/Germany) [Active 1930s.]

HELMHOLZ, Margaret (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Helms, Mrs. G. W. [SEE JOSEPHI, Rachel Frances]

HEMMANT, Euphemia "Effie" Mill (United Kingdom) [July 1901-????] [Mrs. Eric Conrad Peters, from c. Jan/March 1932] [Active 1920s-50s.]

Hemmes, Mrs. R. W. [SEE WEURMAN, Madeleine]

Hemp, Frau (10 Jan 1921-????) [SEE WEIHERMANN, Anna]

Hempel, (Frau) Martha (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

HEMSI, Miko (United States) [25 Feb 1974- ] [Married to Ando, by 1994] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Hemsi-Ando, Miko (by 1994) [SEE HEMSI, Miko]

Hemsted, Mrs. E. S. (from 1906) [SEE STAWELL-BROWN, Ellen Mary]

HEMSTED, Evelyn Susan (United Kingdom) [16 March 1911-31 Oct 2006] [Mrs. (Captain) Geoffrey Sheppard, 1935-7 jan 1944; Mrs. Henry Billington, from 7 Jan 1944] [Active ???]

Hendrick, Mrs. J. W. (by 1880) [SEE WARD, Anna H.]

HENDRICK, Mayme E. (United States) [Aug 1881-????] [Active c. 1900-10]

HENIE, Sonja (Norway) [8 April 1912-12 Oct 1969] [Mrs. Daniel Reid "Dan" Topping, 4 July 1940-13 Feb 1946; Mrs. Winthrop Gardiner Jr., 15 Sept 1949-14 May 1956; Mrs. Niels Onstad, from 6 June 1956] [Active 1930s.]

HÉNIN, Justine (Belgium) [1 June 1982- ] [Married to: Pierre-Yves Hardenne, 16 Nov 2002-c. late 2007; Benoit Bertuzzo, from 25 Oct 2014] [Active 1996-2008, 2010-2011]

Henin-Hardenne, Justine (16 Nov 2002- c. late 2007) [SEE HENIN, Justine]

Henman, Mrs. A. J. S. (from 1968) [SEE BILLINGTON, Susan Jane]

HENREID, Mimi (United States) [24 March 1945- ] [Mrs. Russell J. Abbott, 28 Nov 1970-March 1971; Mrs. Duncan] [Active 1960s.]

Henrotin, Mme C. F. (March 1930-????) [SEE JUNG, Sylvia]

Henry, Mrs. W. M. (from 9 Sept 1914) [SEE STANTON, Corinne]

HENRY, Gilberte (France) [Active in 1940s.]

HENRY, Kelly C. (United States) [18 April 1962- ] [Active c. 1979-1982]

Henry, Mrs. C. (from 1919) [SEE BEEGLING, Marie B.]

HENRY, Patricia "Pat" (United States) [31 May 1917-13 March 2013] [Mrs. Edgar Yeomans, from 1938] [Active 1930s-????]

Hensch, Mrs. [SEE SOMOGYI, Klára]

HENSCHKE, Claudia I. (United States) [3 March 1941- ] [Active 1960s.]

HENSEL, Edwina Cavel (United States) [2 Dec 1891-8 March 1991] [Mrs. Daniel Clark Wharton-Smith, after June 1916] [Active 1910s.]

HENSHALL, Dorothy M. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Roy Cooper, from c. April/June 1949] [Active 1950s.]

Hentz, Mrs. J. P. (from summer 1960) [SEE HAYNIE, Janie (or Jaynie) Rice]

Hepburn, Mrs. E. (from 4 Aug 1892) [SEE SHACKLE, Alice Mary]

Heppenstall, Mrs. (by June 1946) [SEE DAVISON, Doris]

HERBERT, Myrtle (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

HERBERT, Phyllis May (Australia) [Mrs. Alfred "Alf" George Strachan] [Active ???]

HERBST, Dorrit "Dorli" Ruth (Czechoslovakia/United Kingdom) [7 Jan 1926-13 Feb 1978] [Mrs. Cecil E.P. Mills, from c. July/Sept 1954] [Active c. 1946-54]

Herbst, Frau/Mrs. (by 1926) [SEE WESTREICH, Liesl "Lisa"]

HERBST, Ulrike (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

HERDY, Edda (Austria) [13 April 1940- ] [Frau Bergmann] [Active 1960s.]

HERICH, Karin (Germany) [Active 1960s.]

HERMSEN, Petronella F. "Nel" (Netherlands) [c. 1925- ] [Mrs. Van der Storm, from c. 1953] [Active 1940s-60s.]

HERNANDEZ, Marta (Mexico/United States) [13 July 1933-6 July 2000] [Married to Samuel "Sam" Burchers, from 1959] [Active 1950s-60s.]


Hernandez de Burchers, Senora (from 1959) [SEE HERNANDEZ, Marta]

HERNANDO, Mary (United States) [Active 1940s-50s.]

Herold, Mrs. R. (from 26 March 1911) [SEE KINSLER, Ethel Carline]

HERON, Margaret (Australia) [Active ???]

HERR, Elizabeth "Beth" (United States) [28 May 1964- ] [Married to Steven Bellamy] [Active 1980s.]

HERR, Suzanne "Susie" (United States) [c. 1935-3 March 1990] [Mrs. Marvin Feldman, from 1960] [Active 1950s.]

HERREMAN, Nathalie (France) [28 March 1966- ] [Married to D. Bagby] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Herrick, Mrs. P. F., jr. (from 1967) [SEE LOOP, Carol(Carole?) Ann]

HERRING, Coela Elizabeth Le Strange (United Kingdom) [22 April 1885-7 Feb 1975] [Mrs. Arthur Howarth Pryce-Harrison, from 18 Sept 1907] [Active c. 1905-25]

Herring, Mrs. C. M. P. (from 1917) [SEE MAULE, Ella Virginia]

Herring, Mrs. E. F. (from 1922) [SEE LYLE, Mary]

Herriot, Mrs. T. (from 1910) [SEE FERGUSON, Winifred Maxwell]

HERRON, Frances (United States) [Mrs. Luis Regino Del Amo, 25 Jan 1936-Dec 1938] [Active 1930s.]

Herron, (Mrs.) Rhoda J. (United States) [1921- ] [Married to David P. Herron, by 1960; maiden name unknown] [Active ???] [SEE ???]

HERSCHELL, Ghetal Angelita Emmerson (United Kingdom) [26 Nov 1910-2003] [Mrs. George C. Lightfoot, from 1935] [Active 1930s.]

HERSKIND, Mary Agnes (Denmark) [29 May 1879-15 May 1964] [Mrs. Madsen] [Active 1910s.]

HERZOG, Margit (Hungary) [Married to Stern] [Active ???]

HESS, Virginia L. (United States) [17 Sept 1912-10 July 1985] [Mrs. Edward Christopher Grelle] [Active 1930s.]

Hester, Mrs. W. V., Jr. (from 6 Aug 1924) [SEE SCHARMAN, Lillian]

HETHERINGTON, Jill Margaret (Canada) [27 Oct 1964- ] [Married to Richard "Rich" Alan Hultquist)Hulquist?), from 23 Sept 2000] [Active 1980s-1997]

Heubner, Mrs. A. T. (from 1950) [SEE NOVELLO, Lucille]

Hewitt, Mrs. R. A. J. (from 1964) [SEE NICHOLAS, Dalaille]

HEWITT, Sheila Kathleen Walker (United Kingdom) [27 Aug 1914- ] [Active 1930s.]

HEXTALL, Joan Margaret (9 Feb 1900-c. April/June 1972) [Mrs. John B. Barrett, c. Jan/March 1924-????; Mrs. Philip J. Ashton, from c. Jan/March 1934] [Active ???]

Hextall, Mrs. H. C. (from c. May/June 1913) [SEE LEDGER, Muriel Vera]

HEYL, Delphine (United States) [Active 1920s.]

Heymann, (Mme) Jacqueline (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Heynemann, Mrs. (????- c. 1919) [SEE LACAZE, Florence]

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

Hibbert, Mrs. J. A. (c. Jan/March 1943-before c. Jan/March 1952) [SEE MARRIOTT, Joy Irene]

Hibbs, Mrs. J. J. G. (from 9 April 1903) [SEE RASTALL, Dorothy Herbert]

Hickman, Mrs. J. J. [SEE PERALTA, Eleanor]

HICKMAN, Norah Theresa (South Africa) [19 Aug 1874-30 Sept 1960] [Mrs. Roland Henry Miller, from 17 March 1903] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

HICKS, Esther (United States) [Mrs. Uranga, late 1938/early 1939-????; Mrs. John Meredith Roebuck] [Active 1930s.]

Hicks, Mrs. L. J. (from 3 Nov 1916) [SEE DILLON, Evelyn Drake]

Hicks, (Mrs.) Mary (Australia) [Married to Alan Hicks; maiden name unknown] [Active ???] [SEE ???]

Hilder, Mrs. T. P. (from 17 Oct 1905) [SEE PILLANS, Katherine Madeline]

HIGGINS, Clara Helena Morgan (United Kingdom) [1847-2 May 1917] [Mrs. William Alexander Hill, from 4 Oct 1870] [Active c. 1878-90]

Higgins, Mrs. R. G. (from 1956) [SEE HOLSTEIN, Elaine Mary]

Hiha, Mrs. R. H. (from 18 Dec 1954) [SEE RAURETI, Margaret]

HILGNER, Ruthmaria (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

HILL, Adela Gwendoline ”Gwen” (Australia) [18 June 1891-15 Oct 1970] [Mrs. Lionel Watson Hack, from 16 March 1916] [Active 1910s-20s.]

Hill, Mrs. W. A. (from 4 Oct 1870) [SEE HIGGINS, Clara Helena Morgan]

HILL, Constance Adeline (United Kingdom) [1877-4 April 1953] [Mrs. Francis Buckley, from 1903] [Active c. 1895-1903]

Hill, Mrs. J. E. (from 28 Sept 1922) [SEE KEMMIS-BETTY, Dorothy Alice]

HILL, Katherine Louisa (United Kingdom) [1862-25 Jan 1943] [Mrs. Hubert Henry Cox, from 16 April 1891] [Active c. 1885-1890]

Hill, Mrs. E. G. (from 20 July 1912) [SEE RANSOME, Lucy Helen]

HILL, Margaret Winifred (United Kingdom) [1879-24 Jan 1959] [Mrs. Charles Francis Lane] [Active ???]

Hill, Mrs. P. E. L. (from 2 Sept 1933) [SEE PHAYRE, Marion Katharine]

Hill, Mrs. A. D. (late 1932/early 1933-before July 1939) [SEE PALFREY, Mary Anne "Mianne"]

Hill, Mrs. E. (from 1973) [SEE EDWARDS, Patricia A. "Pat" / "Trisha"]

HILLEARY, Elizabeth (United States) [Active 1920s.]

HILLEARY, Virginia (United States) [Active 1920s-30s.]

HILLIARD, Eunice V. (United States) [8 Sept 1899-19 Sept 1974] [Active c. 1916-29]

Hillyard, Mrs. B. (from 7 Feb 1922) [SEE RICHARDS, Agnes Florence]

Hillyard, Mrs. G. W. (from 13 July 1887) [SEE BINGLEY, Blanche]

Hilton, Mrs. R. (2 Sept 1942-19 June 1950) [SEE CLEMENTS, Elizabeth "Betty" Evelyn]

Hindamian, (Mme) Germaine (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

HINDE, Sarah (United States) [Active 1930s.]

HINGIS, Martina (Switzerland) [30 Sept 1980- ] [Married to Thibault Hutin, from 10 Dec 2010] [Active 1993-2002, 2005-2007]

Hingisová, Melanie (????-c. 1985) [SEE MOLITOR (Molitorová), Melanie]

HIRES, Marjorie (United States) [8 June 1895-1 April 1993] [Mrs. John Bailey "Jack" Gage, from 12 Sept 1922] [Active 1910s-20s.]

HIRSCH, Grete (Austria) [Frau Tischler] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Hirsch, Mrs. G. T. [SEE SWARTZ, Carolyn]

HIRSCH, Millicent (United States) [1917-10 Feb 1995] [Mrs. Nathaniel Lang, from 5 April 1941] [Active 1930s-40s.]

HIRSCHFELD, Ekaterina Germanova (Russia) [c. 1890-????] [Married to Polonsky] [Active 1900s-1930s.]

HITCHINGS, Hilda Maude (New Zealand/United Kingdom) [1866-1968] [Active c. 1887-1904]

HITCHINGS, Una Mildred (New Zealand) [1869-19 May 1927] [Mrs. (Dr) John James Edgar, from 1902] [Active c. 1885-90]

Hitchins, Mrs. C. V. (by 1913) [SEE BUTLIN, Patricia Marsh]

Hoad, Mrs. L. A. (from 18 June 1955) [SEE STALEY, Jennifer "Jenny" Jane]

HOAHING, Gem C. (United Kingdom) [Active 1930s-40s.]

Hobart, Mrs. C. (from 19 Dec 1895) [SEE SCHULTZ, Augusta Louise “Alice"]

HOBART, Victoria (United States) [1865-????] [Mrs. Joseph Byrne, from 20 Oct 1892] [Active c. 1885-90]

HOBBS, Anne (United Kingdom) [21 Aug 1959- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

HOBBS, Beryl (Australia) [c. 1927- ] [Active 1940s.]

HOBBS, Pamela "Pam" (United States) [c. 1951- ] [Mrs. Atkinson] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Höcker, (Frau) Elly (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Hockery, Mrs. H. (c. 1905-before 1918) [SEE ATKINSON, Juliette Paxton]

HOCKING, Sydney "Syd" Helston Stuart (Australia) [7 March 1900-????] [Mrs. Albert Gordon Bender, from 1930] [Active 1920s.]

HODDLE-WRIGLEY, FRANCES “Fran” Mary (Australia) [1904-1982] [Active 1920s-30s.]

HODGE, Emily (Australia) [1 March 1871-1948] [Mrs. Robert John Rutherford, from 23 Nov 1899] [Active c. 1890-95]

HODGE, Helen (United States) [Active 1900s.]

HODGE, Marion(Marian?) Isabella (Australia) [21 Nov 1872-31 July 1957] [Mrs. Frederick Feuerheerdt, from 29 March 1902] [Active 1890s.]

HODGEMAN, Sue (United States) [11 July 1940- ] [Active 1960s.]

Hodges, Mrs. S. C. (from 1919) [SEE BAIRD, Eva Marian]

Hodgman, Mrs. [SEE MILLER, Patricia “Patti” Kay]

HODGSON, Constance (United Kingdom) [1868-9 March 1958] [Mrs. (Dr) William Herbert Gregory, from 1898] [Active c. 1884-92]

HODGSON, Patricia (Australia) [Mrs. Colyer, by 1951] [Active ???]

Hoesch, (Frau) Ilse (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Hoesch, (Frau) Viktoria (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Hoesl, Helga (16 July 1968-before 15 Dec 1988) [SEE SCHULTZE, Helga]

Hoffman, Mrs. E. J. (from c. 1968) [SEE GOLDBERG, Adrienne]

Hoffman, Mrs. H., Sr. (from c. 1933) [SEE PALEY, Ann]

HOFFMAN, Mabel C. (United States) [c. 1881-????] [Mrs. Howard Forrest Kerbaugh, from 1912] [Active 1910s.]

HOFFMANN, Brigitte (East Germany) [7 Aug 1943- ] [Active 1970s.]

HOFFMANN, Elizabeth (United States) [Active 1920s.]

Hoffmann, Karin (from c. 1966) [SEE WARNKE, Karin]

Hoffmeister, Mrs. H. E. (from 16 June 1896) [SEE PAGE, Mary Seymour]

HOFKIN, Rose (United States) [26 Oct 1911-????] [Mrs. Cowan, before June 1937-before 1939] [Active 1930s.]

HOFMEISTER, Louise M. (United States) [9 June 1905-June 1977] [Active 1920s-40s.]

HOGAN, Patricia "Patti" St. Anne (United States) [21 Dec 1949- ] [Married to Ian McLennan Fordyce, from 19 Dec 1976] [Active 1960s-70s.]

HOGARTH, Hazel de Bohun (India/United Kingdom) [25 April 1882-1 June 1940] [Active c. 1912-1930]

HOGARTH, Kerry (Australia) [16 Dec 1949- ] [Mrs. Ballard] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Höhmann, (Frau) Irmgard (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

HOLCROFT, Phoebe Catherine (United Kingdom) [7 Oct 1898-20 Oct 1980] [Mrs. Michael Ramsey Watson, 7 April 1925-????; Mrs. William Launtson Blakstad, from 28 July 1933] [Active 1920s.]

Holcroft-Watson, Phoebe (7 April 1925-before 28 July 1933) [SEE HOLCROFT, Phoebe Catherine]

HOLDEN, (Elsie) Mary (United Kingdom) [29 Oct 1911-Aug 1994] [Mrs. Philip G. Wavish, from c. April/June 1944] [Active 1940s-50s.]

HOLDER, Bertha Mary (United Kingdom) [1877-????] [Mrs. George Percy Howard Frost, from 1915] [Active 1900s.]

Holding, Mrs. [SEE BARR, Helen Milne]

Holdroyd, Mrs. R. (from 17 April 1946) [SEE PEACH, Phyllis Josephine Banner]

Hole, Mrs. D. K. (from 1903) [SEE CLARK, Daisy Eleanor]

HOLE, Jane (United Kingdom) [1864-30 Aug 1950] [Active c. 1882-90]

HOLE, Katharine Juliana (United Kingdom) [1865-9 May 1957] [Mrs. Constantine Harris Arundell, from 1902] [Active c. 1883-90]

Holečková, Vlasta (from c. 1935/37) [SEE KANTURKOVA (Kantůrková), Vlasta]

HOLIKOVA, Andrea (Czechoslovakia/United States) [15 Jan 1968- ] [Married to Frantisek "Frank" Musil, by 1993] [Active 1984-1990]

HOLLADAY, Sally (United States) [Active 1930s.]

HOLLADAY, Terry (United States) [28 Nov 1955- ] [Married to: ???, ????-1985; Philip Arthur Higginbottom, from ????] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Hollburg, (Frau) Suse (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

HOLLE, Albertina Noesy Alexandrine [Noesy] (Netherlands) [26 March 1881-6 Dec 1964] [Mrs. Adolf (Dolf) Broese van Groenou, from 25 April 1905] [Active c. 1900-14]

HOLLERAN, Glenna (United States) [c. 1937- ] [Mrs. Philip Graham Ottley, from 22 Sept 1962] [Active 1950s.]

Holley, Mrs. W. C. (from 1942) [SEE CORRIGAN, Erla]

Hollick, Mrs. W. L. (from c. Aug 1905) [SEE SPENCER, Ada Margaret]

Hollier-Larousse, (Mme) Simone (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s-50s.] [SEE ???]

HOLLINGER, Virginia (United States) [4 Feb 1917-17 March 1946] [Mrs. McCloud, after June 1940] [Active 1930s-40s.]

HOLLINGSWORTH, Maria (Austria) [Active 1970s.]

HOLLINS, Flora Paget (United Kingdom) [29 May 1880-21 March 1964] [Mrs. John Alfred Lenox Figgis, from 18 July 1909] [Active c. 1905-1910]

Hollis, Mrs. (c. 1933-before c. 1940) [SEE STŘCKEL, Else]

HOLLY, Elizabeth Louise "Betty" (United Kingdom) [10 July 1909-1992] [Mrs. Harold A. Downey, from 1933] [Active 1930s.]

HOLMAN, Edith Dorothy [Dorothy] (United Kingdom) [18 July 1883-c. April/June 1968] [Active 1910-20s.]

HOLMAN, Joan McNeel “Joanna” (United Kingdom/Poland) [c. Jan/March 1922-13 July 2013] [Married to Count Aleksander M. J. B. Russocki, from 26 April 1946] [Active 1940s.]

HOLMES, Dorothy Scott (United Kingdom) [25 Oct 1882-30 Nov 1956] [Active c. 1920-25]

HOLMES, Emeline William (United States) [1893-30 May 1914] [Mrs. Gustave Fitzhugh Touchard, from 11 Oct 1911] [Active 1910s.]

Holmes, Mrs. J. L. (from 15 Dec 1917) [SEE LAMBUTH, Jane Ingram]

HOLMES, Mary Banks (United Kingdom) [1887-24 Jan 1948] [Mrs. Philip Wallis Saffery, from 21 Dec 1925] [Active c.1920-35]

HOLMSTRÖM, Anna Sofia "Annie" (Sweden) [22 Feb 1880-26 Oct 1953] [Active 1900s-10s.]

HOLMSTRÖM, Ellen (Sweden) [10 Nov 1878-17 May 1952] [Mrs. Brusewitz] [Active 1900s-10s.]

HOLSTEIN, Elaine Mary (Australia) [Mrs. Robert Graham Higgins, from 1956] [Active ???]

HOLSTEIN, Elizabeth "Betty" Lorraine (Australia) [c. 1939- ] [Mrs. Neal Grant Sweeney, from 1961] [Active ???]

HOLT, Julia Ann (United States) [Active 1960s.]

Holt, Mrs. J. G. (from 1955) [SEE STOTT, Kathleen “Kay” M.]

HOLT, M. (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

HOLVOET, Colette (Belgium) [Active 1950s-60s.]

HOLZAPFEL, Lulu (Germany) [Active 1920s.]

HOLZSCHUCH, Françoise (France) [16 Nov 1904-22 Feb 1977] [Mme Jacques Fourcade, 17 Oct 1927-c. 1929; Mme François Fort, from ???] [Active 1920s-30s.]

HOMANS, Helen Houston (United States) [Sept 1878(or 8 Feb 1879?-29 March 1949] [Mrs. Marshall McLean, from 27 June 1907] [Active 1900s-20s.]

HOMANS, Sarah Sheppard (United States) [18 Dec 1872-Dec 1954] [Active 1891-1920]

HONE, Ada Floretta (Australia) [27 March 1884-????] [Active 1900s.]

HONE, Alice May (Australia) [31 May 1878-17 Dec 1953] [Mrs. Charles Birks, 1913-????; Mrs. George Goodhart, from c. 1926] [Active 1900s.]

Hone, Mrs. B. W. (from 1 Aug 1933) [SEE BOYCE, Althea Enid]

HONE, Gwendoline (Australia) [22 June 1884-????] [Active ???]

HONE, Joyce (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

HONE, Ruth (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

HONE, Winifred Josephine (Australia) [26 Aug 1886-????] [Active ???]

Honeyman, Mrs. G. G. (from 28 Dec 1933) [SEE GOLDSWORTH, Evelyn]

Honnor, Mrs. T. P. (from 11 July 1937) [SEE HAYMEN, Nell Catherine Granville]

HOOD, Emily Jane Lucy Harding (Australia) [6 May 1910-9 Oct 1980] [Mrs. Victor Clyde Westacott, from 20 Aug 1930] [Active 1930s.]

HOOD, Georgia (United States) [Active 1930s.]

HOOK, Blanche Hereford (United Kingdom/Rhodesia) [c. 1877-14 Jan 1958] [Mrs. Walter Stringfellow Taberer] [Active c. 1895-1905]

HOOK, Fran (Kenya) [12 May 1930- ] [Mrs. James (G.E.?) Marshall, from 1953] [Active 1950s-1965]

HOOKER, Adelaide Ferry (United States) [10 June 1903-10 Oct 1963] [Mrs. John Phillips Marquand, 17 April 1937-1958] [Active 1910s-20s.]

HOOKER, Barbara Ferry (United States) [24 Nov 1901-????] [Active 1910s-20s.]

HOOKER, Blanchette Ferry (United States) [2 Oct 1909–29 Nov 1992] [Mrs. John D. Rockefeller III, from 11 Nov 1932] [Active 1920s.]

HOOKER, Helen Huntington (United States) [1 Jan 1905-2 April 1993] [Mrs. Ernie O'Malley, 27 Sept 1935-1952; Mrs. Richard Roelofs, from 1956] [Active 1910s-20s.]

HOOPER, A. (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

HOOPER, Elizabeth Amis Cameron "Bee" (United States) [1873-1956] [Mrs. John Osgood Blanchard, from 30 July 1904] [Active 1890s-1910s.]

Hope, Mrs. R. W. (from 18 Aug 1921) [SEE SCHLESINGER, Dorothy Agnes]

HOPKINS, G. (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

Hopkins, Mrs. J. A. H. (from 14 Nov 1895) [SEE STONE, Hilda Elizabeth]

HOPKINS, Jennifer (United States) [10 Sept 1981- ] [Married to Taylor Dent, from 8 Dec 2006] [Active 1999-2005]

Hopman, Mrs. H. C. (from 19 March 1934) [SEE HALL, Eleanor Mary "Nell"]

Hoppe, Mrs. W. (after 1948) [SEE VAN NORT, Joan]

Hopper, Mrs. J. B. (from 1917) [SEE BAWDEN, Nora Terdrey]

HOPPS, Janet (United States) [4 Aug 1934- ] [Mrs. William Charles Adkisson, from May 1962] [Active 1950s-70s.]

HORCICKOVA (Horčičková), Jitka (Czechoslovakia) [1939- ] [Married to: Jan Volavka, after 1968-????; Pavel Illner, from ????] [Active 1950s-60s.]

HORN, Liezel (South Africa/United States) [21 Aug 1976- ] [Married to Anthony Huber, from 19 Feb 2000] [Active 1992- ]

HORN, Marie Luise "Marlies" (Germany) [15 March 1912- ] [Frau Jencquel(or Jenquel?)] [Active 1930s-50s.]

Horncastle, Mrs. W. R. (from 19 March 1878) [SEE GOVEY, Henrietta]

HORNER, Jacqueline (France) [15 May 1917-12 March 2002] [Mme Raphael Patorni, from 12 April 1942] [Active 1930s-1956]

Horner, Margaret [SEE BURNS, Margaret]

Horovska, Frau [SEE AMENDE, Gertrud "Gerta"]

Horsley, Mrs. A. S. (from 1932) [SEE HOWITT, Ida Seward]

HORTON, Florence (Australia) [Active ???]

Horton, Mrs. G. D. [SEE GRIEVE, Jessie Marie]

HORVATH, Erica Kathleen "Kathy" (United States) [25 Aug 1965- ] [Active 1970s.-1989]

Horwitz, Mrs. R. (May 1966-????) [SEE BRICKA, Justina]

Hösl, Helga (16 July 1968-before 15 Dec 1988) [SEE SCHULTZE, Helga]

HOSMER, Charlotte M. (United States) [1903-before 1961] [Mrs. Alfred Hastings Chapin Jr., from 18 Jan 1926] [Active 1920s.]

Hossell, Mrs. E. K. from c. Dec 1938 [SEE CHALLENGER, Eileen Mary]

HOTCHKISS, Hazel (United States) [20 Dec 1886-5 Dec 1974] [Mrs. George William Wightman, 24 Feb 1912-1940, retained married name after her divorce] [Active 1900s-30s.]

Hougland, Nancy (from Aug 1982) [SEE DRIGGS, Nancy]

HOULIHAN, Geraldine (Ireland) [7 Nov 1942- ] [Mrs. Harold "Harry" Barniville] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Houselander, Mrs. W. (from c. 1900) [SEE PROVIS, Gertrude Mary]

HOUSELEY, Audrey V. (United Kingdom) [c. Jan/March 1931- ] [Mrs. Arthur G. Wybrew, from c. Oct/Dec 1970] [Active 1950s.]

HOUSSET, Nathalie (France) [29 July 1968- ] [Married to Rodolphe Gilbert, from 27 July 1992] [Active 1984-1993]

Houston, Mrs. G. N. (after Sept 1939) [SEE MCRAE, Marilyn "Sonny"]

“HOWARD, Miss” [alias used by Ermyntrude Harvey in the 1920s.] [SEE HARVEY, Ermyntrude Hilda]

Howard, Mrs. P. D. (from 17 Dec 1932) [SEE METAXA, Doris Emily]

HOWARD, Iris (United States) [Active 1920s.]

HOWARD-STEPNEY, Margaret “Marged” Catherine (United Kingdom) [20 Jan 1913-22 Jan 1953] [Mrs. Patrick Wyndham Murray-Threipland, 9 Dec 1933-????; Mrs. Allan Welch, from 1948] [Active ???]

Howden, Mrs. R. (from Sept 1966) [SEE FULTON, Joyce A.]

HOWDEN, Katie (United Kingdom) [c. 1968- ] [Married to Charnock, by 1995] [Active ???]

HOWE, Diane (Australia) [Active 1960s.]

HOWE, Doris (New Zealand) [Active 1930s.]

HOWE, Helen (United States) [Active 1930s.]

HOWE, Lelia May Arita(Areta?) [Arita] (New Zealand) [1904-????] [Mrs. Robert Peers Adams, from 1927] [Active 1920s-30s.]

HOWE, May (United States) [Active 1930s.]

HOWELL, Evelyn Virginia (United States) [7 July 1877-after 1940] [Mrs. George Willing, Jr., from 20 April 1910] [Active 1900s.]

"HOWES", Miss (United Kingdom) [alias used by an unknown player at Wimbledon in 1888]

HOWETT, Rhona (Ireland/United States) [16 March 1965- ] [Married to Kaczmarczyk] [Active 1980s-2000s.]

HOWETT, Vera M. (United Kingdom) [Active 1920s.]

HOWITT, Ida Seward (United Kingdom) [1908-1994] [Mrs. Alec Stewart Horsley, from 1932] [Active 1920s-30s.]

HOWITT, Phoebe (Australia) [13 March 1872-30 Dec 1917] [Mrs. William "Rupert" Cater, from 1899] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

HOWITT, Sarah Muriel Susannah (Australia) [9 June 1870-1929] [Mrs. Arthur Richard Brouhgton, from c. 1900] [Active c. 1894-98]

HOWKINS, Freda Maudsley (United Kingdom) [4 Aug 1896-22 Aug 1985] [Mrs. Archibald Redmond Morres, from 31 Aug 1926] [Active 1920s.]

HOWKINS, Phyllis Lindrea (United Kingdom) [22 May 1895-28 Oct 1982] [Mrs. Beverly Carthew Covell, from 23 Sept 1921] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Hoxie, Mrs. J. [SEE RAYMOND, Jean]

HOYAUX, Yvonne (Belgium) [Mme Jean Vincart, by 1945] [Active c. 1935-1946]

HOYER, Hilde (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

HOYT, Louise (United States) [27 June 1876-6 Sept 1940] [Mrs. Walter M. Cook, from 1897]
[Active c. 1898-1908]

HOZIER, Clementine Ogilvy (United Kingdom) [1 April 1885-12 Dec 1977] [Mrs. Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, from 12 Sept 1908] [Active ???]

Hrdličková, Mme (c. 1944-c. 1948) [SEE STRAUBEOVA, Helena]

HRDLICKOVA (Hrdličková), Květoslava "Květa" (Czech Republic) [9 July 1975- ] [Married to Torsten Peschke, from 5 May 2003] [Active 1990s-2010s.]

Huard, (Mme) Ginette (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Hubbard, Mrs. C. J. (1925-????) [SEE FULLER, Anna]

HUBBELL, Katherine “Kay” M. (United States) [29 April 1921- ] [Active 1930s-60s.]

Huber, Liezel (from 19 Feb 2000) [SEE HORN, Liezel]

HUBER, Petra (Austria) [15 Feb 1966- ] [Active 1980s.]

Hubert, Mrs. [SEE PALDAN, Liv Dagny]

HUBERTY, Ginette (Luxembourg) [22 Dec 1962- ] [Active 1980s.]

HUCHTING, Flora (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

HUDDLESTONE, Elsie B. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Francis "Frank" Jarvis, from c. June 1934] [Active ???]

Hudleston, Mrs. W. E. (from 1908) [SEE FERGUSON, Alice Maud Mary]

HUDLOW, Maxine (United States) [14 Feb 1919-28 May 2012] [Mrs. Roy King, from 1941] [Active 1930s.]

HUDSON, E. F. (United Kingdom) [Active 1880s]

HUDSON, Gwendoline “Gwen” M. (United Kingdom) [c. July/Sept 1920- ] [Mrs. Ronald L. Scott, from c. Oct/Dec 1944] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Hudson, Mrs. G. H. (from 22 Aug 1953) [SEE VAN KEUREN, Lee Ann]

HUDSON, Rewa (New Zealand) [15 Sept 1980- ] [Married to Harriman] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

Hudspeth, Mrs. W. M. (from 14 March 1953) [SEE TROWER, Jean M.]

Huff, Mrs. M. B., Snr. (from c. 1903) [SEE WILSON, Ida]

HUGHES, Eileen (Australia) [Active 1910s.]

HUGHES, J.(N.?) (Australia) [Active 1940s.]

HUGHES, Linda V. (Australia) [Mrs. Herbert Vindin Betts, from 1927] [Active ???]

HUGHES D'AETH, Harriet May (United Kingdom) [10 Jan 1868-20 Jan 1947] [Active 1900s.]

Hughesman, Mrs. G. E. (from c. Sept 1958) [SEE CURRY, Patricia Joan C.]

HUGUS, Elizabeth Ward (United States) [17 Aug 1895-????] [Mrs. Cedric Ellsworth Smith, from 7 June 1931] [Active c. 1913-1930]

Huiskamp, Mrs. C. (from 30 Oct 1907) [SEE MCVAY, Laura Eliza]

HULBERT, Elizabeth "Betty" Ruth (United States) [7 May 1923-20 March 2004] [Mrs. Harvey T. James, from 1947] [Active 1940s.]

Hulbert, Mrs. Lacy (United Kingdom) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1950s.] [SEE ???]

HULING, Elizabeth "Betty" Hinman (United States) [8 July 1900-3 March 1969] [Active c. 1925-35]

HULME, Benita Muriel (United Kingdom/Canada) [23 Aug 1931- ] [Mrs. Stanley Alfred Senn, from c. Jan/March 1953] [Active 1950s-70s.]

Hultz, Mrs. H. Q. (from July 19 1942) [SEE INGERSOLL, Inez Coral]

Hume, Mrs. I. (9 Dec/12 Sept 1973-before 2 Sept 1988) [SEE BARCLAY, Joyce Stewart]

Humeston, Mrs. R. [SEE BOUSSUS, Marie Elisabeth "Liz"]

HUMMER, Anita (Austria/Germany) [Active 1930s.]

HUMPHREY, Hepsa (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Hungerford, Mrs. C. P. (from 22 Jan 1889) [SEE SCOTT, Lillian Maude Mary]

HUNNEWELL, Margaret Fassett (United States) [21 May 1878-5 April 1967] [Mrs. George Baty Blake, from 30 June 1902] [Active c. 1896-1902]

HUNSAKER, Helen Diane [Diane] (United States) [16 June 1928-2 Sept 1956] [Mrs. Maurice Dean Jones, from 1 Sept 1951] [Active 1940s-50s.]

HUNT, Ella (Australia) [Mrs. Clarence Furzer, from 1939] [Active ???]

HUNT, Eunice (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

Hunt, Mrs. J. R. (1943-c. 1946) [SEE VIRGIL, Jacque]

Hunt, Mrs. H. C. (from 3 Sept 1936) [SEE MOWBRAY-GREEN, Joy]

HUNT, Lesley (Australia) [29 May 1950- ] [Married to: Jim Hambeuchen, ????-????; G. Revydavy, from ????] [Active 1960s-70s.]

HUNT, Margaret Lilian (South Africa) [25 April 1942- ] [Mrs. Anthony Robin Price, 24 Oct 1964-????; Mrs. Johannes Barnard, from 17 Dec 1976] [Active 1960s.]

HUNT, Marianne Teresa (United States) [23 May 1912-8 June 2008] [Mrs. Alden, 1935-c. 1937; Mrs. Robert G. Sands, from 6 Nov 1948] [Active 1930s-40s.]

HUNT, N. (United Kingdom) [Active 1920s.]

Hunt, Mrs. [SEE LEGGE, Robyn Rhona]

HUNTBACH, Denise A. (United Kingdom) [c. April/June 1915-23 April 2014] [Mrs. (Baron) Derek W. Pritchard, from c. Sept 1941] [Active 1930s-40s.]

HUNTER, Alicia(Alice?) Maud "Minnie" (United Kingdom) [1873-May 1905] [Mrs. Edmund Walker Pinckney, from Aug 1903] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

HUNTER, Nancy (United States) [Active 1920s.]

HUNTER, Phyllis Mae (United States) [16 May 1924-13 Nov 1990] [Mrs. Paul M. Selchau, from 20 Aug 1950] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Hunter, Mrs. A. R. [SEE CARPENTER, Virginia]

Hunterford, Mrs. E. J. (from 1949) [SEE GORDON, Sybil]

Huntington, Mrs. J. M. (from 1962) [SEE THACKRAY, Regina M. C.]

HUNTLEY, Edna Edith (United Kingdom) [after 12 Sept 1911-12 Sept 2014] [Mrs. William T. Pool, c. Oct/Dec 1938-????; Mrs. John W. Mercer, from c. July/Sept 1949] [Acrive 1940s-50s.]

HURLBATT, Mabel (United Kingdom) [1876-1867] [Mrs. Arthur Edward Tilstone Dudgeon, from 1900] [Active 1900s.]

Hurst-Seager, Mrs. S. (from 16 Dec 1887) [SEE CONNON, Hester]

Huss, (Frau) Else (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Hustwit, Mrs. P. J. (from Sept 1960) [SEE FULTON, Evelyn Joan Lesley]

HUTCHINGS, Gladys C. (Bermuda) [Active 1920s-40s.]

HUVE, Nicole (France) [Active 1960s.]

Huxley, Mrs. A. V. (from 16 Dec 1940) [SEE RICE, Thelma]

HY, Patricia (Hong Kong/Canada) [22 Aug 1965- ] [Married to Yves Boulais, 19 Nov 1994] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Hy-Boulais, Patricia (from 19 Nov 1994) [SEE HY, Patricia]

Hyde, Mrs. E. B. "H." (from 4 Oct 1904) [SEE CHAMPLIN, Hallie Elizabeth]

HYSLOP, Eleanor (United States) [21 April 1905-2 May 1992] [Mrs. Robert D. Small] [Active c. 1921-35]

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

IBARRA, Carmen (Chile) [Married to J. Fernandez] [Active 1960s.]

Ide, Mrs. A. H. [SEE BERRY, Lena]

IHLENBURG, Lotte (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Illingworth, Mrs. D. K. (from c. April/June 1954) [SEE BENNETT, Ruth M.]

Ince, Mrs. R. (from 1944) [SEE CURLEY, Dorothy]

Incorvaja, Mrs. (from Sept 1970) [SEE DUROSE, Honor J. M.]

INGERSOLL, Inez Coral (United States) [28 Jan 1919-23 Aug 2010] [Mrs. Herbert Quentin Hultz, from 19 July 1942] [Active 1930s.]

Ingle, Mrs. A. W. (30 July 1966-before 1969) [SEE CROSBY, Cathy Lee]

INGLEBERT, Micheline (France) [Mme Bernard Lucot, from c. 1947] [Active 1930s-50s.]

INGRAM, Alice Margaret “Peggy” (United Kingdom) [Jan/March? 1902-????] [Mrs. Philip Hales Pleydell-Bouverie, Sept 1923-before Dec 1927; Mrs. Neil Rankine McLeod Morison, from 2 Dec 1936] [Active 1920s-30s.]

INGRAM, Jeri (United States) [11 Dec 1970- ] [Active 1986-1996]

INGRAM, Joan Mary (United Kingdom) [28 Feb 1910-c. March 1981] [Active c. 1927-1939]

Inman, Mrs. R. K. (from 27 Oct 1909) [SEE CALLINGHAM, Ida Bessie]

Inoue, Mrs. (from c. 1937) [SEE OKADA, Sanae]

IRIBARNE, Paulette (France) [Mme Fritz, by 1945] [Active 1930s-40s.]

IRIBARNE, Simone (France) [Mme Louis Lafargue(or Laffargue?), after 1937] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Irish, Mrs. [SEE DOCKSTADER, Gertrude]

IRVIN, Marissa (United States) [23 June 1980- ] [Married to Patrick Gould, from 19 Jan 2008] [Active 1996-2005]

Irvin, Mrs. K. E. (from 15 Feb 1957] [SEE FRY, Shirley June]

IRVING, Keyden Ethel (Australia) [Active 1923s-30s.]

Irvis, Mrs. K. L. [SEE JONES, Katharyne "Kathryn"]

IRWIN, Enid (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

IRWIN, Hilda M. (United Kingdom) [1924- ] [Mrs. John D. Cleland, from 1946] [Active c. 1945-50]

IRWIN, Nina G. (United States) [26 June 1927-13 April 1999] [Mrs. Lester H. Russell Jr., from c. 1949] [Active 1940s.]

Isaac, Mme M. (by 1923) [SEE ROELS, Francine]

Isaacs, Mrs. (married between 21 Dec 1947 and 27 July 1948) [SEE SNOW, (Eva) Louise]

ISDAHL, Anna (Norway) [17 Oct 1894-????] [Mrs. Johan Randulf Rogge, by 1917] [Active 1910s-20s.]

ISLANOVA, Rausa Muhamedzhanova (Soviet Union) [2 Feb 1948- ] [Married to Mikhail Alexeivich (aka Mubin Aliamtsevich) Safin, from c. 1978; retained her maiden name?] [Active 1960s-70s.]

ISNAR (ISNARD), Ludmilla Nikolaevna (Russia/United States) [14 Nov 1892-7 Oct 1983] [Active 1910s-1938]

IUALE', Anna (Italy) [5 April 1957- ] [Married to Piero Toci] [Active 1970s.]

IVANOVA, Alla Anatolyevna (Soviet Union) [8 July 1949- ] [Active 1960s.]

IVANOVA, Galina Sergeyevna (Soviet Union) [21 Sept 1909-5 Aug 1980] [Mrs. Korovina] [Active ???]

Ivanova, (Mrs.) Zaiga (from 1973) [SEE YANSONE, Zaiga]

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

JACKS, May (United Kingdom) [Active 1880s-90s.]

Jackson, Mrs. (by 1946) [SEE FICK, Bonnie]

Jackson, Mrs. [SEE COXE, Eliza]

Jackson, Mrs. F. (by 1923) [SEE FINCH, Florence Emelda]

JACKSON, Helen (United Kingdom) [19 Dec 1867-28 May 1940] [Mrs. George James Murray Atkins, from 10 April 1902] [Active 1880s-90s.]

JACKSON, Janet (Ireland) [29 Sept 1891-26 Nov 1960] [Active c. 1910-1925]

JACKSON, Jerry Gee (United States) [14 Aug 1928-13 May 2014] [Mrs. Winthrop Duncan Waterman 1951-1967; Mrs. Thomas Williamson, from 1967] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Jackson, Mrs. R. R. W. (from 1918) [SEE COOPER, Maude Helen]

Jackson, Mrs. (by 13 March 1934) [SEE MUIRHEAD, Mollie]

JACKSON, Shirley (Australia) [Mrs. Jim Reid, from 23 Feb 1952] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Jacobiny, (Frau) Friedel (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

JACOBS, Helen Hull (United States) [6 Aug 1908-2 June 1997] [Active 1920s-1941]

JACOBS, Maud (Argentina) [Mrs. J. O. Anderson] [Active 1900s.]

Jacobsen, Gertruda (from 1934) [SEE VOLKMER, Gertruda]

Jacoby, Mrs. O. (from 25 April 1932) [SEE MCHALE, Mary Zita]

Jacquemoud, Mme (by July 1942) [SEE AUBIN, Marcelle]

JAEGER, Susan (United States) [29 March 1962- ] [Married to Scott Davis, from 1984] [Active ???]

Jaenecke, Frau G. (1937-????) [SEE VON DOBENECK, Elisabeth "Lisa"]

JAGERMAN, Nicole (Netherlands) [23 July 1967- ] [Married to: Karel Muns, 22 Nov 1991-????; Ronald Krijger, from ????] [Active 1985-1996]

JAGGARD, Michelle (Australia) [6 May 1969- ] [Married to Gershwin Lai, from 21 March 1992] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Jaggard-Lai, Michelle (from 21 March 1992) [SEE JAGGARD, Michelle]

Jagge, Mrs. F. D. (by 1965) [SEE CHRISTIANSEN, Liv]

Jagger, Mrs. F.(S. T.?) (from 20 Aug 1938) [SEE MARRIOTT, Pamela Edith]

JAHN, Laura Lou (17 May 1933-24 May 2001] [Mrs. Francis Carl "Frank" Kunnen, Jr., 25 Nov 1951-??? & from Feb 1961; Mrs. Jack Bryan, April 1960-????] [Active 1940s-60s.]

Jamain, (Mme) Gilberte (France) [married to Jacques Jamain, by 1946; maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s-50s.] [SEE ???]

JAMES, B. (United Kingdom) [Active 1880s.]

James, Mrs. [SEE JASTER, Constance “Connie”]

James, Mrs. K. R. (from c. 1970/71) [SEE ERNEST, Elizabeth M.]

James, Mrs. H. T. (from 1947) [SEE HULBERT, Elizabeth "Betty" Ruth]

James, Mrs. [SEE HARGREAVES, Manon G. “Molly”]

JAMES, Winifred Alice "Freda" (United Kingdom) [13 Jan 1911-27 Dec 1988] [Mrs. Stephen Hereward Hammersley, from 28 July 1938] [Active 1930s.]

Jameson, Mrs. C. H. (from 23 March 1929) [SEE SHAW, Dorothy Amcotts]

Jamison, Mrs. (after 1941) [SEE ROYAL, Taini]

JANES, Amanda (United Kingdom) [15 Jan 1978- ] [Married to Dominic Keen, from 16 July 2005] [Active 1994-2007]

Janes, Mrs. G. T. (from 1 Dec 1967) [SEE TRUMAN, Christine]

JANNEY, Alice Bond (United States) [14 Nov 1863-30 Aug 1921] [Mrs. William Woodbridge Noble] [Active 1880s.]

JANS, Klaudia (Poland) [24 Sept 1984- ] [Married to Bartosz Ignacik, from 2 July 2011] [Active 2000- ]

Jans-Ignacik, Klaudia (from 2 July 2011) [SEE JANS, Klaudia]

JANSEN, Marijke (Netherlands) [12 Nov 1944- ] [Married to Nico Schaar, from 22(24?) Nov 1968] [Active 1960s-70s.]

JANSEN-VENNEBOER, Lidy (Netherlands) [17 Aug 1946- ] [Married to Günter Kirsch] [Active 1960s.]

JANSING, Christine (United States) [21 Dec 1903-1 Dec 1979] [Active c. 1920-30]


Jarošová, Mrs. [SEE KOZELUHOVA (Koželuhová), Marie "May"]

Jarvis, Mrs. F. (from c. June 1934) [SEE HUDDLESTONE, Elsie B.]

JARVIS, Joyce Jeanne (United Kingdom) [29 June 1902-3 Jan 1983] [Mrs. Charles John Leonard Lyle (later 2nd Baron Lyle of Westbourne), 27 Nov 1927-????; Mrs. Roland Cranstoun Pennefather, Ltc. M.B.E, from 1977] [Active 1920s-30s.]

JARVIS, Rita Anderson (United Kingdom) [19 March 1916-1982] [Mrs. Owen Anderson, 1940-17 March 1953; Mrs. Jaroslav Drobny, from 20 May 1953] [Active 1930s-50s.]

JARVIS, Thelma Renée (United Kingdom) [8 Feb 1914-April 2003] [Mrs. Claude F. O. Lister, from Dec 1946] [Active 1930s-40s.]

JASTER, Constance “Connie” (United States) [c. 1944- ] [Mrs. James] [Active 1960s.]

Jauch-Delhees, Petra (from 1983) [SEE DELHEES, Petra]

JAUSOVEC (Jaušovec), Mima (Yugoslavia) [20 July 1956- ] [Active 1973-1988]

JECMENICA (Ječmenica), Tatjana (Yugoslavia) [4 July 1978- ] [Married to: Marko Radenkovic, ????-????; Darko Jevtic, from 25 May 2013] [Active 1993-1998]

JEDRZEJOWSKA (Jędrzejowska), Jadwiga (Poland) [15 Oct 1912-28 Feb 1980] [Married to Alfred Gallert, from 1947; never played under married name] [1920s-60s.]

JEFFERY, Ruth (United States) [25 Sept 1934- ] [Mrs. Ryder] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Jeffett, Mrs. F. (from 1956) [SEE PEARCE, Nancy]


JENCKEN, Alice Child (United States) [20 May 1901-Sept 1979] [Active ???]

Jencquel(or Jenquel?), Frau [SEE HORN, Marie-Luise "Marlies"]

JENISTOVA (Jeništová), Olga (Czechoslovakia) [2 Aug 1935- ] [Married to Jiří Lendl, from c. 1959] [Active 1950s-60s.]

JENKINS, Dorothy "Dorie" / "Doris" / "Dot" (Australia) [c. 1922- ] [Active 1930s.-1951]

Jenne, Mrs. R. R. (after 1950-????) [SEE ATTERBURY, June "Judy"]

JENSEN, Doris (United States) [6 March 1929-25 Dec 2011] [Mrs. Donald H. Blue, from 21 May 1955] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Jensen, Mrs. C. E. (from 9 Sept 1933) [SEE CROSS, Edith Ann]

Jensen, Mrs. J. (from c. March 1918) [SEE PALMER, Gwynifred Barrington]

Jeppesen, Mrs. K. (from 1923) [SEE KRAYENBÜHL, Alice]

JESSEE, Margaret (United States) [1921-27 July 2001] [Mrs. James Cleveland Warren, from 10 May 1943] [Active 1930s-40s.]

JESSOP, Ethel Vernon (United Kingdom) [25 May 1875-1973] [Mrs. Walter Guy Molesworth, from 1903] [Active c. 1895-1902]

Jessup, Mrs. J. B. (11 June 1921-???) [SEE ZINDERSTEIN, Marion Hall]

JEVANS, Deborah “Debbie” (United Kingdom) [20 May 1960- ] [Married to Andrew Jarrett] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Jevans-Jarrett, Debbie [SEE JEVANS, Deborah “Debbie”]

JEYASEELAN, Sonya (Canada) [24 April 1976- ] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

JIDKOVA, Alina (Russia) [18 Jan 1977- ] [Married to Sascha Ghods, from 18 Dec 2010] [Active 1992-2011]

JILLETT, Phyllis Florence (Australia) [27 March 1910- ] [Active 1930s.]

Joba, Mme Pierre (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Johannes, Eva (from c. 1957/58) [SEE MANNSCHATZ, Eva]

JOHANNES, Jacqueline (United States) [19 July 1935- ] [Active 1950s.]

Johansen, Mrs. (from c. 1948/50) [SEE NIELSEN, Vera]

Johns, Mrs. P. M. (before June 1950) [SEE WHITEFIELD, Katie]

Johnson, Mrs. N. H. (from 14 March 1910) [SEE GUTHRIE, Agnes Ethel]

JOHNSON, Claire (United States) [1 Feb 1892-March 1976] [Mrs. William Lake Rice, from 15 Jan 1910] [Active 1900s.]

JOHNSON, E. (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

JOHNSON, Emily Frances Godschall "Edith" (United Kingdom) [31 Jan 1874-9 Feb 1950] [Active 1900s-20s.]

JOHNSON, Gweneth (United States) [20 Oct 1935- ] [Active 1950s.]

Johnson, Mrs. L. (from 11 May 1932) [SEE LILLECRAPP, Joyce]

Johnson, Mrs. F. W. (from c. April-June 1907) [SEE KENDAL, Lucy Adeline]

JOHNSON, Margaret Winthrop (United States) [1 Dec 1878-Aug 1976] [Mrs. William Tidball, from 19 Feb 1909] [Active 1900s.]

JOHNSON, Mary J. B. (Australia) [1893-????] [Mrs. Harold C. Cooling, from 1915] [Active 1920s.]

Johnson, Mrs. M. [SEE PEARL, Sheila]

Johnson, Mrs. (c. Aug/Sept 1969-????) [SEE DEFINA, Stephanie]

JOHNSON, Sybil K. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Cedric A. Edwards, from c. July/Sept 1931] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Johnson, Mrs. M. M., Jr. (from 10 Oct 1934) [SEE RICE, Virginia Bingham]

JOHNSON-TAYLOR, Margaret Annie (United Kingdom) [8 Sept 1908-1976] [Mrs. Henley G. Curl, from 1949] [Active 1940s.]

Johnston, (Mrs.) Sylvia (Australia) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s.] [SEE ???]

JOHNSTONE, Lucy (United Kingdom) [9 Dec 1905-14 March 1972] [Mrs. John Pennycuick, from 20 Dec 1930] [Active 1920s-30s.]

JOHNSTONE, Margery "Mie" (United Kingdom) [30 May 1908-April 1989] [Mrs. David Percy Trentham, from c. April/June 1934] [Active 1920s-30s.]

JOLISSAINT, Christiane (Switzerland) [9 Dec 1961- ] [Married to C. Vaudroz] [Active 1980s.]

JOLY, Ida (Belgium) [Active 1920s.]

Jones, Mrs. P. F. (from 30 Aug 1962) [SEE HAYDON, Adrianne Shirley "Ann"]

Jones, Mrs. D. [SEE PIGGOTT, Brenda Ada]

Jones, Mrs. L. P. (from 17 Nov 1915) [SEE BALLANTYNE, Dorothy]

JONES, Georgina Frances (United States) [1 Sept 1882-3 Sept 1955] [Mrs. Walton] [Active 1900s.]

Jones, Mrs. M. D. (1 Sept 1951) [SEE HUNSAKER, Helen Diane]

JONES, Katharyne "Kathryn" (United States) [1918-1959] [Mrs. Kirkland Leroy Irvis] [Active ???]

JONES, Kimberly “Kim” (United States) [28 Sept 1957- ] [Married to L. Shaefer] [Active 1970s-80s.]

JONES, Marion (United States) [2 Nov 1879-14 March 1965] [Mrs. Robert D. Farquhar, 29 Sept 1903-c. 1918/20] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

JONES, Mary Patricia "Pat" (Australia) [Mrs. Walter John Bleazard, from 1948] [Active 1940s.]

Jones, Mrs. R. G. (from 1945) [SEE VEBER, Raymonde]

Jones, Tami (from 19 March 1994) [SEE WHITLINGER, Tami Sue]

Jones-Shaefer, Kim [SEE JONES, Kimberly “Kim”]

JŘNSSON, Amy Elisabeth (Norway) [8 June 1967- ] [Married to Raaholt, by 2002] [Active 1980s-2000s.]

Jřnsson-Raaholt, Amy (by 2002) [SEE JÖNSSON, Amy Elisabeth]

JORDAN, Barbara (United States) [2 April 1957- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Jordan, Mrs. H. G. B. (Sept 1928-before 17 Feb 1936) [SEE MORLE, Eileen Mabel Nugent Philippa]

JORDAN, Kathryn "Kathy" (United States) [3 Dec 1959- ] [Active 1978-1991]

Jorgensen, Mrs. [SEE BREHM, Elsebeth]


Jory, Arleen Maria [SEE ROLLERSTON, Arleen Maria]

JOSEPHI, Rachel Frances (United States) [7 Oct 1878-7 Oct 1960] [Mrs. George William Helms] [Active c. 1900-10]

JOSZAI, Klara (Hungary) [30 Dec 1942- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Joyce, Mrs. F. de N.(from 8 June 1905) [SEE PERSSE, (Rose) Eileen]

JUCKER, Ginette (France) [c. 1927- ] [Mme Bucaille, c. 1949/50-????; Mme Pierre Grandguillot, from c. 1958/59] [Active 1940s-60s.]

Judd, Mrs. W. W. (from 7 June 1922) [SEE LAMBUTH, Myra]

Jukes, Mrs. J. E. C. (from 29 June 1912) [SEE SEARLE, Margaret Jessie]

JULIEN, Mady (France) [Active 1930s.]

JUNG, Sylvia (France) [2(10?) July 1904-15 Dec 1970] [Mme Raoul Lafaurie, June 1922-????; Mme C. Fernand Henrotin, March 1930-????; Mrs. S. "Bernie" Weldon/Welton, from ????] [Active 1920s-40s.]

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

Kaae-Sorrensen, L. (Denmark) [married name?] [Active 1960s.]

Kaczmarczyk, Rhona [SEE HOWETT, Rhona]

KAEBER, Hete (Germany) [Frau Stitzel, from c. 1924] [Active 1910s-30s.]

Kaehler, (Mrs) Margrethe [SEE Kähler, (Mrs) Margrethe

KAEHNE, Gertrud (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

KAEPPEL, Margarete [SEE KÄPPEL, Margarete “Peppi”]

KAESSMANN, Erni (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

KAHN, R. (United States) [Active 1970s.]

Kagan, Mrs. C. (from 9 June 1942?) [SEE SHEER, Nellie]

Kähler, (Mrs) Margrethe (Denmark) [21 Aug 1901-????] [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

KAISER, Marianne (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

KALASHNIKOVA, Oksana (Georgia) [Active 2010s.]

KALBER, Clara Isabel (United Kingdom) [1880-10 July 1961] [Active 1920s.]

KALIGIS, (M. B. E.?) "Lany" (Indonesia) [Active 1960s-70s.]

KALLMEYER, Irma (Germany) [Frau Bartels, from c. 1929] [Active 1920s-30s.]

KALLOS, Olga (United States) [8 Oct 1910-15 May 1995] [Mrs. Rudolph Ellissen, from c. 1947] [Active 1931-1946, 1952]

Kalman, (Mrs.) Rose G. (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

KALMIKOVA, Olga Nikolaevna (Soviet Union) [20 Oct 1913-5 Sept 1961] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Kalogeropoulos, Mrs. N. (from 1967) [SEE PROSEN, Carol-Ann]

KALSER, Bertha (Bohemia) [Active 1900s.]

Kaltenborn, Mrs. H. V. (from 14 Sept 1910) [SEE VON NORDENFLYCHT, (Baroness) Olga]

KALTENBORN, Olga Anais von "Anais" / “Annie” (United States) [26 Aug 1911-July 1980] [Mrs. Attmore Robinson Jr., from 4 May 1935] [Active 1930s]

Kaminski, (Frau) Elisabeth (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

KAMINSKI, Gertrud (Germany) [Active 1900s.]

KAMIO, Yone (Japan) [Active 1990s.]

KAMO, Sachiko (Japan) [Active 1950s.]

Kamp, Mrs. M. H. (from 10 Nov 1934) [SEE MANSFIELD, Dorothy M.]

KAMRATH, Eugenie Martha "Gee Gee" (United States) [1939- ] [Mrs. William Mygdal] [Active ???]

Kamrath, Mrs. K. F., Sr. (27 June 1934-18 Dec 1975) [SEE SAMPSON, Eugenie "Jeannie"]

KAMSTRA, Petra (Netherlands) [Active 1990s.]

KANAREK, Mimi (United States/Nicaragua) [18 Aug 1939- ] [Mrs. Donegan] [Active 1950s-70s.]

KANDARR, Jana (Germany) [Active 1990s-2000s.]

KANELLOPOULOU, Angeliki (Greece) [Active 1980s.]

KANEPI, Kaia (Estonia) [Active 2000s-2010s.]

KANIA, Paula (Poland) [Active 2010s.]

KANTER, Anita (United States) [1933- ] [Mrs. Kappe] [Active 1950s.]

KANTERS, Christine Roos (United States) [28 July 1884-16 April 1980] [Mrs. Roger Eben Bragdon, from 23 June 1910] [Active c. 1910-25]

KANTURKOVA (Kantůrková), Vlasta (Czechoslovakia) [24 June 1918-10 Jan 2015] [Married to Pravoslav Holecek, from c. 1935/37] [Active 1930s-50s.]

KAPLAN, Jamie C. (United States) [Active 1980s.]

Kappe, Mrs. [SEE KANTER, Anita]

KÄPPEL, Margarete “Peppi” (Germany) [22 Dec 1912- ] [Frau von Gerlach, by Aug 1943] [Active 1930s-40s.]

KAPPS, La Verne (United States) [Active 1930s.]

KAPROS, Aniko (Hungary) [Active 2000s.]

KARATANCHEVA (KARATANTCHEVA), Sesil (Bulgaria, 2003–2009, from c. 20 Oct 2014- / Kazakhstan, c. Jan 2009–2014) [Active 2000s-10s.]

KARLSSON, Carina (Sweden) [Active 1980s.]

KARR, Rene (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Karrick, Mrs. James (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s.] [SEE ???]

Karwasky, Tina (by Aug 1993) [SEE WATANABE, Tina]

KASHEVAROVA, Yulia Olegovna (Soviet Union) [10 Aug 1963- ] [Active ???]

KASTL, Violet (United States) [Active 1940s.]

KATILIUS, Veronika (Lithuania/United States) [14 Aug 1910-2 Aug 2006] [Mrs. Herman G Schmid, from c. 1955] [Active ???]

Katz, Marilyn (from 1977) [SEE ASCHNER, Marilyn J.]

Kauffmann, (Mme) Marie-Louise (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Kaupie, Mrs. J. [SEE LIZDAS, Ann]

KAUR, Rajkumari Amrit (India) [2 Feb 1889-6 Feb 1964] [Active c. 1911-1927]

KAUTENBERGER, Lucille (United States) [Active 1930s.]

KAVNAT, Dawn (South Africa) [11 Sept 1941- ] [Active 1960s.]

KAWASJI, Mehru Rustomji (India/Pakistan) [7 Sept 1909-????] [Active c. 1930-39]

Kay, Mrs. J. C. (from 25 Aug 1881) [SEE MARDALL, Beatrice Goodrich]

KAY, Bertha (Australia) [Active 1920s-30s.]

Kay, Mrs. F. R. (from 9 Nov 1932) [SEE YULE, Constance Margaret]

Kayll, Mrs. D. A. (from 26 Aug 1933) [SEE HARRY, Janice Floyd]

KAYSER, H. J. (Australia) [Active 1970s.]

KAYSER, Lydia C. (United States) [c. 1902-16 July 1992] [Active 1930s.]

Keating, Mrs. L. (after 1937) [SEE PEARSON, Kathryn "Kay"]

Keays, Mrs. E. H. (from 23 Jan 1903) [SEE MACCLELLAN, Winifred Ponsonby]

KEELE, Ada (Australia) [Active ???]

KEELEY, Kate (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Keen, Amanda (from c. 2005) [SEE JANES, Amanda]

KEIL, Kathrin (United States) [Active 1980s.]

Keir, Mrs. D. (from 3 Aug 1939) [SEE CAZALET, Thelma]

KEITH-STEELE, Katherine (United Kingdom) [4 Dec 1907-March 1990] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Kelaidis, Lilian [SEE DRESCHER, Lilian]

KELESI, Helen Mersi (Canada) [15 Nov 1969- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Kellegrew, Mrs. B. (from 9 April 1960) [SEE ROSS, Gladys Lilia Edith]

Kelleher, Mrs. R. J. (from 16 Aug 1940) [SEE WHEELER, Gracyn Welmouth]

KELLER, Audra A. (United States) [Active 1990s.]

Keller, Mrs. J. G. (Nov 1964-???? [SEE CATT, Deidre]

Keller, (Mrs.) Mary L. (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

KELLETT BAKER, Annie [SEE BAKER, Annie Kellett]

KELLEY, Louise (United States) [Active 1920s.]

KELLMEYER, Fern "Peachy" (United States) [19 Feb 1944- ] [Active 1960s.]

KELLY, W. (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

KELSEY, E. (United Kngdom) [Active 1920s.]

KELSO, Beryll Esme "Beris" (Australia) [Mrs. William James Gilchrist, from 1942] [Active ???]

KELTIE, J. G. (Australia) [Mrs. J. A. Simpson, by 1924] [Active 1920s.]

KELYNACK, Betty (Australia) [Mrs. Reginald Edwards, from 1944] [Active 1930s.]

Kelynack, Mrs. F. R. (from 1911/17?) [SEE DIGHT, Violet Kathleen]

KEMMER, Kristien “Kris” K. (United States) [25 July 1952- ] [Mrs. Richard B. Shaw, 2 Nov 1974-????; Mrs. F. Ziska from ???] [Active 1960s-70s.]

KEMMIS, Florence Jane (Ireland) [27 April 1857-17 Dec 1925] [Active c. 1880-84]

KEMMIS-BETTY, Dorothy Alice (United Kingdom) [c. 1900-????] [Mrs. John Edgar Hill, from 28 Sept 1922] [Active 1910s-30s.]

KEMP, Cindy (United States) [11 Feb 1947- ] [Mrs. Dick Battle] [Active 1960s.]

KEMP, E. A. (???) [Active 1930s.]

KEMP, Janet E. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. John M. Ward, from June 1964] [Active 1960s.]

Kemsey-Bourne, Mrs. J. (from c. 1953/54) [SEE POTTS, Norma C.]

KENDAL, Annie Wilhelmina (United Kingdom) [1871-????] [Mrs. Jasper Gibson, from 1895] [Active 1890s.]

KENDAL, Lucy Adeline (United Kingdom) [c. July/Sept 1870-c. Dec 1924] [Mrs. Frederick William Johnson, from c. April-June 1907] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

Kendall, Mrs. V. A. (from 1927) [SEE CRAWFORD, Marjorie Florence "Pat"]

KENDERDINE, Edith Flint (United States) 18 Nov 1875-23 Oct 1957] [Mrs. James Andrews, from 16 Oct 1901] [Active 1890s.]

KENDIG, Catherine Lillian (United States) [1913- ] [Mrs. John William Clegg Jr., from 12 May 1936] [Active 1930s-40s.]

KENDIG, Janet (United States) [Active 1930s.]

KENEFICK, Thelma Madonna (United States) [4 July 1911-5 Jan 1998] [Active c. 1928-37]

Kennedy, Mrs. [SEE DONNELLY, Elaine]

KENNEDY, Karin (Australia) [Active 1950s.]

Kennedy, Mrs. J. O. (from Sept 1968/69?) [SEE LEE, Margaret M.]

KENNEDY, Mary Theresa (New Zealand) [1864-5 Nov 1909] [Active c. 1885-1905]

KENNEDY, Ruth (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

KENNY, Alexis "Lexie" (Australia) [Mrs. Crooke, from 1969/70] [Active 1960s.]

KENT, Dawn (Australia) [c. 1926-Oct 2012] [Mrs. Rupert Hardingham, by Nov 1950] [Active 1940s-50s.]

KENTISH, K. (United Kingdom) [Active 1900s.]

Kenward, Mrs. R. E. [SEE PARKINSON, Naomi J.]

KENYON, Nion Thelma (Australia) [1900-18 June 1982] [Mrs. Marshall P. Allsopp, from 1927] [Active ???]

Kenyon, Mrs. A. T. (from c. April/June 1939) [SEE CHUTER, Sheila Grace]

KEOTHAVONG, Anne Viensouk (United Kingdom) [16 Sept 1983- ] [Active 1998-2013]

KEPPELER, Petra (Germany) [Actve 1980s.]

Kerbaugh, Mrs. H. F. (from 1912) [SEE HOFFMAN, Mabel C.]

KERBER, Angelique (Germany) [Active 2000s-10s.]

KERCKHOFF, A. (Netherlands) [Active 1930s.]

KERCKHOFF, Z. (Netherlands) [Active 1930s.]

KEREKES, Vera (Hungary) [Mrs. Schmidt] [Active ???]

Kerkhoff, (Frau) Maria (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

KERMINA, Jacqueline (France) [????-1995] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Kerr, Mrs. P. J. (from c. July-Sept 1939) [SEE WYARD, (Cariad) Enid]

KERR, Mavis (New Zealand) [Active 1930s-40s.]

KERR, Peggy (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Kerr, Mrs. [SEE LANCASTER, Vicki]

KERRY, Margery (Australia) [Mrs. R. H. Carnie, by 1929] [Active 1920s-30s.]

KERRY, May (Australia) [Mrs. E. M. Foster, by 1928] [Active 1920s.]

KERSCHBAUM, Maya (Austria) [3 Jan 1953- ] [Active 1970s.]

KERSEY, Helen Louisa (Great Britain) [1864-????] [Active ???]

KERSEY, Winifred Esdaile (Great Britian) [1869-????] [Active ???]

KERSHAW, Jessie (United States) [1873-15 Aug 1960] [Active c. 1894-1915]

Kerswell, Mrs. G. J. P. (from c. April/June 1958) [SEE DORE, Daphne J. "Gem"]

Keski-Filppula, Hanna-Katri [SEE AALTO, Hanna-Katri]

Kessels, Mrs. E. (from 20 July 1912) [SEE MANT, (Constance) Mabel]

KESTING, Elizabeth Coriine (United States) [c. 1915- ] [Mrs. Jack Chauncey Harris, after Sept 1937-Dec 1968] [Active 1930s.]

KETTENBACH, Marie Elizabeth (United States) [16 Dec 1893-1980] [Mrs. Aaron Mortimer van Ostrand, from 2 Jan 1918] [Active c. 1911-17]

KETTLEWELL, Annette Phoebe Sutherland (United Kingdom) [19 June 1866-16 April 1942] [Mrs. Charles Edward de Fonblanque, from 2 Feb 1891] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

KEY, Rose (Bermuda) [Active 1870s.]

KEYMER, Kathleen Jessica (United Kingdom) [16 July 1904-1981] [Mrs. Frank W. McKee, c. Feb 1929- the summer of 1939; Mrs. Herbert G. Pitts, from the summer of 1939] [Active 1920s]

KHANNA, Pramilla(Pramila?) (India) [Mrs. Singh] [Active 1940s-50s.]

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

KIDSON, Nancy (United Kingdom) [23 Sept 1912-c. Oct 1994] [Mrs. Raymond Victor Fontes, from 30 Jan 1935] [Active 1920s-40s.]

KIJIMUTA, Akiko (Japan) [1 May 1968- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

KILIAN, Dora (South Africa) [5 March 1935- ] [Mrs. Shaw] [Active 1950s.]

KILLER, Ivy Sarah (Australia) [1911- ] [Mrs. Hanson, from c. 1941] [Active ???]

KILLEY, Barbara (United Kingdom/United States) [29 Sept 1897-29 Nov 1979] [Mrs. Charles F. Duffy, from 14 Aug 1924] [Active c. 1920-38]

KINCAID, Jane B. (United States) [20 Feb 1951- ] [Active 1960s.]

Kind, Mrs. Philip (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

KINDERSLEY, Emily Agnes (United Kingdom) [1865-????] [Mrs. Thomas Pulman Procktor, from 1897] [Active 1880s.]

KINDERSLEY, Georgina Harriet (United Kingdom) [1861-6 Nov 1909] [Active 1880s.]

KINDERSLEY, Katherine Mary (United Kingdom) [1862-3 April 1948] [Mrs. William Phillips Hart, from 1894] [Active 1880s.]

KINDERSLEY, Margaret Anna (United Kingdom) [1870-20 Sept 1948] [Mrs. Basil Upton Eddis, from 1896] [Active 1880s.]

Kiner, Mrs. R. (13 Oct 1951-1968) [SEE CHAFFEE, Nancy]

King, Mrs. E. (United Kingdom) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

King, Mrs. L. W. (17 Sept 1965-1987) [SEE MOFFITT, Billie Jean]

KING, Miss D. (New Zealand) [Active 1950s.]

King, Mrs. P. G. (from 1910) [SEE LEE, Gladys Maud Chapman]

King, Mrs. J. C. (from c. July/Sept 1962) [SEE LINTERN, Julie E.]

King, Mrs. R. (from 1941) [SEE HUDLOW, Maxine]

King, Mrs. A. F. (from 1936) [SEE MCGRATH, Mollie]

King, Mrs. M. R. (from 30 April 1932) [SEE MUDFORD, Phyllis Evelyn]

KING, Vere Kersteman (United Kingdom) [c. May 1912- ] [Mrs. Wilfrid Sydenham Thompson, from 29 Jan 1938] [Active ???]

KING-CHURCH, Frances Annie (United Kingdom) [1869-22 March 1949] [Mrs. Christopher Reginald Walter Heath, from 1900] [Active c. 1888-92]

Kingdon, Mrs. D. (from 19 Nov 1914) [SEE MOODY, Kathleen]

KINGSBURY, Dorothy (United States) [Active 1920s.]

KINSLER, Ethel Carline (United States) [c. 1881-after 1957] [Mrs. Robert Herold, from 26 March 1911] [Active 1910-20s.]

Kint, Mrs. (from 1928) [SEE REDLICH, Salme]

Kirby, Mrs. H. A. (from 12(26?) Aug 1896) [SEE WILSON, Amy Ford]

KIRK, Brenda (South Africa) [11 Jan 1951- ] [Mrs. Dimitriou, from c. 1974] [Active 1970s.]

Kirk, Mrs. J. S. (15 April 1926-???) [SEE ARMSTRONG, Ruth Marjorie]

Kirkby, Mrs. W. H. (from 1872) [SEE RICKETTS, Georgina]

Kirkpatrick, Mme R. E. [SEE SIGART, Odette]

KIRSON, Reba (United States) [3 Feb 1911-10 May 1980] [Mrs. Abbot R. Monness] [Active c. 1930-40]

KISSEL, Ina Alice (United States) [c. 1890-????] [Mrs. Henry Taft Eaton, from 31 March 1917] [Active 1910s.]

KITSON, Dulcie (South Africa) [Active 1930s.]

KIVI, Tiiu (Soviet Union) [18 Dec 1943-23 Aug 2011] [Married to Jaak Parmas] [Active 1960s.]

KIYOMURA, Ann Kayuzo (United States) [22 Aug 1955- ] [Married to David Hayashi, from 21 Jan 1984] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Kiyomura-Hayashi, Ann (from 21 Jan 1984) [SEE KIYOMURA, Ann Kayuzo]

Kladnik, Mrs. G. (from c. 1939) [SEE ALGER, Alice]

Klapkova, Katerina [SEE BOHMOVA, Katerina]

KLAUS, Sidonie "Sidi" (Austria) [1876-????] [Married to Rudolf Maschka, by June 1903] [Active 1900s-10s.]

KLECKHEFER, Alice (United States) [Active 1940s.]

KLEIN, Beatrix (Hungary) [19 Jan 1953- ] [Active 1970s.]

KLEIN, Eliane (Netherlands) [Mrs. Scholten, by 1946] [Active ???]

Kleinadel, Mme E. (from Dec 1926) [SEE DES LANDES DE DANOET, Simone]

KLEINLOGEL, Irma (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

KLEINSCHMIDT, Elsa (Germany) [Active 1910s.]

KLEMANTASKI, Alida Evelyn (United Kingdom) [1899-1955] [Mrs. Walter Frederick Taylor, from 1935] [Active 1920s-30s.]

KLEMENSCHITS, Daniela (Austria) [13 Nov 1982-9 April 2008] [Active 1996-2006]

KLEMENSCHITS, Sandra (Austria) [13 Nov 1982- ] [Active 1996-2006, 2008- ]

KLIMA, Mita (Austria/Germany) [c. 1893-late April/early May 1945] [Married to Otto Curt Kribben, from 11 Aug 1915] [Active 1900s.]

KLIMA, Willy (Austria) [c. 1892-????] [Active 1900s.]

Klingender, Mrs. F. L. (from 20 Sept 1895) [SEE A'BECKETT, Agnes Ellen "Nellie"]

KLOCHKOVA, Zenaida Georgievna(Georgevna?) (Soviet Union) [10 June(6 Oct?) 1903-29 June 1972] [Married to Vyacheslav Konstantinovich Multino (or Multenko)] [Active ???]

Klofsten, Mrs. A. (after 1943) [SEE HALS, Benedicte "Lilleba"]

KLOSS, Ilana Sheryl (South Africa) [22 March 1956- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Klougart, Mrs. (from c. 1972) [SEE BLOCH-JŘRGENSEN, Mari-Ann]

Kluge, Mrs. (from c. 1939) [SEE MOON, Helena Sarah Stewart "Sadie"]

KNAPP, (Aline) Mary (United Kingdom) [Sept(11 July?) 1908-Sept 2001] [Mrs. Roger A. Chamberlain, from Sept 1933] [Active c. 1925-1958]

KNAPP, Barbara (United Kingdom) [29 March 1920-c. July/Sept 1978] [Active 1940s-50s.]

KNAPP, Dorothea Frances (United Kingdom) [c. Dec 1911-????] [Mrs. Philip H. Greader, from c. Nov 1939] [Active c. 1925-35]

KNIGHT, Beryl M. (New Zealand) [Active 1920s.]

KNIGHT, Laura A. (United States) [c. 1867- June 1936] [Mrs. George Francis "Frank" Smith, from c. 1899] [Active c. 1887-1889]

Knight, Mrs. B. (from 1898) [SEE ALLERDICE, Louise E."Louie"]

Knight, Mrs. K. F. (from c. Oct/Dec 1945) [SEE WALLIS, Noelle Marguerite]

Knight, Mrs. (by 1937) [SEE ASTILL, Peggy]

Knight, Mrs. J. [SEE COX, Truda]

KNOBLANCHE, Margaret Alice (Australia) [14 Aug 1913-5 Aug 1996] [Mrs. Harry Nettleton Bruton, from 1936] [Active 1920s.]

Knode, Mrs. D. P. (from 16 Oct 1952) [SEE HEAD, Alice Dorothy "Dottie"]

KNOTTENBELT, Anna (Netherlands) [Married to Koopmans, by 1948] [Active 1940s-50s.]

KNOWLES, Hope (United States) [Mrs. William Stowe Rawls, from 30 March 1943] [Active 1930s-40s.]

KNOWLES, Sylvia (United States) [????-12 July 1969] [Mrs. Carter Buffington Simonin, 31 Dec 1949-????; Mrs. Robert Clay, from 1961] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Kobe, (Frau) Sabine (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Kodešova, Mrs. (Dec 1967-c. 1982) [SEE RÖSSLEROVA, Lenka]

KODESOVA (Kodešová), Vlasta (Czechoslovakia) [26 March 1944- ] [Married to Milan Vopička, from 1964] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Koegel, Mrs. W. F. (from 1946) [SEE BIXLER, Barbara]

Koehncke, Mrs. F. S. (from c. 1940) [SEE WALTERS, Joan Eunice]

Koehne, (Frau) Else (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]


KOETTGEN, Emma (Germany) [SEE KÖTTGEN, Emma]

KOHDE-KILSCH, Claudia Gertrud (Germany) [11 Dec 1963- ] [Married to: Chris Bennett, 24 Nov 2000-2010; Rolf Friedhelm Lehmann, from ????] [Active 1980s-90s.]

KOHNERT, Ruth (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

KOLL, Anna Mary (United States) [25 April 1905-1 Sept 1998] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Komarova, Elena (from 1975) [SEE LAPIMAA, Elena]

KOMLEVA, Svetlana (Soviet Union) [15 Dec 1973- ] [Active ???]

KONDOVA, Marina (Bulgaria) [12 Jan 1962- ] [Active 1980s.]

König, (Frau) Irmgard (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Koopmans, Mrs. (by 1948) [SEE KNOTTENBELT, Anna]

Koopmans-Knottenbelt, Anna (by 1948) [SEE KNOTTENBELT, Anna]

KOORTZEN, Valerie "Val" (South Africa) [15 Feb 1937- ] [Mrs. Gordon L. Forbes, by 1957] [Active 1950s-60s.]

KORING, Dorothea “Dora” (Germany) [11 July 1880-13 Feb 1945] [Active 1900s-20s.]

KÖRMÖCZY, Zsuzsa "Suzy" / "Suzi" (Hungary) [25 Aug 1924-16 Sept 2006] [Married to: Eugen Branny, 15 Dec 1946-????; Alexander Gero (sometimes rendered as "Broz"), from 11 Nov 1958; didn’t play under married names?] [Active 1938-1964]

KORNFELD, Gertrude H. (Austria/Palestine/Israel/United States) [4 Dec 1922- ] [1940s-60s.]

Korovina, Galina [SEE IVANOVA, Galina Sergeyevna]

Kortüm, Frau (from c. 1960) [SEE FÖRSTENDORF, Brigitte]

KORZUN, Svetlana (Soviet Union) [c. 1956- ] [Active 1970s.]

KOSCHEL, Gertrud (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Koschel, (Frau) Jojo (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Koss, (Mrs.) Helen (United States) [1902-????] [Married to Franklyn Christian Koss, from 27 Nov 1924; maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

KOSTANIĆ, Jelena (Croatia) [6 July 1981- ] [Married to Roko Tošić, from 8 July 2006] [Active 2000s.]

Kostanić Tošić, Jelena (from 8 July 2006) [SEE KOSTANIĆ, Jelena]

KOSTIC, Biljana (Yugoslavia) [16 Aug 1949- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

KOTSIA, Dionissia (Greece) [Active 1970s.]

KÖTTGEN, Emma (Germany) [Frau Scheiffler, from c. 1912/13] [Active 1900s-10s.]

Kottke, (Frau) Hedwig (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Koudelka, Mrs. S. (from c. late 1970/early 1971) [SEE WILSHERE, Joan M.]

KOUKALOVA, Klara (Czech Republic) [24 Feb 1982- ] [Married to Jan Zakopal, 6 June 2006-Jan 2014] [Active 1998- ]

KOUTRAS, Chris (United States) [c. 1948- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

KOVAC, Hella (Yugoslavia/Austria) [Married to Anton Strecker, from 31 May 1941] [Active 1930s-1950s.]

Kovacs, Mrs. F. (14 July 1941-????) [SEE WOLFENDEN, Virginia May]

Kowarsch, (Frau) Ottilie (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

KOZELUHOVA (Koželuhová), Hana (Czechoslovakia/Canada) [5 Dec 1928- ] [Married to Milan Sladek, by 1953] [Active 1940s-60s.]

KOZELUHOVA (Koželuhová), Marie "May" (Czechoslovakia) [1906-4 April 1991] [Married to Jaroš] [Active c. 1922-33]

KOZELUHOVA (Koželuhová), Miroslava “Mirka” (Czechoslovakia) [16 Dec 1951- ] [Married to Bendl, c. May/June 1975-????] [Active 1970s.]

Kozmann, Signora (from c. 1939) [SEE FRISACCO, Anna Maria]

KRAFT, Eveline Kathleen "Kathy" (United States) [19 Dec 1952- ] [Mrs. West] [Active 1960s-70s.]

KRAHWINKEL, Hildegarde "Hilde" (Germany/Denmark) [26 March 1908-7 March 1981] [Married to Sven Sperling, from 28 Dec 1933] [Active 1920s-50s.]

KRAJCOVICOVA, Denisa (Czechoslovakia/Slovakia) [18 Oct 1968- ] [Married to Szabo, from 10 Nov 1990] [Active 1986-1997]

KRAL, Barbara (Poland) [27 July 1948- ] [Married to Lechoslaw Olsza, from c. 1976?] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Kral-Olsza, Barbara (from c. 1976?) [SEE KRAL, Barbara]

KRAMER, Hanna (Germany) [Active 1940s-50s.]

KRAMER, Joan (Germany) [Active 1940s.]

KRAMEROVA, Luisa (Czechoslovakia/United Kingdom?) [1910-Jan 2006] [Mrs. (Sir) Charles Myer Abrahams, from 1940] [Active 1920s.]

KRANTZCKE, Karen Mary (Australia) [1 Feb 1947-11 April 1977] [Active 1960s.-1977]

KRASE, Barbara L. (United States) [27 Oct 1923- ] [Mrs. Glen Chandler, from c. May 1948] [Active 1940s-50s.]

KRAUS, Rosl (Austria/Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Krauzova, Eva (from c. Jan 1948) [SEE PORÁKOVÁ, Eva]

KRAYENBÜHL, Alice (Denmark) [28 Jan 1895-19 Jan 1987] [Mrs. Knud Jeppesen, from 1923] [Active 1910s-20s.]

KRECKE, Monique (Luxembourg) [24 March 1944- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

KREMER, Anne (Luxembourg) [17 Oct 1975- ] [Active 1990s- ]

KREPELKOVA (Křepelková), Božena "Biba" (Czechoslovakia) [27 July 1922- ] [Married to Vlastimil Brodsky, by 1959-????] [Active 1940s.]

Kress, Mrs. (by 1920) [SEE WALE, Marjorie]

KRIBBEN, Erna (Germany) [c. 1890-????] [Married to Friedrich Wilhelm Rahe, from 11 Aug 1915] [Active 1900s-10s.]

Kribben, (Frau) Mita (from 11 Aug 1915) [SEE KLIMA, Mita]

KRIEGS-AU, Elfriede "Elfi" von (Austria/Germany/United States) [5 Nov 1915-1 March 2004] [Mrs. Ronald Carroll, from c. 1940] [Active 1930s-60s.]

Kriegs-Au, (Frau) Tila (Austria) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

KROB, Käthe (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

KROCKÉ, Elly (Netherlands) [15 March 1944- ] [Mrs. S. Blomberg] [Active 1960s-70s.]

KROEGER, (Lillian) June (United States) [20 June 1935- ] [Active 1954-1963]

KROMBACH, Rita (Luxembourg) [20 Nov 1951- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

KRONBERG, Marion (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Kroshkina, Mrs. [SEE YAREMKEVICH, Vera Ivanova]

KROUPOVA, Kateřina (Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic) [20 Feb 1974- ] [Married name: Šišková] [Active 1989-1998, 2000, 2010-2013]

Kroupová-Šišková, Kateřina [SEE KROUPOVA, Kateřina]

Krug, (Frau) Irmgard (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

KRUGER, Joannette (South Africa) [3 Sept 1973- ] [Married to Abri Kruger, from Nov 2001] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

KRUGER, Marise (South Africa) [17 July 1958- ] [Active mid 1970s.-1979]

Krüger, (Frau) Sophie (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

KRYUCHKOVA, Ekaterina Ivanovna (Soviet Union) [22 Feb 1949- ] [Active ???]

KUCZYŃSKA, Iwona (Poland) [22 Feb 1961- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

KUHLMANN, Ernestine (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

KULL, Maria (Soviet Union) [6 Jan 1945- ] [Married to Aimre, from 1976] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Kunce, Kristine (from 30 Nov 1996) [SEE RADFORD, Kristine Louise]

Kunnen, Mrs. F. C., Jr. (25 Nov 1951-before April 1960 & from Feb 1961) [SEE JAHN, Laura Lou]

KUNSTMANN, Erna (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

KUNZE, Ruth (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

KUNZE, Hansi (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

KUPFER, Lisa (Switzerland) [Mme Giulio Corsini] [Active 1950s-70s.]

KURCOFF, Frances (United States) [Active 1920s.]

KUROMATSU, Kazuko (Japan) [27 July 1941- ] [Active 1960s.]

KURTZ, Edith N. (United States) [24 Dec 1890-Jan 1974] [Mrs. William Price Newhall, from 1913] [Active ???]

KURYANOVICH, Iryna (Belarus/France) [5 Oct 1984- ] [Married to Gérald Brémond, from Jan 2011] [Active 1999- ]

KUSENBERG, Antonie "Toni" (Germany) [22 Jan 1871-????] [Married to Eugen Franz Maria Popp, from c. 1888] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

KUSENBERG, Clara Antonie (Germany) [24 July 1874-2 Oct 1951] [Married to: Oskar Heinrich Hartwig, Count von der Schulenburg, 1895-1906; Viktor Felix Eugen, Count von Voss, from 1928] [Active 1890s-1920s.]

KUTTROFF, Clara (United States) [24 April 1882-28 Jan 1971] [Mrs. Charles Frederick Theodore (Theodore) Cassebeer, from 1913] [Active 1907-1928]

KUYS, H. (South Africa) [Active 1900s.]

KUZMENKO, Valeria (Soviet Union) [28 Feb 1934-9 Oct 2010] [Married to Yuri Titov, from 12 Nov 1960] [Active 1950s-60s.]

KUZMINA, Antonina Federovna (Soviet Union) [20 Sept 1957- ] [Active ???]

KVITOVA, Petra (Czech Republic) [8 March 1990- ] [Active 2006- ]

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

La Roche, Mrs. W. J. (from 3 March 1951) [SEE BOWES, Cecile Marie]

LABAT, Florencia (Argentina) [12 June 1971- ] [Active 1980s-2000s.]

LACAZE, Florence (United States/France) [1895-Feb 1983] [Mrs. Heynemann, ????- c. 1919; Mrs. Jay Frank Gould, from 10 Feb 1923] [Active ???]

LACK, Joyce M. (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

Lafant, (Mme) Alberte (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Lafargue, Mme L. (after 1937) [SEE IRIBARNE, Simone]

Lafaurie, Mme R. (June 1922-before March 1930) [SEE JUNG, Sylvia]

Laffargue(or Lafargue?), Mme L. (after 1937) [SEE IRIBARNE, Simone]

Lagasse, (Mme) Denise (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Lagoutte, (Mme) Marie-Louise (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Laidlow, Mrs. (by July 1952) [SEE TAUBELE, Norma]

LAINE, Francoise (France) [Mme Pierre Prieur, from 28 April 1930] [Active ???]

LAIRD, (Eleanor) Jean (United States) [12 April 1935- ] [Active 1950s.]

Laisné, Mme (before 1937-before 1946) [SEE HAMELIN, Monique]

LAITINEN, Helena (Finland) [14 Sept 1952- ] [Mrs. Lundström] [Active 1970s.]

Lakeman, Mrs. T. A. (from 12 Nov 1930) [SEE FRY, Joan Cradock]

LAMB, Annie (Australia) [Active 1880s.]

Lambert Chambers, Mrs. R. (from 6 April 1907) [SEE DOUGLASS, Dorothea Katherine]

LAMBUTH, Jane Ingram (United States) [29 July 1892-April 1975] [Mrs. Joseph Lister Holmes, from 15 Dec 1917] [Active c. 1910-16]

LAMBUTH, Myra (United States) [29 July 1892-????] [Mrs. Willis Webster Judd, from 7 June 1922] [Active c. 1910-20]

Lamm, (Mrs.) Jean (China?/United States) [2 Nov 1920- 1 March 2004] [Married to Russell "Russ" Lamm, from 1946; maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s-60s.] [SEE ???]

LAMM, Pixie (United States) [c. 1947/48- ] [Mrs. Carlton Coolidge] [Active 1960s.]

Lamme, Mrs. A. J. (by 1929) [SEE SHERWOOD, Agnes]

LAMPE, Carmen (United States) [Mrs. Robert Boland, from 3 Nov 1962] [Active 1940s-60s.]

Lamplough, Mrs. H. W. (from 13 May 1908) [SEE EASTLAKE-SMITH, Gladys Shirley]

LANCASTER, Vicki (Australia) [26 Jan 1951- ] [Mrs. Kerr] [Active 1970s.]

Lance, Mrs. R. C. (from 6 Oct 1934) [SEE STAMPE, Barbara Mary]

LANCE, Sara Mary (United Kingdom/New Zealand) [1866-19 Nov 1954] [Mrs. Ernest Denton Tanner, 9 Aug 1887-24 Jan 1910; Mrs. Charles Fortescue Uniacke, from 1912] [Active late 1880s.]

LANCE, Sylvia (Australia) [1 Oct 1895-after March 1953] [Mrs. Robert Rainy Harper, from 28 May 1924] [Active 1910-20s.]

Lander, Mrs. [SEE HARDING, Inez]

LANDLAW, M. (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

Landry, Mme P. H. (Feb 1937-c. 1949) [SEE ADAMSON, Nelly Jeanne]

Landtroop, Mrs. [SEE VILBIG, Doris Margaret "Peggy"]

LANE, Elsie (United Kingdom) [22 June 1864-10 Aug 1948] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

LANE, Hilda (United Kingdom) [c. 1877/78-17 Dec 1916] [Active 1900s-10s.]

Lane, Mrs. C. F. [SEE HILL, Margaret Winifred]

LANG, Elsie (United States) [c. 1889-????] [Mrs. William H. Pritchard, from c. 1909] [Active c. 1910-25]

LANG, Helen (or Helena) (United States) [Oct 1886-????] [Mrs. Louis Stanislas De Lone, from c. 1910] [Active ???]

Lang, Mrs. N. (from 5 April 1941) [SEE HIRSCH, Millicent]

Langanay, (Mme) Raymonde (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

LANGLEY, Augusta (United Kingdom) [1858-????] [Active 1880s.]

LANGLEY, Constance Laura Mary (United Kingdom) [1862-27 Oct 1934] [Mrs. Charles John Chichester Smith, from 1880] [Active 1880s.]

LANGLEY, Flora (United Kingdom) [1860-????] [Active 1880s.]

LANGLEY, Jill (Australia) [Active 1960s.]

LANGLEY, Marion (United Kingdom) [1866-????] [Active 1880s.]

Langre, Cecelia [SEE ROSADO, Cecelia]

LANGRISHE, Adela Constance (Ireland) [1858-6 March 1948] [Active c. 1879-90]

LANGRISHE, Maria Cecilia 'Beatrice" / “Bee” (Ireland) [c. 1863-14 March 1921] [Mrs. (Colonel) Henry Francis Thornhill Fisher, from 21 Dec 1901] [Active c. 1879-90]

LANGRISHE, Mary Isabella "May" (Ireland) [21 Dec 1864-24 Jan 1939] [Active 1879-92]

LANGROVA, Petra (Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic) [27 June 1970- ] [Married to: Pichal; Miroslav Cernosek, frpm early Oct 2013] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Lannefranque, (Mme) Marcelle (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Lanning, Mrs. (by Nov 1937) [SEE GOSS, Eleanor]

LANNOWE, Florence Dering (United Kingdom) [1875-7 April 1945] [Mrs. Henry "Norman" Marrett, from 1909] [Active 1910s.]

LANQUEST, Nadine (France) [Active 1930s.]

LAPI, Laura (Italy) [10 Sept 1970- ] [Active 1986-95]

LAPIDOUSE, Jacqueline (France) [Active 1930s.]

LAPIMAA, Elena (Soviet Union) [7 April 1953- ] [Married to Komarov, from 1975] [Active 1970s.]

LARARD, Beatrice Helen (Australia) [28 July 1881-5 April 1959] [Mrs. William Cadell, from 1908] [Active 1900s.]

LARARD, Maud (Australia) [Active 1900s.]

LARCADE, Genevičve (France) [Active 1930s-40s.]

Larcombe, Mrs. D. T. R. (from 15 Oct 1906) [SEE THOMSON, Ethel Warneford]

Lareau, Mrs. (from c. 1952?) [SEE DOYLE, Jean]

LARINA, Yevgenia Konstantinovna (Soviet Union) [20 July 1931- ] [Mrs. Bantle] [Active ???]

Larkham, Mrs. B. [SEE PERCIVAL, Stephanie]

LARKING, Jennifer (United States) [6 Jan 1967- ] [Married to Steve Dawson, from c. spring 1989] [Active 1990s.]

Larking-Dawson, Jennifer (from c. spring 1989) [SEE LARKING, Jennifer]

LARMINIE, Margaret Rivers (United Kingdom) [1886-31 March 1964] [Mrs. Robert Clayton Tragett, 22 May 1911-before 1934] [Active ???]

LARNED, Elizabeth (United States) [1 Feb 1887-????] [Mrs. A. H. McCarthy, from 30 May 1905] [Active 1900s.]

Lartigou, Mme [SEE MARRE, Simone]

LARUE, Anne-Marie (France) [26 Jan 1938(27 Jan 1942?)- ] [Mme Rouchon, from c. Nov/Dec 1964] [Active 1960s.]

Lascelles, Mrs. F. (from 1922) [SEE HALLEY, Ellen Annie "Nellie"]

LASCH, Edith (Sweden) [21 Feb 1884-16 Oct 1964] [Mrs. Arnheim] [Active ???]

LATHAM, Edith Hilda (United Kingdom) [1886-28 July 1960] [Mrs. Lawrence Hector Mark Heathcote, from 2 March 1912] [Active c. 1915-20]

LATHAM, Kate (United States) [25 Oct 1952- ] [Active 1970s.-1987]

Latimer, Mrs. H. G. (from 1915) [SEE LATTEY, Norah Isabel]

LATTEY, Norah Isabel (United Kingdom) [20 Dec 1871-2 Jan 1953] [Mrs. Hugh G. Latimer, from 1915] [Active 1900s-10s.]

Lauder, Mrs. [SEE BENTLEY, Rita]

LAUDERBACH, Marjorie Leona (United States) [30 Nov 1916-13 July 2014] [Mrs. Walter E. Blair, by 1939-????; Mrs. Kenneth Ranney, by 1958] [Active c. 1936-45]

LAUGHTON, J. (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

LAUGHTON, L. (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

Launert, Frau (from c. 1959) [SEE OBST, Erika]

LAURIE, Barbara (Australia) [Active 1940s.]

Lauteslager, Nora [SEE BLOM, Nora]

Laverton, Mrs. H. S. (1899-Oct 1913) [SEE SIMS, Margaret Manley Alice]

LAVIEILLE, Marcelle (France) [Active 1930s.]

Law, Mrs. E. S. (from c. April/June 1925) [SEE BROWN, Yvonne Mary Florence]

LAWRENCE, Edna (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

LAWRENCE, Kitty (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Lawrence, Mrs. [SEE PRYDE, Marilyn J.]

Lawrence, Mrs. M. D. (from 18 Aug 1962) [SEE WOLFENDEN, Nancy]

LAWSON, Janet (United Kingdom) [c. 1903-????] [Mrs. Eric Eaton Walker, from 17 Dec 1931] [Active 1920s-30s.]

LAYARD, Annie Jane (Great Britain) [1859-????] [Active 1880s.]

LAYFIELD, Anne (United Kingdom) [c. 1920- ] [Mrs. Benjamin H. Baker, from 24 Oct 1951] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Layolle, (Mme) Antoinette (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

LAZZARINO, Silvana (Italy) [19 May 1933- ] [Active 1950s-70s.]

Le Besnerais, Mme J.-R. (1 March 1918-????) [SEE CARBONEL-TEQUI, Anne-Marie “Nanette”]

Le Besnerais, Mme D. (from 27 Sept 1954) [SEE SCHMITT, Suzanne]


LE CONTE, G. (France) [Active 1920s.]

LE CONTE, Yvonne (France) [Active 1930s.]

Le Gendre, Mme (from 1927/28) [SEE MAUREL, Jeanne]

LE MESSURIER, Kathleen ”Kath” Jessie (Australia) [12 July 1898-1 Jan 1981] [Active 1910s-30s.]

LE NEVEN(or LE NEVEU), Ethel (Australia) [1872-1949] [Active 1900s.]

Le Quellec, Mme Y. (from 2 July 1930 [SEE BOURGEOIS, Yvonne Renée Suzanne]

Leachman, Mrs. R. (from 2 Sept 1906) [SEE MULLER, Anna]

LEADBETTER, Lessie (United States) [7 June 1887-????] [Mrs. Harland Wentworth, 25 Oct 1911-????] [Active 1900s]

LEAN, Constance Harvey (New Zealand) [17 Aug 1864-30 July 1908] [Active c. 1888-96]

LEAND, Andrea (United States) [18 Jan 1964- ] [Active 1981-1994]

Learoyd, Mrs. R.B. (from 1912) [SEE BOADLE, Marjorie Scott]

LEATHER, Caroline Margaret (United Kingdom) [c. July/Sept 1939-4 Jan 2013] [Mrs. Brian Peerless, c. Jan/March 1964-????; Mrs. (Sir) Robert Ford, from 7 June 2003] [Active 1950s-60s.]

LEAVITT, (Mary) Emma (United States) [22 May 1865-29 Dec 1956] [Mrs. William Fellowes Morgan, from 22 Jan 1885] [Active 1890s.]

Lebailly, (Mme) Marguerite (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Lebaron, Mrs. G. R. (from 20 April 1910) [SEE TOWNSEND, Laura S.]

LEBEDEFF, Ann (United States) [4 May 1951- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

LEBOUTILLIER, Florence S. (United States) [12 April 1910- 4 Oct 1994] [Mrs. Edward Warwick Pinkham, Jr., from 1940] [Active 1920s-50s.]

Lecaillon, Mme [SEE MORALES, Jacqueline]

LEDERMAN, Gertrude (United States) [Active 1920s.]

LEDGER, Muriel Vera (United Kingdom) [c. Nov/Dec 1889-c. May 1952] [Mrs. Henry Cecil Hextall, from c. May/June 1913] [Active 1920s.]

LEE, Beatrice Mary Shaw (United Kingdom) [19 Oct 1886-????] [Active ???]

Lee, Mrs. S. W. (by 1953) [SEE MCNEILL, Charlotte]

LEE, Duk-Hee (South Korea) [13 July 1953- ] [Married to Pung-on Cho] [Active 1970s-1983]

Lee, Mrs. J. (from 1932) [SEE GARDINER, Elizabeth "Betty" Neil]

Lee, (Mrs.) Ethel (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

LEE, Gladys Maud Chapman (United Kingdom) [2 June 1888-Sept 1980] [Mrs. Percy George King, from 1910] [Active ???]

LEE, Lindsay (United States) [28 June 1977- ] [Married to Heath Waters, from 7 March 2000] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

LEE, Margaret M. (United Kingdom) [c. April/June 1943- ] [Mrs. John O. Kennedy, from Sept 1968(69?)] [Active 1960s.]

Lee-Waters, Lindsay (from 7 March 2000) [SEE LEE, Lindsay]

Leedham-Green, Mrs. G. (from 30 Aug 1933) [SEE WALLIS, Phyllis Maude]

LEEMING, Marjorie Hope (Canada) [4 June 1903-10 June 1987] [Active c. 1919-1932]

LEGENDRE, Ethelyn (United States) [25 March 1894-5 Nov 1952] [Mrs. Charles Edward Dunbar, from 6 June 1925] [Active c. 1914-1923]

Legendre, Mme (from 1927/28) [SEE MAUREL, Jeanne]

LEGGE, Robyn Rhona (New Zealand) [3 Dec 1950- ] [Mrs. Hunt] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Legge-Hunt, Robyn [SEE LEGGE, Robyn Rhona]

LEGH, (Miss) P. [SEE PENNINGTON-LEGH, Ruth Isabel]

LEHANE, Janice "Jan" Patricia (Australia) [9 July 1941- ] [Mrs. James John O'Neill, from 19 Feb 1966] [Active 1950s-70s.]

LEIGHTON, Marion (United States) [Active 1920s.]

Leisk, Mrs. J. L. (from 5 September 1914) [SEE AITCHISON, Frances Helen]

LEITNER, Geraldine Ledema (Unites States) [26 Jan 1907-27 Jan 2001] [Active c. 1925-55]

LELLI, Lia (Italy) [Active 1950s.]

LEMKE, Roma (Australia) [Mrs. Keith Williams, from 1950] [Active 1950s.]

LEMONNYER, Hélčne (France) [Active 1930s.]

Lendlova, Olga (from c. 1959) [SEE JENISTOVA (Jeništová), Olga]

LENGLEN, Suzanne Rachel Flore (France) [24 May 1899-4 July 1938] [Active 1912-1927]

LENNON, Helen (Ireland) [13(14?) April 1946-15 April 2013] [Married to Colm Smith] [Active 1960s-80s.]

LENOS, I. (Greece) [Active 1930s.]

Lent, Frau [SEE HEIMANN, Anita]

LEO, Susan "Sue" (Australia) [10 Aug 1962- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

LEONG, Katherine (Malaya/Malaysia) [c. 1931- ] [Mrs. Loh, from 1961] [Active 1950s-60s.]

LEPOUTRE, Anja (Netherlands) [23 May 1944- ] [Married to Piet Hein Ybema] [Active 1960s-70s.]

LERMITTE, Marion Bjora "Babs" (United Kingdom/Jamaica) [29 May 1912-Oct 2004] [Mrs. Henryk Praczukowski, by 1946] [Active 1950s-60s.]

LERMITTE, Violet Hilary (United Kingdom) [c. 1904/05-????] [Mrs. Francis Roy Sippings(Seppings?) Cosens, from 16 Nov 1932] [Active 1920s.]

LEROUX, ??? (France) [first name unknown] [Active 1900s.]

LeRoy, Mrs. R. (from 7 June 1911) [SEE MOORE, Grace Arnold]

LEROY, Margaret (United States) [June 1883-after 1940] [Mrs. Donald Thompson, from c. 1908] [Active 1900s.]

Lesko, Mrs. [SEE HARSHAW, Jean Chute]

LESLIE, M. (United Kingdom) [Active 1880s.]

Lester, Mrs. J. H. (from 1927) [SEE STANFIELD, Doris "Dot"]

LESTER, Phyllis Irene (Australia) [????-1969] [Mrs. Alfred R. Fox, from 1933] [Active 1920s.]

LESUR, Jeannine (France) [Active 1930s.]

Letson, Mrs. Frederick M. (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s-30s.] [SEE ???]

LETTS, Lavender Lettice Lanet (United Kingdom/Ireland) [Mrs. (Hon.) Cecil James Frederick Campbell, 23 May 1925-13 Jan 1934] [Active 1930s.]

LETTS, Marguerite (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Letts, Mrs. F. C., Jr. (5 Feb 1916-12 Nov 1930) [SEE DODD, Marjorie L.]

Levi, Mrs. (Baroness) G. G. (1927-1934) [SEE ROSENBAUM, Maud]

Levine, Mrs. (c. 1949/51-1968) [SEE WATMAN, Dorothy]

LEVY, Edith Louise (United Kingdom) [1877-22 Dec 1942] [Mrs. Charles Ernest Leonard Lyle (later 1st Baron Lyle of Westbourne), from 14 Jan 1904] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Levy, Nadine [SEE NETTER, Nadine]

LEVY, Nelly (France) [Active 1940s.]

LEWICKI, Elaine Marie (United States) [18 Feb 1933- ] [Active 1940s-50s.]

LEWIN, Audrey (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

LEWIS, Amy (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

Lewis, Mrs. M. (from 1908) [SEE MANT, Ethel Maud]

Lewis, Mrs. H. A. (from c. June 1931) [SEE THOMPSON, Gladys N.]

LEWIS, Katherine Eleanor C. (United Kingdom) [c. Aug 1904-????] [Active 1920s.]

Lewis, Mrs. (by 1937) [SEE SHARP, Margaret B.]

Lewis, Mrs. M. P. (from 28 June 1941) [SEE MADDEN, Mercedes "Baba"]

LEWIS, (Dr) Nancy (Australia) [c. 1914- ] [Active 1930s.]

LEWIS, Patricia "Pat" (Australia) [Mrs. Tom Warhurst, from 26 April 1947] [Active ???]

LEWIS, Pearl (United States) [Active 1930s.]

LEWIS, Valerie M. (United Kingdom) [c. 1934- ] [Mrs. Cyril T. Clark, after June 1956] [Active 1950s-60s.]

L'HOEST (L'hoëst), Léonie P. M. H. "Nini" (Netherlands/Belgium) [24 Jan 1897-????] [Active c. 1918-30]

L'HUILLIER, Mauricette (France) [Active 1930s.]

L'HUILLIER, Simone (France) [Active 1930s.]

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

LI, Na (China) [26 Feb 1982- ] [Married to Jiang Shan, from 27 Jan 2006; retained maiden name as a player after marriage] [Active 1996-2014]

LIDDERDALE, Kathleen Eleanora (United Kingdom) [6 Sept 1894-29 Jan 1973] [Mrs. (Captain) Allman Vizer Bridge, from 20 Oct 1924] [Active ???]

LIDDERDALE, Margaret Elizabeth (United Kingdom) [7 Feb 1892- Feb 1991] [Mrs. James Eyre, from c. Oct-Dec 1921] [Active 1920s.]

Lieb, Mrs. W. R. (from 1949) [SEE CARY, Margaret]

LIEBERT, Nancy (United Kingdom) [c. Jan/March 1911-Jan 2010] [Active 1930s-50s.]

LIEBRECHTS, Jeanne (Belgium) [c. 1895/96-????] [Mme Pierre André Jules Marie Mechelynck] [Active c. 1905-14]

LIEBRECHTS, Yvonne (Belgium) [c. 1896-????] [Married to Robert Kirkpatrick de Glasbury] [Active c. 1905-14]

LIEFFRIG, Janine (France) [12 April 1938- ] [Active 1950s-60s.]

LIEM, Lita (Indonesia) [27 Feb 1946- ] [Mrs. R. Sugiarto, from 1972] [Active 1960s-70s.]

LIESS, Zenda (United States) [13 Dec 1959- ] [Married to: Byron Kenneth McPherson, 7 Nov 1981-????; Patrick Owens, from 15 June 2002] [Active 1976-1980]

LIGHTBODY, Barbara Gwyneth (United Kingdom) [4 March 1890-1974] [Active 1920s.]

Lightbody, Mrs. J. H. (from 14 April 1898) [SEE MEYLER, Constance Helen]

Lightbody, Mrs. R. (1975-????) [SEE MINFORD, Susan "Sue"]

Lightfoot, Mrs. G. C. (from 1935) [SEE HERSCHELL, Ghetal Angelita Emmerson]

Liken, Mrs. L. M. (from between Sept 1941 and April 1942) [SEE HARTMAN, Joy Viola]

LIKHOVTSEVA, Elena (Russia) [8 Sept 1975- ] [Married to Michael Baranov, from 21 Sept 1999; retained maiden name as a player after marriage] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

LILLECRAPP, Joyce (Australia) [Mrs. Lex Johnson, from 11 May 1932] [Active 1920s.]

LINCOLN, Emily (United States) [Active 1930s.]

LINCOLN, Winifred Mary "Molly" (United Kingdom) [4 July 1918-2 Feb 2004] [Mrs. Norman William Blair, from 27 July 1946] [Active 1930s-40s.]

LIND, Lill (Norway) [Active 1950s.]

LINDBERG, Maggie (Sweden) [Active 1920s.]

LINDFORS, Elna (Finland) [Active 1920s-30s.]

Lindholm, Mrs. J. [SEE HALS, Anne Cathrine]

LINDNER, Lottie Maria (Australia) [1910-25 June 1988] [Mrs. Claude Ellis Nottage, c. 1935-2 March 1953] [Active 1930s-40s.]

LINDQVIST, (Anna) Catarina (Sweden) [13 June 1963- ] [Married to James William “Bill” Ryan, from 16 July 1988] [Active 1980s-1992]

Lindqvist-Ryan, Catarina (from 16 July 1988) [SEE LINDQVIST, (Anna) Catarina]

LINDSTRÖM, Birgitta (Finland) [14 Jan 1948- ] [Mrs. Warbach] [Active 1960s-70s.]

LINDSTROM, Christina (Finland) [18 Oct 1945- ] [Mrs. Söderström] [Active 1960s-70s.]

LINEHAN, Veronica (Australia) [Mrs. Geoff Brown, from 20 March 1950] [Active ???]

Lines, Mrs. G. R. (from Sept 1939) [SEE SOUTHWELL, Gladys Myrtle]

LINN, Dorothy (Australia) [Active 1950s.]

LINTERN, Julie E. (United Kingdom) [c. Oct/Dec 1939- ] [Mrs. Jan C. King, from c. July/Sept 1962] [Active in the late 1950s.]

Liotard-Vogt, Mme P. (from 1944) [SEE GALLAY, Jacqueline]

Lippincott, Mrs. L. Y. (from 22 Sept 1909) [SEE CRAGIN, Louise W.]

LIPSCOMBE, Joan (B.?) (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

Lipscombe, Mrs. J. S. (from 26 March 1924) [SEE BYRAM, Marjorie May]

List, Mrs. W. D. (from 1927) [SEE VALANTINE, Julia Madge Rose]

LISTER, Margaret Mary Maria (United Kingdom) [1879-19 Nov 1961] [Mrs. John Charles Bucknill, from 1908] [Active c. 1908-14]

Lister, Mrs. C. R. (1916-before 1923) [SEE WAXMAN, Meryl Aitken]

Lister, Mrs. W. H. L. (from 3 Sept 1937) [SEE CHARLTON, Peggy Primrose]

Lister, Mrs. E. G. (from 8 Feb 1940) [SEE STONEY, Sara Inez “Sally”]

Lister, Mrs. C. F. O. (from Dec 1946) [SEE JARVIS, Thelma Renée]

Litchfield, Mrs. J. [SEE MUNRO, Charmian]

Litchfield, Mrs. K. L. (from 27 Aug 1940) [SEE SKINNER, Ruby Beatrice]

LITHERLAND, Doreen (United Kingdom) [Active 1940s.]

LITT, Lillian Mercedes (United States) [1 Jan 1898-20 March 1984] [Mrs. Leo Alter, from 30 June 1919] [Active ???]

Little, Mrs. D. L. (from 2 Sept 1937) [SEE ROUND, Dorothy Edith]

LITTLE, E. (United States) [Active 1910s.]

LITTLE, Elizabeth (Australia) [3 Oct 1960- ] [Married to Bill Peers] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Littlejohn, Mrs. C. W. B. (from 12 Jan 1935) [SEE OUTHWAITE, Helen Margaret]

LITTLEJOHN, (Dr) Jean (Australia) [Active ???]

LIVETTI, Viola (Argentina) [Active 1950s.]

LIZANA, Anita (Chile) [19 Nov 1915-21 Aug 1994] [Mrs. Ronald A. Ellis, from 14 July 1938] [Active 1930s-50s.]

LIZDAS, Ann (United States) [22 May 1907-28 March 1998] [Mrs. Joseph Kaupie] [Active 1930s.]

LLOYD, Dorothy (Australia) [1889-13 Aug 1974] [Mrs. Leslie Sidney Duesbury, from 1921(1922?)] [Active 1910s-20s.]

LLOYD, Ellen "Nellie" / “Nell” (Australia) [Active 1910s-20s.]

Lloyd, Mrs. J. M. (from 14 Aug 1950) [SEE PHYSICK, Joan D. “Joey”]

Lloyd, Mrs. J. A. G. (6 Oct 1962-before 14 Dec 1970) [SEE BLAKELOCK, Robina "Robin" Averil]

LLOYD GEORGE, (Lady) Megan (United Kingdom) [22 April 1902-14 May 1966] [Active 1930s.]

LOAKES, Barbara Joan (United Kingdom) [12 August 1932-Feb 1997] [Mrs. Derrick A. Bean, from 1957] [Active 1950s.]

Lobban, Mrs. J. G. from 7 Feb 1940) [SEE VICKERY, Nina Fisken]

Lockhorn, Mrs. C. J. (from c. July 1923) [SEE GILLEAUDEAU, Helen C.]

LOCKWOOD, Phyllis (United States) [1914-1981] [Active 1930s-60s.]

LODWICK, Leila Marion (United Kingdom) [1858-20 Feb 1913] [Active ???]


Loewe, Mrs. Frederick J. (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

LOEYS, Ingrid (Belgium) [12 Jan 1948- ] [Married to Sergio Palmieri] [Active 1960s-70s.]

LÖFDAHL, Ingrid (Sweden) [6 Dec 1943- ] [Married to Jan A. Bentzer, from 1969] [Active 1960s-70s.]

LÖFGREN, Thelma (Finland) [1921-1999] [Married to Sakari Salo, by 1946] [Active 1950s.]

LOGAN, Bonnie (United States) [26 June 1949- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

LOGAN, Mabel Overton "May" (United States) [7 Feb 1881-1956] [Mrs. Jules Blanc Monroe, from 27 Feb 1908] [Active c. 1897-1907]

Loh, Mrs. (from 1961) [SEE LEONG, Katherine]

Loit, Inna (from 1968) [SEE HÄLING, Inna]

LOKE, Gladys (Malaya/Malaysia) [Mrs. Chua] [Active 1940s-60s.]

Loke-Chua, (Mrs.) Gladys [SEE LOKE, Gladys]

LOMAX, Flora (United States) [1915-1994] [Mrs. Bray] [Active 1930s-40s.]

LOMBARD, Elizabeth "Betty" (Ireland) [c. 1920-March 1984] [Active 1940s-60s.]

Lombard, (Mme) Lucie (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

LOMBARDI, Graciela (Argentina) [3 March 1937- ] [Married to Alberro] [Active 1950s.]

Lombardi de Alberro, Senora [SEE LOMBARDI, Graciela]

LONG, Fiona (Ireland) [6 March 1968- ] [Active 1990s.]

LONG, Helen (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Long, Mrs. D. H. [SEE LYONS, Mary Shreve]

LONG, Sidney Kathleen (United Kingdom) [25 Aug 1910- July 1998] [Mrs. Harold L. K. Brock, from c. July/Sept 1940] [Active 1950s.]

Long, Mrs. M. N. (30 Jan 1941-1946/47?; divorced, but retained her married name) [SEE COYNE, Thelma Dorothy]

LONGHURST, Edith Arden (United Kingdom) [1871-23 Sept 1939] [Active c. 1898-1914]

LONGHURST, Winifred Mary Arden (United Kingdom) [1873-24 Nov 1958] [Active c. 1898-1914]

Longland, Mrs. D. (from 14 Dec 1935) [SEE BOWNESS, Ada Elizabeth]

Longman, Mrs. R. (from 4 Aug 1891) [SEE BLENCOWE, Ada Blanche]

LONGSCOPE, Eloyse (United States) [Active 1930s.]

LONGTON, Pat (New Zealand) [Active 1940-50s.]

LOOP, Carol(Carole?) Ann (United States) [25 Dec 1940- ] [Mrs. Philip F. "Chico" Herrick, Jr., from 1967] [Active 1957-1969]

LOOP, Nancy (United States) [3 Oct 1938- ] [Active 1950s.]

LOOSEMORE, Sarah (United Kingdom) [15 June 1971- ] [Married to Chad Lion-Cachet] [Active 1980s-90s.]

LOPAUS, Lilian B. (United States) [21 April 1925-8 Sept 1991] [Mrs. Prindle] [Active 1940s.]

LORANG, Brigitte (Luxembourg) [12 Sept 1959- ] [Active 1970s.]

Loughlin, Mrs. L. J. (25 Nov 1967-June 1970) [SEE VERZIN, Paulette]

LOUIE, Maureen(Mareen?) "Peanut" (United States) [15 Aug 1960- ] [Married to Timothy "Tim" Harper, from 3 May 1986] [Active 1976-1992]

Louie-Harper, Peanut (from 3 May 1986) [SEE LOUIE, Maureen(Mareen?) "Peanut"]

Lovera, Mme J.-J. (12 Feb 1976-????) [SEE SHERRIFF, Gail Vivian]

Lovett, Mrs. J. (by 1939) [SEE SPEED, Elaine]

LOW, Verle (United States) [1911- ] [Mrs. Ellsworth "Elly" Vines, from 1 Oct 1932] [Active ???]

Lowe, Mrs. F. G. (4 May 1914-before 17 Nov 1926) [SEE SIMS, Margaret Manley Alice]; (from 17 Nov 1926) [SEE WOOLRYCH, Dorothy Honor]

Lowe, Mrs. G. (from 1948) [SEE GROVER, Phyllis Clara]

Lowe, Mrs. F. H. (from c. 1932) [SEE MILLER, Winifred Norah]

LOWNDES, Mary (United States) [Active 1930s.]

LOWTHER, May “Toupie” (or “Toupee”) (United Kingdom) [1874-30 Dec 1944] [Active 1900s.]

LOYLESS, Margaret Saint-Clair (United States) [5 April 1898-28 Nov 1984] [Mrs. Patrick Hues Mell, from 17 Sept 1921] [Active c. 1914-20]

Luard, Mrs. J. F. (from 21 Sept 1907) [SEE WILSON, Constance "Connie" Mary]

Lubbers, Tineke (by 1947) [SEE FISCHER, Tineke E.]

Lubbers-Fischer, Mrs. (by 1947) [SEE FISCHER, Tineke E.]

LUBIANI, Francesca (Italy) [12 July 1977- ] [Active 1992-2006]

Lucas, (Mrs.) Andree (United Kingdom) [Mrs. G. V. Lucas, by 1929; maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s-30s.] [SEE ???]

LUCAS, Emily Muriel (United Kingdom) [1878-19 Jan 1962] [Mrs. George Frederick King Adams, from c. Sept 1911] [Active c. 1904-12]

Lucas, Mrs. H. J. A. (from 1892) [SEE MELLERSH, Gertrude Blanche]

LUCIC, Mirjana (Croatia) [9 March 1982- ] [Married to Daniele Baroni, from 15 Nov 2010] [Active 1996- ]

Lucic-Baroni, Mirjana (from 15 Nov 2010) [SEE LUCIC, Mirjana]

Lucot, Mme B. (from c. 1947) [SEE INGLEBERT, Micheline]

LUCKIE, Iris M. (Australia) [1902-????] [Mrs. Edwin E. Semmler, from 1928] [Active 1920s.]

Lucy, Mrs. D. J. (from 1923) [SEE MCQUADE, Gwendoline “Gwen”]

LUMB, Bernice E. (United Kingdom) [Active 1930s.]

LUMB, Margarita Evelyn "Margot" (United Kingdom) [1912- ] [Mrs. (Major) William H. L. Gordon, from 27 Nov 1944] [Active 1930s-1950s.]

Lumley-Ellis, Mrs. C. G. (from 6 Oct 1892) [SEE CARTER, Jessie]

LUMLEY-ELLIS, Sylvia Clementina (United Kingdom) [12 Aug 1901-May 1998] [Mrs. (Reverend) Michael Ashton Otway Mayne, from 27 Oct 1928] [Active 1920s.]

LUNDQVIST, Eva (Sweden) [16 Dec 1944- ] [Mrs. Wennerström] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Lundström, Mrs. [SEE LAITINEN, Helena]

LUNT, Elizabeth (United Kingdom) [27 July 1860-????] [Mrs. Herbert Thomas Heatley, from 7 Feb 1884] [Active c. 1895-1914]

LUSTY, Zena (United Kingdom) [c. July/Sept 1916-11 July 1967] [Active 1940s-50s.]

LUTHY, Alice (United States) [22 Nov 1942- ] [Mrs. William A. "Bill" Tym, from c. Sept 1962] [Active 1960s.-1970]

LUTZ, ???? (Australia) [first name unknown] [Active 1920s.]

Luxton, Mrs. A. T. P. (from 13 Feb 1933) [SEE RUDD, Edie Winifred Alice]

LUZZATTI, Anna (Italy) [Active 1920s-30s.]

Lycett, Mrs. R. (12 Feb 1925-8 Feb 1935) [SEE AUSTIN, Joan Winifred]

Lyle, Mrs. C. E. L. (from 14 Jan 1904) [SEE LEVY, Edith Louise]

Lyle, Mrs. C. J. L. (27 Nov 1927-before 1977) [SEE JARVIS, Joyce Jeanne]

LYLE, Mary (Australia) [Mrs. E. F. Herring, from 1922] [Active ???]

LYLE, Nancy Margaret (United Kingdom) [26 Feb 1910-1986] [Mrs. Philip Foster Glover, 20 April 1938-????; Mrs. Ryder Gardyne Maltwood, from 20 Dec 1969] [Active 1930s.]

Lynch, Mrs. E. V. (before 1917-before c. 1923) [SEE TAYLOR, Gladys]

Lynne, Mrs. S. (from 4 Oct 1884) [SEE ATHERLEY, May]

LYON, Adelaide A. T. (United States) [Aug 1861-31 May 1918] [Mrs. Howard Gardner Badgley, from 1 March 1881] [Active 1886-1889]

LYON, Frances Mary (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Einar Athelstan Gordon Caroe, from c. June 1934] [Active ???]

LYONS, Madelle Goodloe (United States) [4 Oct 1897-????] [Active c. 1915-20]

LYONS, Mary Shreve (United States) [18 Sept 1893-7 Aug 1973] [Mrs. Dennis Hodgson Long] [Active c. 1910-15]

LYSAGHT, Mary Louisa (Ireland) [5 Jan 1868-8 Jan 1925] [Mrs. (Major) David Simpson, c. 1896-????; Mrs. (Lieutenant-Colonel) Arthur Sidney Hay, from 23 Aug 1909] [Active c. 1883-90]

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

Mabley, Mrs. C. R. (from 9 Feb 1935) [SEE CROSS, Virginia]

Macassey, Mrs. K. L. (from 1936) [SEE PERRY, Evelyn Frances Mary]

MacBeth, Mrs. R. A. (from 1925) [SEE WEDIN, Ida Alice]

MACCLELLAN, Winifred Ponsonby (United Kingdom/India) [c. 1880-10 Dec 1957] [Mrs. Edward Harry Keays, from 23 Jan 1903] [Active c. 1910-30]

MacCorkindale, Mrs. P. B. (from 1950) [SEE PENDERED, Gilliver Mary]

MACDONALD, Mayme (United States) [March 1896-by 2006] [Active c. 1916-32]

Macfarlane, Mrs. J. H. (from 25 Aug 1920) [SEE TOPHAM, Doris Marguerite]

MACFARLANE, Marjorie (New Zealand) [Active 1920s-30s.]

MacFarlane, Mrs. H. T. (from 20 Nov 1912) [SEE MACKINTOSH, Theresa Mary "Dute"]

MACGIBBON, A. Jean (New Zealand) [1 Aug 1927-before 2011] [Mrs. David Blackwell, from 9 Sept 1953] [Active 1940s-50s.]

MACGREGOR, Cammy (United States) [11 Oct 1968- ] [Active 1986-1995]

MACGREGOR, Cynthia (United States) [26 March 1964- ] [Active 1980-1991]

MacInnes, Mrs. R. G. [SEE WEBB, Olga L.]

Macintosh, Mrs. H. G. (from c. 1956/57) [SEE SPEIGHT, Sheila]

MACK, Ellice (United Kingdom/United States) [5 Feb 1892-25 April 1973] [Mrs. William A. Endicott, from 27 March 1919] [Active 1920s.]

MACKAY, Bonnie (United States) [13 March 1933- ] [Mrs. John Barnes] [Active 1950s.]

MacKay, Mrs. D. (from 12 July 1952) [SEE BEYER, Mary Lou]

Mackay, Mrs. C. M. [SEE WELSH, Molly]

MACKENZIE, Catalina (Argentina) [Mrs. R. E. Norris] [Active 1910s-20s.]

MACKENZIE, Joyce (United Kingdom) [Mrs. John A. Starling, from c. Oct/Dec 1950] [Active 1950s.]

MACKENZIE, Julia (United Kingdom) [Active 1886-87]

MACKIE, D. (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

Mackinnon, Senora de [SEE TURNBULL, Agnes]

MacKinnon, Mrs. P. R. (from 14 Dec 1933) [SEE OGILVIE, Jean Mary]

MACKINTOSH, Theresa Mary "Dute" (Australia) [4 March 1879-12 Jun 1959] [Mrs. Henry Taylor MacFarlane, from 20 Nov 1912] [Active ???]

MacLachlan, Mrs. (From c. 1958/59) [SEE WADDINGTON, Sheila]

MACLENNAN, Frances Veronica Margaret (United Kingdom) [20 Dec 1943- ] [Mrs. Roger Taylor, 14 Feb 1969-before 2007] [Active 1950s-70s.]

MacNair, Mrs. J. (Japan?) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s.] [SEE ???]

MacPherson-Grant, Mrs. E. G.(from 18 Dec 1937) [SEE DICKIN, Evelyn Nancy Stopford]

MACQUISTON, Charlotte (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Macready, Mrs. G. N. (from 23 Nov 1920) [SEE D'AYEN, Elizabeth Pauline Sabine Marie]

MACVEAGH, Virginia Cameron "Mia" (United States) [c. 1887-5 Nov 1973] [Married to (Marquis) Agostino Ferrante di Ruffano, from 21 Aug 1913] [Active 1900s-20s.]

MADARÁSZ, Margit (Hungary) [23 Aug 1884-15 Feb 1959] [Married to Pál Kunz] [Active 1900s.]

MADDEN, Maguerita(?) "Sissy" (United States) [c. 1923- ] [Active ???]

MADDEN, Mercedes "Baba" (United States) [1920- ] [Mrs. Morey Price Lewis, from 28 June 1941] [Active 1930s-60s.]

Madeira, Mrs. C. C. (from 19 Jan 1918) [SEE NEILSON, Sarah Claypole]

Madrid, Senora de [SEE PAUWELS, Ana]

MADRUGA, Ivanna (Argentina) [27 Jan 1961- ] [Married to Osvaldo Osses, from 1981] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Madruga-Osses, Ivanna (from 1981) [SEE MADRUGA, Ivanna]

Madsen, Mrs. [SEE HERSKIND, Mary Agnes]

MAGDEBURG, Helga (East Germany) [Frau Taterczynski, from c. 1967/68] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Magers, Gretchen (from 19 Dec 1986) [SEE RUSH, Gretchen Ann]

Magner, Mrs. J. (from 23 June 1928) [SEE RICHARDSON, Minnie Rose]

MAGNUSSON, Muriel (United States) [Mrs. Cooper, after August 1940] [Active 1930s-40s.]

MAGOT, Berthe (France) [Active 1930s.]

Maguire, Mrs. J. B. (from 9 Nov 1935) [SEE SILLECK, (Ruth) Rita]

Maharaj, Sue (from 11 May 1973) [SEE VINTON, Susan “Sue”]

Mahoney, Mrs. [SEE GILBANE, Virginia "Ginny"]

MAHONY, Vera (Ireland) [1 Feb 1909-9 Jan 1981] [Mrs. Arthur P. McWeeney, from 22 June 1940] [Active 1920s-30s.]

MAINGAY, Nora (United Kingdom) [c. Oct/Dec 1908-14 Feb 1956] [Active c. 1932-1946]

MAINO, Nicoletta (Italy) [Active 1940s-50s.]

Maire, Mrs. (from c. 1950) [SEE SERNEC, Eza]

MAJOLI, Iva (Croatia) [12 Aug 1977- ] [Married to Stipe Marić, from 9 Sept 2006] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

MAKAROVA, Ekaterina (Russia) [7 June 1988- ] [Active 2003- ]

MAKAROVA, Elena Alekseyevna (Soviet Union/Russia) [13 Feb 1973- ] [Active 1989-1999, 2003]

MAKAROVA, Lyudmila Nikolaevna (Soviet Union) [26 March 1957- ] [Married to Eshmanov, 1984-1986] [Active ???]

MAKIN, Julie M. (United States) [c. 1881/82-28 May 1970] [Mrs. Bernard Francis Stenz, by 10 June 1906] [1910s-30s.]

MALCOLM, Catherine (United States) [Active 1930s-40s.]

Malcolm, Mrs. R. J. (from c. Dec 1933) [SEE COLE, Doreen Mary]

MALCOLM, Marion (United States) [Active 1930s.]

MALEEVA, Katerina Georgieva [Катерина Георгиева Малеева] (Bulgaria) [7 May 1969- ] [Married to Georgi Stoimenov, from 9 July 1994; retained maiden name as a player after marriage] [Active 1984-1996]

MALEEVA, Magdalena Georgieva [Магдалена Георгиева Малеева] (Bulgaria) [1 April 1975- ] [Married to Lubomir Nokov (or Nakow?), from 2004; retained maiden name as a player after marriage] [Active 1989-2005]

MALEEVA, Manuela Georgieva [Мануела Георгиева Малеева] (Bulgaria/Switzerland) [14 Feb 1967- ] [Married to François Fragničre, 28 Nov 1987-2000] [Active 1980s-1994, 1996]

Maleeva, Yulia [SEE BERBERIAN, Yulia]

Maleeva-Fragničre, Manuela (28 Nov 1987-2000) [SEE MALEEVA, Manuela Georgieva]

MALEK, Tatjana (Germany) [8 Aug 1987- ] [Married to Charles Edouard Maria, from 8 April 2013] [Active 2000s-10s.]

MALENCHINI, Gabriella (Italy) [Active 1920s-30s.]

Malfroy, Mrs. C. E. (17 Nov 1939-before 1949) [SEE GORDON, Sybil]

Malinen, Mrs. [SEE PIRILA (Pirilä), Laila]

Mallinson, Mrs. J. P. D. (from 1955) [SEE FORSTER, Anne C.]

Mallory, Mrs. F. I. (from 3 Sept 1919) [SEE BJURSTEDT, Anna Margareta "Molla"]

MALTBY, Ellen (United Kingdom) [1850-????] [Active c. 1876-82]

MALTBY, Irene Adelaide (United Kingdom) [1895-10 Oct 1955] [Active c. 1919-32]

MALTBY, Mary Ann (United Kingdom) [1857-????] [Active c. 1876-82]

MALTSEVA, Sofia Vasilyevna (Soviet Union) [29 Aug 1895-26 April 1993] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Malvet, Mrs. (from 1938) [SEE BAGH, Elisabeth]

MANASIEVA, Vesna Ratkovna (Russia / Serbia, from May 2012) [21 July 1989- ] [Married to Arsen Dolonts (Dolonc – since May 2012), from 1 Oct 2010] [Active 2000s-10s.]

MANCE, ??? (Australia) [first name unknown] [Active 1920s.]

MANCE, Beverley "Bev" Audrey (Australia) [16 Nov 1929- ] [Mrs. Allan Keith Rae, from 16 Feb 1952] [Active 1940s-????]

MANCINI, Nina(or Nini?) (Italy) [Active 1930s-40s.]

Mandarino, Senora de (from 1968) [SEE CORONADO, Maria Carmen]

MANDEL, Madeline "Mandy" (United States) [c. 1941- ] [Mrs. Clifford J. Einstein, from early 1962] [Active 1960s.]

MANDLIKOVA, Hana (Czechoslovakia/Australia) [19 Feb 1962- ] [Married to Jan Sedlak, 25 July 1986-c. Dec 1988; didn’t play under married name] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Manescau, (Mme) Claude (France) [maiden name unknown, married to Manescau by 1938] [Active 1930s-40s.] [SEE ???]

MANFREDI, Lucia (Italy) [Active 1930s-50s.]

Mankad, Mrs. A. V. (by 1972) [SEE VASANT, Nirupama]

MANLEY-SIMS, Jessie (United Kingdom) [1881-15 Aug 1950] [Mrs. George James Hardress Stevenson, from 28 Oct 1911] [Active c. 1900-14]

Manning, Mrs. E. M., Jr. (from 1956) [SEE MCGUIRE, Arvilla]

MANNISTO, Laura (Finland) [29 June 1970- ] [Active 1980s.]

MANNSCHATZ, Eva (East Germany) [8 Oct 1934- ] [Frau Johannes, from c. 1957/58] [Active 1950s-60s.]

MANSER, Olive N. (United Kingdom) [Active ???]

Manset, Mrs. G. M. (from c. 1952) [SEE OMERLY, Margaret “Peggy”]

MANSFIELD, Dorothy M. (Australia) [1910-5 Oct 2011] [Mrs. Max Hugo Kamp, from 10 Nov 1934] [Active c. 1926-39, c. 1946-50]

Mansfield, Mrs. R. (from 1961) [SEE NEWCOMBE, Kay]

MANT, (Constance) Mabel [Mabel] (Australia) [20 July 1874-21 March 1960] [Mrs. Eugene Kessels, from 20 July 1912] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

MANT, Ethel Maud (Australia) [3 Sept 1873-24 Dec 1954] [Mrs. Maurice Lewis, from 1908] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

MANT, Mary Ethel (Australia) [1883-????] [Mrs. Richard McGrath, from 1903] [Active ???]

MANUELLE, Emily (United Kingdom) [1858-10 June 1953] [Mrs. Harvey Twining, from 1893] [Active c. 1888-92]

MANUELLE, Gertrude (United Kingdom) [1857-31 Jan 1937] [Active c. 1888-92]

MANZIE, M.(N.?) (Australia) [Active 1940s.]

MANZUTTO, Ucci (Italy) [Married to Romeo del Castello, from c. 1941] [Active 1930s-40s.]

MAQUAY, Margery (United Kingdom/Italy) [Married to Julian Edward Caccia] [Active 1910s-20s.]

MAQUAY, Maud (United Kingdom) [Active 1910s-20s.]

MARBLE, Alice Irene (United States) [28 Sept 1913-13 Dec 1990] [Active 1930s-40s.]

MARCELLIN, Jacqueline (France) [c. 1923/24- ] [Active 1930s-50s.]

Marchbanks, Mrs. J. (from 18 Aug 1897) [SEE GORE, May Constance]

MARCHINI, Caterina "Nina" (Italy) [27 June 1902-????] [Married to Adolfo "Fino" Ratto] [Active 1920s.]

MARCHINI, Giuseppina "Teda" (Italy) [27 June 1902-13 Jan 1999] [Married to Carlo Serra, from 24 April 1927] [Active 1920s.]

MARCINKOWSKA, Renata (Poland/United States) [24 Feb 1965- ] [Married to Andrew Baranski, from 23 Feb 1985] [Active 1983-1995]

MARCUS, Erna (United States) [Active 1910s.]

Marcum, Mrs. Vernon (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s.] [SEE ???]

MARDALL, Beatrice Goodrich (United Kingdom) [Jan 1862-9 Oct 1944] [Mrs. John Charles Kay, from 25 Aug 1881] [Active c. 1878-81]

MARDALL, Florence Louisa (United Kingdom) [25 Sept 1859-16 Nov 1944] [Mrs. Edward Sidney Fletcher, from 3 Dec 1912] [Active ???]

MARECHAL, Marie (Belgium) [Active 1960s.]

Margelsberg(or Mergelsberg?), Frau (from April 1938) [SEE ROST, Irmgard]

MARGOLIN, Stacy (United States) [5 April 1959- ] [Married to Ian Potter] [Active 1977-1986, 2000s.]

MARIA, Suzy (France) [Active 1930s.]

MARINER, Marjorie (United States) [Active 1920s.]

MARJOLLET, Paulette (France) [Mme de Saint-Ferréol, from c. 1932] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Mark, Mrs. R. (from early 1961) [SEE HAMMILL, Merrill]

MARKHAM, Barbara "Bobbie" (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Roy B. R. Wilson, from c. Oct/Dec 1951] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Marley, Mrs. K. R. (from 1896) [SEE HEITZMANN, Sophia Marie]

MARLOWE, Helen (United States) [1911-24 July 1947] [Mrs. William "Bill" Joseph Dimitrijevic, c. 1932/33-before 1941] [Active 1930s-40s.]

MARLOWE, Mercedes (United States) [Active ???]

MAROCCO, Albina (Italy) [Active 1940s-50s.]

MAROSI, Katalin (Hungary) [12 Nov 1979- ] [Married to Andreas Aracama, before July 2000-before June 2005] [Active 1995- ]

Marosi-Aracama, Katalin (before July 2000- before June 2005) [SEE MAROSI, Katalin]

Marquand, Mrs. J. P. (17 April 1937-1958) [SEE HOOKER, Adelaide Ferry]

Marquardt, Mrs. E. C. (from 1966) [SEE SOUTHMAYD, Carol]

MARQUES, Jeanne-Marie (France) [Active 1930s.]

MARQUETTE, Marie A. (United States) [17 March 1904-April 1984] [Mrs. John August Stalm, from c. 1930/32] [Active c. 1925-30]

MARQUIS, Joan (United Kingdom) [Mrs. John Price, from 28 Sept 1939] [Active 1930s.]

MARRE, Simone (France) [Mme Lartigou] [Active 1930s.]

Marrett, Mrs. H. (from 1909) [SEE LANNOWE, Florence Dering]

MARRIOTT, Caroline Eliza (United Kingdom) [1865-12 April 1923] [Mrs. William Nevett, from 12 Nov 1901] [Active 1890s.]

Marriott, Mrs. G. A. (from 1916) [SEE HARTLEY, Cecily Mary Brindley]

MARRIOTT, Joy Irene (United Kingdom) [19 Jan 1920-31 Dec 2010] [Mrs. Ralph D. M. Evers, c. April/June 1940-????; Mrs. James A. Hibbert, c. Jan/March 1943-????; Mrs. Walter Anthony Levinge Michell, from c. Jan/March 1952] [Active 1940s-50s.]

MARRIOTT, K. M. (United Kingdom) [Active ???]

MARRIOTT, Louisa Mary (United Kingdom) [1872-23 Dec 1901] [Active 1890s.]

MARRIOTT, May (United Kingdom) [1868-????] [Active 1890s.]

MARRIOTT, Pamela Edith (United Kingdom) [31 March 1914-c. March 1997] [Mrs. Francis "Frank"(S. T.?) Jagger, from 20 Aug 1938] [Active ???]

Marsh, Mrs. M. M. (28 Sept 1936-before 6 May 1947; didn't play under this name?) [SEE SEE BENNETT, Eileen Viviyen]

MARSH, Norma E. (Australia) [13 Jan 1936- ] [Active 1950s-70s.]

Marshall, Mrs. J. (G.E.?) (from 1953) [SEE HOOK, Fran]

Marshall, Mrs. M. (from 26 Feb 1954) [SEE ROSS-DILLEY, Jean “Andy”]

MARSHALL, Joan E. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Harold "Harry" Thompson, from c. Dec 1936] [Active ???]

MARSHALL, Maud Evelyn Ray [Evelyn] (United Kingdom) [12 Jan 1902-17 April 1988] [Mrs. Godfrey Jefferson Dewhurst, from 1925] [Active 1920s.]

MARSIKOVA (Maršíková), Regina (Czechoslovakia) [11 Dec 1958- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

MARTIN, Andree (Canada) [18 March 1949- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Martin, Mrs. L. P. (from 28 Feb 1923) [SEE GRAY, Annie Maud Matilda]

Martin, Mrs C. (United Kingdom) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1890s.] [SEE ???]

Martin, Mrs. G. (from 28 Feb 1950) [SEE TOOMEY, Marie Therese]

Martin, Mrs H. (United Kingdom) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

MARTIN, Mary Louisa [Louisa] (Ireland) [3 Sept 1865-24 Oct 1941] [Active 1885-1908]

Martin, Mrs. H. (by Oct 1930) [SEE COWLEY, Nancy]

MARTIN, Noel (Australia) [Active 1940s.]

MARTIN, Rita (Rhodesia) [Active 1960s.]

MARTIN, Ruth (United States) [Mrs. Richard H. Haude, after Nov 1961] [Active 1950s-60s.]

MARTIN, Stacey (United States) [13 Nov 1970- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Martin-Davies, Mrs. F. (from 21 May 1949) [SEE BATT, Elizabeth "Betty"]

MARTINCOVA (Martincová), Eva (Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic) [4 March 1975- ] [Active 1990-2004]

MARTINEZ, Cecilia „Ceci” (United States) [24 May 1947- ] [Active 1965-1976]

MARTINEZ, Inmaculada Concepción “Conchita” (Spain) (16 April 1972- ] [Active 1986-2005]

Martinez, Senora de [SEE MOCH, Raquel]

MARTINEZ, Ruth (United States) [Active 1930s.]

MARTINEZ BERNAT, Conchita [SEE MARTINEZ, Inmaculada Concepción “Conchita”]

MARTINEZ GRANADOS, Conchita (Spain) [20 Jan 1976- ] [Active 1992-2007]

MARTINEZ SÁNCHEZ, María José (Spain) [12 Aug 1982- ] [Married to Juan Domingo Pérez, from 14 July 2012; retained maiden name as a player after marriage] [Active 1997-2013]

MARTINOVA, Nadezhda Viktorovna (Russia) [c. 1890-????] [Married to Andrei Dmitrovich Danilevsky] [Active 1910s.]

MARTINOVA, Vera Viktorovna [c. 1890-????] (Russia) [Mrs. Uspensky] [Active 1910s.]

Marty, Mrs. F. C. (from 4 Dec 1912) [SEE FAIRBAIRN, Rhea Beatrice]

MARTYN, Constance Palgrave (England/New Zealand) [12 May 1864-3 Oct 1942] [Mrs. Lionel Augustus Abraham, from 19 June 1890] [Active ???]

MARUSKA, Marion (Austria) [15 Dec 1972- ] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

Marzano, Daniela [SEE PORZIO, Daniela]

MASCARIN, Susan (United States) [28 June 1964- ] [Married to Peter Keane, from 1 Sept 1990] [Active 1980-1988]

Maschka, Frau (by June 1903) [SEE KLAUS, Sidonie "Sidi"]

MASON, Gloria (Australia) [Active 1940s.]

MASON, Mary Shallcross (United States) [10 July 1898-18 May 1988] [Mrs. (Captain) Horace Harding, from 17 June 1922] [Active c. 1916-21]

Mason, Mrs. E. G. (from c. June 1941) [SEE PRATT, Stella R.]

MASON, Winifred “Winnie” A. (United Kingdom) [1910-13 Feb 1994] [Mrs. Angus Shaw, from 1938] [Active 1920s-30s.]

MASSIE, A. (???) [Active 1940s.]

Masson, (Mme) Françoise “Adine” (France) [Married to William “Willie’ Masson, by 1897; maiden name unknown] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

MASTERSON, Lucy (United States) [Active 1940s.]

Masthoff, Helga (from c. 1970/71) [SEE NIESSEN, Helga]

Mather, Mrs. A. (from 10 Jan 1910) [SEE MOUNTAIN, Violet Ida]

Matheson, Mrs. H. S. (from c. April/June 1967) [SEE ROSSER, Carole A.]

MATHIAS, Olive (South Africa) [c. 1892- ] [Mrs. Charles "Charlie" Lyndhurst Winslow, from 24 May 1915] [Active 1910s-20s.]

Mathias, Mrs. C. S. (from c. 1923) [SEE MORPHETT, Vera Lucy]

Mathieu, Mme R. (from 14 Oct 1925) [SEE PASSEMARD, Simone]

MATIC, Gorana (Yugoslavia/Croatia) [24 Oct 1973- ] [Active 1990s.]

MATISON, Christine "Chris" (Australia) [29 Oct 1951- ] [Mrs. Ray Dorey] [Active 1970s.]

Matous, Mme M. (from 1950) [SEE STRAUBEOVA, Helena]

MATSHUSHIMA, Mihoka (Japan) [14 April 1954[Active 1970s.]

MATTAR, Vera (Lebanon) [c. 1916- ] [Active 1940s.]

MATTE, Marillia (Brazil) [13 July 1956- ] [Active 1970s.]

Matteini, Signora (from c. 1956) [SEE BOLOGNA, Manuela]

MATTEK, Bethanie Lynn (United States) [23 March 1985- ] [Married to Justin Sands, from 29 Nov 2008] [Active 1999- ]

Mattek-Sands, Bethanie (from 29 Nov 2008) [SEE MATTEK, Bethanie Lynn]

Mattes, Mrs. B. L. (18 June 1960-Sept 1976) [SEE NAUD, Pat]

MATTHAI, Frances (United States) [Active 1930s.]

MATTHEY (Matthey-Jonais), Cécile (France) [Mme ??? - married name unknown] [Active 1900s-10s.]

MATTHEY (Matthey-Jonais), Marie-Jeanne [Jeanne] (France) [25 Jan 1886-????] [Active 1900s-10s.]

MATTSON, Mary (United States) [Active 1930s.]

MATTUCH, EMMY (Austria) [Active 1900s-10s.]

MAUGER, Doris “Dot” (Australia) [Active 1930s-40s.]

MAUGER, Gwen (Australia) [Active ???]

Maujard, (Mme) Lise (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

MAULE, Ella Virginia [Virginia] (United States) [25 Dec 1883-20 Jan 1963] [Mrs. Charles Mallet Prevost Herring, from 1917] [Active 1900s.]

Maule, Mrs. J. A. C. (from 20 Oct 1951) [SEE TUCKEY, Kathleen "Kay" Lilian Agnes]

MAUREL, Jeanne (France) [Mme Le Gendre, from 1927/28] [Active 1920s.]

MAURESMO, Amélie Simone (France) [5 July 1979- ] [Active 1993-2009]

MAUTIN, Anne-Marie (France) [Active 1930s.]

MAUTIN, Antoinette (France) [Active 1930s.]

Mavrogardato, Mrs. A. (from 22 Sept 1900) [SEE PETROCOCHINO, Despina Eustratius]

Mavrogordato, Mrs. T. (from 19 July 1924) [SEE SQUIRE, Mabel Bramwell]

MAVROGORDATO, Sonia (United Kingdom) [Active 1930s.]

May, Mrs. Bruce (United Kingdom) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s-1930s.]

May, Barbara [SEE GRUBB, Barbara]

MAY, Kathryn "Kathy" (United States) [18 June 1956- ] [Married to: Brian Teacher, Feb 1979-????; D. Paben; Guy Fritz] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Mayboom, (Mme) Lucie (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

MAYHEW, Marie Louise [Louise] (United States) [6 Sept 1879-????] [Mrs. DeForest Candee, from 23 March 1908] [Active c. 1903-1938]

MAYNE, Ellen Montgomerie (Australia/United Kingdom) [10 Oct 1860-10 Oct 1955] [Active 1880s-1900s.]

Mayne, Mrs. M. A. O. (from 27 Oct 1928) [SEE LUMLEY-ELLIS, Sylvia Clementina]

MAYR, Patricia (Austria) [8 Nov 1986- ] [Married to Michael Achleitner, from 4 Dec 2010] [Active 2000s- ]

Mayr-Achleitner, Patricia (from 4 Dec 2010) [SEE MAYR, Patricia]

Mazancová, Lenka (????- 2014) [SEE CENKOVA (Cenková), Lenka]

Mazzoleni, Signora (by 1961) [SEE SCOTTI, Clelia]

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

MCALPIN, Elsa Maude (United Kingdom) [27 Oct 1901-20 Aug 1980] [Mrs. Robert Edward Haylock, from 14 April 1924] [Active 1920s-30s.]

MCALPINE, Anne (United Kingdom) [Active 1960s.]

MCALPINE, Gladys Gwendolyn "Jackie" (United Kingdom) [7 Nov 1910-29 June 1978] [Active 1930s.] [Mrs. Charles Phipps Brutton, June 1935-before 1943] [Active 1930s.]

MCARTHUR, Joan (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

McAteer, Caitriona [SEE RUANE, Caitriona]

MCATEER, Myrtle (United States) [12 June 1878-26 Oct 1952] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

McBride, Dina (from c. 1999/2001) [SEE BIRCH, Dina]

McBride, Mrs. J. F. (from 16 Jan 1931 or 1932) [SEE SOVENSKI, Helen A.]

McBride, Mrs. F. B. (from May 1932) [SEE ANDERSON, Penelope]

MCCABE, Ruth (United States) [Active 1930s.]

McCALLUM, Roberta “Berta” (United States) [3 Nov 1958- ] [Married to Russo] [Active 1970s.-1982]

MCCALMAN, Maureen (Australia) [Mrs. Russell Pratt, by 1961] [Active 1950s-60s.]

MCCARTHY, Catriona (Ireland) [24 Jan 1974- ] [Active 1990s.]

McCarthy, Mrs. A. H. (from 30 May 1905) [SEE LARNED, Elizabeth]

McCaslin, Mrs. R. A. (from 20 Aug 1956) [SEE VASH, Mary Lou]

MCCHRYSTAL, Sarah (United States) [Active 1930s.]

MCCLENAUGHAN, Patricia R. "Pat" / "Trish" (Australia) [28 Aug 1945- ] [Mrs. R. N. Faulkner, from c. 1965/66] [Active 1960s-70s.]

McCloud, Mrs. (after June 1940) [SEE HOLLINGER, Virginia]

McColl, Mrs. J. (from 1968) [SEE PARKER, Betsy]

MCCOLL, Edna Ida (Australia) [Mrs. Don Bayne, from 1938] [Active 1930s.]

McConnell, Mrs. N. G. (c. 1907-before 1917) [SEE OBERTEUFFER, Marjory Fitch]

McCorbett, Mrs. (Australia) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

MCCORD, Carol (United States) [5 Oct 1937- ] [Active 1950s.]

MCCORD, Marjorie (United States) [8 Feb 1930- ] [Active 1940s-50s.]

MCCORKINDALE, Peggy Leila (United Kingdom) [29 July 1920-July 1993] [Mrs. William M. Penman, c. Jan/March 1940-????; Mrs. Edward Walter Dawson-Scott, from c. Oct-Dec 1945] [Active 1930s-50s.]

MCCOY, Patsy (United States) [Mrs. Neil Brown, from 1934] [Active 1920s-40s.]

MCCOY, Pearl (United States) [Active 1930s.]

McCrea, Mrs. E. D. (from 25 Sept 1925) [SEE WILLOCK, (Dr) Edith Florence]

MCCRORY, Marilyn (United States) [1926- ] [Mrs. Dawson] [Active c. 1942-50]

MCCUNE, Anna Virginia (United States) [2 July 1902-14 June 1999] [Mrs. Lawrence Averell Harper, from 7 July 1925] [Active 1920s-30s.]

MCCUNE, Lucy Vernon (United States) [2 July 1902-20 Sept 2000] [Mrs. Wallace J. Yates, from 17 Oct 1926] [Active 1920s-30s.]

McDade, Mrs. G. (from c. 1976/77) [SEE MCMILLAN, Alison]

MCDANIEL, Kay (United States) [25 Sept 1957- ] [Active 1979-82, 1985-87]

McDermid, Mrs. J. (from 10 Feb 1934) [SEE CARGILL, Petronella Joan Elizabeth]

McDermott, Mrs. John G. (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

McDermott, Mrs. M. (T.) (from 23 July 1943) [SEE WOOD, Joyce Beryl]

MCDONALD, Helen (Australia) [Active ???]

MCDONALD, Mary Janet (United States) [Active 1930s.]

MCDOUGALL, (Miss) ??? (first name unknown) (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

McEnery, Mrs. J. (4 March 1930-1963) [SEE TRUDEAU, Alice]

MCEVANS, Gwendolyn "Gwen" (United States) [23 Oct 1939-early August 2015] [Mrs. Hammond, after 1958] [Active 1950s.]

McFadden, Mrs. (by 1972) [SEE O’NEILL, Eleanor]

MCFARLANE, Heather (United Kingdom) [Active 1950s.]

MCFARLANE, Mary (Australia) [Active 1940s.]

MCGHIE, Verona (United States) [Active 1930s.]

MCGILL, Dorn(or Dawn) (Australia) [31(22?) Oct 1922-Aug 2003] [Mrs. Ted E. Fogarty, from 16 Feb 1946] [Active 1940s-50s.]

McGill, Mrs. J. F. (from 1921) [SEE WARD, Eileen Mary]

McGinty, Mrs. J. L. (from 15 July 1943) [SEE DOEG, Doris Hope]

McGlamery, Sarah [SEE RISKE, Sarah]

McGoldrick, Mrs. D. M. (from 1954) [SEE SULLIVAN, Edythe "Edie"]

MCGOUGH, Daisy Maria Marjorie Allister "Marjorie" (Australia) [Mrs. Thomas Alfred Clifton "Clifton" Allanby, from 10 Dec 1907] [Active c. 1905-20]

McGough, Mrs. J. L. [SEE DRUMMOND, Mary K. "Kitty"]

McGrath, Mrs. R. (from 1903) [SEE MANT, Mary Ethel]

MCGRATH, Mollie (Australia) [1912- ] [Mrs. Albert F. "Boyd" King, from 1936] [Active 1920s-30s.]

MCGUIRE, Arvilla (United States) [26 March 1928-17 Aug 2013] [Mrs. Edward M. Manning, Jr., from 1956
] [Active 1940s-50s.]

McGuire, Linda (from 29 March 1975) [SEE NEIN, Linda E.]

MCHALE, Mary Zita (United States) [30 Oct 1909-14 May 1987] [Mrs. Oswald "Ozzie"/ "Jake" Jacoby, from 25 April 1932] [Active 1930s-40s.]

MCHANEY, Owen (United States) [24 Aug 1938- ] [Active 1950s-60s.]

McIlquham, Mrs. C. G. (from 5 April 1923) [SEE HART, Mary Melinda]

MCINERNEY, Sheila (United States) [22 Feb 1958- ] [Active 1977-78, 1981-83]

MCINNES, Coral "Corrie" Annabel (Australia) [7 June 1900-20 Dec 1985] [Mrs. Cecil Buttsworth, from 1920] [Active 1930s.]

MCINTYRE, Barbara (Australia) [Mrs. Timothy "Tim" Rich] [Active 1940s.]

McIntyre, Mrs. [SEE FLEMING, Cecilie]

MCIVER, Mavis (Australia) [1905-1972] [Mrs. Hugh Victor McKay, from 1926] [Active 1920s.]

McJannett, Mrs. T. G. (from 1920/22) [SEE PHILLIPS, May]

MCKANE, Kathleen "Kitty" (United Kingdom) [7 May 1896-19 June 1992] [Mrs. Leslie Allison Godfree, from 18 Jan 1926] [Active 1910s-30s.]

MCKANE, Margaret (United Kingdom) [26 April 1895-1 Jan 1985] [Mrs. Andrew Denys Stocks, from 15 Feb 1922] [Active 1920s.]

McKay, Mrs. J. D. (from 11 March 1941) [SEE BURNS, Jessie]

McKay, Mrs. H. V. (from 1926) [SEE MCIVER, Mavis]

MCKAY, Therese (Australia) [Active 1960s.]

McKean, Mrs. Q. A. S. (from 21 Nov 1947) [SEE WINTHROP, Katherine]

MCKECHNIE, Heather (Australia) [Active 1960s.]

McKee, Mrs. F. W. (c. Feb 1929- the summer of 1939) [SEE KEYMER, Kathleen Jessica]

McKelvie, Mrs. R. D. (from 14 Sept 1937) [SEE MCOSTRICH, Alexandra "Alex" Elizabeth Louise]

McKenna, (Mrs.) Lena (India) (maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

McKenzie, Mrs. (by 1973) [SEE MORRIS, Fiona]

MCKENZIE, Helen (Australia) [Active 1960s.]

McKeon, Mrs. W. R. (by 1940) [SEE TARILTON, Carmen]

MCKINLAY, Adeline Maud (United States) [13 Jan 1868-6 July 1955] [Mrs. Horace Hatch, from 12 Oct 1893] [Active 1886-1892]

MCKINLEY, Elizabeth Rebecca (Ireland/United States) [19 March 1867-10 Sept 1944] [Mrs. Clement Beecroft, from 1887] [Active c. 1888-96]

MCKINNEY, Jean (United States) [Active 1930s.]

MCLAREN, Jean (New Zealand) [Mrs. Scott, from c. 1925] [Active 1920s.]

McLaughlin, Mrs. W. [SEE PEDERSEN, Helen Antoinette]

McLean, Mrs. M. (from 27 June 1907) [SEE HOMANS, Helen]

MCLEAN, Mary (United States) [25 Sept 1945- ] [Married to Ralph C. Wilson, Jr., from 1999] [Active 1970s.]

MCLEAN, Sarah (United States) [17 March 1908-Feb 2008] [Active 1920s-30s.]

MCLENNAN, Evangeline M. (United States) [25 Sept 1914-25 May 2004] [Mrs. Burke Davis] [Active 1930s.]

McLennan, Mrs. R. [SEE HAYES, Kathleen "Kath"]

McMahon, Lori [SEE SHERBECK, Lori]

MCMILLAN, Alison (South Africa) [Mrs. G. McDade, from c. 1976/77] [Active 1970s.]

McMullen, Mrs. G. (from the mid 1890s.) [SEE RICE, Annie Elizabeth]

MCMULLEN, Eleanor (United Kingdom) [Mrs. (Lt.) Nelson Noble, from 1921] [Active 1920s.]

McMurtry, Mrs. W. D. (from 1901) [SEE PICK, Mary Louise]

McNair, Mrs. R. J. (from 24 April 1908) [SEE SLOCOCK, Winifred Margaret]

MCNEILL, Charlotte (United States) [1914-1990] [Mrs. (Dr.) Slaughter Warren Lee, by 1953] [Active 1930s-60s.]

MCOSTRICH, Alexandra "Alex" Elizabeth Louise (Ireland/United Kingdom) [1911-24 Dec 1955] [Mrs. Roy Douglas McKelvie, from 14 Sept 1937] [Active 1930s-50s.]

MCQUADE, Gwendoline “Gwen” (Australia) [Mrs. Daniel Joseph Lucy, from 1923] [Active ???]

MCQUADE, May (Australia) [Active ???]

MCRAE, Marilyn "Sonny" (United States) [13 Feb 1915-8 June 2005] [Mrs. Gaines N. Houston, after Sept 1939] [Active 1930s.]

McTaggett, Mrs. R. E. (from 1927) [SEE SLOAN, Elizabeth Helen A. M.]

MCVAY, Laura Eliza (United States) [8 Dec 1885-25 April 1943] [Mrs. Carleton Huiskamp, from 30 Oct 1907] [Active c. 1908-12]

McWeeney, Mrs. A. P. (from 22 June 1940) [SEE MAHONY, Vera]

MEAD, Jennifer Pearson (United Kingdom) [4 Sept 1931- ] [Mrs. Richard Geoffrey Pendered, from 1953] [Active 1950s.]

Meade, Mrs. N. B. (by 1966) [SEE WOLL, Betty]

MEANEY, Frances Patricia "Pattie" (Australia) [1900-5 Sept 1991] [Mrs. August Otto Pfafflin, from 17 April 1933] [Active 1920s.]

MEARNS, Ida (United States) [Oct 1887-25 Nov 1911] [Mrs. Robert H. Griffith] [Active c. 1902-10]

MECHEL, R. M. (Netherlands) [Active 1940s.]

Mechelynck, Mme P. A. J. M. [SEE LIEBRECHTS, Jeanne]

MEDALIE, Gladys (United States) [13 May 1922-22 June 2003] [Mrs. Julius Heldman, from 1942] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Medesius, Mrs. (by 1949) [SEE SCHLEIFER, Rose]

MEDRADO, Patricia “Pat” (Brazil) [26 Nov 1956- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

MEDVEDEVA, Natalia "Natasha" (Soviet Union/Ukraine) [15 Nov 1971- ] [Married to ???, from 21 Dec 1991; retained maiden name as a player] [Active 1987-1998]

MEHMEDBASICH, Susan "Sue" (United States) [16 Sept 1957- ] [Married to: Fisher, ????-????; Tim Wright, from early August 2003] [Active 1970s.]

MEIER(MEYER?), Maria (Soviet Union) [20 July 1900-1979] [Active 1930s.]

MEIER, Silke (Germany) [13 July 1968- ] [Married to Heckmann] [Active 1985-2000]

MEIKLE, ??? (United Kingdom) [first name unknown] [Active 1880s.]

MEIKLE, Jane (United Kingdom) [Active 1880s.]

MEINHOLD, Erika (Germany) [Active 1910s.]

Meinová, Nataša (c. 1984-????) [SEE PISKACKOVA (Piskáčková), Nataša]

Mell, Mrs. P. H. (from 17 Sept 1921) [SEE LOYLESS, Margaret Saint-Clair]

MELLERIO, Paulette (France) [Mme Louis Ravoux, from 1943] [Active 1930s-40s.]

MELLERSH, Gertrude Blanche (United Kingdom) [1861-16 Oct 1943] [Married to (Reverend) Henry Jesse A. Lucas, from 1892] [Active late 1880s-early 1890s.]

MELLERSH, Harriet (United Kingdom) [1851- 22 Feb 1908] [Mrs. Stephen Duke, from 1875; she was still playing tennis under her maiden name in the late 1880s.] [Active late 1880s-early 1890s.]

Mellows, Mrs. A. H. (before 1929-before 1951) [SEE WALSH, Margaret Outram]

Melody, Mrs. W. J. (from 1916) [SEE ANDERSON, Gladys Myrtle]

Melrose, Mrs. J. (from 19 Nov 1896) [SEE SNOOK, Frances Ellen May "Fanny"]

Melville, Mrs. J. H. (from 24 March 1939) [SEE GREENWOOD, Dorothy Winifred "Dot"]

MELVILLE, Kerry Ann (Australia) [7 Aug 1947- ] [Married to Grover Eugene "Raz" Reid, from 27 April 1975] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Melzer, Iveta (from 14 Sept 2012) [SEE BENESOVA(Benešová), Iveta]

Membrey, Mrs. A. V. (from 1926) [SEE MITCHELL, Millicent G. "Millie"]

MENCHER, Bonnie (United States) [4 April 1941- ] [Mrs. Bob Aliazzo] [Active 1950s-60s.]

MENEZES, Andrea (Brazil) [Active 1970s.]

MENGES, Vera (Germany) [Active 1920s-30s.]

Menlove, Mrs. E. (from 20 Dec 1905) [SEE VAN ASCH, Katherine Lucia]

Mennell, Mrs. E. N. (from 12 Feb 1907) [SEE FERRIS, Mabel Livingstone]

MENOFF, Barbara (United States) [3 June 1946- ] [Active 1960s.]

MÉNY, (Mlle) (France) [first name unknown] [Active 1910s.]

MENZ, Anna (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

MENZ, Tilla L. (United States) [June 1877-????] [Mrs. Harold Albert Niemeyer, from 25 Jan 1898] [Active 1900s-10s.]

Menzel, Mrs. (????-1937) [SEE RABL, Anna Maria "Bucky"]

Menzies, Mrs. (Australia) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

MENZIES, Agnes Gweneth "Peggy" (Australia) [Mrs. Herbert J. Walton, from 16(18?) Sept 1937] [Active 1930s.]

MENZIES, D. (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

Menzies, Mrs. M. (24 Jan 1940-1974) [SEE STAMMERS, Katherine Esther "Kay"]

Menzies, Mrs. J. S. (from 23 Nov 1940) [SEE BLICK, May Caroline]

MEQUET, Charlotte (France) [Active 1930s.]

MERCELIS, Christiane (Belgium) [5 Oct 1931- ] [Mme C. Spruyt] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Mercer, Mrs. J. W. (from c. July/Sept 1949) [SEE HUNTLEY, Edna Edith]

Mercer, Mrs. C. S. [SEE HEDLUND, Louise]

MERCER, Ruby (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

MERCIADIS, Joan (United States) [Feb 1933- ] [Mrs. Nicholson] [Active 1950s.]

MERCIER, Simone (France) [Active 1930s.]

MERELLE, Odette (France) [Active 1930s.]

Merglova, Olga [SEE VOTAVOVA, Olga]

Merricks, Mrs. W. (from 9 July 1936) [SEE TYRRELL, Christine Irene]

MESKER, Marcella (Netherlands) [23 May 1959- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

MESKHI, Leila (Soviet Union/Georgia) [5 Jan 1968- ] [Married to Pavil Nadibaidze, from 18 July 1989; didn’t play under married name] [Active 1984-1996]

METAXA, Doris Emily (France) [12 June 1911-7 Sept 2007] [Mrs. Peter Dunsmore Howard, from 17 Dec 1932] [Active 1920s-30s.]

METCALF, Janice (United States) [10 July 1952- ] [Married to Cromer] [Active 1970s.]

METCALF, Mary Jane (United States) [11 July 1922-27 Dec 1998] [Mrs. Kenneth G. Donnalley, from 1 Jan 1944] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Metcalfe, Mrs. C. T. (from 2 Nov 1887) [SEE RODD, Eva Ada Blanche]

METTENHEIMER, Toni (Germany) [24 Feb 1898-1980] [Married to Heinrich Georg Schomburgk, from Feb 1920] [Active 1910s-40s.]

METZGER, Susan "Sue" (United States) [31 Aug 1939- ] [Active 1950s.]

Meulie, (Mme) Marie-Thérčse (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Meulmeester, Mme J. M. L. É. de (from 7 Oct 1933) [SEE SIGART, Josane]

MEUNIER, Danielle (Luxembourg) [24 July 1960- ] [Active 1970s.]

Meunier, Mme R. (by 1930 ) [SEE POMERY, ???]

MEYER, Carolyn "Carrie" (United States) [22 Aug 1955- ] [Married to Patrick Richardson] [Active 1970s.]

MEYER, Cornelia Helen E. "Connie" (United Kingdom) [1877-1907] [Active 1900s.]

MEYER, Ebba Alexandrine (Denmark) [25 Feb 1899-1980] [Mrs. Paul Friderich Heidensleben, from c. 1933] [Active 1920s.]

Meyer, Mrs. H. L. (from 10 Oct 1901) [SEE PINCKNEY, Elsie Constance]

MEYER, Frieda Dorothy (United Kingdom) [1883-????] [Mrs. Charles Frederick Nesham, from 5 April 1910] [Active ???]

MEYER(or MYER?), Golda (United States) [22 Dec 1887-10 May 1955] [Mrs. Lee Worthington Gross, from 1911/12] [Active 1900s-40s.]

MEYER(MEIER?), Maria (Soviet Union) [20 July 1900-1979] [Active 1930s.]

MEYER, Nora (United Kingdom/United States) [1884-????] [Mrs. Frederick G. Schmitz, from 1 Aug 1906] [Active 1900s-20s.]

MEYLER, Ada Montague (United Kingdom) [1865-5 July 1956] [Active late 1880s.]

MEYLER, Constance Helen (United Kingdom) [1861-1930] [Mrs. (Dr) John Henry Lightbody, from 14 April 1898] [Active late 1880s.]

MEYLER, Jessie Violet (United Kingdom) [1870-12 Dec 1959] [Mrs. Philip Froude Hancock, from 15 Sept 1897] [Active late 1880s.]

MICAN, Vorsilla (United States) [Active 1920s.]

Michael, Mrs. [SEE BUDING, Ilse]

MICHAELIDIS, ??? (Egypt) [Active 1930s.]

Michel, Mrs A. E. (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

MICHEL, Margaret „Peggy“ (United States) [2 Feb 1949- ] [Active 1960s-1976]

Michell, Mrs. Bobby (United Kingdom) [maiden name unknown] [Active ???] [SEE ???]

Michell, Mrs. W. A. L. (from c. Jan/March 1952) [SEE MARRIOTT, Joy Irene]

Michell, Mrs. L. R. C. (from 12 July 1928) [SEE SAUNDERS, Margaret Amy "Peggy"]

Michelmore, (Lady) Mrs. W. H. S. (from 18 Feb 1933 or 1935) [SEE BRYANT, Dorothy Walrond]

MIDDLETON, Edith (United Kingdom) [c. May 1907-????] [Active 1920s.]

MIDDLETON, J. W. “Jenny” (United Kingdom) [Active 1950s.]

Middleton, Mrs. R. C. (from 1908) [SEE FOSDICK, Norah]

MIDDLETON, Norah Charlotte (United Kingdom) [c. Feb 1906-????] [Active 1920s.]

Midgley, Mrs. [SEE REYNOLDS, Mary]

MIETH, Nita (Germany) [Active 1920s-30s.]

Migliori, Signora (from c. 1946) [SEE ARTIGIANI, Nicla]

MIHAI, Florenta (Romania) [2 Sept 1955-14 Oct 2015] [Active 1970s.-1980, 1983-1984]

MIJER, Digna Jacoba (Netherlands) [28 March 1883-8 Dec 1969] [Mrs. Roelof Jonkheer van Lennep, 16 Dec 1902-????; Mrs. Johan Wilhelm Vlielander Hein, from ????] [Active 1900s.]

Miles, Mrs. A. G. [SEE BOLDT, Clover]

MILES, Valerie M. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Philip Lawrence B. Gardner, from c. July/Sept 1949] [Active 1940s-60s.]

Miley, Mrs. J. (by May 1926) [SEE MINCH, Mary Josephine "Una"]

MILLER, Alice (United States) [7 Jan 1893-12 July 1972] [Mrs. William Merrill Chester, from c. 1915] [Active c. 1911-25]

MILLER, Andria (United States) [20 Oct 1944- ] [Active 1960s.]

Miller, Mrs. Ardith (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s.] [SEE ???]

MILLER, Bonnie (United States) [1915- ] [Mrs. Blank] [Active 1930s.]

MILLER, Charlotte (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Miller, Mrs. J. H. K. (6 April 1931-before 19 Sept 1948) [SEE HEINE, Esther Annie Laurie "Bobbie"]

MILLER, Lois (United States) [c. 1929- ] [Mrs. Peter Osten, from c. 1955] [Active 1950s.]

MILLER, M. (Australia) [Active 1950s.]

Miller, (Mrs.) Nancy (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active ???] [SEE ???]

Miller, Mrs. R. H. (from 17 March 1903) [SEE HICKMAN, Norah Theresa]

MILLER, Patricia (Uruguay) [31 Jan 1972- ] [Active 1990s.]

MILLER, Patricia “Patti” Kay (United States) [27 Sept 1950-16 May 2013] [Mrs. Hodgman] [Active 1960s.]

MILLER, Winifred Norah (South Africa) [18 April 1906-????] [Mrs. Frederick Hardwicke Lowe, from c. 1932] [Active ???]

MILLETT, Kate Child (United States) [13 Sept 1872-1953] [Mrs. John Breckenridge Gibson, from 14 Nov 1899] [Active c. 1890-95]

MILLETT, Mary Goodrich (United States) [5 Dec 1870-5 Oct 1960] [Mrs. Peter B. Schravesande, from 14 June 1938] [Active c. 1890-95]

Millington, Mrs. G. W. R. (from 1917) [SEE DIGHT, Dorothy T.]

Mills, Mrs. C. E.P. (from c. July/Sept 1954) [SEE HERBST, Dorrit Ruth]

Mills, Mrs. P. (from 1959) [SEE SORUM, Jean]

Mills, Mrs. A. (from 17 March 1960) [SEE ROOK, Jill]

MILLS, Judy (United States) [2 Sept 1937- ] [Active 1950s.]

Mills, Mrs. N. (from 21 March 1940) [SEE SINGLETON, Lavina]

MINCH, Mary Josephine "Una" (Ireland) [Mrs. John "Jack" Miley, by May 1926] [Active ???]

MINFORD, Susan "Sue" (Ireland) [3 Dec 1954- ] [Mrs. Richard Lightbody, 1975-????; Mrs. Rusling] [Active 1970s.]

MINTER, Anne (Australia) [3 April 1963- ] [Married to Graeme Harris, from 27 Nov 1988; retained maiden name after marriage] [Active 1970s-1993]

MINTER, Elizabeth (Australia) [23 Aug 1965- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

MIRO, Gisele (Brazil) [1 Nov 1968- ] [Active 1980s.]

MIRZA, Sania (India) [15 Nov 1986- ] [Married to Shoaib Malik, from 12 April 2010; retained maiden name after marriage] [Active 2001- ]

MISKOVA (Mišková), Olga (Czechoslovakia) [8 April 1929- ] [Married to: Gazdik, late 1951-????; Milan Siroky, from late 1959] [Active c. 1946-1962]

MITCHELL, Barbara (United States) [1938- ] [Mrs. Leo L. Fullwood, from c. 1956] [Active 1950s.]

Mitchell, Mrs. [SEE GREEN, Ethne A.]

MITCHELL, Mary Ann (United States) [13 May 1939- ] [Active 1950s.]

MITCHELL, Millicent G. "Millie" (Australia) [1897-????] [Mrs. Aubrey V. Membrey, from 1926] [Active 1920s.]

MITTLER, Gertrud (Germany) [Active 1910s.]

Mitton, Mrs. Edward R. (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

MIYAGI, Nana (nee Nana Miyagi Smith) (Japan) [10 April 1971- ] [Married to James Rogers, from 2007] [Active 1988-2006]

MIYAGI, Reiko (Japan) [27 May 1922- ] [Active 1950s-60s.]

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

Mobbs, Mrs. J. H. (from c. Oct/Dec 1941) [SEE SMITH, Rosemary Joy Mather]

Moberly, Mrs. H. (from 25 Feb1886) [SEE STUART, Alice Vivian]

MOBERLY, Mary Stuart (India) [14 May 1903-????] [Mrs. Clifford Campbell-Harris, from 27 April 1927] [Active c. 1920-26]

MOCATTA, Elizabeth (United Kingdon) [1853-4 Oct 1945] [Active late 1880s-early 1890s.]

MOCATTA, Emily Edith (United Kingdon) [1861-3 Nov 1959] [Active late 1880s-early 1890s.]

MOCH, Raquel (Mexico) [6 Feb 1915-????] [Married to Luis Martinez] [Active c. 1925-50]

Mochizuki, Tina [SEE WATANABE, Tina]

Mochizuki-Karwasky, Tina (by Aug 1993) [SEE WATANABE, Tina]

Moeller, Mrs. C. G. (from c. July-Sept 1939) [SEE BROWN, (Lilian) Evelyn]

MOESSNER, Louise A. (United States) [Active 1930s.]

MOFFITT, Billie Jean (United States) [22 Nov 1943- ] [Mrs. Lawrence William King, 17 Sept 1965-1987] [Active 1958-1985, 1987, 1989-1990]

Moldero, Mrs. [SEE OCHOA, Minda]

Molesworth, Mrs. W. G. (from 1903) [SEE JESSOP, Ethel Vernon]

Molesworth, Mrs. B. H. (from 19 June 1918) [SEE MUTCH, Maud Margaret "Mal"]

Molesworth, Mrs. E. (from 22 July 1891) [SEE SCOTT, Zilla Helen Acland]

MOLIK, Alicia (Australia) [27 Jan 1981- ] [Married to Timothy "Tim" Sullivan, from 13 Feb 2011] [Active 1996-2011]

MOLITOR (Molitorová), Melanie (Czechoslovakia) [c. 1956- ] [Married to: Karel(Karol?) Hingis, ????-c. 1985; Andreas Zogg, c. 1988-Oct 1996] [Active 1970s-80s.]

MOLLISON, D. L. (???) [Active 1940s.]

Molton, (Mrs.) Edith (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

MONAMI, Dominique (Belgium) [31 May 1973- ] [Married to Bart van Roost, 1995-2003] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

MONAMI, Paola (Italy) [Active 1960s-70s.]

MONCHAUSSE, Janine (France) [Active 1930s.]

Monflier, Mme André (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Monness, Mrs. A. R. [SEE KIRSON, Reba]

Monroe, Mrs. J. B. (from 27 Feb 1908) [SEE LOGAN, Mabel Overton "May"]

Montebello, Mme G. J. G. L. de (from 19 April 1927) [SEE DESCLERCS, Nicole]

MONTEIRO, Claudia (Brazil) [8 May 1961- ] [Active 1980s.]

MONTGOMERY, Lyn (South Africa) [Active 1970s.]

MONTGOMERY, Marilyn (United States) [30 Oct 1936-5 Feb 2006] [Mrs. James A. Rindfuss, from 30 Aug 1969] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Montgomery, Mrs. A. T. (29 Dec 1951-before 1963) [SEE MORRISON, Nancy]

MONTGOMERY, Vera Hermione (United Kingdom) [14 Feb 1909-May 2002] [Mrs. John Brian Gilbert, from 27 Nov 1937] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Moody, Mrs. F. S. (23 Dec 1929-23 Aug 1937) [SEE WILLS, Helen Newington]

MOODY, Kathleen (United Kingdom) [29 June 1886-1976] [Mrs. Donald Kingdon, from 19 Nov 1914] [Active 1910s-20s.]

MOODY, Nea (United Kingdom) [1 Sept 1889-April 1985] [Mrs. Herbert Laurence Burdon, from 1915] [Active 1910s.]

MOON, Gwendoline Crichton (United Kingdon) [17 Sept 1906-1987] [Mrs. Erik Kenelm Allin, from c. Jan/March 1929] [Active 1920s-40s.]

MOON, Helena Sarah Stewart "Sadie" (Australia) [22 May 1910- ] [Mrs. Kluge, from c. 1939] [Active c. 1926-38]

MOORE, Edith (United States) [Active 1930s.]

MOORE, Elisabeth Holmes “Bessie” (United States) [5 March 1876-22 Jan 1959] [Active 1890s-1910s.]

Moore, Mrs. G. (from 1890) [SEE BRACEWELL, Emily Margaret]

MOORE, Grace Arnold (United States) [13 April 1887-after 1947] [Mrs. Robert LeRoy, from 7 June 1911] [Active 1900s-10s.]

Moore, Mrs. J. L. [SEE TOWNSEND, Janice]

Moore, Mrs. O. (from 1933) [SEE CHILDRESS, Mary Adair “Adair” / "Maizie"]

MOORE, Sally Marie (United States) [8 June 1940- ] [Married to Marvin Attress Huns, from 31 Oct 1976] [Active 1950s-70s.]

MOORE, Sara (United States) [Active 1940s.]

MOORE, Winifred Joyce (United Kingdom) [????-25 May 2008] [Mrs. Ronald T. Nickless, from c. Oct/Dec 1947] [Active 1950s.]

MOORHEAD, Phoebe (United States) [Active 1930s.]

MOORHOUSE, Gabrielle Goodwin "Gay" (United Kingdom) [29 May 1911-14 Jan 2007] [Mrs. Richard F. Chandler, from c. April/June 1932] [Active 1920s-50s.]

MOORLEY, Helen (United Kingdom) [Active 1950s.]

MOOS, Karin (Netherlands) [3 March 1961- ] [Married to Peter van Essen] [Active 1980s.]

MORALES, Jacqueline (Morocco/France) [19 Aug 1936- ] [Mme Lecaillon] [Active 1950s-60s.]

MORAN, Adeline (Australia) [1892-????] [Mrs. Ross Wilkins, from 1913] [Active 1920s.]

MORAN, Dorothy “Dot” (Australia) [Mrs. John N. Diggle, from 16 May 1951] [Active c. 1939-1955]

MORAN, Gertrude Augusta "Gussy" / "Gussie" (United States) [8 Sept 1923-16 Jan 2013] [Mrs. Thomas James Corbally, 6(7?) Aug 1956-2(.) Aug 1956; Mrs. Edward James Hand, 28 Jan 1957-????; Mrs. Francis Milhaus Simpson, 20 July 1961-1962] [Active 1940s.-1950]

MORAN, Graciela (Argentina) [18 Feb 1948- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

MORANE, Jacqueline (France) [Active 1930s.]

MORANE, Marie-Simone (France) [Active 1930s.]

MORARIU, Corina Maria (United States) [26 Jan 1978- ] [Married to Andrew Turcinovic, 27 Nov 1999-2003; didn’t play under married name] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

Morel-Deville, (Mme) Henriette (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s-40s.] [SEE ???]

MORFEY, Jeanette (United Kingdom) [19 May 1909-1997] [Active 1920s-30s.]

MORGAN, Anne (United States) [1921- ] [Active 1930s.]

MORGAN, A. L. “Laura” (United Kingdom) [Active 1950s.]

Morgan, Mrs. C. J. (from July 1888) [SEE NOON, Effie Blanche

MORGAN, Janet Rachael Margaret (Great Britain) [10 Dec 1921-29 June 1990] [Mrs. Roland Horace “Joe” Bisley, 1959-????; Mrs. Ambrose Shardlow, from 1965] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Morgan, Mrs. C. (from 1937) [SEE WILLIAMS, Joyce]

Morgan, Mrs. W. F. (from 22 Jan 1885) [SEE LEAVITT, (Mary) Emma]

Morison, Mrs. N. R. McL. (from 2 Dec 1936) [SEE INGRAM, Alice Margaret “Peggy”]

MORISON, Pamela N. (United Kingdom) [Active 1930s.]

MORLE, Eileen Mabel Nugent Philippa (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Harold G. B. Jordan, Sept 1928-????; Mrs. William Dunbar Porter, from 17 Feb 1936] [Active 1920s-40s.]

MOROZOVA, Olga Vasilevna (Soviet Union) [22 Feb 1949- ] [Married to Victor Borisovich Rubenov, from 23 Feb 1971; didn’t play under married name] [Active 1960s-70s.]

MORPHETT, Vera Lucy (Australia) [1893-1963] [Mrs. Cleveland Stirling Mathias, from c. 1923] [Active ???]

MORPHEW, Margaret E. (South Africa) [Active 1930s.]

Morres, Mrs. A. R. (from 31 Aug 1926) [SEE HOWKINS, Freda Maudsley]

MORRILL, Marjorie Adele "Midge" (United States) [29 March 1908-27 Nov 2009] [Mrs. Whitfield Painter; Mrs. John Whiting] [Active 1920s-30s.]

MORRILL, Mary "Polly" (United States) [c. 1918-7 Jan 2011] [Mrs. Robert "Bob" Elwell; Mrs. Ward Sands] [Active 1930s-????]

Morris, Mrs. L. G. (from 20 April 1908) [SEE BAILEY, Alletta Nathalie Lorillard]

MORRIS, Anna (Australia) [Mrs. Andrew V. Doyle, from c. 1905] [Active 1900s-20s.]

MORRIS, Anna Lloyd (United States) [16 Aug 1876-9 Nov 1927] [Mrs. Benjamin Coates, from 7 April 1904] [Active 1900s.]

Morris, Mrs. H. M. V. C. (from 1924) [SEE WARD, Emmeline Beatrice]

Morris, Mrs. B. (from 1935) [SEE SHWAYDER, Fay]

MORRIS, Fiona (Rhodesia) [4 June 1946- ] [Mrs. McKenzie, by 1973] [Active 1960s-70s.]

MORRIS, Frances Matilda "Fanny" (United Kingdom) [1857-19 June 1926] [Mrs. Harry Bathurst Christie, from 16 Sept 1882] [Active c. 1878-82]

Morris, Mrs. (from c. 1951/52) [SEE STORK, J. Wendy K.]

MORRIS, Jennifer “Jenny” Gail (Rhodesia/United Kingdom) [11 Sept 1943- ] [Married to Ian Richard Waggott] [Active 1960s-70s.]

MORRIS, Katherine M. (United States) [Active 1900s.]

MORRIS, Lucy Emily (United Kingdom) [1860-29 May 1936] [Mrs. (Major) Henry Selwyn Goodlake, from 1887] [Active c. 1878-82]

Morris, Mrs. L. M. (from 1951) [SEE FINN, Phyllis May]

Morris, Mrs. R. H. (from c. 1929/30) [SEE MORSS, Marion R.]

MORRISON, Beryl Gertrude (United Kingdom) [26 Oct 1899-1980] [Mrs. Reginald Philip Simon Waley, from 21 July 1926] [Active 1920s.]

MORRISON, Diane (United States) [11 Aug 1958- ] [Married to Kenneth L. Shropshire] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Morrison, Mrs. S. W., Jr. (1941-????) [SEE VON HADELN, Edith]

MORRISON, Nancy (United States) [1927- ] [Mrs. A. Thompson Montgomery, 29 Dec 1951-????; Mrs. Adolphus Busch Orthwein, from c. 1963] [Active 1940s-????]

MORRISON, Ruia Mereana (New Zealand) [8 May 1936- ] [Mrs. Kenneth Alan Davy, from 1962] [Active 1950s-60s.]

MORSE, Lindsay (United States) [24 Jan 1955- ] [Married to Jim Bennett] [Active c. 1970s.-1981]

Morse, Mrs. H. F. (from 6 April 1918) [SEE VANDERHOEF, Marion Wycoff]

Morse, (Mrs.) Zoe (United Kingdom) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

MORSS, Marion R. (United States) [18 Aug 1902-by 1957] [Mrs. Robert Hartshorne Morris, from c. 1929/30] [Active 1920s-30s.]

MORTIMER, Florence Angela Margaret [Angela] (United Kingdom) [21 April 1932- ] [Mrs. John Edward Barrett, from 3 April 1967] [Active 1940s-60s.]

MORTIMER, Sara E. (Australia) [Mrs. Thomas H. Cox, from 1903] [Active ???]

MORTON, Agnes Mary "Agatha" (United Kingdom) [6 March 1872-5 April 1952] [Mrs. (Sir) Hugh Houghton Stewart, from 1 Aug 1925] [Active 1900s-10s.]

MORTON, I. (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

MORTON, Morven Gertrude Alexandra (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Eric Macleane Paul, from 18 Nov 1933] [Active ???]

MORTON, Tracey (Australia) [18 Dec 1967- ] [Married to Rodgers, from c. 1993] [Active 1980s-90s.]

MORVILLE, Tove (Denmark) [Active 1920s.]

MOSKOVA, Diana (Bulgaria) [22 Jan 1950- ] [Active 1970s.]

Moss, Mrs. E. O. (from 9 July 1929) [SEE PEARSON, Madeleine "Madie" Marie]

Moss, Senora de (married between 1929 and 1932) [SEE BUSHELL, Maria Elena]

MOTHERSOLE, Audrey (United Kingdom) [Active 1940s.]

MOTTEZ, Maud (France) [21 April 1913-7 April 2014] [Mme Adrien Galtier, from c. 1940/43] [Active 1940s-60s.]

Mottram, Mrs. A. J. (from 10 Sept 1949) [SEE GANNON, Joy Irene]

Mouledous, Mrs. A. E. [SEE DELATTE, Lucy Agnes]

MOULTON, Loma (United States) [15 Aug 1913-21 June 2006] [Mrs. Hulet Smith, from 1941] [Active 1930s.]

MOULTON, Nancy (United States) [Active 1930s.]

MOUNTAIN, Doris Rae (Australia) [16 Aug 1900-1996] [Joseph Gordon Everitt, from c. 1924] [Active c. 1918-23]

MOUNTAIN, Marjorie (Australia) [Mrs. James Todd, from Nov 1923] [Active 1920s.]

MOUNTAIN, Violet Ida (Australia) [c. 1880(88?)-c. 1976/77] [Mrs. Arthur Mather, from 10 Jan 1910] [Active 1910s-30s.]

MOUSTAKA, Orea E. Helen (Australia/Ireland) [????-20 July 1959] [Mrs. Henry Bullen Beatty, from 13 June 1903] [Active 1900s-10s.]

MOUTRAY, Roguie A. (Ireland) [c. 1925- ] [Mrs. W. Bain, by July 1946] [Active 1940s-50s.]

MOWBRAY-GREEN, Joy (United Kingdom) [14 March 1913-2006] [Mrs. Henry Cecil “John” Hunt, from 3 Sept 1936] [Active 1930s.]

MOXON, Eva Phyllis Moran [Phyllis] (Australia) [1894-????] [Mrs. James Logan Briggs, from 28 Sept 1918] [Active 1920s.]

MOYER, Elizabeth "Betty" (United States) [5 Dec 1916-7 July 2007] [Mrs. William C. "Woozy" Smith, after May 1940- after July 1955; Mrs. Petosa, by 1957] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Moyer, Mrs. L. L. (????-????) [SEE VOSTERS, Nina Madge]

MOYES, Lois Wilkie (Canada) [28 July 1888-15 Nov 1952] [Mrs. (James) Harold ("Harry") Bickle, from 28 Sept 1912] [Active 1900s-30s.]

Moynihan, Mrs. F. W. (before 1949-before 1963) [SEE BUCKELL, Daphne Rose Teasdale]

Moyse, (Mme) Lucie (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

MRÓZ, Magdalena (Poland) [22 Aug 1970- ] [Married to Feistel] [Active 1980s-90s.]

MUCHNICK, Estelle (United States) [Active 1930s.]

MUDFORD, Phyllis Evelyn (United Kingdom) [23 Aug 1905-27 Jan 2006] [Mrs. Maurice Richard King, from 30 April 1932] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Mudge, Mrs. G. E. (from 1958) [SEE PRETTYJOHN, Susannah]

MUGNAINI, Ginevra (Italy) [2 April 1973- ] [Active 1988-94]

Muhl, (Mrs.) Margaret (United States) [26 Sept 1897-4 July 1981] [Married to Christian E. Muhl, from (?)24 Dec 1925; maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

MUIRHEAD, Mollie (Australia) [Mrs. Jackson, by 13 March 1934] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Mulcahy, Mrs. W. G. (from 25 Feb 1895) [SEE GALLWEY, Ann Mary]

Mulder, Mrs. J. P. (from 18 Sept 1911) [SEE ROOD, Emma Katherine]

MULLER, Anna (United States) [3 Aug 1886-17 Oct 1969] [Mrs. Ream Leachman, from 2 Sept 1906] [Active ???]

MULLER, Esme Fay [Fay] (Australia) [4 Nov 1933- ] [Mrs. Arden Arthur Robinson, 27 Feb 1960-????; Mrs. Robert WIlliam Colthorpe, from 27 Feb 1971] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Müller, Frau (after 1925) [SEE NEUMERKEL, Lidda]

Muller, Mrs. W. F. (by 1941) [SEE VAN ZIJL, Mary Dorothy]

Muller, Mrs. J. C. [SEE FALKENBERG, Nancy Louise]

Multino (or Multenko), Mrs. [SEE KLOCHKOVA, Zenaida Georgievna]

MUMFORD, Isabella L. (United States) [Active 1920s.]

MUNDEL, Jennifer (South Africa) [20 Jan 1962- ] [Married to D. Reinbold] [Active 1980s.]

Mundel-Reinbold, Jennifer [SEE MUNDEL, Jennifer]

MUNRO, Charmian (Australia) [Mrs. Jim Litchfield] [Active ???]

Munro, Mrs. H. (from 13 Feb 1930) [SEE COLYER, Evelyn Lucy]

Muns-Jagerman, Nicole (22 Nov 1991-????) [SEE JAGERMAN, Nicole]

MÜNSTER, Gerda (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Murby, Mrs. R. C. (from c. July/Sept 1964) [SEE TEE, Judith Mary]

Murdoch, Mrs. [SEE CURTIS, Evelyn]

MURDOCH, E.(or K.?) (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

MURPHY, Bernice (Australia) [Mrs. Geoffrey Bernard Fitzgerald, from 17 Feb 1951] [Active 1940s-50s.]

MURPHY, (Lucille) Irving (United States) [16 Feb 1890-28 Dec 1972] [Active c. 1910-20]

Murray, Judy (1988-c. 1999/March 2005?) [SEE ERSKINE, Judith Mary "Judy"]

Murray-Threipland, Mrs. P. W. (9 Dec 1933-before 1948) [SEE HOWARD-STEPNEY, Margaret “Marged” Catherine]

Mutanen, Mrs. (from c. 1969/70) [SEE AHONEN, Leena]

MUTCH, Maud Margaret "Mall" (Australia) [18 Oct 1894-9 July 1985] [Mrs. Bevil Hugh Molesworth, from 19 June 1918] [Active 1910s-30s.]

MYER(or MEYER?), Golda (United States) [22 Dec 1887-10 May 1955] [Mrs. Lee Worthington Gross, from 1911/12] [Active 1900s-40s.]

MYERS, Anita (United States) [Active 1910s.]

MYERS, Caroline "Lonny" / “Lonnie” (United States) [1922- ] [Married to Shu-Yung Wang, from 1949] [Active 1930s.]

MYERS, Margaretta Dixon (United States) [12 Dec 1895 -15 June 1993] [Mrs. Henry Redmond Wharton, Jr.] [Active c. 1912-16]

Myers, Mrs. G. (from Feb 1933) [SEE ANDREW, May]

MYERS, Sarah Sargent (United States) [23 August 1897-????] [Mrs. Jacob Steelman, Jr., from 21 Sept 1916] [Active c. 1914-18]

Myerscough, Mrs. C. F. (from 9 July 1936) [SEE CUNNINGHAM, Joy]

Mygdal, Mrs. W. [SEE KAMRATH, Eugenie Martha "Gee Gee"]

MYSKINA, Anastasia (Russia) [8 July 1981- ] [Active 1995-2007]

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

NA, Hu (China/United States, from 1988) [Active 1980s-90s.]

NACHAND, Jean (United States) [Active 1970s.]

NACUK, Sandra (Yugoslavia) [Active 1990s-2000s.]

Nádherný, (Baronin) Dinka (from 24 Feb 1900) [SEE RINGHOFFER, (Baronesse) Leopoldine "Dinka" von]

NAESER, Jenny (Norway) [Active 1910s.]

NAGANO, Hiromi (Japan) [Active 1990s.]

NAGATSUKA, Kyoko (Japan) [Active 1990s.]

Nagelmaekers, Mme P. [SEE SIGART, Yvonne]

NAGELSEN, Helen Elizabeth "Betsy" (United States) [23 Oct 1956- ] [Married to Mark Hume McCormack, from 1 March 1986; retained maiden name as a player after marriage] [Active 1970s-90s.]

NAGY, Kyra (Hungary) [Active 2000s.]

NAGYOVA, Henrieta (Slovakia) [Active 1990s-2000s.]

NAKAGAWA, Kiyomi (Japan) [24 Jan 1956- ] [Active 1970s.]

NAKAMURA, Aiko (Japan) [Active 2000s.]

NALIMOVA, Tatiana Borisovna (Soviet Union) [29 Oct 1915-28 Oct 1995] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Nalle, Mrs. R. T. (from 1917) [SEE DISSTON, Dorothy]

NAMIGATA, Junri (Japan) [Active 2000s.]

NARA, Kurumi (Japan) [Active 2010s.]

NASH, E. (United Kingdom) [Active 1910s.]

NASH, L. M. (United Kingdom) [Active 1880s.]

NASUELLI, (Anna) Maria (Italy) [19 July 1947- ] [Married to Pierre Joly] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Nathan, Mrs. J. (from Jan 1937) [SEE SMITH, Peter]

NAUD, Pat (United States) [1 June 1937- ] [Mrs. Brenton Lewis Mattes, 18 June 1960-Sept 1976] [Active 1950s.]

NAVRATILOVA (Navrátilová), Gabriela (Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic) [2 June 1976- ] [Married name: Chmelinová] [Active 1992-2008, 2014]

NAVRATILOVA (Navrátilová), Martina (Czechoslovakia/stateless/United States) [18 Oct 1956- ] [Active 1972-1994, 2002-2006]

NAY, Francoise (France) [Mme Lemal(?)] [Active 1960s.]

Naylor, Mrs. H. S. (from 16 May 1894) [SEE SHACKLE, Julia Elizabeth]

Neave, (Mrs.) Alida (South Africa) [Married to Neave, by 1927; maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s-30s.] [SEE ???]

Neave, Mrs. N. (from 17 May 1900) [SEE FERRIS, Caroline "Carrie"]

Neeld, Mrs. B. G. (from 26 Dec 1958) [SEE ARMOR, Nancy]

NEELY, Carrie Blair (United States) [24 Jan 1876-29 Nov 1938] [Active 1890s-1910s.]

Neff, Mrs. R. B. (from 26 April 1905) [SEE CLOSTERMAN, Winona E. “Nona”]

Neffa-de los Rios, Rossana (from 26 Dec 1994) [SEE DE LOS RIOS, Rossana]

Neiland, Larisa (from 21 Dec 1989) [SEE SAVCHENKO, Larisa Ivanovna]

Neiland, Tiiu [SEE SOOME, Tiiu]

NEILSON, Sarah Claypole (United States) [28 March 1897-11 Aug 1992] [Mrs. Crawford Clark Madeira, from 19 Jan 1918] [Active 1920s.]

NEIN, Linda E. (United States) [18 Sept 1942- ] [Married to Terry McGuire, from 29 March 1975] [Active 1960s.]

NEJEDLY, Jana (Canada) [9 June 1974- ] [Active 1991-2003, 2012]

NEJEDLY, Martina (Canada) [26 May 1975- ] [Active 1991-2000, 2004]

NELSON, Betty (New Zealand) [Active 1950s.]

Nelson, Mrs. L. (c. 1940-before 1943) [SEE VIRGIL, Jacque]

Nelson, Mrs. H. J. (from 31 July 1941) [SEE CROW, Ruth Kesler]

NELSON, Vicki (United States) [25 Sept 1962- ] [Married to Keith Dunbar, from Nov 1985] [Active 1980s.]

Nelson-Dunbar, Vicki (from Nov 1985) [SEE NELSON, Vicki]

NEMECKOVA (Němečková), Lenka (Czech Republic) [20 April 1976- ] [Active 1992-2006]

NEMETH, Anna (Hungary) [6 Aug 1953- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

NENOT, Aline (France) [Active 1950s-60s.]

Neppach, Frau (from c. 1919) [SEE BAMBERGER, Nelly]

NERESHEIMER, Hedwig (Germany/Austria) [c. 1885-????] [Frau von Satzger] [Active 1900s-20s.]

Nerot, (Mme) Yvonne (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Nesbitt, Mrs. J. C. (from 24 Jan 1925) [SEE DRAKE, Frances "Fran" / "Fan"]

Nesham, Mrs. C. F. (from 5 April 1910) [SEE MEYER, Frieda Dorothy]

Neštická, Alena [SEE VASKOVA (Vašková), Alena]

Nethersole, Mrs. K. J. (from 3 June 1955) [SEE ELLIS, Norma Jean]

Netter, Mrs. K. F. (from 1942) [SEE DREYFUS, Alice]

NETTER, Nadine E. (Unites States) [26 Oct 1944- ] [Married to Peter Alexander Levy] [Active 1960s-70s.]

NETTLETON, Pat M. (New Zealand) [Mrs. Guiney] [Active 1950s.]

NEUFELD, Arlette (France) [Mme Halff] [Active 1930s-40s.]

NEUMANN, Etta (Austria) [Active 1930s-50s.]

NEUMANNOVA, Marie (Czechoslovakia/Hungary) [16 Aug 1946- ] [Married to Andras Pinter, from c. May 1974] [Active 1960s-80s.]

NEUMERKEL, Lidda (Germany) [Frau Müller, after 1925] [Active 1920s.]

Nevett, Mrs. W. (from 12 Nov 1901) [SEE MARRIOTT, Caroline Eliza]

NEVIASER, Nancy (United States) [18 April 1958- ] [Married to: Bruce Killingsworth, 3 Dec 1983-????; Robert McNair Baker, from 6 Feb 1993] [Active in the early 1980s.]

Nevill, Mrs. E. N. (from 4 June 1894) [SEE GRANT, H. “Mabel”]

NEVILLE-SMITH, Kay (Australia) [Active 1950s.]

NEWBERRY, Hilaire (United Kingdom) [Active 1940s.]

NEWBERRY, Janet Scott (United States) [6 Aug 1953- ] [Married to: Francis "Frank" Irvin Wright, 28 July 1981-1991; Ralph Elliot Howe, from 12 Aug 1997] [Active c. 1971-1984]

Newberry, Mrs. [SEE SHERAR, Mary]

NEWBIGGING, Gertrude Victoria (Australia) [10 Jan 1893-1982] [Mrs. Clarence Vernon Todd, from 15 Dec 1921] [Active 1920s-30s.]

NEWBY, Pearl Esther (United States) [28 Jan 1891-7 June 1978] [Mrs. George Carl Zackert] [Active c. 1918-25]

Newcombe, Mrs. J. D. (from 21 Feb 1966) [SEE PFANNENBERG, Angelika "Angie" Regina]

NEWCOMBE, Kay (Australia) [13 Aug 1934- ] [Mrs. Richard Mansfield, from 1961] [Active 1950s.]

Newcombe, Mrs. M. D. (7 June 1941-16 May 1951) [SEE BERRYMAN, Sadie Beryl]

NEWELL, Rosetta Phoebe [Phoebe] (Ireland) [10 Sept 1894-6 March 1991] [Mrs. Arthur Blair-White, from Dec 1918(1919?)] [Active c. 1919-1931]

Newhall, Mrs. W. P. (from 1913) [SEE KURTZ, Edith N.]

Newman, Mrs. L. W. J. (from Dec 1946) [SEE WENYON, Audrey Juliet]

NEWMAN, Carole A. (Australia) [Active 1960s.]

NEWMAN, Florence "Flo" (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

Newson, Mrs. B. G. (from 24 Oct 1929) [SEE SANDISON, Esmé Maude]

Newton, Mrs. (United Kingdom) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1900s.] [SEE ???]

NEWTON, Chris J. (New Zealand) [Active 1970s-80s.]

NEWTON, E. G. (???) [Active 1920s.]

NEWTON, Phyllis (Australia) [Mrs. Neil Ricketts] [Active 1930s.]

NICHOLAS, Beryl (South Africa) [Mrs. Bartlett, by 1951] [Active 1940s-50s.]

NICHOLAS, Dalaille (South Africa) [Mrs. Robert Anthony John "Bob" Hewitt, from 1964) [Active 1960s.]

NICHOLLS, Dulcie May (New Zealand) [1908-14 Jan 1996] [Mrs. Frances(?) John Gallagher, from 1938] [Active 1920s-40s.]

NICHOLLS, Heather Mary Hope (Bermuda/South Africa) [25 July 1931-2006] [Mrs. William Jefferson Brewer, June 1952-????; Mrs. Alan Abraham “Abe” Segal, 7 Sept 1957-????] [Active 1940s-70s.]

NICHOLS, Loris Joan (Australia) [6 Feb 1929- ] [Mrs. Graham Frederic Southam, from 5 Sept 1956] [Active c. 1948-1961]

NICHOLS, Margaret Homer (United States) [30 Oct 1879-28 Feb 1959] [Mrs. Arthur Asahel Shurtleff, from 27 April 1905] [Active 1900s-20s.]

NICHOLS, Mary (Ireland) [1922-26 May 2000] [Mrs. James "Jim" J. Fitzgibbon, from 4 Sept 1947] [Active 1940s.]

Nicholson, Mrs. [SEE MERCIADIS, Joan]

NICHOLSON, Siobhan (Ireland) [11 June 1966- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Nickless, Mrs. R. T. (from c. Oct/Dec 1947) [SEE MOORE, Winifred Joyce]

NICOLAYSEN, Anna (Norway) [Active 1910s.]

NICOLL, Jean Addie Bisset (United Kingdom) [14 Dec 1922-2 April 1965] [Mrs. Edward William Augustus Bostock, from 30 Jan 1943] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Nicoll, Marita (by 1991) [SEE REDONDO, Marita A.]

Nicolls, Mrs. J. (from 14 June 1968) [SEE STOCKWELL, Yale]

Nicolopoulo, Mme J. (D.) (from 19 May 1928) [SEE CONTOSTAVLOS, Hélčne Alexander]

NICULESCU, Monica (Romania) [Active 2000s-10s.]

Nideffer, Rosalyn (from 6 May 1989) [SEE FAIRBANK, Rosalyn “Ros” Doris]

Nielsen, Ginger (from Sept 1994) [SEE HELGESON, Ginger]

NIELSEN, Vera (Denmark) [25 Sept 1921-5 Oct 2011] [Mrs. Johansen, from c. 1948/50] [Active 1930s-60s.]

NIEMEYER, Edith "Edie" (Australia) [Mrs. Finney, by 1949] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Niemeyer, Mrs. H. A. (from 25 Jan 1898) [SEE MENZ, Tilla L.]

NIEPEL, Alex (United Kingdom) [Active 1980s.]

NIESSEN, Helga (Germany) [11 Nov 1941- ] [Married to Hans Masthoff, from c. 1970/71] [Active 1960s-70s.]

NIFONTOVA, Antonina Nikolaevna (Soviet Union) [23 Nov 1916- ] [Mrs. Zigmund] [Active ???]

Nightingale, Linda [SEE STEWART, Linda]

NILAND, Gina [22 Sep 1972- ] [Active 1980s-2000s.]

NILEN, Joan (United Kingdom) [1934- ] [Mrs. Ian A. Walters, from 24 May 1958] [Active 1950s.]

Niles, Mrs. N. W. (from 17 Nov 1910) [SEE PITKIN, Martha]

NILSEN, L. S. (Norway?) [Active 1930s-40s.]

NIOX-CHÂTEAU, Sybile(Sybille?) (France) [19 Oct 1969- ] [Married to Jean-Philippe Fleurian] [Active 1980s-90s.]

NISHIYA, Akemi (Japan) [Active 1980s-90s.]

Noble, Mrs. W. W. [SEE JANNEY, Alice Bond]

Noble, Mrs. N. (from 1921) [SEE MCMULLEN, Eleanor]

NOBLE, Maude T. (United Kingdom/Malaya) [c. 1910/11- ] [Mrs. David Charles Watherston, from 12 Aug 1933] [Active ???]

NOCKOLDS, Flora Louisa (United Kingdom) [1872-16 Oct 1931] [Mrs. William Fitzroy Ackland, from 26 June 1911] [Active 1900s.]

NOEL, Susan Diana Barham (United Kingdom) [8 June 1912-Oct 1991] [Mrs. Geoffrey Frederick Powell, from 5 July 1940] [Active 1930s-40s.]

NOHACOVA (Noháčová), Alice (Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic) [20 June 1967- ] [Married to Rikl] [Active 1980s.-1993]

Nola, Pavlina (from 1999) [SEE STOYANOVA, Pavlina]

NOLAN, Monica (United States) [28 Dec 1913-18 Dec 1995] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Nőmmik, (Mrs.) Veera (c. 1925-30 Dec 1963) [SEE POPOVA, Veera]

NOMURA, Kiyoko (Japan) [17 Nov 1954- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

NONWEILER, Mildred Edith (United Kingdom) [Mrs. W. F. Freeman, from c. 1934/35] [Active 1930s-40s.]

NOON, Agnes Emily (United Kingdom) [c. July 1860-1914] [Mrs. Frederick Watts, from c. Sept 1878] [Active ???]

NOON, Edith Lucy (United Kingdom) [c. Oct 1858-25 June 1929] [Mrs. William Whittaker, from c. April 1888] [Active ???]

NOON, Effie Blanche (United Kingdom) (c. Jan 1866-28 Oct 1944) [Mrs. Conway John Morgan, from July 1888] [Active 1880s.]

NOON, Florence Ethel Broughton (United Kingdom) [c. July 1863-c. Jan 1939] [Mrs. Alfred Edward Thompson, from c. Oct 1889] [Active ???]

NOORLANDER, Seda (Netherlands) [Active 1990s-2000s.]

NOOTT, Vera Mary (United Kingdom) [12 Aug 1902-1980] [Active 1930s.]

NORMAN, E. (United Kingdom) [Active 1920s.]

NORMAN, Mary G. N. (United Kingdom) [Active 1930s.]

Normand, Mrs. P. H. [SEE ALLEN, (Agnes) Dorothy]

Norris, Mrs. R. E. [SEE MACKENZIE, Catalina]

NORRIS, Sheri (Australia) [Active 1980s.]

Northen, Mrs. P. J. (from July/Sept 1969) [SEE TUTT, Susan "Sue" M.]

Northup, Mrs. W. I. (from c. 1903) [SEE BILLINGS, Ethel L.]

NORTON, Beth (United States) [13 June 1957- ] [Married to Keibler] [Active 1970s-80s.]

NORTON, Ethel Virginia (United States0 [2 July 1922-27 Nov 2009] [Active 1940s-50s.]

NORTON, Nancy (United States0 [c. 1921-13 July 2003] [Active 1940s-50s.]

NORWOOD, Mary C. (United States) [8 May 1966- ] [Married to William J. "Bill" Rompf, from 1996] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Nostitz, Frau (Grafin) L. A. von (from 2 Oct 1886) [SEE CHOTKOVA (CHOTEK), Karolina "Cara" Maria Olga]

NOSWORTHY, Betsy (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

NOSZALY, Andrea (Hungary) [7 Jan 1970- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Nottage, Mrs. C. E. (c. 1935-2 March 1953) [SEE LINDNER, Lottie Maria]

NOVELLO, Lucille (United States) [c. 1926- 30 Jan 2013] [Mrs. Arthur Thomas Heubner, from 1950] [Active 1940s-50s.]

NOVELO, Guadelupe "Lupita" (Mexico) [5 May 1967- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

NOVOTNA, Jana (Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic) [2 Oct 1968- ] [Active 1983-1999, 2003]

NOWAK, Katarzyna (Poland) [13 Jan 1969- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

NOWAK, Wanda (Poland) [12 June 1895-28 Nov 1968] [Married to Józef Dubieński, before 1924-after 1945] [Active 1910s-30s.]

Noyon(Nayan?), Mme S. (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s.] [SEE ???]

NOZZOLI, Caterina (Italy) [29 June 1967- ] [Married to Antonio Padovani] [Active 1980s-90s.]

NUNNELEY, Kathleen Mary "Kate" (United Kingdom/New Zealand) [16 Sept 1872-28 Sept 1956] [Active 1890s-1910s.]

Nunns, Mrs. G. (from 7 Sept 1933) [SEE SYMONS, Beatrice "Bea"]

NUNNS, Brenda (Canada) [13 Sept 1945- ] [Mrs. John Michael Shoemaker] [Active 1960s.]

Nutcombe-Quicke, Mrs. S. (1897-12 June 1913) [SEE FROUDE-BELLEW, Eveline Maude "Betty"]

NUTHALL, Elizabeth "Betty" May (United Kingdom) [23 May 1911-8 Nov 1983] [Married to Franklin Comly Shoemaker, from 28 May 1954] [Active 1920s-40s.]

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

OBARRIO, Analia (Argentina) [Married to Aguirre, by 1929] [Active 1920s-40s.]

Obarrio de Aguirre, Senora (by 1929) [SEE OBARRIO, Analia]

OBATA, Saori (Japan) [Active 2000s.]

OBATA, Yohko (Japan) [10 April 1941- ] [Active 1960s.]

OBERLANDER, Stella A. (United States) [1897-????] [Mrs. Glenn Laverne Daly, from 23 Sept 1917] [Active c. 1916-1929]

OBERLEITNER, Karin (Austria) [14 March 1968- ] [Active 1980s.]

OBERTEUFFER, Marjory Fitch (United States) [23 Nov 1883-March 1952] [Mrs. Newlin G. McConnell, c. 1907--????; Mrs. Jervis Watson Burdick, from 1917] [Active 1900s.]

OBEYSEKERA, Nedra (Ceylon) [Mrs. Frederick Cecil de Saram] [Active 1930s.]

O’BRIEN, Genevieve M. "Jenny" (Australia) [7 June 1939- ] [Active 1960s.]

O'BRIEN, Jennifer (Ireland) [16 Dec 1969- ] [Active 1980s.]

O'BRIEN, Katie (United Kingdom) [Active 2000s-10s.]

OBST, Erika (Germany) [c. 1925- ] [Married to: Johannes Vollmer, before June 1950-before June 1959; Launert, from c. 1959] [Active 1940s-50s.]

OBZILER, Tzipi (Israel) [Active 2000s.]

Occleshaw, Mrs. I. (from March 1950) [SEE CHAMBERLIN, Fay E.]

Ochoa, Mrs. E. [SEE ROSALES, Elisa]

OCHOA, Minda (Philippines) [Mrs. Moldero] [Active 1950s.]

Ochoa, Senora de (from 29 Aug 1962) [SEE RAMIREZ, Yolanda "Yola"]

O'Connell, (Mrs.) Florence (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

O’CONNELL, Helen (Australia) [Active 1960s.]

O'CONNELL, Nancy (United States/Mexico) [8 Nov 1940- ] [Mrs. Realme] [Active 1950s-60s.]

O'CONNELL, Patsy A. (United Kingdom) [Active 1930s-50s.]

O’CONNOR, ??? (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

O'CONNOR, Marcella (United States) [Active 1930s.]

O’CONNOR, P. (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

Odgers, Mrs. (by 1971) [SEE TERRY, Elizabeth]

ODIER, Ginette (France) [Active 1930s.]

ODLING, S. I. (United Kingdom) [Active 1950s.]

O’DONNELL, Betty (Australia) [Active 1930s and 1940s.]

O’DONNELL, (H.) Margaret (Australia) [c. 1935- ] [Active 1950s.]

O’DONNELL, Margaret R. (United Kingdom) [Active 1950s-60s.]

O’DONOGHUE, Jane (United Kingdom) [Active 2000s.]

O’DONOGHUE, Joy (Australia) [Active ???]

O'DONOVAN, Constance (United States) [Active 1930s.]

OELJEKLAUS, Katja (Germany) [Active 1990s.]

OESTERREICHOVA (OESTERREICH), Hedwiga / Hedwig (Austria/Bohemia) [1880-1927] [Married to Siegfried Rosenbaum - later known as Raabe(Rabe?)-Jenkins, by 1899] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

OEXMAN, Ruth (United States) [17 Nov 1909-4 Feb 1986] [Mrs. Carl W. Reuss, from 1934 and April 1935] [Active 1928-34]

OFFICER, Margaret (Australia) [1905- ] [Active 1920s.]

OGDEN, Mildred (United States) [Active 1920s.]

OGILVIE, Jean Mary (United Kingdom) [21 June 1911-c. Sept 1994] [Mrs. Peter Ralph MacKinnon, from 14 Dec 1933] [Active ???]

O'Grady, (Mrs.) Florence (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

O'Halloran, Mrs. B. (c. 1956-after 1962) [SEE RUFFIN, Elizabeth Ena "Beth"]

O'HALLORAN, Gweneth "Gwen" Jane (Australia) [23 March 1918-16 Nov 1979] [Mrs. A. "Ray" Thiele, from 1944] [Active 1930s-60s.]

O'HALLORAN, Lesley (Ireland) [1 Nov 1965- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

O'HARA, Jane E. (Canada) [24 July 1951- ] [Active 1967-1975]

O'Hara Wood, Mrs. P. (from 3 Aug 1923) [SEE WAXMAN, Meryl Aitken]

OHLSSON, Sheila (United States) [Married to William Walker, from 29 July 2000] [Active 1980s.]

OJALA, Pirjo (Finland) [11 Aug 1961- ] [Active 1970s.]

OKADA, Sanae (Japan) [31 May 1913-1 July 2011] [Mrs. Inoue, from c. 1937] [Active 1933-1959]

OKAGAWA, Emiko (Japan) [26 Dec 1964- ] [Active 1980s.]

OKAMOTO, Kumiko (Japan) [19 Feb 1965- ] [Active 1980s.]

O'KEEFE, Marcy (United States) [5 Nov 1955- ] [Married to William M. Doyle, from 16 June 1979] [Active c. 1973-1976]

OKIN, Sandra (United Kingdom) [Active 1960s-70s.]

OLARU, Ioana Raluca (Romania) [Active 2000s-10s.]

OLAVE, Laura (Uruguay) [23 Feb 1975- ] [Active 1990s.]

OLAVE, Maria-Jose (Uruguay) [9 Aug 1968- ] [Active 1980s.]

OLDFIELD, Elizabeth “Betty” Millicent (United Kingdom) [c. May 1906-March 1991] [Mrs. James Percival de Courcy Hamilton, from 31 July 1936] [Active 1930s.]

O'Leary, Mrs. C. (from 1910) [SEE DOUSLIN, Nina Mataura]

Olivieri, Mme Georges (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Ollivier, Mrs. W. M. (from 1885) [SEE GIBSON, Frances "Fanny"]

Olorenshaw, Mrs. I. R. (from 9 July 1949) [SEE TUCKFIELD, Jillian "Jill"]

OLSEN, Olga Yevgenevna (Soviet Union) [1907-????] [Active ???]

OLSZA, Aleksandra (Poland) [8 Dec 1977- ] [Active 1991-1999]

Olsza, Barbara (from c. 1976?) [SEE KRAL, Barbara]

O'MAHONEY, Mary Agnes (Australia) [c. 1911/12-20 May 2006] [Mrs. Bernard "Bernie" Francis Prindiville, from 1938/39] [Active 1930s.]

O'Malley, Mrs. E. (27 Sept 1935-1952) [SEE HOOKER, Helen Huntington]

O'Meara, Mrs. D. J. P. (from 3 Oct 1935) [SEE RIDLEY, Joan Cowell]

Omer-Decugis, Mme M. O. M. (from 15(16?) May 1905) [SEE FLAMENG, (Cornélie Gilberte) Marie]

OMERLY, Margaret “Peggy” (United States) [29 Feb 1928-20 Oct 2006] [Mrs. George M. Manset, from c. 1952] [Active 1940s-50s.]

OMERLY, Martha (United States) [24 May 1936-30 Oct 1976] [Mrs. Arnold Gowans, 25 July 1959-Aug 1971] [Active 1950s.]

ONDRASKOVA (Ondrášková), Zuzana (Czech Republic) [3 May 1980- ] [Active 1995-2013]

O'NEIL, Christine "Chris" M. (Australia) [19 March 1956- ] [Active c. 1973-1985]

O’NEILL, Eleanor M. (Ireland) [Mrs. McFadden, by 1972] [Active 1960s-70s.]

O'NEILL, J. (United Kingdom) [Active 1910s-20s.]

O'Neill, Mrs. J. J. (from 19 Feb 1966) [SEE LEHANE, Janice Patricia "Jan"]

O'NEILL, Lisa (Australia) [Active 1980s.]

O'Neill, Mrs. E. A. (from 9 Oct 1890) [SEE FISHER, Madeline Alice]

OPENSHAW, Lydia Grace (United Kingdom) [1864-14 April 1955] [Mrs. Arthur Ashington Sherard, from 1890] [Active ???]

OPPENHEIMER, Victoria (United Kingdom) [6 July 1887-????] [Mrs. Edward Henry Burgess-Smith, from 1909] [Active c. 1910-30]

OPRANDI, Romina Sarina (Italy/Switzerland, from c. 2012) [Active 2000s-10s.]

ORBELL, Ruth (New Zealand) [1869-13 April 1945] [Active c. 1886-1900]

O'REILLY, Pamela “Pam” (Ireland) [c. 1920-9 April 2007] [Mrs. Raymund Francis Egan, from 8 Sept 1952] [Active 1940-50s.]

O'REILLY, Patti (United States) [Active 1990s.]

OREMANS, Maria Johanna Martina "Miriam" (Netherlands) [9 Sept 1972- ] [Married to Vermeer Christ, from 20 Dec 2003] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

ORLANDINI, Ivana (Italy) [Signora Acquarone, from c. 1937] [Active 1930s.]

ORMAECHEA, Paula (Argentina) [Active 2010s.]

ORNSTEIN, Nancy J. (United States) [31 July 1952- ] [Active 1970s.]

O'ROURKE, Marguerite (United States) [Active 1940s.]

ORR, F. W. (United Kingdom?) [Active 1920s.]

ORSEL, Marguerite (France) [Active 1930s.]

Orth, Heide [SEE SCHILDKNECHT, Heide]

Orthwein, Mrs. A. B. (from c. 1963) [SEE MORRISON, Nancy]

ORTUNO, Alicia (Spain) [Active 1990s.]

Orwin, Mrs. C. S. (from 1902) (SEE RENAULT, Elise)

Osborne, (Mrs.) Audrey (United Kingdom) [Married to L. J. Osborne; maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s-50s.] [SEE ???]

OSBORNE, Gladys Kathleen (United Kingdom) [26 July 1906-Dec 2001] [Mrs. Frederick L. Brigden, from 1939] [Active 1930s.]

OSBORNE, Margaret Evelyn (United States) [4 March 1918-24 Oct 2012] [Mrs. William DuPont, Jr., 26 Nov 1947-c. 1965] [Active 1930s-50s.]

OSBORNE, Maude Delano (South Africa/Canada) [23 June 1872-18 April 1948] [Mrs. Eustace Alexander Smith, from 18 Sept 1895] [Active 1890s.]

O'SHAUGHNESSY, Tam (United States) [Active 1970s.]

Osten, Mrs. P. (from c. 1955) [SEE MILLER, Lois]

OSTERLOH, Lilia (United States) [Active 1990s-2000s.]

OSTERMANN, Renate (Germany) [14 June 1937- ] [Married to Maurizio Drisaldi, by July 1967] [Active 1950s-60s.]

OSTHEIMER, Elizabeth G. “Bessie” (United States) [3 May 1880-14 Feb 1960] [Active c. 1900-10]

OSTHEIMER, Gertrude (United States) [1 Dec 1883-7 Dec 1940] [Active c. 1902-10]

OSTHEIMER, Louise B. (United States) [April 1885-????] [Mrs. Carlmalt Willis Adams, from 30 Oct 1908] [Active c. 1905-10]

OSTHEIMER, Nellie (United States) [27 May 1877-26 Dec 1936] [Active c. 1900-10]

OSTROVSKAYA, Nadejda (Belarus) [Active 2000s.]

O'SULLIVAN, Mary U. (Ireland) [27 Feb 1936- ] [Mrs. Bryan] [Active c. 1955-65]

Osuna, Claudia (by 1993) [SEE SALAS, Claudia Lorena Hernandez]

OSUNA, Elena (Mexico) [Married to Guillermo Belmar, from c. 1961/62] [Active ???]

OTTER, Josephine (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Ottley, Mrs. P. G. (from 22 Sept 1962) [SEE HOLLERAN, Glenna]

OUDIN, Melanie (United States) [Active 2000s-10s.]

OUTHWAITE, Helen Margaret (Australia) [23 April 1900-4 Jan 1986] [Mrs. Alastair Cameron Gray, 18 May 1925-????; Mrs. (Dr) Charles W. B. Littlejohn, from 12 Jan 1935] [Active 1910s-20s.]

Outratová, Mme (from 1935) [SEE CEPKOVA (Čepková), Emma]

OVERGAARD, Inge (Denmark) [Active 1960s.]

OVERTON, Wendy A. (United States) [Active 1960s-70s.]

OWEN, Ann L. (Great Britain) [Active 1960s.]

Owen, Mrs. L. G. (from 28 Jan 1930) [SEE CHAMBERLAIN, (Mabel) Violet]

OWEN, Pat J. (United Kingdom) [Active 1930s.]

Owen, Mrs. I. G. (from 4 Aug 1937) [SEE DE LA PRYME, Sybil Gwendoline]

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

Paben, Kathy [SEE MAY, Kathryn "Kathy"]

PACHTA, Sonja (Austria) [25 April 1941- ] [Active 1950s-70s.]

PACKARD, Joan (United States) [1928- ] [Mrs. Ormand Birkland, from 1948] [Active ????-1960s.]

Pacquet, (Mme) Josette (Belgium) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1950s.] [SEE ???]

PADGETT, Charlotte (United States) [Active 1940s.]

PAGE, (Miss) ??? (United Kingdom) [first name unknown] [Active late 1880s.]

PAGE, Anne (United States) [Active 1930s.]

PAGE, Ellinor Jane Seymour (United Kingdom) [24 Aug 1863-5 Jan 1962] [Mrs. Arthur Burgess Crosby, from April 1893] [Active late 1880s.]

PAGE, Mary Seymour (United Kingdom) [24 Feb 1866-????] [Mrs. (Dr) H. E. Hoffmeister, from 16 June 1896] [Active late 1880s.]

Pagezy, (Mme) Odette (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

PAILLE', Lillian Elizabeth (United States) [15 Dec 1905-7 Sept 1989] [Mrs. John G. Seabrook] [Active 1920s-1969]

Pails, Mrs. D. R. (from 1943) [SEE ROFE, Mavis Isabel]

Paine, Mrs. (United Kingdom) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1900s.] [SEE ???]

PAINE, Gladys T. (United States) [Active ???]

Painter, Mrs. W. [SEE MORRILL, Marjorie Adele "Midge"]

Paish, Mrs. J. (from 16 Nov 1972) [SEE GILCHRIST, Wendy]

PAJONK, Traute (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

PAKKER, Mariette (Netherlands) [Active 1970s.]

Paksy, Mária (by June 1928) [SEE UHLMANN, Mária]

Paksyne, Józsefne (Mrs.) (by June 1928) [SEE UHLMANN, Mária]

Palasik, Mrs. L. F. (from 2 May 1954) [SEE ZELLMER, Patricia "Patsy" L.]

PALAVERSIC, Maja (Yugoslavia/Croatia) [24 March 1973- ] [Married to Roy Coopersmith, from 1998] [Active 1980s-2000s.]

Palaversic-Coopersmith, Maja (from 1998) [SEE PALAVERSIC, Maja]

PALDAN, Liv Dagny (Norway) [31 Dec 1944- ] [Mrs. Hubert] [Active 1960s-70s.]

PALEY, Ann (United States) [c. 1912-9 Oct 1999] [Mrs. Harry Hoffman, Sr., from c. 1933] [Active 1940s-50s.]

PALFREY, Elizabeth Howland “Lee” (United States) [14 Jan 1909-5 Jan 1987] [Mrs. Harold Williams Fullerton, from 30 Aug 1934] [Active 1920s-30s.]

PALFREY, Joanna Oakes "Joey" (United States) [30 Jan 1915-25 Jan 2002] [Mrs. Rodney W. Brown, Jr.] [Active 1930s.]

PALFREY, Margaret Germaine "Polly" (United States) [7 Oct 1906-26 Aug 1997] [Mrs. Charles Woodrow, from 1936] [Active 1920s.]

PALFREY, Mary Anne "Mianne" (United States) [6 March 1911-2 Nov 1993] [Mrs. Arthur D. Hill, late 1932/early 1933-????; Mrs. Franklin P. Dexter, from July 1939] [Active 1920s-30s.]

PALFREY, Sarah Hammond (United States) [18 Sept 1912-27 Feb 1996] [Mrs. Marshall Fabyan, 6 Oct 1934-20 July 1940; Mrs. Elwood Thomas Cooke, 2 Oct 1940-29 April 1949; Mrs. Jerome Alan Danzig, from 27 April 1951] [Active 1920s-40s.]

PALMEOVA, Alena (Czechoslovakia) [7 Jan 1945- ] [Married to William Sidney West Jr., 17 July 1970-1984] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Palmeova-West, Alena (17 July 1970-1984) [SEE PALMEOVA, Alena]

PALMER, Gwynifred Barrington (United Kingdom) [24 Nov 1897-Oct 1987] [Mrs. Jens Jensen, from c. March 1918] [Active 1910s.]

PALMER, Nancy B. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. H. V. Edwards, by June 1928] [Active 1910s-30s.]

PALMER, Victoria "Vicky" (United States) [1945- ] [Mrs. Heinicke, from c. 1963] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Palmieri, Ingrid [SEE LOEYS, Ingrid]

PAMPOULOVA, Elena (Bulgaria/Germany) [17 May 1972- ] [Married to: Axel Wagner, June 1991-????; Christian Bergomi, from 11 July 2006] [Active 1980s-90s.]

PANAGOPOULOU, Denise (Greece) 18 Jun 1964 [Active 1970-80s.]

PANAJOTOVIC, Miroslava "Mira" (Yugoslavia/United States) [Married to: Vukelich; Sava Ljubicic] [Active 1960s.]

PANDE, Eliza (United States) [2 Jan 1953- ] [Married to Jock J. Warde, from 15 April 1978] [Active 1960s-70s.]

PANNETIER, Suzanne (France) [Active 1930s-50s.]

PANOVA, Alexandra (Russia) [Active 2010s.]

PANOVA, Tatiana (Russia) [Active 1990s-2000s.]

PANTON, Cherry (United Kingdom) [c. Oct/Dec 1954- ] [Active 1970s.]

PANTON, Frances Isobel "Betty" (United Kingdom) [1 Dec 1906-????] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Panton, Mrs. R. C. (by 1947) [SEE GANNON, Pearl Iris]

PAPADAKI, Christina (Greece) [Active 1990s.]

Papale, Signora (from c. 1970) [SEE TERRAS, Evelyn(Evelyne?)]

Papalexopoulo, Mrs. D. (from 1921) [SEE ELLIADI, Dorothy (or Dorothea)]

PAPISTA, Judita (Yugoslavia) [22 Nov 1958- ] [Active 1970s.]

PAQUET, Virginie (France) [5 May 1967- ] [Married to Rinderknech, by 1995] [Active 1984-1992]

PARADIS, Pascale (France) [24 April 1966- ] [Married to Xavier Mangon, from 27 April 1991] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Paradis-Mangon, Pascale (from 27 April 1991) [SEE PARADIS, Pascale]

Paravicini, Mme C. R. (from 1910) [SEE DE WATTEVILLE (VON WATTENWYL), Elisabeth-Cécile-Lilian "Lilian"]

Parbury, Mrs. H. V. (from c. May 1905) [SEE WALTERS, Katherine Eleanor]

PARK, Sung-Hee (South Korea) [Active 1990s.]

PARKER, Betsy (United States) [18 Sept 1941- ] [Mrs. James McColl, from 1968] [Active ???]

PARKER, Debbie (United Kingdom) [Active 1970s.]

PARKER, Edythe (United States) [18 Oct 1875- Sept 1974] [Mrs. Charles Neville Beard, from 15 Feb 1909] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

PARKER, Faith (Australia) [Active 1950s.]

PARKER, Grace (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Parker, Mrs. F. (from 1951) [SEE WALSH, Margaret Outram]

PARKER, Margot E. (United Kingdom) [27 March 1913- ][Active 1930s-50s.]

Parker, Mrs. J. P. (from Jan/March 1943) [SEE RODWAY, (Marguerite) Beryl S.]

Parker, Mrs. (by Sept 1937) [SEE WEISS, Merceina Louise]

Parkhomenko, Svetlana (from 1 Sept 1984) [SEE CHERNEVA, Svetlana Germanova]

PARKIN, Evelyn (United States) [Active 1930s.]

PARKINSON, Holly (United States) [10 Feb 1979- ] [Married to Blair Hasler, from 22 June 2002] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

PARKINSON, Naomi J. (United States) [15 Dec 1903-23 May 1995] [Mrs. DeLloyd (David Lloyd "Dutch") Thompson, 1922-c. 1930/33, she retained her married name; Mrs. Robert E. Kenward, from ????] [Active 1920s-30s.]

PARKINSON, Patricia "Pat" (Australia) [c. 1927- ] [Active 1940s.]

Parks, Mrs. R. (from 1912) [SEE WALKE, Diana Talbot]

Parmas, Tiiu [SEE KIVI, Tiiu]

PARMEGGIANI, Andreina (Italy) [Signora Sciaudone, from c. 1938] [Active 1930s-50s.]

PARMENTER, Fay Patricia "Pat" (Australia) [c. 1937- ] [Mrs. Anthony John Randall, from 1960] [Active ????-1959]

PARMENTIER, Pauline (France) [Active 2000s-10s.]

PARNELL, Denise (United Kingdom) [Active 1980s.]

PARR, Alice Emily (United Kingdom) [1869-29 Dec 1925] [Active c. 1895-1905]

PARR, Ella Mary (Australia) [28 June 1866-2 July 1952] [Active 1888-95]

PARR, Ethel Florence (United Kingdom) [1868-????] [Active ???]

PARR, Katherine Mary (United Kingdom) [1871-25 March 1949] [Mrs. Richard Vaughan Tudor, from 1900] [Active ???]

PARR, M. (???) [Active 1930s.]

PARR, Magdalene Jessie “Maisie”/“May” (Australia) [1 May 1864-8 May 1948] [Active 1880s-1910s.]

PARR, Winifrid Isabel Barbara (United Kingdom) [1873-13 Dec 1954] [Mrs. Louis Charles Danger, from 1897] [Active ???]

PARRA-SANTONJA, Arantxa (Spain) [Active 2000s-10s.]

Parri, Signora (from c. 1964) [SEE FRIGERIO, Maria]

PARROTT, Julie Kaye (Australia) [10 Sept 1948- ] [Mrs. Frances William Brimson, ????-after 2006] [Active 1960s-80s.]

PARRY, Anne C. (United States) [Active 1930s.]

PARSONS, Eileen Marie (Australia) [c.1919- ] [Mrs. William Val Richardson, by 1946] [Active 1936-1949]

PARSONS-SMITH, C. (United Kingdom) [Active 1890s-1900s.]

Parton, Mrs. E. G. (15 May 1906-before 19 July 1924) [SEE SQUIRE, Mabel Bramwell]

Partridge, Mrs. A. S. (from 1914) [SEE RYAN, Alice Brooks]

PARTRIDGE, (Joan) Susan "Sue" Vernon (United Kingdom/France) [12 Sept 1930-4 Dec 1999] [Mme Philippe Chatrier, 23 April 1953-????; Mme Jean-Roger Crosnier, from 25 Oct 1973] [Active 1950s-60s.]

PASCOE, Helen (South Africa) [Active 1950s.]

PASQUALE, Claudia (Switzerland) [Active 1980s.]

PASSEMARD, Simone (France) [31 Jan 1908-7 Jan 1980] [Mme René Mathieu, from 14 Oct 1925] [Active 1920s-40s.]

PASSET, A. (France) [Active 1950s.]

Passingham, Mrs. N. (c. March 1940-1949) [SEE BATT, Elizabeth "Betty"]

PASSOW, Elaine (United States) [Active 1940s.]

PASTALL, Helen (United States) [1929-Dec 2005] [Mrs. Robert Perez, from 1948] [Active 1940s-50s.]

PASTIKOVA, Michaela (Czech Republic) [Active 2000s.]

Pastorius, Mrs. Francis (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

PASZEK, Tamira Shelah (Austria) [6 Dec 1990- ] [Active 2000s-2010s.]

PATE, Ruth (United States) [29 June 1931-11 May 2003] [Mrs. V. H. “Red” Dally] [Active 1940s.]

PATERSON, Grace C. (Australia) [1904-1983] [Mrs. (Lieutenant) Kenneth D'Arcy Harvie, from 12(13?) Dec 1931] [Active ???]

PATERSON, Karen (United Kingdom) [Active 2000s.]

PATERSON, L. H. Charlotte “Lottie” (United Kingdom) [Active 1890s-1900s.]

PATERSON, Sheila Marguerite (United Kingdom/Kenya) [24 April 1915-18 March 2008] [Mrs. Roland Melville Dowdeswell, before 1949-????; Mrs. Robert "Bob" Evans, after 31 May 1956] [Active 1930s-50s.]

Patorni, Mme R. (from 12 April 1942) [SEE HORNER, Jacqueline]

Patrick, Mrs. (by Aug 1933) [SEE GILLESPIE, Dorothy “Dot”]

Pattenden, Wendy (by July 1983) [SEE BARLOW, Wendy]

PATTERSON, D. (United Kingdom) [Active 1887-1890]

Patterson, Mrs. F. W. (from 9 May 1917) [SEE BEYFUSS, Vera M.]

Pattison, Mrs. A. [SEE BOTHA, Daphne]

Patton, Mrs. H. C. (from 1938) [SEE BELLAMY, Dorothy "Dot"]

PATZ, Gladys (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Paul, Mrs. E. M. (from 18 Nov 1933) [SEE MORTON, Morven Gertrude Alexandra]

PAULIN, Nellie Kynaston (Canada) [24 Aug 1878(or 1879)-????] [Mrs. Frederick Thomas Handsombody, by April 1901] [Active 1910s.]

Pauls, (Frau) Else (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

PAULUS, Barbara (Austria) [1 Sept 1970- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

PAUWELS, Ana (Argentina) (Married to Madrid] [Active 1930s.]

Pauwels de Madrid, Ana [SEE PAUWELS, Ana]

PAVLOV, Ljudmila (Yugoslavia) [30 June 1974- ] [Active 1990s.]

PAVLYUCHENKOVA, Anastasia (Russia) [Active 2000s-10s.]

PAWLIK, Martina (Germany) [Active 1980s.]

PAYNE, Lillian Eleanor (Australia) [6 Aug 1875-1944] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

PAYNTER, Victoria "Vickie" (United States) [27 Aug 1971- ] [Married to Rich Finney] [Active ???]

PAYOT, Lolette (Switzerland/France) [17 April 1911-23 Feb 1988] [Mme Robert Dodille, from 1937] [Active 1920s-40s.]

PAYTEN, Rose Hannah (Australia) [20 Dec 1879-9 May 1951] [Active ????-1909]

PAZ, Mercedes (Argentina) [27 June 1966- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

PAZDEROVA (Pazderová), Michaela (Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic) [21 Jan 1963- ] [Active c. 1981-1994]

PEACH, Bertha Louise Harwood "Beth" (Australia) [Mrs. (Lieutenant) John William "Jack" Chapman, from 21 May 1942] [Active ???]

PEACH, Eileen Frances Harwood (Australia) [Mrs. Francis Joseph "Frank" Ruwald, from 10 July 1939] [Active ???]

PEACH, Norma Jean Harwood "Paddie" / "Paddy" (Australia) [Mrs. Kenneth Douglas "Ken" Francis, from 25 Jan 1939] [Active ???]

PEACH, Phyllis Josephine Banner (Australia) [Mrs. Ralph Holdroyd, from 17 April 1946] [Active ???]

PEACOCK, Ada (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

Peacock, Mrs. G. E. (from 14 November 1917) [SEE BOWDER, Irene Evelyn]

Peacock, Mrs. J. C. (from 1913) [SEE SIMPSON, Margaret]

PÉAN, Marie-Adrienne "Adrienne" (France) [19 July 1875-31 Aug 1958] [Mme Henry Claude Stresser, from 25 May 1909] [Active c. 1900-08]

Pearce, Mrs. G. V. (1893-1920) [SEE POWDRELL, Margaret]

Pearce, Mrs. R. E. S. (1910-c. 1921) [SEE SUDGEN, Marguerite Lucy Katherine]

PEARCE, Mavis (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

PEARCE, Nancy (United States) [3 July 1928- ] [Mrs. Frank Jeffett, from 1956] [Active 1940s.]

Peardon, Mrs. [SEE UTZ, Peggy]

PEARL, Sheila (United States) [5 June 1947- ] [Mrs. Michael Johnson] [Active 1960s.]

PEARSON, F. (Ireland) [Active 1920s.]

PEARSON, F. M. (United Kingdom) [Active 1880s.]

PEARSON, Kathryn "Kay" (United States) [c. 1918- ] [Mrs. Leonard Keating, after 1937] [Active 1930s-40s.]

PEARSON, Madeleine "Madie" Marie (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Ernest Otway Moss, from 9 July 1929] [Active 1930s-40s.]

PEARSON, Marion (United States) [Active 1920s.]

Peavey, Mrs. W. B. (before 10 June 1944-before 17 Dec 1965) [SEE WIGHTMAN, Dorothy]

PECHSTEIN, Anneliese (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Peckham, Mrs. W. H. (from 1 Nov 1906) [SEE STEEL, Ethel Anson]

PEDERSEN, Helen Antoinette (United States) [16 July 1916-5 July 1998] [Mrs. Edward "Ed" Herbert Rihbany, 4 Jan 1941-????; Mrs. William McLaughlin, from ????] [Active c. 1933-1957]

PEDLEY, Blanche Emma (United Kingdom) [1866-9 Feb 1930] [Mrs. Charles Edward Wallace, from 1892] [Active ???]

Peer, (Mrs.) Sadie (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

PEER, Shahar (Israel) [Active 2000s-10s.]

Peerless, Mrs. B. (c. Jan/March 1964-before 7 June 2003) [SEE LEATHER, Caroline Margaret]

Peers, Elizabeth [SEE LITTLE, Elizabeth]

PEERS, Sally (Australia) [1 June 1991- ] [Active 2006- ]

PEGEL, Madelaine V. A. M. (Sweden) [Active 1960s.]

PEISACHOV, Paulina (Israel) [20 April 1950- ] [Married to E. Peled] [Active 1970s.]

PEITZ, Anne (Germany) [7 Aug 1906-????] [Frau Schneider, from c. 1929/30] [1926-1940s.]

Peled, Paulina [SEE PEISACHOV, Paulina]

PELLETIER, Helene (Canada) [2 Jan 1959- ] [Active 1980s.]

PELLETIER, Marie-Eve (Canada) [Active 2000s-10s.]

PELLETIER, Yvonne (France) [Active 1930s.]

PELLEW, Valerie "Val" (Australia) [Active 1940s.]

Pelly, Mrs. R. [SEE HALL, Jessie]

PENDERED, Gilliver Mary (United Kingdom) [1925- ] [Mrs. Peter Bernard MacCorkindale, from 1950] [Active 1940s.]

Pendered, Mrs. R. G. (from 1953) [SEE MEAD, Jennifer Pearson]

PENDO, S. (United States) [Active 1980s.]

PENG, Shuai (China) [Active 2000s-10s.]

Penman, Mrs. W. M. (c. Jan/March 1940-before c. Oct/Dec 1945) [SEE MCCORKINDALE, Peggy Leila]

PENNETTA, Flavia (Italy) [25 Feb 1982- ] [Active 1997- ]

PENNINGTON-LEGH, Ruth Isabel (United Kingdom) [25 Aug 1870-9 Jan 1952] [Mrs. Edward Bluett Winch, from 9 Feb 1899] [Active 1890s-1920s.]

Pennisi, Signora (by 1970) [SEE GOBBO', Alessandra "Sandra"]

Pennycuick, Mrs. J. (from 20 Dec 1930) [SEE JOHNSTONE, Lucy]

PENROSE, Beryl Ethel Jean (Australia) [22 Dec 1930- ] [Mrs. James Arthur F. Collier, from 1957 (by May)] [Active 1940s-60s.]

PEPPERCORN, Evelyn Aimée [Aimée] (United Kingdom) [1890/91-1968] [Mrs. Maurice Benington Reckitt, from 25 Nov 1920] [Active 1921-1934]

PERALTA, Eleanor (United States) [27 Aug 1885-10 Sept 1957] [Mrs. John J. Hickman] [Active c. 1900-10]

PERALTA, Leonora (Portugal) [29 Dec 1947 - ] [Active 1960s-80s.]

PERCEVAL, M. (United Kingdom) [Active 1900s.]

PERCIVAL, Erica M. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Chamberlain, after June 1949] [Active 1940s.]

PERCIVAL(PERCIVALL?), Stephanie (United Kingdom) [28 Sept 1945- ] [Mrs. Bruce Larkham] [Active 1960s.]

PEREA, Carmen (Spain) [3 May 1952- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]


PEREBIYNIS, Tatiana Yurevna (Ukraine) [15 Dec 1982- ] [Married to Dimitriy Zadorozhniy, from 15 Oct 2005; retained maiden name as a player after marriage] [Active 1997-2009]

PEREIRA(PERERA?), Shalini (Sri Lanka) [12 May 1977- ] [Married to de Silva] [Active ???]

PERELLI, Giulia (Italy) [1897-????] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Perez, Mrs. R. (from 1948) [SEE PASTALL, Helen]

PERFETTI, Flora (Italy) [29 Jan 1969- ] [Active 1988-2000]

PERICOLI, Lea (Italy) [22 March 1935- ] [Married to Tito Fontana, from 12 Nov 1964; retained maiden name as a player after marriage] [Active 1950s-70s.]

PERNA, Graziella (Italy) [Active 1960s-70s.]

Perow, Mrs. W. G. J. (1929-before 1940) [SEE SWARTZ, Dorothea M.]

Perram, Mrs H. N. (from 2 April 1934) [SEE DOEG, Violet Hope]

PERRAU, Monique (France) [Active 1930s.]

PERREN, Edna (Australia) [Mrs. F. Heaton] [Active ???]

PERRY, Brenda M. (New Zealand) [Active 1970s-80s.]

PERRY, Eunice (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

PERRY, Evelyn Frances Mary (United Kingdom) [1906-16 Feb 1970] [Mrs. Kenneth Livingstone Macassey, from 1936] [Active 1920s-30s.]

PERRY, Gertrude Mary (Ireland) [1863-22 Aug 1945] [Mrs. (Dr) Rowland Hill Scovell, from 1898] [Active c. 1880-90]

PERRY, Ida Florence (Ireland) [23 June 1867-24 Dec 1941] [Mrs. Arthur Frederick Sharman-Crawford, from 6 Nov 1890] [Active c. 1884-89]

PERRY, Shenay (United States) [Active 2000s-10s.]

PERSONNAT, Gisčle (France) [Married to Comte Jean de Thoisy, from 18 March 1939] [Active 1930s.]

PERSSE, (Rose) Eileen [Eileen] (Australia) [24 Aug 1877-27 June 1959] [Mrs. Fitzpierce de Normanville Joyce, from 8 June 1905] [Active c. 1894-1904]

PERVAK, Ksenia (Russia, 2005-2001, 2013- / Kazakhstan, Dec 2011-2013) [Active 2000s-10s.]

PESAK, Andrea (Austria) [1 Nov 1961- ] [Active 1980s.]

Peschke, Kveta (from 5 May 2003) [SEE HRDLICKOVA (Hrdličková), Květoslava "Květa"]

PESHAWARIA, Anu (India) [Active 1970s.]

PESHAWARIA, Kiran (India) [Mrs. Bedi] [Active 1970s.]

PETCHELL, Dorothy Gwendolyn (South Africa) [????-7 Oct 1947] [Mrs. Charles Edward Coleman, c. July/Sept 1915-????; Mrs. Archibald Dickson Winterbottom II, from 1929] [Active 1920s.]

PETCHELL, Eden (United Kingdom/South Africa) [c. 1903-????] [Mrs. Chew, from 1932] [Active 1920s-30s..]

PETCHELL, Jean M. (United Kingdom) [c. April/June 1933- ] [Mrs. John W. Bee, from c. April/June 1955] [Active 1950s.]

Pete, Sharon (from 20 April 1985) [SEE WALSH, Sharon Ann]

PETER, Caroline “Caro” Lucia Maria (Norway) [17 Oct 1890-21 Jan 1979] [Mrs. Knud Dahl, from 1913] [Active 1910s-20s.]

PETERDY, Marta (from 1943) [SEE POPP, Marta]

Peterdy-Wolf, Mme [SEE POPP, Marta]

Peteri, Ilona (from 1923) [SEE VARADY, Ilona]

Peterine, Mrs. (from 1923) [SEE VARADY, Ilona]

Peters, Mrs. E. C. (from c. Jan/March 1932) [SEE HEMMANT, Euphemia "Effie" Mill]

Peters, Mrs. [SEE HARMAN, Josephine]

Peters, (Frau) Käthe (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Petersen, Carlene (by 1970-????) [SEE BASORE, Shirley Carlene]

PETERSEN, Suzana L. (Brazil) [Active 1960s-70s.]

PETERSON, E. (United Kingdom) [Active 1910s.]

PETERSON, Sue (United States) [Active 1940s.]

PETKOVIC, Andrea (Germany) [Active 2000s-10s.]

Petosa, Mrs. (by 1957) [SEE MOYER, Elizabeth "Betty"]

PETROCOCHINO, Despina Eustratius (United Kingdom) [10 July 1865-19 Nov 1901] [Mrs. Anthony (Dimitrius) Mavrogardato, from 22 Sept 1900] [Active late 1880s-early 1890s.]

PETROCOCHINO, Maria "Marigo" Eustratius (United Kingdom) [2 Nov 1866-18 July 1950] [Mrs. George (Dimitrius) Sevastopoulos, from 27 Sept 1902] [Active late 1880s-early 1890s.]

Petrocochino, Mme D. M. T. (by 1933) [SEE SAN-GALLI, Sonia]

PETROVA, Nadejda "Nadia" (Russia) [Active 1990s-2010s.]

PETSCH, Charlotte (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Pett, Mrs. V. (from 1922) [SEE SCOTT, Joan M.]

PETTAZZI, Marguerite “Maggi” (France) [Active 1930s.]

PETTIT, Fay M. (United States) [c. 1942- ] [Mrs. Karl H. Wessenberg] [Active 1950s.]

PEYRE, Evelyn (United States) [Active 1930s.]

PFAFF, Eva S. (Germany) [10 Feb 1961- ] [Active 1980-1993]

Pfafflin, Mrs. A. O. (from 17 April 1933) [SEE MEANEY, Frances Patricia "Pattie"]

PFANNENBERG, Angelika "Angie" Regina (Germany) [c. 1945- ] [Mrs. John David Newcombe, from 21 Feb 1966] [Active 1960s.]

Pfeiffer, (Frau) Elenita (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

PFEIL, Alice (United Kingdom) [1851-24 Dec 1933] [Mrs. Ralph Bagnall Bagnall-Wild, from 4 July 1871] [Active ???]

Pfister, (Mme) Hélčne (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s-40s.] [SEE ???]

PFLEIDERER, Lore (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

PHAYRE, Evelyn Mary (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Henry Woolf Standring, from c. 1926] [Active 1920s.]

PHAYRE, Marion Katharine (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Philip Eustace Lionel Hill, from 2 Sept 1933] [Active 1920s-30s.]

PHELPS, Terry (United States) [Active 1980s-90s.]

PHILBRICK, Jill Louise (United States) [2 Nov 1944- ] [Mrs. Cecil A. Gentry, from 24 July 1970] [Active 1960s.]

PHILIP, L. (United Kingdom?) [Active 1930s.]

Philipps, Mrs. J. W. P. (from 1910) [SEE TAYLOR, Ethel Marion]

“PHILLIMORE”, Miss (United Kingdom) [alias used by an unknown player at Wimbledon in 1888]

PHILLIMORE, Cordelia Mary (United Kingdom) [1858-22 July 1934] [Active c. 1890-1910]

Phillips, Mrs. H. R. (from April/June 1940) [SEE HAMILTON, Elsie M.]

PHILLIPS, Geraldine (United Kingdom) [1870-3 Oct 1947] [Mrs. Cornelius Ruck Glanvill] [Active ???]

PHILLIPS, May (South Africa) [Mrs. T. G. McJannett, from 1920/22] [Active 1920s.]

Phillips-Moore, Mrs. Barry J. [SEE HAMMOND, Anne]

Philpot, Mrs. H. J. (from 2 Oct 1890) [SEE BUTTANSHAW, Geraldine]

Phipps, Mrs. L. C. [SEE ROGERS, Margaret]

PHYSICK, Joan D. "Joey" (United Kingdom) [1920- ] [Mrs. William D. David, c. Sept 1941-????; Mrs. John "Michael" Lloyd, from 14 Aug 1950] [Active 1930s-50s.]

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

PIATEK, Mary Lou (United States) [6 Aug 1961- ] [Married to Paul Daniels, from 17 Oct 1987] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Pichalova, Petra (????-before early Oct 2013] [SEE LANGROVA, Petra]

PICCOLINI, Katia (Italy) [15 Jan 1973- ] [Active 1988-99]

PICK, Katherine Lawrence (United Kingdom) [4 April 1867-13 March 1939] [Active circa 1895-1900]

PICK, Mary Louise (United Kingdom) [1868-7 Jan 1965] [Mrs. William Dickson McMurtry, from 1901] [Active c. 1895-1900]

Pickering, Mrs. W. H. (from 28 July 1885) [SEE SIMPSON, Alice Mabel]

Pickering, Mrs. P. [SEE COX, Joy]

Pickhardt, Mrs. C. E., Jr. (15 June 1935-????) [SEE SACHS, Marjorie]

PIEDROLA, Felisa (Argentina) [c. 1916/17-March 2000] [Married to Augusto Zappa, by 1950] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Piedrola de Zappa, Senora (by 1950) [SEE PIEDROLA, Felisa]

Piemonte, Signora (from c. 1951) [SEE AROSIO, Franca]

PIERCE, Mary (France) [Active 1990s-2000s.]

PIERCEY, Sheila Audrey (South Africa) [18 March 1919-14 Aug 2005] [Mrs. Ronald Alexander Summers, from 8 July 1943] [Active 1930s-40s.]

PIERREPONT, Kathleen Audrey (United Kingdom/ Malay States) [1916- ] [Mrs. Henry George Beverley, from 29 April 1936] [Active c. 1932-36]

PIERVAL, Claudine (France) [30 June 1939- ] [Mme Rouire, from c. 1963] [Active 1960s.]

Piette, (Mme) Madeleine (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

PIETZNER, Ruth (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

PIGEON, Kristy (United States) [15 Aug 1950- ] [Married to R. Crawford] [Active 1960s-70s.]

PIGGOTT, Brenda Ada (Australia) [9 June 1905-5 Feb 2001] [Mrs. Douglas Jones] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Pigueron, Mme F. [SEE BOURGEOIS, Germaine]

PIKEN, Joan (United States) [19 Oct 1929- ] [Mrs. Paul Silbersher, from June 1956] [Active 1950s-70s.]

PIKOROVA, Jana (Czechoslovakia) [23 Nov 1945- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

PILLANS, Helen M. (United Kingdom) [Active 1900s.]

PILLANS, Katherine Madeline (United Kingdom) [c. 1869-6 Nov 1965] [Mrs. Thomas Paine Hilder, from 17 Oct 1905] [Active ???]

PILLARS, Virginia (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Pilette, Mme (from c. 1932/33) [SEE CHARNELET, Germaine]

PILLIARD, Mary Elise (United States) [28 April 1918-20 Aug 1997] [Mrs. Arklay Seymour Richards, before 1956-????; Mrs. James Johnston, from ???] [Active 1950s-70s.]

PILSBURY, Judith “Judy” Ouida (United States) [3 July 1939- ] [Active ????-1958]

PIN, Camille (France) [Active 2000s.]

Pinckney, Mrs. E. W. (from Aug 1903) [SEE HUNTER, Alicia Maud "Minnie"]

PINCKNEY, Elsie Constance (United Kingdom) [15 Oct 1872-1959] [Mrs. Horace Leycester Meyer, from 10 Oct 1901] [Active ???]

PINCKNEY, Frances Beatrice (United Kingdom) [28 Feb 1866-1946] [Mrs. Horace Arthur Bruce Chapman, from 7 Oct 1891] [Active c. 1884-90]

PINCKNEY, Violet Millicent (United Kingdom) [11 March 1871-1955] [Active 1890s-1920s.]

Pine-Coffin, Mrs. C. E. (from 1885) [SEE COLE, Lilian Mary Olivia]

PINEDO, Alina (Mexico) [26 Aug 1935- ] [Married to Ricardo Balbiers] [Active ???]

Pinkham, Mrs. E. W., Jr. (from 1940) [SEE LEBOUTILLIER, Florence S.]

Pinterova, Marie (from c. May 1974) [SEE NEUMANNOVA, Marie]

Pinto Bravo, Senora de (from 1971/72) [SEE ARIAS, Ana Maria]

PIO, Martha (Denmark) [15 Dec 1907-????] [Active 1920s.]

PIPAN, Alenka (Yugoslavia) [12 Oct 1950- ] [Active 1970s.]

PIRILA (Pirilä), Laila (Finland) [10 June 1951- ] [Mrs. Malinen] [Active 1970s.]

PIRILA (Pirilä), Leena (Finland) [Mrs. Ranta] [Active 1970s.]

PIRONKOVA, Tsvetana (Bulgaria) [Active 2000s-10s.]

PISKACKOVA (Piskáčková), Nataša (Czechoslovakia) [2 June 1963- ] [Married to: Mein, c. 1984-????; Faschingbauer, from ????] [Active 1980s.]

PISNIK, Tina (Slovenia) [Active 1990s-2000s.]

Pistolesi, Anna (7 Dec 2002-2004/05?) [SEE SMASHNOVA, Anna]

PITKIN, Martha (United States) [18 Sept 1885-6 Aug 1947] [Mrs. Nathaniel "Nat" William Niles, from 17 Nov 1910] [Active 1910s.]

PITKOWSKI, Sarah (France) [13 Nov 1975- ] [Married to Olivier Malcor, from 7 July 2001] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

Pitkowski-Malcor, Sarah (from 7 July 2001) [SEE PITKOWSKI, Sarah]

PITMAN, L. C. (United Kingdom) [Active 1920s.]

Pitt, Mrs. C. K. (from 31 March 1919) [SEE FRASER-WATSON, Millicent Maude]

PITT, Valerie Anne (United Kingdom) [6 June 1936- ] [Mrs. John M. Brewer, from c. April/June 1957] [Active 1950s.]

PITTENGER, Laura G. (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Pittman, Mrs. J. B. (4 Jan 1930-1939) [SEE GOLDSACK, Elsie Alice]

Pitts, Mrs. H. G. (from the summer of 1939) [SEE KEYMER, Kathleen Jessica]

PIVOVAROVA, Anastasia (Russia) [Active 2010s.]

PIZZICHINI, Gloria (Italy) [24 July 1975- ] [Active 1989-2005]

PLACKETT, Jane L. (United Kingdom) [Active 1970s-80s.]

PLAISTED, Helen N. (Australia) [Active 1960s.]

PLANTIER, Angélica Araújo (Portugal) [8 Nov 1885-July 1972] [Active c. 1905-1935]

Platt, Mrs. D. F. (from 1900) [SEE BLISS, Ethel Appleby]

PLCHOVA (Plchová), Lea (Czechoslovakia) [31 Aug 1956- ] [Active c. 1974-86]

PLEMING, Louise (Australia) [Active 1990s.]

Plessis, Mrs. (by 1946) [SEE CRAZE, Olive]

Pleydell-Bouverie, Mrs. (Lady) P. H. (Sept 1923-before Dec 1927) [SEE INGRAM, Alice Margaret “Peggy”]

Pleydell-Nott, Mrs. J. G. L. (from 25 July 1901) [SEE POOLE, Winifred Clare]

PLISCHKE, Sylvia (Austria) [Active 1990s-2000s.]

PLISKOVA, Karolina (Czech Republic) [Active 2010s.]

PLISKOVA, Kristyna (Czech Republic) [Active 2010s.]

Plümacher, (Frau) Margarethe (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Plumenthal, (Mme) Andrée (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

PLUMER, ??? (United Kingdom?) [Active 1910s.]

PLUMMER, Lorraine (Australia) [Active 1960s.]

PNIEWSKI, Joyce (United States) [26 Sept 1937- ] [Active 1950s.]

PO, Kimberly Yasuko (United States) [20 Oct 1971- ] [Married to Oliver George Hans Peter Messerli, from 4 May 2001] [Active 1988-2002]

Po-Messerli, Kimberly (from 4 May 2001) [SEE PO, Kimberly Yasuko]

Poage, Mrs. A. H. (from 13 Sept 1916) [SEE COVEY, Effie M.]

POELZL, Judith (Austria) [2 March 1966- ] [Married to: Heinz W. Wiesner, 11 April 1987-????; Roland Floimair, from 2001] [Active 1980s-90s.]

POGORELOVA, Elena Vladimirovna (Soviet Union) [16 Sept 1969- ] [Active 1990s.]

Pohmann, Frau (from between 1943 and 1947) [SEE HARTELT, Inge]

POLGAR, Erzsebet (Hungary) [Active 1960s.]

Politzer, Mrs. E. J. [SEE CHALLOVE, Esther Molly]

Polkinghorne, Mrs. G. (from 19 Jan 1955) [SEE ANGWIN, Helen]

POLLAK, Helene (United States) [5 April 1898-26 Jan 1980] [Mrs. Edwin A. Falk, from c. 1920/21-????; Mrs. Walter] [Active 1910s-20s.]

Pollak, (Mme) Jacqueline (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

POLLARD, Clare (United Kingdom) [Active 1980s.]

POLLET, Barbara (Austria) [17 May 1963- ] [Active 1980s.]

Polley, Mrs. S. T. (from 1915) [SEE FISCHER, Nora Margaret]

Polonsky, Mrs. [SEE HIRSCHFELD, Ekaterina Germanova]

POMBO, Marta (Spain) [Married to Pereda, from c. 1964/65] [Active 1960s.]

POMERY, ??? (France) [Mme René Meunier, by 1930; first name unknown] [Active 1920s-30s.]

POMIES, Carmen (France) [Active 1930s.]

POMMIER, Jacqueline (France) [Active 1930s.]

PONCELET, Jeannette(Jeanette?) (France) [Active 1930s-40s.]

Pons, Bella (c. 1924-????) [SEE DUTTON, Isabel "Bella"]

Pontoppidan, Mrs. (after 1963) [SEE RISE, Ulla]

Pool, Mrs. W. T. (c. Oct/Dec 1938-before c. July/Sept 1949) [SEE HUNTLEY, Edna Edith]

POOL, Sonia F. (United Kingdom) [Active 1950s.]

POOLE, Irene (New Zealand) [Mrs. Hatherley, from c. 1939/40] [Active 1930s-40s.]

POOLE, Margaret (United States) [Active 1930s.]

POOLE, Olive (Ireland) [c. 1917- ] [Mrs. Byrne] [Active c. 1935-50]

POOLE, Thelma (New Zealand) [Active 1930s.]

POOLE, Winifred Clare (United Kingdom) [Mrs. John George Latham Pleydell-Nott, from 25 July 1901] [Active 1900s-10s.]

POON, Daphne (Australia) [Active ???]

Pope, Mrs. E. C. (from 8 Sept 1926) [SEE RASK, Mildred Borghild]

POPOVA, Veera (Latvia/Estonia/Sweden/United States) [8 Oct 1906-23 Feb 2002] [Mrs. Mihkel Nőmmik, c. 1925-30 Dec 1963; Mrs. Clair L. Farrand, from 30 Dec 1963] [Active 1920s-40s.]

Popp, Frau (from c. 1888) [SEE KUSENBERG, Antonie "Toni"]

POPP, Marta (aka Marta PETERDY, from 1943) (Hungary/stateless/France) [21 Feb 1923- ] [Married to Oszkar Wolf-Schneider von Arno] [Active c. 1942-1965]

Popper, Mrs. E. (from c. 1932/33) [SEE ZISZOVITS, Lenke]

POPPLE, Doris (United States) [13 July 1923-5 January 1987] [Active 1940s-60s.]

PORÁKOVÁ, Eva (Czechoslovakia) [Married to Lubor Krauz, from c. Jan 1948] [Active 1930s-????]

Porée, Mme Jean (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

PORTER, Anita (United States) [22 June 1886-6 Aug 1955] [Mrs. William Jackson Clothier, from 21 Feb 1906] [Active c. 1906-16]

Porter, Mrs. W. D. (from 17 Feb 1936) [SEE MORLE, Eileen Mabel Nugent Philippa]

Porter, Mrs. W. F. (by 1935) [SEE GLENNON, Lila F.]

PORTER, Sue M. E. (United Kingdom) [Active 1960s.]

PORTMAN, Joyce (United States) [Active 1980s.]

PORURI, Laxmi (United States) [Active 1990s.]

PORWIK, Claudia (Germany) [Active 1980s-90s.]

PORZIO, Daniela (Italy) [7 June 1950- ] [Married to Pietro Marzano] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Poslavsky, Mrs. [SEE ALEXANDROVNA, Elena Dmitrieva]

POSPISILOVA, Jana (Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic) [23 March 1970- ] [Married to Petr Rychly, from 2006] [Active 1986-1998]

POTTER, Barbara C. (United States) [22 Oct 1961- ] [Active 1970s.-1989]

POTTER, P. B. “Betty” (New Zealand) [Active 1940s.]

Potter, Stacy [SEE MARGOLIN, Stacy]

POTTS, Norma C. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. J. Kemsey-Bourne, from c. 1953/54] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Pouch, Mrs. W. H. (from 8 Nov 1897) [SEE HELLWIG, Helena "Helen" Rebecca]

POUJADE, Mlle (France) [first name unknown] [Active 1910s.]

Poupinel, (Mme) Marie (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

POUS-TIO, Laura (Spain) [Active 2000s-10s.]

POUTCHEK, Tatiana (Belarus) [Active 2000s-10s.]

POUTCHKOVA (PUCHKOVA), Olga (Belarus/Russia, from 2002) [Active 2000s-10s.]

POWDRELL, Lucy (New Zealand) [2 June 1882-6 Sept 1958] [Mrs. Edward Cecil Burdett Whitehead, from 13 Nov 1912] [Active 1900s-10s.]

POWDRELL, Margaret (New Zealand) [1875-25 March 1954] [Mrs. George Vater Pearce, 1893-1920; Mrs. Neil Bruce Barkman, from 1922] [Active ???]

Powell, Mrs. G. F. (from 5 July 1940) [SEE NOEL, Susan Diana Barham]

Power, (Mme) Germaine (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

POYNDER, Jane Charlotte Lee (United Kingdom) [1944- ] [Active 1960s.]

Poynder, Mrs. J. S. (from 11 April 1944) [SEE SAUNDERS, Jean Dorothy]

Praczukowski, Mrs. H. (by 1946) [SEE LERMITTE, Marion Bjora "Babs"]

PRAKUSYA, Wynne (Indonesia) [Active 2000s.]

PRAMANN, Emmy (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

PRATER, Una (Australia) [Active 1950s.]

Pratt, Mrs. E. C. S. (from 13 Oct 1951) [SEE ROSENQUEST, Charlotte Elizabeth "Betty"]

PRATT, Keryn(Kerryn?) (Australia) [20 June 1959- ] [Married to Paul Steindle, from 1987] [Active 1970s.-1983]

Pratt, Mrs. R. (by 1961) [SEE MCCALMAN, Maureen]

PRATT, Nicole J. (Australia) [Active 1990s-2000s.]

PRATT, Stella R. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Edgar G. Mason, from c. June 1941] [Active 1940s.]

PRATTEN, (Maria) Amy (Australia) [1875-20 June 1932) [Mrs. Thomas Doran, from 25 Aug 1909] [Active 1890s.]

PRATTEN, Mollie (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

Prausa, Wendy (from 12 May 1990) [SEE WHITE, Wendy E.]

PRAZERES, Sofia (Portugal) [19 June 1974- ] [Active 1990s.]

Precht, Frau (from c. 1943) [SEE THIEMEN, Ruth]

Precht-Thiemen, Ruth (from c. 1943) [SEE THIEMEN, Ruth]

Preistoph, (Frau) Erna (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

PRENDERGAST, Catherine Mary(May?) (United Kingdom) [1865-5 Dec 1948] [Mrs. Charles Prideaux Triscott, from 17 Nov 1884] [Active 1890s.]

Prentiss, Mrs. R. A. (from 25 Oct 1945) [SEE ARNOLD, Mary]

Preobrazhenska, Larisa [SEE GORINA, Larisa Dmitrievna]

PRESCOTT, Ethel "Toodles” / "Toots" (South Africa) [14 Sept 1921-2010] [Mrs. Watermeyer, from c. 1944] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Preston, Mrs. M. I. (from 15 Dec 1886) [SEE SNOOK, Arundel Bracher]

Preston, Mrs. G. (from Sept 1938) [SEE CARPENTER, Gertrude Eugenie]

Pretorius, Mrs. Q. C. (from 3 Sept 1971) [SEE WALKDEN, Patricia “Pat” Molly]

Pretty, Mrs. R. (from 1928) [SEE BOND, Lucy Kathleen]

PRETTYJOHN, Susannah (United Kingdom) [1931- ] [Mrs. Gordon E. Mudge, from 1958] [Active 1950s.]

PRÉVOST, Hélčne (France) [Active 1900s.]

PRÉVOST, Yvonne (France) [c. 1880-????] [Mme Auguste Boppe, from 11 May 1905] [Active 1900s.]

PREYER, Jane B. (United States) [Active 1970s-80s.]

Price, Mrs. S. (from 1960) [SEE FISHER, Adria]

PRICE, Anne (United Kingdom) [Active 1950s.]

Price, Mrs. J. (from 28 Sept 1939) [SEE MARQUIS, Joan]

Price, Mrs. E. E. (from 31 Oct 1939) [SEE WHITTAKER, Marcelle]

Price, Mrs. A. R. (24 Oct 1964-before 17 Dec 1976) [SEE HUNT, Margaret Lilian]

Price, Mrs. A. T. (from 27 Sept 1927) [SEE BERE, Margaret Ursula]

Price, Mrs. L. E. G. (from 28 Oct 1961) [SEE REYNOLDS, Sandra]

PRICE, Tessa A. (South Africa) [Active 1990s.]

Prieur, Mme P. (from 28 April 1930) [SEE LAINE, Francoise]

Primrose, Mrs. G. B. (from 14 Dec 1970) [SEE BLAKELOCK, Robina "Robin" Averil]

PRINCE, Libby (United States) [Active 1940s.]

Prindiville, Mrs. B. F. (from 1938/39) [SEE O'MAHONEY, Mary Agnes]

Prindle, Mrs. [SEE LOPAUS, Lilian]

PRIOR, Joan (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

Pritchard, Mrs. D. W. (from c. Sept 1941) [SEE HUNTBACH, Denise A.]

Pritchard, Mrs. W. H. (from c. 1909) [SEE LANG, Elsie]

Pritula, (Mrs.) Norma (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1950s.] [SEE ???]

PRITULA, Sharon (United States) [12 June 1946- ] [Mrs. William H. Banzhaf] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Privat-Deschanel, (Mme) Andrée (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Prizer, Mrs. J. B. (from 16 Oct 1937) [SEE DARLING, Charlotte Upton McNabb]

PROBST, Wiltrud (Germany) [Active 1980s-90s.]

PROCHOVA, Marketa (Czechoslovakia) [Active 1960s.]

Prochownik, Mrs. (c. 1940-????) [SEE STŘCKEL, Else]

Procktor, Mrs. T. P. (from 1897) [SEE KINDERSLEY, Emily Agnes]

PROCTER, Dorothy Kyme (United Kingdom) [10 Feb 1899-Sept 1971] [Mrs. Geoffrey R. Forman, from 1933] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Procter, Mrs. M. J. (from 1969) [SEE GODWIN, Maryna]

PROCTOR, Clara Harrington "Clare" (Australia) [Mrs. Frederick George Copeman, from 1954] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Proisy, Mme P. (c. 1968?- ????) [SEE CRISTIANI, Marion]

PROSEN, Carol-Ann (United States/Greece) [11 March 1943- ] [Mrs. Nicky Kalogeropoulos, from 1967] [Active 1950s-70s.]

Prosser, Mrs. L. U. (from c. 1935) [SEE WEST, Nora]

Prosser, Mrs. K. S. [SEE BRIGGS, Ruth]

PROTON, Irčne (France) [Active 1930s.]

PROUDFOOT, Helen McKendrick (United Kingdom) [27 Oct 1919-26 June 1975] [Married to Zbigniew Juliusz Czolowski, c. 1946-1948] [Active 1930s-50s.]

Prouse, Signora (from c. 1931) [SEE GAGLIARDI, Rosetta Laura “Rosina”]

PROVENCEL, Andrée (France) [Active 1930s.]

PROVIS, Gertrude Mary (United Kingdom) [c. 1876-13 Nov 1950] [Mrs. Willmott Houselander, from c. 1900] [Active ???]

PROVIS, Nicole Anne-Louise (Australia) [22 Sept 1969- ] [Married to Mark Robert Bradtke, from 27 Feb 1994] [Active 1980s-90s.]

PRUITT, Sheryl "Sherrie" (United States) [1947- ] [Mrs. Farris] [Active 1960s.]

PRUSOVA, Libuse (Czech Republic) [Active 2000s.]

PRUVOT, Sylvie (France) [5 Jan 1953- ] [Mme Guy Rual] [Active ???]

Pryce-Harrison, Mrs. A. H. (from 18 Sept 1907) [SEE HERRING, Coela Elizabeth Le Strange]

PRYDE, Marilyn J. (New Zealand) [15 May 1952- ] [Mrs. Lawrence] [Active 1970s.]


PUGH, Mary (Australia) [Active 1890s.]

PUIG, Monica (Puerto Rico) [Active 2010s.]

Puiggros, Signora (from c. 1966) [SEE BAYLON, Norma]

PUISSANT, Marie Pauline Julia (Belgium) [19 Dec 1885-????] [Mme Réginald Frédéric Beaufoy Storms, by 1920] [Active 1920s.]

Pujet, Mme (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active in 1910s.] [SEE ???]

PULJAK, Mary (Uruguay) [18 Feb 1942- ] [Active 1970s.]

PULLIN, Julie M. (United Kingdom) [Active 1990s-2000s.]

PUMPELLY, Elsie (United States) [1875-????] [Mrs. Thomas Handasyd Cabot, from 3 Oct 1898] [Active 1910s-20s.]

PURDY, Eleanor (United States) [26 Sept(29 June?) 1920-24 Dec 2012] [Mrs. Jack Cushingham, April/June 1943-1951; Mrs. Warren Harbula, from 1954] [Active 1930s-40s.]

PURDY, Ginny (United States) [Active 1980s.]

Purdy, Mrs. [SEE GRANGEL, Judy]

PUTINTSEVA, Yulia (Russia, 2009–June 2012 / Kazakhstan, from June 2012) [Active 2000s-10s.]

PUTLAND, Dawn (Australia) [Active 1940s.]

PUTMAN, Lois (United Kingdom) [1885-23 Oct 1962] [Mrs. Rowland Hawker, from 1910] [Active ???]

Putz, (Mme) Pierrette (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s-40s.] [SEE ???]

PUZEJOVA (Pužejová), Vera (Czechoslovakia) [13 June 1931-13 May 1982] [Married to Cyril Suk II, from 5 May 1961] [Active 1949-1964]

PYLE, Elizabeth (United States) [Active 1920s.]

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