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Re: A-z

Born 1893
Married Clarence V TODD 1921


ACT Champion 1954, played overseas including Wimbledon in 1956 & 57.

Florence 'Flossie, 'Florrie' or 'Flo' NEWMAN (SA)

Phyllis NEWTON (TAS)
Married Neil Ricketts

1938 Tasmanian Champion

Phyllis and her sister Mercia were daughters of Thomas William NEWTON, former Tasmanian player and his wife Mercy (nee McGough).


QF in two consecutive Australian Championships, losing to the winner Beryl Penrose (1956) and runner-up Althea Gibson (1957).

Edith 'Edie' NIEMEYER (QLD)
Born 2 December 1917
Married FINNEY circa 1947

Self-taught in her early days, the diminutive country girl had a powerful forehand and overhead.

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Re: A-z

Gweneth Jane (Gwen) O'HALLORAN (SA)
Boren 23 March 1918
Married A 'Ray' THIELE 1944

South Australian Champion 1941
Western Australian Champion 1955

Though past her best, she had a good result at the 1952 Australian, pushing fellow veteran, and eventual champion, Thelma Long to three sets in the QF.

Thiele was the first woman elected to the management committee of the South Australian association.

Margaret OFFICER (WA)
Born Perth 1905
Died March 1950
Married Ian W Anderson on 16 Sept 1944, Melbourne

Western Australian Champion 1926

Played an all-court game and was sound overhead.

Married Bernard F 'Bernie' PRINDIVILLE 1938

Western Australian Champion 1936, 1938
City of Perth Champion 1936

Christine 'Chris' O'NEIL (NSW)
Born 19 March 1956 - Newcastle, NSW

Australian Champion 1978

Helen Margaret OUTHWAITE (VIC)
Born 1900 - Armadale
Married (1) Alastair Cameron GRAY 18 May 1925
Married (2) Dr Charles WB LITTLEJOHN 12 January 1935

Travelled overseas in 1928 and played a number of tournaments. Was unable to progress through qualifying at Wimbledon.

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Re: A-z

Fay Patricia 'Pat' PARMENTER (NSW)
Born circa 1937
Married Anthony John RANDALL in 1960

From the NSW country town of Maitland, Pat was also an Australian squash champion.

Magdalene Jessie 'Maisie' or 'May' PARR (SA)
Born 1 May 1864
Died 8 May 1948 - Adelaide SA

Six-time SA Champion (1892 to 1899), she was also a finalist in the Victorian Championships (1894).

Returning from England in 1881, where she learned to play tennis with her sister after watching games, she joined the Adelaide Tennis Club and won the club championship in 1883.

She won her first SA singles championship in 1892, aged 27, and her last in 1899, aged 34. She was runner-up in 1911, aged 46. She won her last doubles title, in 1907, at the age of 42. In 1931, the 66 year old played in the South Australian championships but restricted herself to handicap doubles.

In 1909, when she was well past her best, a critic wrote "Miss Parr is a fine example of strong, active women. Her play, though she is a veteran in years, is a marvel of vigor and dash; and though beaten by safer methods, her game is the most attractive to watch. Like Miss Payten, she goes for winning strokes but, unlike her, she misses many."

Parr was a stickler for physical fitness, running several miles each day and cycling regularly at her peak.

Born 1904, Woollahra, Sydney
Married Lt Kenneth HARVIE on 12 December 1931
Daughter of AB 'Banjo' PATERSON

Lillian Eleanor PAYNE (SA)
Born 6 August 1875
Died 1944

A nine-time SA Champion (1895 to 1907), she was also runner-up in the Victorian Championships (1901) and winner of the Victorian mixed doubles title (1906).

Lillian was a cousin or niece of Maisie Parr, who had taught Payne the game.

Rose Hannah 'Babe' PAYTEN (NSW)
Born 20 December 1879 - Campbelltown, NSW
Died 9 May 1951

NSW Champion 1900, 1901, 1902, 1903, 1904, 1907
QLD Champion 1903, 1904, 1905, 1907
WA Champion 1906

After retiring from tennis in 1909, she became a champion golfer.

Bertha Louise Harwood 'Beth' PEACH (NSW)
Married Lt John William 'Jack' CHAPMAN on 21 May 1942
Daughter of former champion Frank Peach, Sister of Eileen and Paddy.

Eileen Frances Harwood PEACH (NSW)
Married Francis Joseph 'Frank' RUWALD on 10 July 1939
Eldest daughter of former champion Frank Peach.

Norma Jean Harwood 'Paddie' or 'Paddy' PEACH (NSW)
Married Kenneth Douglas 'Ken' FRANCIS on 25 January 1939
Youngest daughter of former champion Frank Peach.

Phyllis Josephine Banner PEACH (NSW)
Married Ralph HOLDROYD on 17 April 1946
Daughter of former champion Norman Peach, Cousin of Beth, Eileen and Paddy.


Born 22 December 1930 - Sydney
Married James Arthur F COLLIER 1957

A somewhat controversial selection in the 1952 Australian tour of South Africa, Penrose justified her selection by being the only player not to lose a rubber in the team matches. She then travelled to Europe and won the Welsh singles.

In 1955 was seeded 7th at Wimbledon and justified this by reaching the QF only to lose to Louise Brough. Beryl played most of the top post-war players during her career - eg Hart, Fry, Connolly - but rated Brough as her toughest opponent.

Beryl's grandson, James Duckworth, is a current ATP/ITF player.

Rose Eileen (Eileen) PERSSE (QLD)
Born 1875
Died 1959
Married Fitzpierce JOYCE 1905

R/U in 1897 Queensland Championships

Born circa 1905
Died 2001
Married Douglas JONES

Played overseas (at least Frinton-on-Sea) in 1930

Daphne POON (QLD)
Born 1931

Of Chinese parentage

Kerryn PRATT
Born 20 June 1959

A leading junior player, she went on to make the last 16 in the Australian Open singles, was a semi-finalist in the Australian Open doubles, a finalist in the Queensland Open singles and won the Australian Hardcourt doubles.

Since the 1980s, she has been a respected TV sports journalist, producer and tennis commentator.

Nicole PRATT (QLD)
Born 5 March 1973 - Mackay, QLD

Maria Amy (Amy) PRATTEN (QLD)
Born 1875
Married Thomas DORAN 1909

1895 Queensland Champion

Clara Harrington 'Clare' PROCTOR (NSW)
Married Frederick George COPEMAN in 1954

Nicole Anne-Louise PROVIS (VIC)
Born 22 September 1969
Married Mark Robert BRADTKE 27 February 1994

1894 Queensland Champion

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Re: A-z

Kristine Louise RADFORD (NSW)
Born 3 March 1970
Married Damian Michael KUNCE 30 November 1996

Born 26 Nov 1873
Never Married
Died 1958

Minnie Constance (Constance) RALEIGH (VIC)
Born 29 Sep 1863
Never Married
Died 1948

Edith & Connie's older brother Ernest RALEIGH (19 Nov 1861 - 3 July 1935) was also a tennis champion.

Born circa 1939

A "plucky and tenacious" player Rayson won the 1957 Australian Junior title. She covered the court "like a terrier" and fought for every point.

Kristine Louise RADFORD (NSW)

Catherine Rosemary (Rosemary) REES (VIC)
Born 1912 - Caulfield

Dorothy 'Dot' E RENDALL (VIC)



Thelma RICE (NSW)
Married Arthur V HUXLEY on 16 December 1940

Daughter of former champion Horace 'Horrie' Rice

Born 22 April 1897
Married Dr James MAGNER on 23 June 1928

Tasmanian Champion 1924, 1925, 1926

Played in England in 1928, but was not at her best. She had travelled to Britain by ship and, in the course of the voyage, had become engaged to the ship's doctor. They married shortly after the ship arrived in England and no doubt tennis was not her highest priority at the time.


From Albany, she was 1934 WA Country Champion

Married George H WARBURTON in 1901


1893, 1894, 1895, 1896, 1903, 1904, 1907 Tasmanian Champion

Eva Ada Blanche RODD (NSW)
Married Charles METCALFE in 1887

Mavis Isabel ROFE (NSW)
Married Dennis Robert 'Dinny' PAILS 1943

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Re: A-z

Floris Eva Sterne ST GEORGE (NSW)
Born 1887
Died 1968
Married Roland CONWAY (aka James E WAYLAND) on 16 April 1927

At the age of 38 travelling, at her own expense, as an emergency with the 1925 international team, she did surprisingly well on tour - particularly in doubles.

In 1928, as Mrs Conway, she became one of the first women officials with the NSW and Australian LTAs. After incidents demonstrating that male officials gave scant attention to women's tennis, she (with Nell Lloyd) nominated for elected positions with the NSW LTA council and encouraged every registered female player to vote them into office, despite 'tremendous opposition' from male officials.

Today, schoolgirls in Sydney compete for the Floris Conway Cup.


Elizabeth Marie 'Liz' SAYERS (QLD)
Born 1 April 1963
Married Peter David SMYLIE 10 November 1984

Winner of 36 doubles titles on the WTA tour, her greatest sucesses came when winning the Wimbledon doubles title (1985 - with Kathy Jordan) and the US mixed doubles (1983 and 1986 - with John Fitzgerald and 1990 with Todd Woodbridge). She also shared an Olympic bronze medal in 1988 with Wendy Turnbull.

Born 1942 (or 1943)
Married Dr Rudi WEBER - divorced ??

A member of the 1962 Australian women's team, she toured regularly overseas through to the mid sixties.

After seperating, Madonna had a three year custody fight with husband Rudi Weber over their son, also named Rudi. The Austrian father 'kidnapped' his son, fleeing to Europe on a number of occasions, before Madonna was able to retrieve him.

Born 1895 - St Kilda
Married Roland Wallace HOPE 1921


Sister of Greta. Sometimes the family name can be spelled 'Schultze'

As a junior, she led 11-9 1-0 against Nell Hopman in the 1952 Australian before Hopman retired from heat exhaustion. Suffering herself after this match, Schultz was upset the next day in the junior girl's event and went down meekly to Mary Hawton in the open singles.

Sister of Joan Scott

Born 1897
Married Vernon PETT 1922

Lillian M M SCOTT (NSW)
Born 1869
Married Cecil P HUNGERFORD on 22 January 1889
Died 1910

1888 NSW Champion and, with sister Zilla, doubles champion

Zilla Helen A SCOTT (NSW)
Born 1864
Married Edgar MOLESWORTH in 1891
Died 1934

Daphne Grace SEENEY (QLD)
Born 2 February 1933 - Monto, QLD
Married Trevor Thomas FANCUTT 14 April 1957

1958 Queensland Champion

Daphne had her best Australian Championship in 1956, thrashing reigning champion and world top-tenner Beryl Penrose 6-2 6-1 in the QF. On the heavy grass court, Seeney placed her left handed shots and used the drop shot very well.

Officials were reluctant to stage the SF matches on Centre Court, but Seeney was part of a 'sit down protest' that forced the issue to the satisfaction of women players and supporters. Half way through the 2nd set, just when it seemed she was getting into the match, Seeney dislocated her right knee. She insisted on continuing with it heavily strapped, and even won a few games before Mary Carter finished off the match 6-3 7-5. Seeney travelled overseas that year, reaching German and Wimbledon doubles finals.

Vera Celia Elizabeth SELWIN (NSW)
Born 1907
Married Martin Walter BERG 1939

Ethelwynne 'Wynne' Mary SHARP (SA)
Born 20 May 1891
1913 South Australian Champion

"a fine sturdy athlete"

Harriet Josephine 'Phenie' SHAW (VIC)
Born 1865 - St Kilda, Melbourne
Married Edgar WARD-THOMAS 27 November 1896

Sometime doubles partner of her younger, and more successful, sister Mabel.

Mabel Ann SHAW (VIC/NSW)
Born 1867 - St Kilda, Melbourne
Died 1914 - Sydney
Married Percy Brereton COLQUHOUN 30 April 1897

Born 20 October 1946
Married (1) CE ZEEMAN
Married (2?) CAMPLING

Still winning senior titles in Australia post-2000

Gail Vivian SHERRIFF (NSW) (later FRA)
Born 3 April 1945
Married (1) Jean-Baptiste CHANFREAU, 17 December 1968
Married (2) Jean-Joseph LOVERA 12 February 1976
Married (3) BENEDETTI

Cynthia SIELER (NSW)
Born 11 February 1951
Married Peter DOERNER 26 June 1972

Born 1918
Married MILLS

Five-time Queensland Champion

Ruby Beatrice SKINNER (SA)
Born 5 September 1912 - Subiaco, WA
Died 14 August 2001
Married Kenneth Lyle LITCHFIELD - 27 Aug 1940

Three times SA Hardcourt Champion (1932-1934).

A teacher of elocution, she directed 35 plays for the Adelaide Repertory Theatre up until 1983, and acted in several. She was President of the Sportswomen's Association from 1969-1974 and the first woman appointed to the Board of the Adelaide Festival Trust (1971). She also did considerable charity work throughout her life.

Appointed as Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire on 13 June 1981 for service to the performing arts and the community. She had earlier been appointed as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire on 1 January 1959, and honoured with a Queen's Silver Jubilee Award in 1977.

To commemorate her legacy to the State and to honour the achievements of South Australia's artists and cultural industries, a new award for South Australia's arts community, known as the 'Ruby Awards', was introduced by the State Government in June 2006. An arts scholarship is also awarded in her honour.

Elizabeth Helen SLOAN (NSW)
Born 1900
Married Rupert E MCTAGGETT 1927

Born 16 July 1942 - Albury, NSW
Married Barry Michael COURT 28 October 1967 - Perth, WA

Australia's greatest ever women's champion.

Link: Full Title Haul - Margaret Court's Full Title Haul
Link: Career Record - Margaret Court's record
Link: Record and Stats - Margaret Smith Court

Peter SMITH (WA)
Married Jim NATHAN in 1937

Western Australian Champion 1929

Born circa 1934
Married Howard WEARE

Seeded fourth, Southcombe lost in the 1953 AO QF to Maureen Connolly.

"I thought," recalls Pam, "she's 18, just a girl like me. It shouldn't be too bad. But she was No. 1 in the world and I quickly found out why. But I wasn't nervous because I felt it was great to be on the court with the best, an experience any tennis player would want.

"I was working downtown as a secretary, and took the train to Kooyong. She'd had a practice hit with Harry Hopman (the indispensable Australian Davis Cup captain). He and his wife, Nell, advised her. But I didn't have time for that. We were scheduled for an outside court, one with no seats. But it was crowded with a few hundred standing.

"Maureen and I walked together down the slope from the clubhouse. She was civil - we chatted - but I could see she was very focused."

"She hit flat, but used sidespin, and had an excellent drop shot. And, remember, these were the wooden racquet, one-hand backhand days. I think she'd be fine with today's racquets"

Married Jack LOVETT

Josephine SPEHR-JONES (SA)


Leila Howard Beryl (Beryl) SPOWERS (QLD)
Born 1892
Married Henry 'Harry' MacAuley TURNER 27 January 1915
Died 1979

Queensland Champion in 1913 and 1926

Jennifer Jane 'Jenny' STALEY (VIC)
Born 3 March 1934
Married Lewis Alan 'Lew' HOAD 18 June 1955

Australian HC Champ 1954
South Australian Champ 1954, 1955

One year out of juniors Staley reached the final of Australian Championships in 1954 only to lose to veteran Thelma Long. Her boyfriend Lew Hoad, on leave from the National Service training, was in the stands and this, plus unwanted media attention about their relationship, was a possible reason why Staley was unable to produce her stylish best in the final.

In 1955 during an overseas tour, Staley ‘snuck off’ from the team just prior to Wimbledon and married Hoad. Team manager Adrian Quist and LTA President Norman Brookes were furious with the Hoads and with men's team manager Harry Hopman. Hopman had supported Lew and given Jenny away at the ceremony. The Australian and overseas press had a field day when the story broke!

Married HB NEILSON on 21 Jul 1920

1917 Tasmanian Champion

Married Robert POLLOCK on 18 Apr 1916

Older sister of Dot, also a Tasmanian Champion

Born circa 1910

British-born left-hander. She had lived much of her life in India where she made a name for herself as a top player, particularly in doubles. She considered singles play in India to be too strenuous due to the heat and humidity.

NSW Champ 1941
Cumberland Champ 1939

Married P Clifford TANN on 27 March 1930

Competed overseas in 1928

Born 1920

Dorothy 'Dot' or 'Dolly' STEVENSON (VIC)
Born 3 August 1916
Married John Victor WADDELL 1 February 1940

Finalist Australian & QF French in 1938

Gwynneth 'Gwen' STEVENSON (VIC)
Died 15 January 1950
Married Graham WADDELL 1943

Both of the Stevenson sisters were coached by Meryl O'Hara-Wood.

NSW Champ 1911, 1913, 1914, 1915
VIC Champ 1912, 1914
SA Champ 1911

Later a top golfer.

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Re: A-z


Queensland Champion 1893

Judith Anne Marshall 'Judy' TEGART (VIC)
Born 12 December 1937
Married Dr David E DALTON on 18 November 1969

"Slightly above middle-height and strong in figure, she played in a get-up-and-go manner. An Australian stylist, she used her strong wrist freely, and in a woman that looked adventurous and often exhilarating if she were trailing against a world star and refused to be cowed in the least. She was a great favourite at Wimbledon".

Link: Judy Tegart Dalton


Link: http://betting.*******.com/tennis/wi...-j-270608.html

Married Eric HEHER in 1935

Yutha Maud Mary THIEMAYER (VIC)
Born 1918 - St Kilda
Married Allen Stuart HALLIDAY 2 March 1940

Marjorie Evelyn THITCHENER (NSW)
Born 1889
Married Alfred FOSTER 19 September 1922
Died 1973

Born 1882

Born 1888
Married Eric COWLISHAW 1915

HM (Helen?) 'Nell' THYNE (TAS)

Judith 'Judy' TISSOT (VIC)
Married Edward FITZGERALD

Tissot was a versatile racquet sports champion. She was a Melbourne badminton star and won the 1952 Australian squash title; her first of four national
championships, as well as representing her state in tennis. She travelled to Europe in 1953, with her friend Kay Neville Smith, hoping to see the coronation. While in Englend, both competed in tennis tournaments while Judy made the SF of the British Squash Championships.

After marriage in 1957, Judy had six children and devoted herself to coaching. Her daughter Sarah Fitzgerald, who won five World Open championships in the 1990s and is considered one of the greatest squash players of all time.


Amanda TOBIN (NSW)
Born 8 June 1960 - Bathurst, NSW
Married (Peter?) DINGWALL

Married George MARTIN on 28 Feb 1950

Agnes I TOSH (NSW)
Born 1909
Married Leslie N TURNER 1935

Mother of Grand Slam champion Lesley Turner (Bowrey).

Octogenarian Agnes Turner likes a challenge - she has run the Sydney City to Surf for the
past nine years and is currently competing against women almost 20 years
her junior in the Australasian Veterans tennis championship being held at nine
clubs throughout Melbourne.

Mrs Turner, 82, has been competing in the veterans' championship for the past 11 years
and as a 71-year-old, won the 65 and over age group.

In 1934, Mrs Turner, the mother of former French and Australian Open
champion Lesley Bowrey, won the NSW Hardcourt Championships.

"Lesley has come along a few times to watch me, but no, she doesn't give
me any tips. I'm a bit past that," said Mrs Turner in between matches
yesterday at the Hawthorn Recreation Club.

Mrs Turner said she first took on the City to Surf challenge when
pressed by two grandsons to run with them.

"I keep getting trophies for the oldest woman in the race," she said.
Her best time for the event is 117 minutes - last year she covered the
14km is 119 minutes.
- Canberra Times - 9 January 1992

Born 18 December 1943
Married James L MOORE 1960s


Nellie (Ellen?) TREWHELLA (WA)

Western Australian Champion 1939

Born 26 November 1952 - Brisbane, QLD

Nicknamed "Rabbit" as she was blessed with good speed on court and retrieved many balls.


Lesley Rosemary TURNER (NSW)
Born 16 August 1942
Married William Walter 'Bill' BOWREY 23 February 1968

In addition to her two Grand Slam singles victories at the French Open, Lesley won seven Grand Slam doubles titles, including the 'career slam' as well as Australian (2) and Wimbledon (2) mixed doubles championships.

Overshadowed somewhat by the great Margaret Court, the only important Australian singles titles Turner did not win during her career were the Australian and NSW Championships.

Australian Final 1964, 1967
French Champion 1963, 1965, Final 1962, 1967
Wimbledon SF 1964
US SF 1967

Australian HC Champion 1960, 1962, 1965, 1967
Victorian Champion 1960
South Australian Champion 1967
Queensland Champion 1966
Western Australian Champion 1964
Tasmanian Champion 1960, 1963
NSW HC Champion 1960, 1961, 1965

"A model stylist. Her service was accurate, her volleying neat, her forehand a strong and orthodox Eastern, and her backhand sounder still. Fair-haired and blue-eyed, slender and light on her feet, she did not lack crowd support when she encountered any stronger looking opponent. Turner's well produced driving and her fighting qualities were both surprisingly strong."

Link: Lesley Turner

Jillian 'Jill' TUCKFIELD (VIC/SA)
Born circa 1928
Married Flt-Lt Ian Russell OLORENSHAW - 9 July 1949

1947 Australian Junior Champion

Molly (or Mollie) TURNER (TAS)

Tasmanian Champion 1941, 1946

Noelene TURNER (NSW)
Sister of Lesley Turner

Flossie Ada 'Tots' TWELFTREE (SA)
Born 26 Oct 1889
Married E N SEARY
Died 1925

Born 1929
Married Tod RICHARDSON in 1951

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Re: A-z

Julia Madge Rose 'Madge' VALANTINE (VIC)
Born 1897 - Armadale
Married Walter D LIST in September 1927

Champion Australian fencer and accomplished surf lifesaver, swimmer and diver.

Maiden name sometimes published as 'Valentine'.

Born 1901

Runner-up in singles at the NSW and NSW HC Championships, Ula was considered a better doubles player and she won (with Nell Hall) the New Zealand title in 1932.

Nina Fisken VICKERY (NSW)
Married John Gordan 'Jock' or 'Jack' LOBBAN 7 February 1940

A competent baseliner who was probably more at home on 'chipped' hardcourts, she retired to family duties in 1940 following her marriage to Australian Long Jump champion and record-holder Jock Lobban. Both University 'blues', Nina and Lobban had played in the 1938 Metropolitan Championships together.

During the war, Flying Officer Jock Lobban died in an RAAF air accident, leaving his widow and a three year old son, John.

Once WWII ended, Nina did return to play local tournaments and the NSW Championships in 1945/46.

NSW HC Champion 1938
Killara Champion 1935
Cumberland Champion 1938

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Re: A-z

Joan Eunice WALTERS (SA)
Born 3 October 1916
Married Frederick Steele KOEHNCKE circa 1940

A promising junior who did not improve as much as expected in her senior career. Joan beat Dot Stevenson to win the 1935 SA Junior title and again upset the Victorian (seeded fourth) in the 1936 Australian Championships.

Walter's forte was to force the pace and put away the easy ball when it came along.

Metropolitan Champion 1934
Metropolitan HC Champion 1935
East Torrens Winter Champion 1936
South Australian junior Champion 1935

Betty J WARD
Married Ross HARMER on 12 June 1937

Gwynneth J 'Gwen' WATERHOUSE (NSW)
Born 1904
Married Jack E CASSIDY 1928

Alice Laura WATSON (VIC)
Born 1875
Married James Reedie BECK (SA) 1914
Died December 1916

1912 South Australian Champion

"Perhaps the finest doubles player in the Commonwealth, a hard hitter and..her stamina was remarkable."


Married Laurence Henry BANDY in 1943

Meryl Aitken WAXMAN (VIC)
Born 5 June 1894
Married (1) Charles Roy LISTER 1916
Married (2) Patrick 'Pat' O'HARA WOOD 1923

An enduring player who first came to attention in 1909 when she won the Victorian schoolgirl's title. Her 'pretty' style of play won her many fans and kept her at the top of Australian tennis for nearly 25 years.

She was 34 when she was first able to compete overseas as part of the 'Invicible' women's team of 1928.

South Australian Champion 1913, 1915
Queensland Champion 1925

Married Lyle Henry GRAHAM in 1940

Cumberland Champion 1937

Married Robert A MACBETH 1925

Western Australian Champion 1925, 1927

Katherine Ruth 'Kath' WEMYSS (SA)
Born 24 January 1901
Married Ivor BULL in Colombo, SRI 1935

Married Maxwell 'Max' B SMITH in 1935

Dorothy 'Dot' WESTON (SA)
Born 21 February 1900

1934 South Australian Champion

Joan Elizabeth WHEATON (NSW)
Married Thomas Mitchell WEBB 1936

Rosemary WHITE (NSW)
Married Neil GIBSON

Married John YOUNG on 25 February 1949
Cousin of Marcel and Shirley Whittaker

Married Dr Eric Evan PRICE on 31 October 1939
First name sometimes spelled 'Marcelle'
Sister of Shirley Whittaker

Born 30 May 1914
Died 6 June 1939

Suffered a nervous breakdown in December 1938, soon after having completed her arts course at University. She was seriously ill from then until her death.

"A versatile and clever left hander", she was University Champion in 1934, 1936 and 1938. In 1935, playing with Fred Perry, she won the New Zealand mixed doubles championship.


Married Cecil MORGAN in 1937

Married AE 'Alec' COOKE in 1937

Results sometimes refer to 'Mrs LM COOKE'

Gertrude Jane WILMOTH (VIC)
Born 1876 - Melbourne
Died June 1950 - Horsham, VIC

Name sometimes published as A Wilmoth (and variety of spellings including Willmott, Willmoth, Wilmott)

Jean Thea WILSON (SA)
Born 11 Jan 1912 - North Adelaide
Married Cecil DAVIES 22 May 1937

Her father, George Albert WILSON, instituted the 'Wilson Cup' for women.

Margaret WILSON (VIC)
Married Lt John F RUTTER
Born circa 1920
Played overseas in 1938

In 1939, Wilson was struck by a taxi, fracturing her leg in four places.

Muriel 'Muff' WILSON (NSW)
Played Wimbledon in 1933 - always played in gloves


Also a hockey international and a local star in badminton and fencing

Married John Ernest 'Jack' DE LITTLE on 19 March 1928

Married Max MCDERMOTT 1943

Beatrice Ethel Lydia (Ethel) WOODS (WA)
Died 1954
Married Edmund Shelley BARKER in 1895

Western Australian Champion 1909, 1911

Kathleen Mary 'Kath' WOODWARD (VIC)
Married John Geoffrey PORTER - 2 April 1946

Played tennis and golf overseas in 1938 and umpired at Wimbledon.

Nancye Meredith WYNNE (VIC)
Born 10 June 1917 - Melbourne, VIC
Died 9 December 2001 - Melbourne, VIC
Married Sgt. George Frederick 'Peter' BOLTON 6 July 1940 (he died in 1942)

The first Australian woman to reach the final of an overseas Grand Slam singles title (US - 1938) and the top Aussie player for around fifteen years (1937-1952). Bolton might normally have been expected to peak as a player during the World War II years of 1940-45, so missed out on numerous opportunities to improve her already impressive list of championships.

Despite winning 10 Australian doubles titles with Thelma Long, Bolton was only able to enter five overseas slam tournaments with her long-time partner. And of these five, the pair had to default in three of them.

Australian Champion 1937, 1940, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1951
Wimbledon QF 1948
French R3 1938
US Championships F 1938

"Tallish, in short skirt and stiff-brimmed white hat, and on hot days a knotted handkerchief round her throat, she made a distinctive and dominating figure on court. Her forehand was a well-behind the handle form of Eastern (approaching Extreme Eastern), and instead of wrapping her thumb round the handle in the normal way, she laid it along the handle's top surface. There was no advantage in that; it was just her own way. A hard hitter anywhere, she fairly pounded high-bouncing forehands.


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Re: A-z


Dr Janet YOUNG (VIC)
Born 22 October 1951

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Re: A-z

Well....I said it was just a start, but that's nearly 350 players listed so far. Whew!

During my research, I've stumbled across name/age/other details for some New Zealand players too. Since there's no specific thread in which to post these, (particularly if they never married) I might as well post them here for those who are interested:

Gladys Myrtle (Myrtle) ANDERSON (RSA/NZL)
married William John 'Bill' MELODY (NZL) in 1916

Married Dr Geoffrey MYERS in February 1933

Eva Marian BAIRD
Born 1888
Married Sydney Craven HODGES in 1919

Nancy Ella CURTIS
Born 1894
Married Walter F STURMAN on 23 April 1924

Nina Mataura DOUSLIN
Born 1864
Married Cornelius O'LEARY in 1910

NZL BDM records show she had a daughter, Gladys DOUSLIN, in 1894 with no record of a father.

May Constance GORE
Married James MARCHBANKS on 18 August 1897

Sisters May and Olive also had a brother, C St G GORE, who played tennis competitively.

Olive GORE
Married Dr Douglas H BETT circa 1916

Born 1866

Born with just one arm (the left) and she "serves in a wonderfully clever manner by holding her racket with three fingers of her only hand, and a slight toss of the ball which is held by the remaining finger and thumb, followed by a quick twisty tap with the racket, results in a fast low service which is anything but easy to take."

She was unusually tall (5' 11) and had a sister Una who also played in NZ. Hilda lived in London from the 1897 to 1906 and had some tournament play. Apparently around August 1904 she won the Ladies' Silver Challenge Cup of the St Quintin Lawn Tennis Club, decisively beating Miss Pocock. Her first tournament in England was the Chichester tournament in 1897 where she was defeated in the handicap singles.

She was also a fine singer, pianist and painter as well as being talented at needlework, making all her own dresses.

Her sister Una also played in NZ tournaments.

Lelia May Arita (Arita) HOWE
Born 1904
Married Robert Peers ADAMS 1927
sometimes spelled Areta

Sarah Mary LANCE
Born Hythe, England circa 1871 (I suspect earlier)
Married Ernest Denton TANNER in 1887 (Divorced 1908)

Around 1885 she emigrated from England where, supposedly, she had achieved success in many large tennis tournaments. Her husband, cricketer Ernest Tanner, sued for divorce in 1908 naming Charles Uniacke as co-respondent.

Constance Palgrave MARTYN
Born 12 May 1864, Palgrave, Suffolk ENGLAND
Married Lionel Augustus ABRAHAM in England on 19 June 1890
Died 3 October 1942

Known as a champion horse-woman and golfer as well as a tennis player and charity worker. Received the OBE in 1919 for her work during WWI.

Married F GALLAGHER circa 1938

Kathleen Mary NUNNELEY
Born 16 September 1872 - Leicestershire, England
Died 28 September 1956 - Wellington, NZL

Allegedly her English tournament successes, prior to emigrating to New Zealand in late 1894 included:

1891 Ladies Handicap Brighton, 5 Prizes at South of England Tournament, Eastbourne
1892 Prizes at Liverpool, Nottingham, Leicester, Northampton and others
1893 Open Singles at Nottingham, Won Blackheath, Won Beckenham, Won Wellingborough
1894 Won Nottingham (d Miss Jackson 60 61), Won Nottingham Handicap (d Mrs Hillyard)

Isabel Sarah REES (NZL)
Born circa 1867/68
Died July 1894.

She won the Champion Ladies Tennis Singles at Dunedin in 1892 and at Christchurch in 1890/91. She was the finest horsewoman in the colony and a fine all round athlete. Rees died, after 7 days illness and inflammation of the brain, aged just 27.

Mary Hamilton 'May' SPIERS
married Harry Mitchell DYKES in 1929

Mary Anastasia Camillus 'May' TRACY
Married Noel McNair THOMPSON on 1 January 1930

Married HATHERLEY circa 1939/40

Born 2 June 1882 - Patea, Taraniki NZL
Died 6 September 1958 - Patea, Taraniki NZL
Married Edward Cecil Burdett WHITEHEAD on 13 November 1912

Born 1875, Kakaramea, NZL
Died 25 March 1954
Married (1) George Vater PEARCE in 1893 - Separated 1917, Divorced 1920
Married (2) Neil Bruce BARKMAN in 1922

Her divorce from politician George Pearce in 1920 caused a scandal.

Katherine Lucia VAN ASCH
Married Edward MENLOVE in 1905

Sister Annie also played in NZ tournaments.

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Re: A-z

35 Under Construction

OK, hopefully that should do it for now....

I'll leave these last couple of posts for the time being, just in case I've forgotten something that should be listed up the top of this thread..

PS - if you notice a significant player who I seem to have missed or if there's an Aussie player you'd like to know more about, please post your suggestions/requests. GT

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Re: Australian Players: A to Z

I've added the basic information to the married names thread.

Prominent women tennis players:
Billie Jean Moffitt King's playing career:

Tafadhali usijisumbue kugusa mwili wangu ulioza!
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Re: Australian Players: A to Z

Nicely done GT-I knew this was coming in some form or other.

Perhaps at a later date if you have time (and trust me I mean "if") you might be able to use those deleted posts for other areas of expansion-perhaps a listing of players by state for example.
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Re: Australian Players: A to Z

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Nicely done GT-I knew this was coming in some form or other
You did?? Do mods get psychic powers too? I only decided to do it earlier today!
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