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Talking Angelique Widjaja Club

Hi all,I just founded the first club for's a maling list,not a fan page.if someone likes her,please visit this site:<br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Please join me,and let me know every Angie's info u have!!
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oh what!? an angie club! i'm gonna have 2 join it! <img src="smile.gif" border="0">
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Can anybody translate this article?

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

It looks like Angie signed some sort of contract with Samsung.

Gold Coast should be her first tourney, even though I prefer if she played Auckland. <img src="smile.gif" border="0">
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Yeah danker,

I also saw that one. I am sure one of our Indonesian friends will give some details.

My guess is that she has signed a contract for Rupiah 150 to 300 million. I do however not really understand how the tier levels work.

What I do to get an idea of an article content is to translate the key words using the Indonesian - English dictionaries that can be found under the following website :<br /><a href="" target="_blank">Various dictionaries</a> <img src="wink.gif" border="0"> You can even get a dictionary Miskitu - English (never heard of Miskitu before <img src="confused.gif" border="0"> ).

As for the Gold Coast, I saw that she was in the alternate list of qualifiers.

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It looks like Angie won't be playing at the Gold Coast after all.

I heard she's one of the 8 playing at the HKG exhibition and the only Asian player there!<br />So no Ai, Wynne or Tammy!

Aus Open will be her first tourney.

I don't think it's too late for Wynne to enter one of the events that week.
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Thanks for the details danker. I always wonder where you get all this information from <img src="wink.gif" border="0"> . However hard I try to surf on the net, I can't get such details that fast.

I am wondering what Yayuk name was for in the article from then.

I believe Ai prefers to play on the Gold Coast.

As for Wynne, I have no particular information but my guess is that she'll be spending Christmas and New Year with her family.

Her calculations being most probably the following :<br />- she will lose points if she does not attend the Gold Coast tourney.<br />- But she'll make up for these points with the Oz Open, where she was not last year.<br />- Overall in the year, she'll be playing more WTA tourneys (she'll most probably be in the States in march - April, as opposed to ITF in Asia in 2001. So she will play in Indian Wells and Miami and most probably Amelia Island) and should therefore get even more points.

So I think she'll be taking a rest before a long and stressful year where huge tasks await her (my guess is that she'll try to crack the top 50 in singles and participate at the doubles Masters at the end of the year).

As she is a fervent Catholic, spending Christmas and the New Year with her family is very important to her.

But these are only personal conjectures <img src="wink.gif" border="0"> .

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I forgot to say, Angie will be having her 17th birthday party on the 22nd Dec, so she won't be playing the Asian Championships. <img src="frown.gif" border="0">

BTW, Fed Cup (Asia Zone) in Guangzhou, China will be held the same time as the 1st week of Indian Wells. Very inconvenient for the "higher" ranked Asians including Wynne, etc. A $25K event in Shenzhen will take place the week after that. I expect a showing for most of the Fed Cup participants there (except those that don't play $25K events).

I wouldn't be surprised if Wynne decided to play in the Middle East in Feb instead of going all the way to the States before Fed Cup, then returning there after Fed Cup. She'll probably play Ericsson after Fed Cup, then the Green clay events like you said.
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Indian Wells is one of the two $2,000,000+ tourneys of the season (with the Ericson Open).

With the Grand Slams events, these are the two tourneys not to be missed in the season due to the new WTA point system.

I agree with you that Wynne decision will be hard to take. I believe it will also depend on her doubles partner decision (whether to play the Fed Cup or not).

Therefore, quite some incertitude on the outcome.

If Janet and Wynne want to make it at the end of the year at the Master Series, it is certain they can not afford to miss Indian Wells.

If I have more information on this issue, I'll let you know. My guess is that it will depend on the team performances in the first tourneys of the year (including The Aus Open).

As for the Middle East tourneys, I hope they will not be canceled due to the present unrest in the area.

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Wow, i was looking at Angie's career junior result and her results on grass is 19-2, but 19-1 this year. She must love the grass.
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Tammy will play in Hong Kong with Angelique Widjaja!!

They'll play with Capriati, Pierce, Schett, Coetzer, Dementieva, and Krasnoroutkaya!!
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have u seen<br />3 jan 2002, angie will play against Capriati.then in the doubles with Tammy,they wiil play against damentieva/krasnoroutskaya.

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Lindsayfan/Valeria <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> Thanks for taking care of the mailing list. I've added a link to your site from <a href="" target="_blank">my site</a>.

Danker & Steveg <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> Yes the article talks about the financial support Angie will get from Samsung. If you see several numbers there, the article was describing the several version of rumors about the size of the contract, because Angie and Samsung both agreed to keep the number private.

Steveg <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> Me too. I wish I was a fast as Danker in getting information hehe..

Danker <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> have you seen the photos I made at her <a href="" target="_blank">birthday party</a>?

GO ANGIE AND TAMMY AT HONG KONG <img src="graemlins/bounce.gif" border="0" alt="[Bounce]" />
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I just saw that Angelique lost 6/0 6/1 to Jennifer Capriati in Hong Kong. The score is a bit severe but at least it gives some idea to Angie of the progress she has to achieve to reach the top rankings (which is her target).

I guess that Jennifer played extremely well.
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I was following the match thru Jiro's score updates...

This match will help Angelique against the top players in the future!

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"Yayuk Basuki about Wynne and Angie"

Here is an article of what I think are Yayuk views on Angelique and Wynne. Any possible short translation from someone (Satya, I understand you are the "official translator" of the official Angelique website. Can you assist for this one, if possible for Yayuk views on both Angelique AND Wynne ) :

Yayuk Basuki
Tentang Wynne dan Angie

Mantan ratu tenis Indonesia, Yayuk Basuki pernah berucap harapannya sangat besar agar Wynne Prakusya dan Angelique Widjaja dapat menjadi penggantinya. Bagaimana sebenarnya Yayuk mencermati keduanya?
Satu hal yang ditekankan oleh adalah perlunya kedua pemain (Wynne dan Angie) benar-benar bersikap profesional dalam segala tindakan. Karena hanya dengan sikap itulah, seorang pemain akan mampu meraih dan menjaga kemampuan puncaknya.

Alasan yang paling sederhana adalah karena mumpung mereka punya kesempatan terjun di pro di kala usia masih sangat muda. Sebab, Yayuk sendiri mengakui terlambat menapako dunia tenis pro, yakni di usia 20 tahun. Bandingkan dengan usia Wynne ketika menapaki turnamen pro di 17 tahun dan Angie di usia 16 tahun.

Yayuk setuju pendapat, baik Wynne dan Angie merupakan pemain berbakat. Atas dasar itulah mantan petenis peringkat 19 dunia ini meyakini keduanya bisa menjadi penggantinya, yakni sebagai andalan Indonesia di ajang multievent maupun mengangkat negara melalui arena pro.

"Sudah pasti harus belajar dan selalu belajar agar kita bisa profesional," tandasnya kepada, Minggu malam.

Profesionalisme, menurut Yayuk, bukan pada sikap dalam arti sempit. Namun justru mencakup hal yang sangat luas. Di antaranya profesional dalam berpikir, bersikap, dan bertindak dalam banyak hal.

Di mata Yayuk, Wynne adalah pemain yang punya bakat bagus. Namun Wynne pun masih butuh banyak belajar untuk profesional. Salah satu contoh saja perlunya seorang pemain concern pada sebuah permasalahan yang hampir dialami setiap atlet di belahan bumi mana pun, yakni cidera.

"Setiap atlet, terlebih lagi yang profesional, harus memiliki concern pada masalah ini. Karena ini sangat penting," tandasnya. "Berdasarkan berita yang saya baca, Wynne katanya cidera padahal sempat menang di set pertama. Bahkan cidera itu sudah ia ia rasakan sebelum berangkat," katanya.

Dalam hal ini, Yayuk berpendapat, sebaiknya Wynne tidak mengabaikan maupun menganggap sepele cidera (pinggang) yang dialami ini. "Saya juga pernah dengar sebelumnya. Saya kira sudah bagus. Kalau belum membaik atau sembuh benar, sebaiknya dia memang menjalani terapi sampai benar-benar sembuh dulu. Baru kemudian ikut turnamen."

Mengapa Yayuk menganjurkan demikian?

"Masalahnya adalah pada risikonya. Jika tidak ditangani sampai sembuh benar, itu justru risikonya lebih besar lagi. Saya juga pernah mengalami cidera dan tetap main. Tetapi kasusnya lain. Karena saya sudah sampai di Australia waktu itu dan cideranya saya alami di sana."

Memang hak Wynne jika tetap ingin main. Hanya saja, memang banyak hal yang harus dipelajari Wynne. Terutama jika ia memang ingin benar-benar menjadi petenis pro. Tetapi jika penuntasan cidera itu diolor-olor, justru akan berdampak tidak baik.

Bagaimana dengan Angie?

Sebagaimana Wynne, menurut dia, Angie pun petenis berbakat. Juara Wimbledon Junior dan Wismilak Open telah menjadi bukti.

Turnamen pro memiliki atmosfer yang sudah pasti berbeda dengan turnamen yunior. Masalah ini harus diwaspadai Angie. Adalah sangat bagus ketika Angie bisa meraih gelar di Bali. Demikian pula ketika Angie menjadi salah satu petenis yang diundang dalam turnamen eksibisi di Hong Kong.

"Melihat lawan yang akan dihadapi, tentu kita semua tahulah siapa Capriati. Tetapi hal terpenting yang harus dipikirikan oleh Angie, dan juga saya pun menunggu kabar tentang ini sebenarnya, adalah bagaimana Angie menghadapi Capriati," ujarnya.

Mencari menang, tentu berat. Tetapi hal terpenting adalah membaca permainan Capriati. "Karena bola-bola pemain yang peringkat top ten dan top fifty itu sangat lain."

Soal speed and power, saya yakin kita ini mampu. Pertandingan yang berlangsung 34 menit, tentu waktu yang singkat untuk permainan tenis. Hal inilah yang semestinya menjadi titik awal bagi Angie untuk mencermati dan mengevaluasi dirinya maupun lawannya.

"Saya pernah dikritik orang sebagai orang yang beruntung ketika masuk 50 besar. Jangan sampai dia juga mendapatkan hal yang sama. Saya berharap setelah Hong Kong ini dia mampu mengevaluasi dan bangkit lagi." (apj)
Quite long article but certainly extremely interesting.

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