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Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

Originally Posted by Ms. Anthropic View Post
"Peter had asked me if I could practise four hours a day. I thought, why is he asking? If I can play with the men, I can play with a woman. But in January, 1987, in Spain, I began to understand. We played four hours a day on hard courts. Every Saturday. Every Sunday. No break.

"When I played for myself I was not a real professional, 100 per cent for tennis. When I lost, I thought about my family and going home to Prague. Taking three days off. Playing soccer. I can't do that now. With Steffi, it's more intensive. Somebody worked out that we spent more than 40 weeks together last year.

"There was more playing, more travelling, than before. I can't go to discos, can't drink, because the next day I must be in shape. And I spend so little time mostly, it's two or three days with my wife and family."
It's interesting to read how tough it was to keep up with Steffi's training. Not that I am surprised. Kimiko Date mentioned that in the days of old, people won by having better technique but now it's about being physically strong. While I will agree with that to some degree, I do feel that the reason why Steffi and Martina were dominant for the most part during their respective eras was because of their elevated levels of fitness and athleticism.

(It's also interesting to note that while Kimiko at 42 is still very fit, I feel she actually uses technique and placement rather than power and fitness to beat her opponents.)
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Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

I'm not sure if this really was a tour-sanctioned event or an example of botched translation. If it really was a Virginia Slims that was cancelled, I can only assume it was a case of No Steffi = No Television Contract = No Money For Tournament.

Wednesday, January 27, 1988
Staff report

BOCA RATON -- Chris Evert and Pam Shriver will compete against Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova March 6 in the women's tennis version of The Stakes Match, called the Challenge of Champions.

The best-of-three sets doubles match will be held at The Polo Club Boca Raton the day before the Virginia Slims of Florida begins at the same site. Neither Navratilova nor King are playing in the Virginia Slims of Florida.

"We're 99.9 percent certain it will come off," said Sharon O'Connor, tournament director for the Virginia Slims of Florida. "Unless there are any unforeseen circumstances, it should go on."

This will be the second Challenge of the Champions. Last year's was held in April in Norfolk, Va. Navratilova and King won the first two sets, 7-5, 7-5, but Evert and Shriver won the third 6-3. They took home $97,500 to $90,000 for King and Navratilova.

"The Polo Club is very excited about this," O'Connor said. "And naturally, it would enhance our tournament."

People and Properties of Greenwich, Conn., the firm organizing the event, and The Polo Club Boca Raton and Liddun International, the local promoter, need to sign the contracts.

"We hope to have everything signed by the end of the week," O'Connor said.

Evert and Shriver will play their first-round Virginia Slims matches either March 7, 8 or 9.

MAINZ, West Germany -- Organizers canceled a Virginia Slims tournament Tuesday after its main attraction, Steffi Graf of West Germany, pulled out.

The Mainz tournament was scheduled for Feb. 1-7.

Tournament director Peter Dinkels charged that Graf had confirmed her participation but later decided to pull out.

But Steffi's father and manager, Peter Graf, said Steffi only had been given a wild-card option and never had said she would play in the tournament.

Graf, the world's top-ranked woman player, won the Australian Open last weekend and then flew to Japan for two exhibition matches.

Peter Graf said his daughter was scheduled to return from Japan Sunday and could not immediately start another tournament.

"This year will be particularly tough because of the Olympics and Steffi needs breaks during the season," her father told reporters.

-- In Hong Kong, Ivan Lendl of Czechoslovakia, the world's No. 1-ranked player, defeated Tim Mayotte 6-4, 6-1 in a Seiko Cup Championship exhibition match. Lendl broke Mayotte's serve to win the first set, then outclassed the American with powerful serves and forehands to close out the 70-minute match.

-- In Sao Paulo, Brazil, top-seeded Eliot Teltscher and No. 3 seed Lawson Duncan won their opening-round matches in the $130,000 Nabisco Grand Prix tournament. Teltscher, ranked 21st in the world, defeated Brazil's Ivan Kley 7-5, 6-2 and Duncan beat Brazil's Alexandre Hocevar 6-3, 6-1.
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Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

Steffi and Andre attended a WWE pro wrestling extravaganza in Las Vegas. I believe one could interpret Steffi's expression thusly: "If I have to sit through all of this, I'm dragging his ass to the ballet..."
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Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

Some new short video of Steffi practicing with Darren Cahill
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Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

Tomorrow San Jose !
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Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

Originally Posted by djul14 View Post
Tomorrow San Jose !
It was reported that the mixed exhibition drew a crowd of 5774, while the semifinals of the real tournament drew a crowd of 3329 -- which might explain why (sadly) the San Francisco Bay area will be losing its men's tennis event after 125 years.
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Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

Originally Posted by Ms. Anthropic View Post
It was reported that the mixed exhibition drew a crowd of 5774, while the semifinals of the real tournament drew a crowd of 3329 -- which might explain why (sadly) the San Francisco Bay area will be losing its men's tennis event after 125 years.
But sad for the tournament.

She was still so fit. Still happy to see pics of her playing Tennis !
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Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

An interview from during the 1988 AO. Featuring some classic smarty-pants answers as well as some old-fashioned eyebrow-raising cattiness!

The Other Face
Interview with Steffi Graf during skat game in Melbourne
Hamburger Abendblatt
22 January 1988
By Robert Lübenoff

Melbourne -- When Martina Navratilova or another tennis star yields words and answers, one must pay dearly for the time. Even Steffi Graf placed a demand before her interview with the Hamburger Abendblatt...

"First we play a round of skat," she said and had the cards ready in her suite on the 41st floor of the Melbourne Regent Hotel. There exists only a little difference between her tennis and skat games.

Hamburger Abendblatt: Here, at a card game, can this otherwise as-petrified face even laugh...

Steffi Graf: I am very cheerful in private. There, I can find the little things to be pricelessly funny.

HA: You can show emotion?

Graf: Of course. I am a human. And when I feel like howling, then I howl, too. I am actually a very emotional person. Only when I go out on the tennis court, I leave my feelings in the changing room.

HA: Then is this "Countess Merciless Image" only a mask in order to mislead your opponents?

Graf: No, it is an expression of my concentration. And anyway, the other players leave me totally cold. When I see someone, I say hello -- that's all. From the others also comes nothing. I prefer to remain at a distance.

HA: But one can also quickly get trapped in isolation that way. Isn't being number one in professional tennis sometimes absolutely lonely?

Graf: I don't seek out closeness with anyone. In this relation, I am rather a solitary type.

HA: But in other relationships hopefully not?

Graf: I know that everybody really wants to know what's going on with me. Only, finding that out won't be very simple for the public. I will first tackle the public, when I am sure that everything is okay.

HA: What is that supposed to mean?

Graf: I leave myself time for a boyfriend. I wouldn't want to be disappointed. I'm not in a hurry there.

HA: Fear that someone would only love you because you are famous?

Graf: It is very difficult to pick out a boyfriend. You don't know what the other one wants, what he thinks -- and what he could give to you. There are a few questions that are open by being famous.

HA: Does that mean that you can trust no one?

Graf: In the tennis business, one picks up tricks over time, to look behind the faces of people. Knowledge of human nature is incredibly important. I distinguish between people that I find pleasant and those that I can't suffer. There is no gap in between for me.

HA: In which compartment do you put Martina Navratilova then?

Graf: I don't care a fig about her. I merely don't like her monstrous hullabaloo. Sometimes she is absolutely childish -- and then I feel older at 18 years than she is at over 30.

HA: The American also brings a show along with good tennis. They reproach you that you couldn't do that...

Graf: I don't want that. Tennis is played on the court. Whatever crazy chatter that is spun around plays no role for me.

HA: Don't you somewhat enjoy standing in the public's view?

Graf: I could totally do without that. I would be thankful if no one would be interested in tennis. Then I would be the most contented person. I hate being constantly observed everywhere. For me it is a burden, for Martina a pleasure.

HA: So, the good fairy will fulfill three wishes for you. What do you want, the Wimbledon title?

Graf: I would like to be able to be invisible at any time, to have a magic cloak. I would like to be able to read thoughts and have endless life. Endless life is my first wish.

HA: Is this world really so worth living in?

Graf: Life is absolutely beautiful, it is wonderful. I absolutely, positively think so.

HA: What does wealth mean to you?

Graf: It is nice to be able to live well. But one doesn't need luxury. A car, a television set suffice.

HA: ... and power?

Graf: I know that I also have a certain kind of power as number one. But I don't need or make use of it. Most importantly, I am strong for optimal tournament conditions.

HA: What can actually really shake you?

Graf: When a small cat is run over.

HA: Who will win the Australian Open on the women's side?

Graf: I hope yet me.
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Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

Hope you guys saw this:
Petko after practice session with Steffi (with a prior tweet showing an upbeat Petko prior to the session)
@andreapetkovic and after... (

And this:
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Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

ha ha thanks missed the tweets
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Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

Tweeted by Darren Cahill : Video of Steffi hitting with the current pros
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Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

We pick up our 1988 narrative in San Antonio, Texas, where Steffi emerges from her February hibernation.

The amazing thing about this article is that despite discussion of Steffi's "rust," she still won this match in 48 minutes and lost only 26 points.

Rusty Graf easily defeats MacGregor
Houston Chronicle
Tuesday, MARCH 1, 1988

SAN ANTONIO - Steffi Graf showed the effect of five weeks away from tournament tennis, but Cammy MacGregor could not take advantages of her opportunities in the first round of the U.S. Women's Hardcourt Championships here Monday.

Graf emerged from her first action since the final of the Australian Open with a 6-1, 6-2 win before 1,500 people at the McFarlin Tennis Center in just 48 minutes.

The 18-year-old Graf, who became the undisputed No. 1 women's tennis player last year with a 75-2 record and 11 tournament championships, said she was not looking for a Texas meeting with Martina Navratilova when she scheduled to play in this tournament.

"I just wanted to play a tournament to start the hardcourt season and I had never played in Texas," she said of her decision to enter the Lynda Carter-Maybelline-sponsored event.

"If Martina had played in this tournament it would have been fine with me."

Graf is clearly the class of the tournament field. The next ranked player is No. 7 Helena Sukova of Czechoslovakia. She is the No. 2 seed and third-seeded is Lori McNeil of Houston, who is now 11th ranked on the women's computer.

McNeil, winner of the Oklahoma City Virginia Slims on Sunday, arrived here in time for a late Monday practice session. She plays Isabelle Demongeot of France today.

Asked if she feared anyone in this field, Graf replied, "I'm not afraid of anyone."

She admitted that she becomes bored when she is not playing tennis.

And she certainly was not tournament tough against MacGregor. If the Torrance, Calif., native could have kept alive on Graf's errors, she might have made a match of it, but MacGregor matched Graf error for error.

MacGregor had only five earned points and forced Graf into five errors. The others were unforced.

"My serve was working very well today," Graf explained. "But the rest of my game was rusty.

"After the Australian I played a couple of exhibitions, then took two weeks off and spent time with friends."

After defeating MacGregor en route to the Australian title Graf said that neither of them had played especially well. She agreed that observation could be made of their latest match.

"I wish we could have had longer rallies," she said in reference to her need for more tournament matches. "I need more playing time, you can't practice all the time."

Even with Graf's help MacGregor won only 11 points in the first set and 15 in the second. MacGregor's initial earned point evened the score at 15 in the seventh game of the first set.

MacGregor held serve in the fourth game off of four Graf errors and two errors helped her win in the fifth game of the second set. Only in the seventh game of that set did she put a couple of earned points together.

In the only other matches involving seeded players, No. 4 Katerina Maleeva of Bulgaria beat Jo Durie of Britain 6-1, 6-4 and No. 6 Nathalie Tauziat of France rallied past Louise Allen of Winston-Salem, N.C., 4-6, 7-6 (7-5), 6-2.

In other matches Monday, Sara Gomer of Britain downed Andriana Villagran of Argentina 6-3, 6-2; Beverly Bowes of Lubbock defeated Michelle Torres of Northfield, Ill., 6-3, 6-3; and Leila Meskhi of the Soviet Union edged Rosalyn Fairbank of San Diego 7-6 (9-7), 2-6, 6-4.

Japan's Etsuko Inoue outlasted Marianne Werdel of Bakersfield, Calif., 6-7 (6-8), 6-1, 7-6, 8-6. Akiko Kijimuta of Japan defeated Canada's Jill Hetherington 6-4, 6-3, and Katherin Keil of Los Angeles overcame Ann Grossman of Grove City, Ohio, 4-6, 6-4, 7-6 (7-4). el,-3

Sampras upsets Krishnan

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. - Amateur Pete Sampras, a high school junior from Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., upset India's Ramash Krishnan, who's ranked 37th in the world, 6-3, 3-6, 7-6 in the first round of the $702,500 Champions Cup.

In two other upsets, Mark Woodforde of Australia ousted 14th-seeded Peter Lundgren of Sweden 7-6, 6-3 and Aaron Krickstein beat No. 16 Jimmy Arias 6-3, 7-5.

Boris Becker of West Germany and Australia's Pat Cash, seeded third and fourth, will see their first action today. The top two seeds, Sweden's Stefan Edberg and Czechoslovakia's Miloslav Mecir, will play Wednesday.

In other matches involving seeded players, ninth-seeded David Pate defeated Luiz Mattar of Brazil 6-2, 6-7, 6-2; No. 12 Eduardo Bengoechea of Argentina beat fellow countryman Javier Frana 6-2, 3-6, 7-6; and No. 15 Mikael Pernfors of Sweden stopped Horst Skoff of Austria 7-5, 6-1.

Potter advances

WICHITA, Kan. - Defending champion Barbara Potter advanced into the second round of the Virginia Slims of Kansas, but three seeded players lost and a fourth withdrew because of the flu.

Potter, of Woodbury, Conn., the tournament's second seed, opened with a 6-0, 6-4 victory over unseeded Dinky Van Rensburg of South Africa.

No. 4 Dianne Balestrat of Australia lost 7-6 (7-4), 6-1 to Natalia Bykova of the Soviet Union. Peanut Louie Harper of San Francisco trounced No. 5 Stephanie Rehe of Highland, Calif., 6-0, 6-2, and Soviet Svetlana Parkhomenko ousted No. 8 Claudia Porwik of West Germany, 6-4, 6-2.
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Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

"I tried having fun once. It was awful." -- Grumpy Cat

Tennis: Gomer to oppose Graf
The Times
London, England
Wednesday, March 2, 1988

The most demanding challenge facing Steffi Graf these days is not the threat of Martina Navratilova or any other opponent but the need occasionally to take a break away from tennis. Really taking time off, with the rackets stowed in the cupboard, is a concept repellant to her.

"Taking time off bores me because if I just keep practising and practising and don't see the result in matches, it doesn't satisfy me," she said after defeating Cammy MacGregor 6-1, 6-2 in the opening round of the US Hardcourt Championships.

The victory left her looking forward to her second round match with Sara Gomer.

--------------------------------------------------- FIRST ROUND: --------------------------------------------------- S Gomer (GB) bt A Villagran (Arg), 6-3, 6-2; E Inoue (Japan) bt M Werdel (US), 6-7, 6-1, 7-6; K Maleeva (Bul) bt J Durie (GB), 6-1, 6-4; K Keil (US) bt A Grossman (US), 4-6, 6-4, 7-6; A Kijimuta (Japan) bt J Hetherington (Can), 6-4, 6-3; S Graf (WG) bt C MacGregor (US), 6-1, 6-2; N Tauziat (Fr) bt L Allen (US), 4-6, 7-6, 6-2. ---------------------------------------------------
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Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

Thanks Ms. Anthropic Lol at the rust , yeah she was rusty as Nadal was in Acapulco final...

Love this one "I tried having fun once. It was awful." -- Grumpy Cat
Reminds me a quote from Arrested Development, something like :
"Are you serious ?
- Almsot always."
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Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

Once again, a lot of cackling from the press that "Graf is off her game," yet the opponent sounds jubilant that she won all of five games...

McNeil advances to quarterfinals
Houston Chronicle
Thursday, MARCH 3, 1988

SAN ANTONIO - Third-seeded Lori McNeil of Houston and Patty Fendick of San Francisco, ranked 23rd in the world, are the lone United States tennis players still in contention for the Lynda Carter-Maybelline U.S. Women's Hardcourt Championships.

The other six quarterfinalists are from West Germany, France, the Soviet Union, Japan, Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia - giving the $200,000 U.S. Tennis Association-sponsored event a decided European flavor.

During second-round action Wednesday, top-seeded Steffi Graf of West Germany defeated Sara Gomer of Great Britain 6-3, 6-2; second-seeded Helena Sukova of Czechoslovakia beat Kathrin Keil of LaJolla, Calif., 6-1, 6-4, and third-seeded McNeil beat Nicola Provis of Australia 6-4, 4-6, 6-3.

No. 4 seed Katerina Maleeva of Bulgaria won over Akiko Kijimuta of Japan 6-1, 4-6, 6-1; No. 5 Natalia Zvereva beat Leila Meskhi 6-2, 6-0 in a match of Soviets, and No. 6 Nathalie Tauziat of France whipped Beverly Bowes of Lubbock 4-6, 7-6 (7-3), 6-2.

In a battle of U.S. players, seventh seeded Fendick won over Mary Lou Daniels of Chicago 7-5, 6-3.

The lone upset of the day involved Etsuko Inoue of Japan who defeated the third Soviet in the field, eighth seeded Larisa Savchenko, 6-1, 4-6, 6-1.

Gomer took the title as the happiest loser - in fact happier than some of the winners. The last time she played Graf she only won one game and this time she took five off the No. 1-ranked player in the world.

"I played well. It's pretty hard work to get five games off of her," Gomer said, almost in jubilation. "She was vulnerable to the way I played because I gave her no pace. She wasn't hitting forehands all over the place and I was pleased that I did something to neutralize her forehand.

"Her matches seem to go so quickly because of her forehand, but she didn't have it all her way today. My biggest disappointment was that I didn't take the game to her like I had planned, but I would probably give myself a B-plus for this match."

The match required 68 minutes, in contrast to many of Graf's matches which end in 40 or 50 minutes.

"I had trouble with her first serve. I had so many break points and I couldn't make them," said Graf. "She was slicing and making drop shots. She served well."

Graf declared that she was misquoted following her first-round match when all of the media thought she said she was "rusty." She contended that she had said she was "restless" to play.

Regardless of her meaning, she is still not the sharp 18-year-old who became the world's No. 1-ranked player last August. Her forehands are blistering at times but lack the consistency that won her fame as she captured the French Open and reached the finals at Wimbledon and the U.S. Open.

McNeil appeared in complete control of her match, which lasted just three minutes less than two hours. She broke Provis in the seventh game of the first set and ran out the string. The first game of the second set went to deuce six times and three times she had break point. But she couldn't convert them.

That seemed to help Provis' confidence and McNeil began to struggle after the sun came out midway through the match. The 10th game went to deuce five times and McNeil was broken by a forehand pass by Provis.

McNeil had a service break in the first game of the third set and survived a series of service breaks to win on her serve in the ninth game.

McNeil said it was a similar match to their third-round meeting at the U.S. Open last year.

"About the only difference was that the third set didn't go to a tiebreaker as it did last year in New York," said McNeil. "My approach shots were good today and I mixed them up well. I didn't play very well, but it was good in that I was able to maintain the momentum."

Edberg wins easily

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. - Stefan Edberg and Miloslav Mecir rolled to straight-set victories in the $702,500 Champions Cup Tennis Tournament, but Tim Mayotte and Martin Jaite were among four upset victims.

Also eliminated as the second round was completed was 10th-seeded Eliot Teltscher, who lost to Pete Sampras, a 16-year-old junior at Palos Verdes High.

The top-seeded Edberg, of Sweden, overpowered Jimmy Brown 6-0, 6-3, while the second-seeded Mecir, of Czechoslovakia, rolled past Richey Reneberg 6-1, 6-3.

Mayotte, seeded fifth, lost to Johan Kriek of South Africa 6-4, 6-4, while the sixth-seeded Jaite, of Argentina, was knocked out by Dan Goldie 7-6, 7-5.

Sampras, who upset Ramesh Krishnan of India in a first-round match Tuesday, downed the veteran Teltscher 7-5, 6-3. Sampras earned his berth in the tournament by advancing through qualifying play.
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