Martina's only hope is too develop a serve weapon and come to the net! -
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Martina's only hope is too develop a serve weapon and come to the net!

It's her only chance after the drumming she got today. She MUST play very high risk tennis because staying back is of the highest risk. She just cannot rally with Serena because the ball is travelling too fast.

What do you all think? I know Serena played great but I doubt that Martina is playing aggressively enough.
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I definitely agree she has to go for her shots because just hoping the opponent will miss, just isn't the way to go, that was the problem against Daniela in Indian Wells as well.

Unfortunately I don't think she will ever get a better serve, I think this is probably about as good as it's going to get, and ultimately against these big hitters it just doesn't stand up to it. She just doesn't have the attributes to have a good serve, I mean look at all the good servers, they are either tall or very strong, Marti is neither.

She needs to keep fighting as well, I know Serena played really well, but as soon as she lost the point at 30-40 at the end of the 1st set, you knew that the match was over, that was something that disappointed me, but even had she kept fighting then Serena still would have won the 2nd easily with the way she was playing, but if had it looked as though Marti hadn't given up, then it would have sent a good message across the net, but I think if I was Marti and seeing balls blasted past me, I would have given up too
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Well they did point out that she did not particularly place the serves great and she can go for me mph and can get stronger. Justine is smaller than Martina but get more mph. Problem for her is that she did not make enough of those so it's a quandary for shorter players. She really needs to mix everything up though on the serves and hit ONLY aggressive forehands or HEAVY TOPSPIN deep forehands. No more of that midcourt crap.
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I think the AO final loss affected more me than we think and more than she admits...
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Justine's serve may have more mph, but this year is hasn't helped her out at all, since she serves around 50% and tons of doubles. Of course, they say she is changing it, and once she gets used it, her serve will be better.

Anyhow, my point is, at this stage in her career, I don't think Martina will totally revamp her serve like Justine did, and this probably means that Martina's serve won't improve a whole lot.

However, is there any reason, why she couldn't work on developing more of a kick second serve? Maybe her motion doesn't allow for this, I don't know.
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I wonder if the work on her game that she was doing before might just have been to get back the skill level she had before back, foot, confidence and endurance problems. She could have believed getting that back was what she needed. Since those were not a problem before this match (except for some lingering confidence problems), maybe she has a realization now that just getting back to her old high playing ability isn't enough. Until she got to this point–playing well and still getting wiped out–maybe she couldn't really conceive of working on her game in the ways she needs to work on it.

Quote of the day, from treufreund:

She MUST play very high risk tennis because staying back is of the highest risk.
God, I hope she realizes this.

I didn't see it. Was it broadcast? I was going home to see it and tape it and saw the score and the time on the internet and thought it must not be on. Now I wish I had checked anyway. Was it put on after Jen and Tatiana? Did anyone see it?

I hope she can get her heart back.
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Play like she was before...

i think that is the winning...she has to have the confidence and agressiveness against all players, not only the players she plays in the earlier rounds..and in the later rounds she just plays nuthing...
Just hope she trains damn damn damn hard this break and get back in the groove and win the 3 tourneys on clay and then get the french... if not it could be as well another slump year for her...! sorry had to say this but i was speaking from my heart...and thats what i think...if u guys think differently...its up to u...but i guess we agree on the part that she really needs to train hard and improve her game???
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Martina NEEDS to hit harder and deeper. She should try hitting her forehand flatter, that topspin just sits it in the dead zone. She should give her second serve a real kick to give the power players a little more trouble.
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Martina should only hit hard and deep on APPROACH SHOTS or when the other player is clearly on the defensive. Actually an angle works much better. Depth with HEAVY topspin is the key to Martina's win always over Power Players. It keeps them pinned back and once the rally starts Martina is a master of being one step ahead. Hitting just flat and deep means the ball can be hit back just as fast and that really is not ideal for Martina. She is fast but not as fast as Jenn or the Williams so just running around hit hard deep shots is not the game plan for her point in and point out. It would wear her out MUCH MUCH faster because of her light body weight. When she takes the ball early after hitting some deep shots then she can hit hard but needs good angles to keep it away from the fast players out there today who are strong enough to go from defense to offense with just one shot. Once she hit an aggressive angle or deep approach shot she can rally sometimes and other times really needs to come to net. She can even hit volleys from anywhere in the court better than other top player because of her great hands.
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I didn't see the match against Serena, but I did see the Indian Wells final, and I think Martina's main problem there was that she wasn't trusting her instincts. At times it seemed like she was dithering as to whether to go to net or stay back, what kind of shot to use, where to go with it, et cetera. Martina's great strength is her court awareness and I don't think she's trusting it at the moment. It seems as though she only plays naturally against lesser ranked players, but when she comes up against a power player she starts trying too hard instead of just playing. I think it's a confidence thing, she no longer believes that her natural instinctive game can win even though her 1997-8 results indicate otherwise.
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Arrow Maybe..

Martina should just hit the gym like what chris did when Martina N came running after her... Martina just has to hit the ball harder and not put it back to the middle of the court after hitting a nice down the line or a beautiful cross court... Well just hope she puts her heart in getting her game back together and getting to the top once again...
Players had difficult times making martina lose the no.1 ranking was not easy, now getting back to no.1 is not easy either...
well i'll just keep 'ing for martina...even if she loses...but definately i want to see her win..

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