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This week she has to fight against Ai in San Diego. all the best.

I have another question concerning Meghann and if anyone is able to say a bit more about it. It's clear that Font de Mora is a guy which was in a relationship with Meghann and probably Anna-Lena Grönefeld as well. Long time ago I found something about Meghanns youth in Usenet and after reading it again now, i want to know if anybody has got this photograph or even the magazine, or again, know even something more about it.

Tennis Week 1998:
Christopher Gerby 21 Jan. 1998 10:00 Optionen anzeigen

Von: Christopher Gerby <74211.3...@CompuServe.COM> - Nachrichten dieses Autors suchen
Datum: 1998/01/21
Betreff: Re: Australian Open Women's Qualifying Singles

<< Could you summarize for those of us who don't get TW? >>

The article is about the sometimes questionable
impact tennis coaches have on their pupils. A big chunk
of the expose details the relationship between Meghann
Shaughnessy and her coach, Rafael Font de Mora. When she
was 14, Meghann enrolled at a tennis academy in Pheonix.
This happened around the same time her parents were going
through a difficult divorce. The two situations combined
to have unfortunate results.

Meghann dropped out of school and moved into Font
de Mora's home (along with some other junior players).
Before long she severed ties with her family, to the
extent that they couldn't even find or contact her. Her
parents eventually took legal measures to get their then
16-year-old daughter away from Font de Mora, but it didn't
last. Meghann furiously convinced her father to let her
return to the coach. They tried to pull her out of the
academy a year later after being informed of "inapporpriate
behavior" between Meghann and Rafael, but backed off since
she'd be turning 18 soon anyway and they didn't want to run
the risk of alienating her forever.

With all this drama in the background, Meghann has
struggled in her pro career. Her last win in the main draw
of a WTA Tour event came in November '96. She's lost
repeatedly in qualifying and at challengers, with Font de
Mora personally financing her travels. She's without
sponsorship at the moment, IMG having dropped her after the
'97 season. Meanwhile, rumors swirl that Font de Mora puts
too much pressure on Meghann, has a "cult-like control over
her", and has been romantically involved with her since
before she turned 18. He adamantly denies the last point
and vows to stick with Meghann for the long term, even if
it means selling his club in Tampa to finance her career.

Thankfully, Shaughnessy is back on speaking terms
with her mother, who says "Meghann does seem happy now."
Things are also looking up in her career, since she won
three qualifying matches to earn her way into the
Australian Open draw. The last of those wins came over
#4 qualies seed Lea Ghirardi-Rubbi, who has gone on to
win a match in the main draw as a "lucky loser".
Shaughnessy's own stay in the main draw was short lived
(Rita Grande got her in straight sets), but the
successful run through qualifying was a nice breakthrough
which should give her a little boost in the rankings and
ease the financial burden a tad.

--Chris G.
As i said, there is picture from a few years ago, so if anyone can help or just say what he is thinking about it. Cheers

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