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Originally Posted by daze11
and very close to some other number one '79 at the uso, she lost the first game to BJK and then won the next 12, 6-1 6-0 (though i guess she had that same score in 1972 also, but not 12 consecutive games), and close-calls with monica seles in '89 6-0 6-2 (though she wasnt yet number 1, so that doesnt count), and 6-1 6-1 against goolagong twice in 1975 (hilton head & amelia).

On a close related topic, I tried to remember the number of times that Chris won twelve games in a row: come to my mind apart from all the double bagels and quasi-double bagels involving double-bagelling after losing the first set: Vermaak 83 Palm Beach, Maleeva 86 LA, Gildemeister Houston 86, Krantzcke St Petersburg 74.

Sue Barker US Open 76 4 r/ won the first game and .....

Bonnie Gadusek QF US Open 82: won the first set and the first game....

btw, Andy and I went to the Roland-Garros museum this week-end, they have a selection of matches for different players that you can watch on a computer screen (but not record unfortunately :fiery): We watched the second set of the 80 Evert-Ruzici final. They also have a large library with all the Tennis de france, covering in particular the 70's and 80's with tournament results. I am thinking of getting the results of all the tournaments that Chrissie played in her career (i.e., all players) as from the QF onwards, (GS excepted since they're already on the threads.)

We also had quite a laugh at watching Chris' being interviewed in 2001 and not remembering a lot about previous victories and quite inaccurate about the facts: 'I think I was seeded 3 at the French in 73 [WRONG] and led Court 5-3 in the third [WRONG]' 'Who did I play against in 74? Don't tell me....[HAD TO BE TOLD] really, was it Olga again?'. However, one thing she remembers quite well was that passing down the line that gave her the match in 85 against Martina, she described the moment at length with some emotion (again she tought that she may have been seeded 3 at the French in 85 ). Overall, she struck us as being someone really down to earth, quite pleasant and humble at the same time. She said that Martina was better than her in 84 and that she was not the best grass court player when she won Wimby in 74.

Last, we read some passages of 'Lyoyd on Lloyd' and agonized over some gems really showing that she could have a very, very sharp tongue, I quote:

Telling John Lloyd after one of his (bad) losses: 'you have no guts, I don't care if you win or lose or even if you play tennis, you could be a painter as far as I am concerned , but whatever you do, do it with your heart!' [Bang!]

After the 81 Wimby final on Hana (sorry, Tripp): 'Hana thought that maybe you could win on talent alone but you have to go out there and be gutsy and use your head. She didn't use her head at all, she played sloppily and didn't deserve to win' (Oooops)

End of 83 about John again: 'Wedding is based on respect and I started losing respect for John' (Ooooooops)

78 Wimby, queuing up for cars at Wimbledon, saying hello to a shy John Lloyd who hardly replied to her: 'OMG, he must be gay!'

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