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Hingis of AO 2002 played best tennis of her career

There is alot of silly debate going here that Hingis was past her prime, not PEAK, injured, etc. her last couple years on tour. Hingis fans usually use this as an excuse to explain Hingis' losses and her reason of leaving the game.

If they truly believe this, or anyone else for that matter, they clearly have not seen the 2002 Austrailian Open. Hingis played the best tennis of her career at this tourney or close to it. Her anticipation was immaculate, she moved well, returned well, and hell, even SERVED well. She dropped just 13 games in her first 5 matches!

In the semis she faced a resurgent Monica Seles and the stats for Hingis were 32 winners, 5 ACES, 12 UE's. These are incredible stats. Hingis rarely hit more than 25 winners in a match and she sure as HELL didn't hit aces. Hingis also ONLy hit 12 UE's. Hingis never hit that many UE's but this number is astonishing considering that Hingis never had this low number (no top player BTW) in a TOUGH 3 set win...

She continued this form against "comeback" capriati and played impeccably against Capriati to race off to a 6-4, 4-0 lead before she let the heat catch up to her.

So, i think MOST would agree w/ me that this "nonsense" of Hingis never being the same again after certain matches would disregard this if they watch the 2002 OZ Open, or even the 2001 OZ Open (even though she ATTACKED much more and was BETTER in the 2002 OZ.)
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