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Translation Part Ii


- As a matter of fact, you're gonna be a little to blame for what's coming over, as you're supporting Argentine Tennis Association. Why did you make that decision? What was your motive to help wholeheartedly?
- Tennis itself, above all. I'm not asking for anything in return. On the contrary, I just hope to somehow be able of giving back everthing the sport gave me and appreciate what all that meant. I know how hard those kids are triyng to make a place for them. If I can do anything for them, I'm really happy about that.

- You said you want to give tennis back. Going back over your career for a while, some painful things were said about you in Argentina that were hurtful, as long as you played really a few matches as a pro in the country, something you were also criticized about. What spurred you to do this thing with the Association? Did anyone ask you?
- No, I just talked to the boys at the High Performance National Centre, to Alberto Osete -her former personal trainer-, a friend of mine since several years ago. Everything came out from my confidence about them. I know they can do a great job with the juniors. 2001 economic crisis affected terribly juniors travelling. But there are some boys who are doing really well and who may be great as Juan del Potro, Emiliano Massa and Leonardo Mayer.

- Apart from your public appearances, how do you spend your time?
- I go every day to the office I have in Buenos Aires, I manage may personal business from there. The biggest thing abroad is selling the perfume named after me. I'm doing really well with the perfume, a new fragance is released every year and it's already been 14 differente fragances since the first. I'm deeply involved with the business and trends and promotion. I go to different countries, I do interviews. Strongest points are Europe and Brazil.

- You say nothing about tennis; are you holding a racket now and then?
- It's been long since I last played. But it's my time to get back on courts again. When I go back to Buenos Aires I'm gonna have to train a little for the exhibition match against Hingis, in June. I have to get prepared because I always have to play against someone who keeps playing. It was the same with Steffi: she even plays often.

- What players from your time you keep in touch with?
- I speak quite often to Steffi, Arantxa Sánchez and Mary-Joe Fernández

- Surely you've been to dinner at Agassis', in Las Vegas?
- No, Steffi and Andre invited me a lot of times, but I've not been able to go yet. I've promised I'll visit them.

MARIA SHARAPOVA: "Maria is an attraction leader. She's got the perfect combination: she's pretty and plays tennis very well. That's what people of WTA want to appeal the public, as it is about the Williams sisters with their looks and their dressing style."

LAS WILLIAMS: "I don't see them very often. When we rune into one antoher, we say hello and talk a little. I speak a little more to Richard, Venus and Serena's father, who's quite a personage." (character?, I'm not sure about the translation)

Memories from the Pope
Beyond tennis, John Paul II's world shocking death was'n not away froma our conversation with Gabriela Sabatini. "I was invited to Vatican City a long time ago and I was so unlucky Pope wasn't there at the time. In truth, this makes you realize how long John Paul II has been in charge of the Catholic Church. He was a huge personality, who demandes too much of himself por human race's sake", Sabatini pointed out
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