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Scorned Old Coot Decides To Shoot!

Cops: Woman, 78, killed beau, 85
Victim had a new girlfriend, police say

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 06/24/05
Lena Driskell didn't have the look of a suspected killer — wearing a hair net, support stockings, bathrobe and slippers.

But Atlanta police say the 78-year-old's motive was quite common — a woman scorned.

Driskell didn't want to end her yearlong romance with her neighbor, widower Herman Winslow, police said. But Winslow, 85, had found another girlfriend.

Uninvited, Driskell kept stopping by her former beau's apartment, one floor below hers in Hightower Manor, a public-assisted complex for seniors and the disabled in southwest Atlanta.

Fed up, Winslow complained to security June 10. That night, Driskell told the guard, "I've got something for his [expletive]," police said.

Winslow was sitting on a couch in the lobby, reading a newspaper when Driskell pressed the gun to his temple and fired at least twice, said Atlanta police Lt. Doug Little.

After officers arrived, Driskell, whose hands and robe were splattered with blood, turned and waved the gun at them — with her finger still on the trigger.

"I did it, and I'd do it again," Little said she ranted.

Uhm...who wants to bet she'll plead "temporary insanity"? Better yet...she won't remember doing it because of Alzheimer's... Just kill her and save the taxpayers money.

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