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Here is a quote from Allison Danzig's article "Queen At Seventeen" about Mo:

"The Concentration this 17-year old youngster brings to the court is almost unequaled. Her fighting sprit is even more pronounced. The tougher the going, the greater the danger, the harder she fights and the more of a threat she becomes."

Now, when I read that quote the first thing that pops into my head is that Mo would have been more than capable of taking on Davenport who is prone to mental let downs. I could easily see Mo running Davenport from one side of the court to the other just wearing her out. Lindsay would go into a funk and that would be the end of that match. Same thing for Venus and Amelie. Sure, they could hit the ball harder but could they keep up with Mo's unrelenting game and her Steffi like attitude on the court? I think not.

Btw, there is a site called unitedstreaming. com and you can catch little tid bits of some matches from the past. The thing is you have to go through a school to use the site.
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