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Originally Posted by RoanHJ
I'm not 100% sure but I think Maureen was about 5ft. 3. I've seen photos of her next to Teach Tennant and Tennant was 5ft. 6 and Connolly looks a few inches shorter than that.

Mary K. Browne I think was only 5ft. 2 inches. I don't think she was ever ranked #1 in the world but I'm pretty sure she was #1 in the US at one time.

Connolly, from what I've read, had very thick strong legs. She actually hit with a lot more power than people realize, but more important she lived only to win. Coetzer and Sugiyama did pretty well on the tour despite being short but both players lacked the one thing Maureen had in abundance...mental toughness. I think Maureen would be all over players such as Kim, Venus, Amelie, Patty and Lindsay. Players who tend to have mental melt downs on the court. I could see Maureen making her way through a draw today and of course in the finals she'd be playing Justine much of the time. A player not much bigger than her. Have to say I'd love to see Justine and Maureen play each other
You are right that Maureen was probably one of the most mentally tough players in the history of tennis.

And I agree perhaps because of her aggressive, take-it-her attitude on court, she probably would have driven everyone nuts on slower surfaces.

But on faster courts? I don't know. I still would have to believe her height would hinder her chances of not getting blown off the court by the sheer power of her bigger and stronger opponents.

However, I would have loved to have just seen her personality come out in today's game. She just was such a loving, wonderful human being.
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