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Little Mo if she were around today......

I was watching the documentary about Maureen Connelly again today on the tennis channel, and one comment that was made still kinda stood out at me and I figured I would bring it out.

Now if it has already been talked about on here, I apologize but I did not see a thread about it.

I have forgotten already, but I think it was either Maureen's husband or mentor of some sort that made a real bold statement in saying that if Maureen were around today with everything tennis would have to offer her, she probably still be a domintating force on tour even today.

Does anyone actually agree with that sort of statement? I realize she was a dominating presense in her day but wasn't she all of 5-3? About as tall as Amanda Coetzer or Ai Sugiyama?

Mo was super speedy, knew how to volley and was very aggressive, but I have to believe that even with all of today's equipment and devotion to fitness, Mo would not have been able to dominate the top players considering how much taller and stronger the women are today.

Now, put Maureen at Justine Henin-Hardenne's height and wow what an amazing player we would have on tour today.

Any thoughts folks?
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