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A small report from Saturday (1day Q) + day 2 of Q

Ok, I have a bad news for inkymisafan, I went there, sat at the best place and prepared myself to take pictures. I took tree of Maes and when Misa came on court, my bateries wnet off. This is the most stupid thing I've done lately . Sorry Inky, but I'll go tomorrow and as Misa won, I'll take pictures

So, I saw only four matches, or pieces of matches. I had to go at 2 o'clock.

Michaella Krajicek against Tatiana Poutchek

Misa was serving first and it was clear from the first coup,e of points that she was already in the match, something that couldn't said about Tatiana. Misa won her game and broke tatiana's serve. Then, Tatiana woke up, very much helped by the game Michaella gave her (two DFs and I think two UEs) I must say I saw Michaella play and she was still a bit rusty today but it was impressive how good she was considering the long absence due to the injury. The first set was close, almost all the games went to duce and more. It wasn't very pretty but both ladies made some nice rallies. Tatiana's game.. well, that's something I must say a world about. She can play, that's sure but she gave me the impression to be very disordered. Sometimes she was making nice rallies and the next one was just "Yack" flying balls everywhere. Really strange. So in the first set Michaella broke exactly when needed to take it. The score doesn't give an idea it was pretty close.

Something I can say about Michaella, other than what people already know (the serve and the net game), she can't handle moonbals, I was shocked Tatiana didn't use more of them but was trying everything and finally nothing. Also, Misa was playing very often 2-3m behind the line and Tatiana didn't do anything.

At 5-2 it was clear who's gonna win the match. And here I heard on the second court the girls were in the second set. I am a big fan of Jarmila Gajdosova, so I went fast to see what's going on.

Jarmila Gajdosova against Kateryna Bondarenko

The first thing I saw was Katya making some strange facial expressions to the ball kid , so I knew the score I was hearing from the center court was in her disadvantage. Btw the ball kids were.. . Jarmila was very solid, serving superbly, placing winners. Everything was perfect for her. She still needs to loose a bit of weight (same for Misa btw, she seemed heavy).

Nothing much to say, Jarmila was crushing, Katya was very angry and Alyona, who was watching, was trying to exncourage her sister. Jarmila was serving for the match at 6-2 5-2 but made some stupid errors but then broke with some superbe game for 6-3.

The match finished and I saw Jarmila passing behind me to go to her team (I think it was her mother and a trainer) and I made her and said "Bravo Jarmila". And she smiled with her big, beutiful smile. Very sweet girl, really. Then she went to kiss her coach and the woman I think is her mother.

That match finished, I went to see the end of the second set of the Michaella-Tatiana's match. It was almost the same as the first one, only Misa was making a bit less errors and Tatiana was even more angry. It finished quite quickly for a 6-1 score.

Then, I went to see the match starting on the "First court" (funny names, for those who never went to that venue, there are only two, a "central" and a "first" ). It was a match between:

Caroline Maes and Ramona Czakon

I don't remember ever hearing the name of Czakon so for me it was something very new. A very tall, blond girl. If you think Daniela was skinny when she has some problems, then you never saw Ramona The girl grew only on height, still to come the horizontal grow . She is only bones and skin. She has a very nice service, I can even say the points she won where only because of the service. The other parts of her game.. oh, well. Maybe it's the lack of experience. She had enormous problems in coordinating her arms and leg

Nice girl, there is future if she works.

Caroli is Caroline, she destroyed the girl.

I only saw couple of games but the next match was starting and this one was clearly end before it started. So I found a good place and started to wtach:

Michaela Pastikova against Cara Black

It's always impressive to see Cara, she's so tiny and small , like a child. There's not much to say about the match itself. Michaela destroyed herself by all possible means. Her forehand wasn't erratic, no.. it's was innexistent. She got pissed quickly and started to make an enormous amout of errors. cara was doing her job and Michaela was making forehand errors . Michaela cried couple of times while she was on her chair, and had a VERY bad body-language (from what I understood, a language only ). The score wnet quickly to 6-1 4-0. And then Michaela woke up finally! She won the next four games with very agressvie game, going almost for every point forward. It was nice to watch. She was serving at 4-4 and made again some easy errors and Cara broke once again. And then it was finished even though Michaela saved couple of match points with the same game she came from 4-0 to 4-4 but it wasn't enough. Cara was solid and won.

Well, that's it. Then I had to go One funny thing.. There was almost all the Russian-speaking squad watching at the match from a press-bpx they were very funny to watch because they seemed close to each other and were smiling. There were other players but I couldn't recognize them

Tomorrow I'll try everything to go once again And make photos (I am charging the bateries )

* sorry for the errors I am doing while writing

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Thanks My battery is always low too

Kim Clijsters
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Thanks Pla
@ the battery story But I made that twice - once for a trip and once for a wedding
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Thanks! Cara almost wasted an opportunity! She needs to get her singles game together!
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thanx for that quality report.
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My report:

Alyona Bondarenko d. Alexandra Stevenson 7-5 6-3
I got to this match with Stevenson leading 5-2 (I had been aiming to miss it but the earlier matches took longer than I expected). To my delight, she then lost the next 5 games and called an injury timeout for shoulder repair. Stevenson's game was basically a handful of aces and blazing forehand winners, along with a load of errors. Even my mother, an unbiased tennis newbie, remarked that Stevenson was carrying too much weight and had too much power for her own good. Bondarenko, on the other hand, is small, fast, technically very good off both sides, and reasonably consistent when not faced with extreme power (she was quite terrible at volleys though). She also hit a lot of nice angles to win points, unlike Stevenson who has no Plan B if her rocket shots are missing. There were a few decent rallies which showed off the very different styles of the two players: Stevenson tends to plant herself solidly on the ground and rip the ball using only her arm, while Bondarenko, to match that power, needs to put her whole body weight into the shot, often leaping off the ground to do so. Anyway in the second set Bondarenko got an early break for 3-1 and held onto that to see out the set without too much difficulty. Nice comeback. Stevenson's injury didn't seem to be impairing her that much.

Andreja Klepac d. Lynn Philippe 6-4 6-4
Most people were expecting the 16-year-old Luxembourgish wild card to get an ass whipping at the hands of her more experienced although not widely known opponent. Most people were pleasantly surprised. Despite the huge disparity in ranking, the match was fairly close (as the scoreline suggests). Both girls were playing a very high level of tennis, producing lots of exciting rallies and more winners than errors. Philippe showed versatility, doing equally well in defence as in attack. She moved surprisingly well for a big girl and has a hard serve as well. Klepac is not such a different player, fast and fierce with a good serve, although she seemed a lot happier playing attacking tennis and finished several points with punishing winners off short balls. In the end, the only difference between the two was a nervous start which cost Philippe the first set; and a slight loss of belief at the end, which saw her broken at 4-4. Two players to watch out for in the future?

Sandra Kloesel d. Claudine Schaul 6-1 6-0
This one was painful to watch, or maybe just boring if you're not a Claudine fan. It was like the lights were on but nobody was home, as Claudine sailed through the encounter on autopilot, not seeming to care about the match and simply getting more frustrated with her game. Claudine isn't injured, and her game hasn't changed that much from when she was good. The groundstrokes are still there, although hit with slightly less confidence (in fact I would even say her backhand has improved). The serve is unreliable and a weakness - I would like to see her toss the ball higher. But it's clear the main problem is mental - she seems to have no motivation to win points and doesn't fight. Sure, she'll run for every ball, but there is never so much as a fist pump or an "Allez" or something to show she has passion and desire for the game. Even on close line calls, she doesn't even question it but simply concedes the point. Kloesel, to give her credit, played very well - she hits hard, runs fast, and serves well (and with an interesting motion). But this was a very disappointing match for the spectators and for those who thought Claudine was starting to make some progress with her comeback. I don't know what her coaching situation is but I wish she'd find somebody who can stick a cattle prod in her ass and make her want to win again.

TTFN, more reports tomorrow I expect!
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Thanks for the updates guys!
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thanks for ur nice qualifying report
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enjoyed your report cf.
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You are all welcome

controlfreak, hehe you went there just after my departure
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Claudine And I thought since you actually started winning matches, that you might do well here
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Thanks for the report pla! Hope you can take some pics today!


She & Him @ Melkweg "The Max", Amsterdam 6th May 2010
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thanx for reports

but no one did Flipkens vs Malek ?

Good luck to my favs


MINELLA TsurenkoAlize Lim*El Tabakh*Robson*Cirstea
*Bellis*Soylu*Sibille*Uberalova*Eden Silva*
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thanks for the reports pla and controlfreak

Lynn - there seems to be a nice future

Claudine - she should definitely find a good coach and end this crappy season to start with new motivation in 2006 again

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