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Two can play that game (Just got the day after Christmas)<br />Waiting to Exhale<br />Silence of the Lambs<br />Hannibal<br />The Matrix<br />Hollow Man<br />X Men<br />Vertical Limit<br />Tomb Raider<br />The Brothers<br />What Lies Beneath<br />One Flew over the Cuckoos nest<br />Romeo Must Die<br />Blow <br />Swordfish<br />Valentine<br />Gone in 60 Seconds (Just got finish watching with my friend)<br />The Green Mile<br />Cast Away<br />Dinosaur<br />Unbreakable<br />Somtimes they Come back<br />Charlies Angels<br />Save the last Dance<br />Bring it On<br />Down To Earth<br />Deep Blue Sea<br />The Cell<br />A Bronx Tale<br />Not without my Daughter

We have more but I don't feel like running out to the living room to check again. We constantly buy DVD's. We had to get two of the DVD Trio racks that stack up because our other one was full.

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