10000$ Alcobaca, Portugal, Jun19th, winner: Neuza Silva - TennisForum.com
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Magali de Lattre 12 33.33%
Pemra Özgen 6 16.67%
Laura Zelder 4 11.11%
Anna Salas Lozano 3 8.33%
Lucia Jimenez Almendros 3 8.33%
Xin-Yun Han 5 13.89%
Natalia Orlova 0 0%
Ana-Catarina Nogueira 1 2.78%
Fernanda Hermengildo 1 2.78%
Others (who?) 1 2.78%
Voters: 36. You may not vote on this poll

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10000$ Alcobaca, Portugal, Jun19th, winner: Neuza Silva

10000$ Torneio Internacional Cidade de Alcobaca, Portugal

Surface: Hard

Alcobaça (pron.IPA [aɫku'βasɐ]) is in the district of Leiria, in Portugal (though formerly included in the province of Estremadura), on the Alcoa and Baça rivers, from which it derives its name.

Alcobaça grew along the valleys of the rivers Alcoa and Baça.
A town that only became notable in the 12th century when it became the site for the important construction of Portugal’s largest church. In the month of March in 1147 the fledgling King, Dom Afonso Henriques, defeated the Moors by capturing the town of Santarém. As a suitable memory to this splendid victory he vowed to build a magnificent home for the Order of Cistercians. It took another 76 years before this task was completed. The monarchy continued to endow the Monastery of Alcobaça with further construction and 60 years later King Dinis built the main cloister but it was only in 1252 that the Monastery was inaugurated within the church.
In the church are the tombs of King Peter I and his murdered mistress Inês de Castro and with it the story of the tragic liaison between Pedro and his ever-lasting love for Inês. Forced at an early age by royal duty he had to marry Constanza, the Infanta of Castille. She died within a short time of the marriage ceremony and created the opportunity for Dom Pedro to escape with his true love and live in the city of Coimbra. King Afonso IV his father, believing that the family of Inês to be a threat to his own kingdom had her murdered. Shortly after the death of his father Dom Pedro declared that he had married Inês in a prior secret ceremony in Bragança, promptly taking revenge on the killers in a very gruesome manner and exhumed her body. He presented the embalmed corpse at court with a crown on her head and demanded that all his courtiers kneel and individually pay homage to her decomposed hand. Today, their ornate tombs face each other so that on Judgment Day his first sight would be of his beloved Inês.

During the following centuries the monks from this monastery had an influencing effect on Portuguese culture. Notably, in 1269 they were the first to give public lessons to their flock, and later they produced the authoritative history on Portugal in a series of books. In 1810 the invading French pillaged the Abbey taking with them most of the many treasures including a noteworthy library. Whatever the items remaining were then later stolen in 1834 during an anti-clerical riot and the extinction of religious Orders

Population: 55,269

Previous Winners:
2004: Neuza Silva POR d. Lucia Jimenez Almendros ESP 75 57 61
2005: Laura Zelder GER d. Andrea Sieveke GER 63 63

2006 DRAWS

(1) Melissa PERCY GBR vs bye
Giovanna FATTORI BRA vs Lindsay RAWLING GBR 36 36
(2) Catarina FERREIRA POR vs bye
Ines SANTOS POR vs Georgina HINGLEY GBR 46 06
(3) Nadine FAHOUM ISR vs Catia RODRIGUES POR 60 61
(4) Daria NERETINA RUS vs Carla CAETANO BRA 64 63
(13) Daria PETROVIC SCG vs Liudmila NIKOYAN ARM 36 63 76
(5) Julia DZIEDZIC AUS vs Valerie VERHAMME BEL 63 61
(9) Sheryl GERSHON USA vs Anna SIDOROVITCH RUS 61 60
(6) Patricia LOPEZ ILLAN ESP vs Joana RODA POR 76 61
(12) Veronica SAUCEDO ARG vs Marta OLIVA LOPEZ ESP 64 63
(7) Marion GAUD FRA vs Lara RAFFUL BRA 64 63
(10) Bojana BOROVNICA SCG vs Charlotte PIRES POR 16 03 ret Borovnica
(11) Carly PETIT FRA vs Misato FUJITA JAP 62 60
2nd round
(1) Melissa PERCY GBR d. Lindsay RAWLING GBR 62 61
(2) Catarina FERREIRA POR d. Georgina HINGLEY GBR 62 63
Natalia PERVITSKAYA RUS d. (3) Nadine FAHOUM ISR 62 16 61
(13) Daria PETROVIC SCG d. (4) Daria NERETINA RUS 57 61 62
(5) Julia DZIEDZIC AUS d. (9) Sheryl GERSHON USA 61 64
(12) Veronica SAUCEDO ARG d. (6) Patricia LOPEZ ILLAN ESP 64 61
(7)Marion GAUD FRA d. Charlotte PIRES POR 63 62
(8) Marta SIMIC SCG d. (11) Carly PETIT FRA 75 16 64


(1) Magali DE LATTRE POR vs Natalia ORLOVA RUS 64 76
Julia GLUSHKO ISR vs q Melissa PERCY GBR 57 61 62
wc Rita FREITAS POR vs q Julia DZIEDZIC AUS 67 36
(5) Neuza SILVA POR vs Fernanda HERMENGILDO BRA 61 61
(4) Anna SALAS LOZANO ESP vs SE Jenny SWIFT AUS 63 62
SE Ines MOURA POR vs Catarina FERREIRA POR 16 06
(8) Melissa BERRY GBR vs q Natalia PERVITSKAYA RUS 16 75 63
(7) Martina BABAKOVA SVK vs Lucia GONZALEZ AUS 61 61
wc Nicole MONTEIRO NED vs Ivanna ISRAILOVA UZB 06 16
Anna KOUMANTOU GRE vs wc Filipa RIBEIRO POR 60 60
(3) Laura ZELDER GER vs q Veronica SAUCEDO ARG 62 76
(6) Lucia JIMENEZ ALMENDROS ESP vs Ana-Catarina NOGUEIRA POR 46 26
q Marion GAUD FRA vs Laura BSOUL GER 76 63
wc Maria GUERREIRO POR vs Xin-Yun HAN CHN 16 26
(2) Pemra ÖZGEN TUR vs q Marta SIMIC SCG 75 60
2nd round
Julia GLUSHKO ISR d. (1) Magalie DE LATTRE POR 63 62
(5) Neuza SILVA POR d. q Julia DZIEDZIC AUS 60 62
q Daria PETROVIC SCG d. (4) Anna SALAS LOZANO ESP 76 75
q Catarina FERREIRA POR d. (8) Melissa BERRY GBR 60 64
Ivanna ISRAILOVA UZB d. (7) Martina BABAKOVA SVK 61 64
(3) Laura ZELDER GER d. Anna KOUMANTOU GRE 62 63
Ana-Catarina NOGUEIRA POR d. q Marion GAUD FRA 62 75
Xin-Yun HAN CHN d. (2) Pemra ÖZGEN TUR 61 16 76
(5) Neuza SILVA POR d. Julia GLUSHKO ISR 60 62
q Catarina FERREIRA POR d. q Daria PETROVIC SCG 61 63
Ivanna ISRAILOVA UZB d. (3) Laura ZELDER GER 64 61
Xin-Yun HAN CHN d. Ana-Catarina NOGUEIRA POR 63 36 63
(5) Neuza SILVA POR d. q Catarina FERREIRA POR 62 63
Ivanna ISRAILOVA UZB d. Xin-Yun HAN CHN 76 36 63
(5) Neuza SILVA POR d. Ivanna ISRAILOVA UZB 63 26 75

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Veronica Suacedo please please win a match ¡ only one. :helpless:



*Kurata*Gamiz*SaiSai Zheng*Errani*Ce*
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Pemra & Cagla
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Go Çağla & Pem

İpek Şenoğlu

Martina Hingis - Michelle Larcher de Brito - Jelena Dokic - Lucie Safarova

"The Address of Tennis in Turkey"
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Good luck...
Pemra and Cagla(for joy my friend Evren..rsrsrsrs)
Ana Catarina
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the good old days of Laura Zelder...

she will never ever win this tourney

Tatjana *Tadde* Malek
my gallery of german tennis players is at http://www.akstra.de/tennis/
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Good Luck to:

Nadine Fahoum
Liudmila Nikoyan
Julia Dziedzich
Sheryl Gershon
Bojana Borovnica
Marta Simic
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Singles Main Draw

(1)Magali de Lattre (POL) v Natalia Orlova (RUS)
Julia Glushko (ISR) v (Q)Melissa Percy (GBR)
(wc)Rita Freitas (POR) v (Q)Julia Dziedzic (AUS)
Fernanda Hermenegildo (BRA) v (5)Neuza Silva (POR)

(4)Ana Salas-Lozano (ESP) v (se)Jenny Swift (AUS)
(Q)Daria Petrovic (SCG) v Cagla Büyükakcay (TUR)
(se)Ines Moura (POR) v (Q)Catarina Ferreira (POR)
(Q)Natalia Pervitskaya v (8)Melissa Berry (GBR)

(7)Martina Babakova (SVK) v Lucia Gonzalez (AUS)
(wc)Nicole Monteiro (NED) v Ivanna Israilova (UZB)
Anna Koumantou (GRE) v (wc)Filipa Ribeiro (POR)
(Q)Veronica Saucedo (ARG) v (3)Laura Zelder (GER)

(6)Lucia Jimenez (ESP) v Ana-Catarina Nogueira (POR)
(Q)Marion Gaud (FRA) v Laura Bsoul (GER)
(wc)Maria Guerreiro (POR) v Xin-Yun Han (CHN)
(Q)Marta Simic (SCG) v (2)Pemra Özgen (TUR)

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Fight hard Han Xin-Yun!

Sun Tian Tian
2 Top-10 wins (Serena Williams and Patty Schnyder)
1 Singles Title (Tashkent '06, defeating Azarenka, Tulyaganova)
13 Doubles Titles (including 2004 Olympic Gold and 2008 AO Mixed)
Career High 77 (Singles) and 16 (Doubles)
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Good luck

(Q)Julia Dziedzic (AUS)
Cagla Büyükakcay (TUR)
Xin-Yun Han (CHN)
(2)Pemra Özgen (TUR)
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good luck; Pemra Özgen
Çağla Büyükakçay
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