10000$ Cairo I-El Nozha, Egypt, Mar13,winner: Galina Fokina - TennisForum.com
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Janette Bejlkova CZE 2 5.00%
Olga Brozda POL 9 22.50%
Katerina Avdiyenko UKR 2 5.00%
Kelly de Beer NED 5 12.50%
Leonie Mekel NED 0 0%
Galina Fokina RUS 15 37.50%
Louise Doutrelant FRA 0 0%
Bibiane Schoofs NED 4 10.00%
Liana-Gabriela Balaci ROM 3 7.50%
Others (who?) 0 0%
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10000$ Cairo I-El Nozha, Egypt, Mar13,winner: Galina Fokina

10000$ Cairo Womens Circuit, Shams Sporting Club El Nozha

Cairo (Arabic: القاهرة; transliterated: al-Qāhirah) is the capitalcity of Egypt (and previously the United Arab Republic) and has a metropolitan areapopulation of approximately 15.2 million people, the largest in Africa. Cairo is the sixteenth most populous metropolitan area in the world (the 10th according to 2004). Cairo is located at 30°2' North, 31°13' East (30.03333, 31.21667). [1]
While al-Qāhirah is the official name of the city, in local speech it is typically called simply by the name of the country, Mişr (Arabic, مصر) pronounced Maşr in the local dialect.

The name Al-Qahirah literally means "The Subduer," though it is often translated as "The Victorious." The origin of the name is said to come from the appearance of the planet Mars during the foundation of the city. The planet Mars, associated with destruction was called "Al Najm Al Qahir" in Arabic, from which the name of the city was derived. However the legacy of the name evolved into the title "Qahirat Al Adaa" meaning "subduer of the enemies". This title was given to the city as many armies were destroyed in attempts to invade Cairo or defeated elsewhere by troops sent from Cairo. (Mongols, Crusaders & Ottomans are examples.)

Cairo is located on the banks and islands of the Nile River in the north of Egypt, immediately south of the point where the river leaves its desert-bound valley and breaks into two branches into the low-lying Nile Delta region.

The oldest part of the city is somewhat east of the river. There, the city gradually spreads west, engulfing the agricultural lands next to the Nile. These western areas, built on the model of Paris by Ismail the Magnificent in the mid-19th century, are marked by wide boulevards, public gardens, and open spaces. The older eastern section of the city is very different: having grown up haphazardly over the centuries it is filled with small lanes and crowded tenaments. While western Cairo is dominated by the government buildings and modern architecture, the eastern half is filled with hundreds of ancient mosques that act as landmarks.

Extensive water systems have also allowed the city to expand east into the desert. Bridges link the Nile islands of Gezira and Roda, where many government buildings are located and government officials live. Bridges also cross the Nile attaching the city to the suburbs of Giza and Imbabah (part of the Cairo conurbation).

West of Giza, in the desert, is part of the ancient necropolis of Memphis on the Giza plateau, with its three large pyramids, including the Great Pyramid of Giza (last surviving of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World). Approximately 11 miles (18 km) to the south of modern Cairo is the site of the ancient Egyptian city of Memphis and adjoining necropolis of Saqqara. These cities were Cairo's ancient predecessors, when Cairo was still in this approximate geographical location

Surface: Clay
Previous Winners: (notice Club may have changed)
1997: Radka Pelikanova CZE d. Nicole Remis AUT 63 63

1999: Bahia Mouhtassine MAR d. Sandra Martinovic BIH 16 64 60
2000: Sandra Klemenschits AUT d. Zuzana Kucova SVK 14 24 41 54 53
2000: Adrienn Hegedus HUN d. Daniella Klemenschits AUT 40 41 53
2001: Yuliana Fedak UKR d. Goulnara Fattakhetdinova RUS 76 64
2003: Amanda Hopmans NED d. Frederica Piedade POR 76 64
2003: Amanda Hopmans NED d. Marielle Hoogland NED 61 46 64
2003: Frederica Piedade POR d. Michaela Michalkova SVK 62 36 64
2003: Gaelle Widmer SUI d. Gabriela Velasco ESP 64 46 62
2003: Ekatarina Bychkova RUS d. Gabriela Velasco ESP 61 64
2003: Kristina Czafikova SVK d. Olena Antypina UKR 62 67 60
2004: Hana Sromova CZE d. Gabriela Velasco ESP 63 61
2004: Gaelle Widmer SUI d. Marina Shamayko RUS 36 64 76
2004: Hana Sromova CZE vs Annette Kolb GER not played
2004: Yulia Ustyuzhanina UKR d. Gabriela Niculescu ROM 64 64
2004: Pauline Parmentier FRA d. Yulia Ustyuzhanina UKR 61 61
2004: Galina Fokina RUS d. Pauline Parmentier FRA 64 63
2005: Monica Niculescu ROM d. Galina Fokina RUS 64 62
2005: Magdalena Rybarikova SVK d. Sarah Raab GER 61 63

2006 DRAWS

(1) Biliana PAVLOVA BUL vs bye
Polona HERCOG SLO d. Fatma EL KASHEF EGY 60 60
(9) Vanessa FURLANETTO ARG vs bye
(2) Emilia DESIDERIO ITA vs by
Laura-Ioana ANDREI ROM d. Laila NAGUIB EGY 60 60
Juliana BOTELHO BRA d. Maha BERTY EGY 63 26 63
(14) Jessica MEZO SUI d. Daria BYKODAROVA RUS 62 61
(3) Sladjana STANKOVIC SCG vs bye
Cindy CHALA FRA d. Rana ZAFER EGY 60 62
(13) Marcella KOEK NED d. Agustina LLAVER ARG 61 76
(4) Anna GERASIMOU GRE vs bye
Subbadharmi SUNDARAM USA d. Ines JANBAKSH GBR 62 60
Rita FREITAS POR d. Ksenia LOPINA UKR 67 63 61
(16) Lenore LAZAROIU ROM d. Anna MORGINA RUS 46 63 61
(5) Bibiane SCHOOFS NED vs bye
Julie STAS BEL d. Aliaa KAMAL EGY 63 62
Stefania PESCE ITA d. Iliana KROUSHOVSKI CYP 61 62
(15) Jessica WEYREUTHER ARG d. Andreea BRAICA ROM 75 61
(6) Bruna CUNHA BRA vs bye
Nadine ZARIFA EGY d. ?
(12) Victoria VALLS COMAMALA ESP d. Morena DE BERNARDI ITA 62 62
(7) Anna KOUMANTOU GRE vs bye
Alexandra POORTA NED d. Maria TVERDIKOVA UZB 61 61
Benedetta DAVATO ITA d. Benedicte VLIEGEN BEL 76 61
(11) Florentina HANISCH BRA d. Hannah PATTEN GBR 61 61
(8) Nadejda VASSILEVA BUL vs bye
Joanna ZAJAC GBR d. Petra VOGEL SUI 62 61
(10) Nadezhda SAMOYLO RUS vs bye
2nd round
(1) Biliana PAVLOVA BUL d. Anna MOVSISYAN ARM 36 63 61
(9) Vanessa FURLANETTO ARG d. Polona HERCOG SLO 46 64 63
Laura-Ioana ANDREI ROM d. (2) Emilia DESIDERIO ITA 62 63
(14) Jessica MEZO SUI d. Juliana BOTELHO BRA 64 60
(3) Sladjana STANKOVIC SCG d. Denise MASCHERINI ITA 75 61
Cindy CHALA FRA d. (13) Marcella KOEK NED 62 61
(4) Anna GERASIMOU GRE d. Subbhadharmi SUNDARAM USA 61 64
Rita FREITAS POR d. (16) Lenore LAZAROIU ROM 60 61
(5) Bibiane SCHOOFS NED d. Julie STAS BEL 62 75
Stefania PESCE ITA d. (15) Jessica WEYREUTHER ARG 60 63
(6) Bruna CUNHA BRA d. Nadine ZARIFA EGY 61 62
(12) Victoria VALLS COMAMALA ESP d. Nelly CIOLKOWSKI FRA 63 36 64
(7) Anna KOUMANTOU GRE d. Alexandra POORTA NED 75 64
(11) Florentina HANISCH BRA d. Benedetta DAVATO ITA 64 64
(8) Nadejda VASSILEVA BUL d. Joana ZAJAC GBR 62 60
(12) Nadezhda SAMOYLO RUS d. Diana NARZIKULOVA UZB 46 61 61
3rd round
(9) Vanessa FURLANETTO ARG d. (1) Biliana PAVLOVA BUL 64 61
Laura-Ioana ANDREI ROM d. (14) Jessica MEZO SUI 62 36 60
Cindy CHALA FRA d. (3) Sladjana STANKOVIC SCG 64 61
(4) Anna GERASIMOU GRE d. Rita FREITAS POR 61 76
(5) Bibiane SCHOOFS NED d. Stefania PESCE ITA 63 62
(6) Bruna CUNHA BRA d. (12) Victoria VALLS COMAMALA ESP 64 63
(7) Anna KOUMANTOU GRE d. (11) Florentina HANISCH BRA 26 63 64
(8) Nadejda VASSILEVA BUL d. (10) Nadezhda SAMOYLO RUS 63 62

(1) Janette BEJLKOVA CZE vs wc Yasmine HAMZA EGY 63 62
q Laura-Ioana ANDREI ROM vs q Vanessa FURLANETTO ARG 36 46
q Anna KOUMANTOU GRE vs wc Magy NADER AZIZ EGY 61 57 62
(8) Maria-Belen CORBALAN ARG vs Maria IRIGOYEN ARG 36 46
(3) Katerina AVDIYENKO UKR vs q Cindy CHALA FRA 64 61
Eva-Maria HOCH AUT vs Silvia DISDERI ITA 16 57
Cristina CELANI ITA vs q Bibiane SCHOOFS NED 16 26
(7) LL Biliana PAVLOVA BUL vs Andrada-Lacramioara DINU ROM 62 26 75
(6) Leonie MEKEL NED vs Neda KOZIC SCG 62 62
Galina FOKINA RUS vs Kristina GRIGORIAN RUS 64 62
LL Sladjana STANKOVIC SCG vs LL Nadezhda SAMOYLO RUS 64 62
(4) Kelly de BEER NED vs Sheila GUERBERG ARG 60 61
(5) Liana-Gabriela BALACI ROM vs q Anna GERASIMOU GRE 62 60
Bianca BONIFATE ROM vs q Nadejda VASSILEVA BUL 57 36
q Bruna CUNHA BRA vs wc Nihal SALEH EGY 16 67
(2) Olga BROZDA POL vs wc Aliaa FAKHRY EGY 61 62
2nd round
(1) Janette BEJLKOVA CZE d. q Vanessa FURLANETTO ARG 64 26 75
Silvia DISDERI ITA d. (3) Katerina AVDIYENKO UKR 16 64 61
(7) Biliana PAVLOVA BUL d. q Bibiane SCHOOFS NED 26 60 61
Galina FOKINA RUS d. (6) Leonie MEKEL NED 63 61
LL Sladjana STANKOVIC SCG d. (4) Kelly DE BEER NED 46 63 64
(5) Liana-Gabriela BALACI ROM d. q Nadejda VASSILEVA BUL 61 61
(2) Olga BROZDA POL d. Nihal SALEH EGY 61 61
(1) Janette BEJLKOVA CZE d. Maria IRIGOYEN ARG 63 76
Silvia DISDERI ITA d. (7) Biliana PAVLOVA BUL 62 64
Galina FOKINA RUS d. Sladjana STANKOVIC SCG 63 63
(5) Liana-Gabriela BALACI ROM d. (2) OLga BROZDA POL 61 57 62
Silvia DISDERI ITA d. (1) Janette BEJLKOVA CZE 75 64
Galina FOKINA RUS d. (5) Liana-Gabriela BALACI ROM 63 75
Galina FOKINA RUS d. Silvia DISDERI ITA 75 63

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go go go Olga

My "biggest sweetie"
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Good luck to Olga Brozda, I hope she does well in both Egiptian tournys.
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good luck to the serb girls


Bring it home Alex, Nina, Angie and Andrea

Monica Seles a true legend
Good luck to all the Aussie girls Oi Oi Oi
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Fokina in Egypt .... usual picture
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Woow I love that picture !!!
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Good luck Cristina, Silvia and Emilia
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Flaky Fokina come on girl
if only there were more bigger tourns in Egypt.

they had a WTA tourn for one yr 6-7 yrs ago.

Good luck to my favs


MINELLA TsurenkoAlize Lim*El Tabakh*Robson*Cirstea
*Bellis*Soylu*Sibille*Uberalova*Eden Silva*
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Where is the Qdraw
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good luck Olga
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Only thing i know is that Florentina Hanisch is in the last round of qualies and tomorrow she will be playing with a greek girl...top seed...
Juliana Botelho loss in 2nd round of qualies...
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Has anybody seen the draw?
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Originally Posted by TheBoiledEgg
Flaky Fokina come on girl
if only there were more bigger tourns in Egypt.

they had a WTA tourn for one yr 6-7 yrs ago.
Does Fokina live in Egypt or something? If not, why does she seem to only play Egyptian 10ks lately?
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Originally Posted by polishprodigy
Does Fokina live in Egypt or something? If not, why does she seem to only play Egyptian 10ks lately?
I also want to know it
Galya pls win it

Amanda Anisimova Greetje Minnen Simona Halep Eugenie Bouchard Madison Keys Florencia Molinero

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Originally Posted by polishprodigy
Does Fokina live in Egypt or something? If not, why does she seem to only play Egyptian 10ks lately?
Yes, she moved there. I don't know more about it, but this question was asked some time ago and someone who knew more about it, gave this answer
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