10000$ Muzaffarnagar, India, Jan30, Winner: Ksenia Palkina - TennisForum.com
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Rushmi CHAKRAVARTHI 5 16.13%
Ankita BHAMBRI 13 41.94%
Nicole CLERICO 1 3.23%
Megha VAKHARIA 3 9.68%
Czarina-Mae AREVALO 0 0%
Jayaram Sai YAYALAKSHMY 2 6.45%
Ksenia PALKINA 5 16.13%
Lavinia TANANTA HARTONO 2 6.45%
Sandhya NAGARAJ 0 0%
Others (who?) 0 0%
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10000$ Muzaffarnagar, India, Jan30, Winner: Ksenia Palkina

10000$ Muzaffarnagar, Utta Pradesh, India

The place:
Muzaffarnagar is a medium-sized city in the western part of the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. According to the 2001 census it has a metropolitan population of 331403. It is mainly an industrial town with sugar, steel and paper being the major products. Sugar canefarming is practised widely in the surrounding district. It boasts the highest per capita income in the country. The Jaggery (heated sugar cane juice) market in Muzaffarnagar is the largest in the world. It is situated in the middle of the Delhi-Dehradoon Highway. Unfortunately, it is known for high rates of crime and community inflicted violence.
The city is home to many cinemas, restaurants and pubs. The more famous cinemas include Meenakshi Cinema, Chandra, Alankar and Brij. The restaurants of interest include Ajay Da Dhaba, Nandis, Mool Chands, Cheetal Grand and Mool Chand Resorts.
There has been a recent surge in health clubs and gyms around the city, with the population becoming more upwardly-mobile. Services Club near Prakash Chowk is one of the older health and sport establishments, providing a swimming pool, squash, tennis, badminton and basketball courts, pool and billards, and an auditorium for cultural events. The sports stadium on Meerut road is another such establishment. They have a twin swimming pool (one for adults, one for kids), a gym and a ground for athletics.

The older parts of the city have a [Mughal] feel to them. Forty percent of the population is Muslim. There is a sizeable Sikh and small Christian population as well. Even though the majority remains Hindu, Muzaffarnagar one of the most culturally balanced cities in the country. The statue of Shiv Chowk in the centre of the city is a major tourist destination. The prime shopping and financial hub of the city is the Court Road area which has the District Courts, regional seed market, SSP and other leading corporate and major bank offcies.

The historical towns of Meerut site of the rebellion of 1857 and Hastinapur are close by. Nearby towns are New Delhi, Dehra doon, Saharanpur and Mussoorie.

The tournament:
Surface: Grass
Previous Winners:
2003: Rushmi Chakravarthi IND d. Cheli Bargil ISR 60 64

In 2003 Rushmi easily won this tournament with wins over Orawan Lamangthong (THA), Ludmila Richterova (CZE), Diana Costa (POR), Yulia Vorobyeva (RUS) and Cheli Bargil in the final. Ludmila Richterova gave her comeback here after years of absence under her name Razivalova. Yulia Vorobyeva had one of her best results here in her young career and Diana Costa from Portugal came the long way to India to reach a QF. Obviously Diana has retired now. Shocking: Katie Miles reached the QF after beating two local girls


(1) Ragini VIMAL IND vs bye
Pallavi SHARMA IND d. Anjali TANDON IND 62 62
(2) Liza PEREIRA IND vs bye
Yamini THUKKAIANDI IND d. Benedetta SABATINI ITA 62 62
Varsha SHIVA SHANKAR IND d. Sargam GUPTA IND 60 60
Shashirekha JALLIHALL BALLARY IND d. Sankriti SINHA IND 60 60
Anupama RAJUR IND d. Ritwika SEN IND 60 60
Anushri THAMMANNA IND d. Poorna POORNA IND 61 60
Parijaa MALOO IND d. Shilpa GOEL IND 60 60
Katie MULLER RSA d. Apurvika SHUKLA IND 62 60
Natalia SEMENENKO RUS d. Harpreet GILL IND 60 61
Irina KUZMENKO RUS vs bye
Wei-Ping LEE SIN d. Neetu BATRA IND 60 60
Chirashanthi RAJUR IND d. Radhae SVARUPA IND 60 61
(1) Ragini VIMAL IND d. Pallavi SHARMA IND 62 62
(2) Liza PEREIRA IND d. Yamini THUKKAIANDI IND 60 64
Anupama RAJUR IND d. Shashirekha JALLIHALL BALLARY IND 61 60
Parija MALOO IND d. Anushir THAMMANNA IND 61 62
Natalia SEMENEKO RUS d. Katie MULLER RSA 75 60
Irina KUZMENKO RUS d. Wei-Ping LEE SIN 76 76
Penporn CHANTAWANNOP THA d. Chirashanthi RAJUR IND 64 62

(1) Ankita BHAMBRI IND vs q Subhi SUNDARAM USA 60 60
Jie ZENG USA vs Prerna-Mythri APPINENI IND 26 46
q Anupama RAJUR IND vs Martina CACIOTTI ITA 06 36
(5) Parul GOSWAMI IND d. Vishika CHETRI IND 63 64
(4) Sai-Jayalakshmy YAYARAM IND d. q Liza PEREIRA IND 64 46 63
Karishma PATEL IND vs Asha NANDA KUMAR IND 62 61
(8) Ksenia PALKINA KGZ vs Sonal PHADKE IND 61 63
(7) Sandhya NAGARAJ IND d. Gangotri SANDRI IND 63 62
q Parija MALOO IND d. Vandana MURALI IND 61 57 63
Geeta MANOHAR IND d. q Ragini VIMAL IND 64 60
(3) Meghha VAKHARIA IND d. q Irina KUZMENKO RUS 60 62
(6) Czarina Mae AREVALO PHI vs Oormila RAM IND 63 60
Krushmi CHHEDA IND vs q Natalia SEMENENKO RUS 62 62
(2) Nicole CLERICO ITA vs Lavinia TANANTA HARTONO INA 64 76
2nd round
Prerna-Mythri APPINENI IND d. (1) Ankita BHAMBRI IND 12 ret Bhambri
(5) Parul GOSWAMI IND d. Martina CACIOTTI ITA 64 61
Archana VENKATARAMAN IND d. (4) Sai-Yayaram YAYALAKSHMY IND 75 26 62
(8) Ksenia PALKINA KGZ d. Asha NANDA KUMAR IND 46 62 64
(7) Sandhya NAGARAJ IND d. Parija MALOO IND 46 61 61
(3) Megha VAKHARIA IND d. Geeta MANOHAR IND 62 62
(6) Czarina-Mae AREVALO PHI d. Madura RANGANATHAN IND 64 62
(2) Nicole CLERICO ITA d. Krushmi CHHEDA IND 62 61
(5) Parul GOSWAMI IND d. Prerna-Mythri APPINENI IND 61 61
(8) Ksenia PALKINA KGZ d. Archana VENKATARAMAN IND 63 76
(3) Megha VAKHARIA IND d. (7) Sandhya NAGARAJ IND 76 61
(6) Czarina-Mae AREVALO PHI d. (2) Nicole CLERICO ITA 60 61
(8) Ksenia PALKINA KGZ d. (5) Parul GOSWAMI IND 61 75
(3) Megha VAKHARIA IND d. (6) Czarina-Mae AREVALO PHI 63 63
(8) Ksenia PALKINA KGZ d. (3) Megha VAKHARIA IND 62 76

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All d best

Lavinia "Vivin" Tananta Hartono!!! Be tough!

From juniors rebuilding Indonesia's tennis!!!

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Ksenia P.

Rest in Peace Bally!
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It's like cool epilepsy.
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GO! Thai girls

Come and Join: Tamarine Tanasugarn's facebook fan pages at http://www.facebook.com/TamarineTanasugarn
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Quali final round

Ragini Vimal bt Pallavi Sharma 6-2, 6-2
Liza Pereira bt Yamini Thukkaiandi 6-0, 6-4
Subi Sundaram bt Varsha Shivshankar 7-5, 7-5
Anupama Rajur bt Shashirekha Jallihal Ballery 6-1, 6-0
Parija Maloo bt Anushri Thammanna 6-1, 6-2
Natalia Semenenko (Rus) bt Katie Muller (RSA) 7-5, 6-0
Irina Kuzmenko (Rus) bt Wei Ping Lee (Sin) 7-6(5), 7-6(3)
Penporn Chantawannop bt Chirashanthi Rajur 6-4, 6-2.
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Well Done

Liza Perreira
Natalia Semenenko
Irina Kuzmenko
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Quali-1st Round

Pallavi SHARMA (IND) d. Anjali TANDON (IND) 62 62
Yamini THUKKAIANDI (IND) d. Benedetta SABATINI (ITA) 62 62
Varsha SHIVASHANKAR (IND) d. Sargam GUPTA (IND) 60 60
Shashirekha JALLIHALL-BALLARY (IND) d. Sankriti SINHA (IND) 60 60
Anupama RAJUR (IND) d. Ritwika SEN (IND) 60 60
Anushri THAMMANNA (IND) d. Poorna POORNA (IND) 61 60
Parija MALOO (IND) d. Shilpa GOEL (IND) 60 60
Katie MULLER (RSA) d. Apurvika SHUKLA (IND) 62 60
Natalia SEMENENKO (RUS) d. Harpreet GILL (IND) 60 61
Wei-Ping LEE (SIN) d. Neetu BATRA (IND) 60 60
Chirashanthi RAJUR (IND) d. Radhae SVARUPA (IND) 60 61

2nd round

Ragini VIMAL (IND) d. Pallavi SHARMA (IND) 62 62
Liza PEREIRA (IND) d. Yamini THUKKAIANDI (IND) 60 64
Anupama RAJUR (IND) d. Shashirekha JALLIHALL-BALLARY (IND) 61 60
Parija MALOO (IND) d. Anushri THAMMANNA (IND) 61 62
Natalia SEMENENKO (RUS) d. Katie MULLER (RSA) 75 60
Irina KUZMENKO (RUS) d. Wei-Ping LEE (SIN) 76(5) 76(3)
Penporn CHANTAWANNOP (THA) d. Chirashanthi RAJUR (IND) 64 62
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It's like cool epilepsy.
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Lots of double bagels in first quali round

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Singles Main Draw

(1)Ankita Bhambri (IND) v (Q)Subi Sundaram (USA)
Jie Zeng (USA) v Prerna-Mythri Appineni
Martina Cacciotti (ITA) v (Q)Anupama Rajur (IND)
(5)Parul Goswami (IND) d. (WC)Vishika Chhetri (IND) 63 64

(4)Sai Jayalakshmy J. (IND) d. (Q)Liza Pereira (IND) 64 46 63
Archana Venkatraman (IND) d. (Q)Penporn Chantawannop (THA) 62 76(6)
Asha Nandakumar (IND) v Karishma Patel (IND)
(8)Ksenia Palkina (KGZ) v Sonal Phadke (IND)

(7)Sandhya Nagaraj (IND) d. (WC)Sandi Gangothri (IND) 63 62
(Q)Parija Maloo (IND) d. (WC)Vandana Murali (IND) 61 57 63
Geeta Manohar (IND) d. (Q)Ragini Vimal (IND) 64 60
(3)Megha Vakharia (IND) d. (Q)Irina Kuzmenko (RUS) 60 62

(6)Czarina-Mae Arevalo (PHI) v Oormila Ram (IND)
(WC)Madura Ranganathan (IND) d. Varanya Vijuksanaboon THA 63 61
(Q)Natalia Semenenko (RUS) v Krushmi Chheda (IND)
(2)Nicole Clerico (ITA) v Lavinia Tananta (INA)
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Doubles Main Draw

(1)A.Bhambri/S.Nagaraj d. (WC)S.Gupta/A.Tandon 60 60
O.Ram/R.Vimal d. P-M.Appineni/ H.Gill 61 61
(4)P.Goswami/G.Manohar v W-P.Lee/L.Tananta
S.Gangothri/ A.Nandakumar v (Q)A.Rajur/C.Rajur

V.Murali/ S.Phadke d. (WC)S.Sinha/R.Sen 60 60
(3)S.Jayalakshmi.J/ Archana.V d. K.Chheda/K.Patel 63 61
Penporn.C/Varanya.V v (Q)V.Chhetri/Y.Thukkaiandi
(2)N.Clerico/K.Palkina d. C-M.Arevalo/M.Ranganathan 64 67(2) 62
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Good luck :

Ankita Bhambri
Sonal Phadke
Czarina-Mae Arevalo
Lavinia Tananta

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good luck
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Notice: Everyone who voted for Rushmi Chakravarthi who withdrew may vote for somebody else
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